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ACTIVISION True Crime: Streets of L.A. (GameCube)
By: Activision

  • Ex-cop Nick Kang is going deep undercover to stop the Chinese and Russian gangs that are destroying the city. The mobsters have met their match -- you're a one-man army, using their own tactics against them, to shut them down!
  • Bring down the crime syndicates of L.A. in driving missions, gunfights and martial arts showdowns across hundreds of square miles
  • The unpredictable branching storyline leads to a wide variety of new choices, with mission you undertake
  • Build skills as you travel across levels, as you explore the realistically designed city

  • Price: $35.21
    Sale: $14.15
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

True Crime: Streets of L.A. lets you use your brutal reputation and skill with a gun to good use -- putting a stop to the scum that's ruining L.A.!

A very fun package       Product Reviews
by: simonc1138       on: 21-Feb 2006

True Crime: Streets of LA was my first experience with the free-roaming genre of games that Grand Theft Auto made famous. I've never played any of the GTA games so I can't compare them with True Crime, but on its own merits I had a lot of fun with this game.

You are Nick Kang, an Asian-American cop working on a case involving money laundering between various mafia groups in LA. Somehow, all this ties in to the death of your father years earlier. As Nick, you'll be sent on a variety of missions all over LA. You'll have straight shoot-outs, hand-to-hand combat, car chases, and stealth missions. In-between you'll get some free time where you can drive around solving random street crimes in GTA fashion.

I give the developers credit for mapping out all of Los Angeles and letting you drive around without any loading between city sections. It's a huge environment, and it's an amazing programming feat. I also like True Crime's story structure: depending on if you solve or fail the current mission, you get alternate cinematics and branching storylines that lead to different endings. It's very immersive and engaging, plus you can go back any time and try for a better outcome. There are tons of upgrades to collect including faster cars, stronger guns and deadlier combat moves. Finally, the voice cast rocks. The script is a pretty cliche mix of various cop movies, but the voice-acting is top-notch (including Christopher Walken, Michael Madsen and Michelle Rodriguez).

The game has some problems. The driving and shooting mechanics are pretty solid, except the zooming function isn't as precise as it should be. The stealth missions are a joke, and are more about running up and hitting a guy before they see you rather than genuine sneaking. Hand-to-hand combat can get frustrating when even after all the upgrades, it still boils down to random button-mashing. And the storyline takes an odd supernatural twist towards the end, which really kills the gritty "True Crime" atmosphere the game is trying to deliver.

Despite the flaws, I'm hooked. Maybe the GTA originals are stronger games overall, but I love being able to drive anywhere and do anything with Nick Kang. Some have criticzed the graphics engine for not cranking out enough cars on the freeway, different NPC characters on the streets, or making LA more interactive. They're valid complaints, but at the same time I think we've come up against the current-generation's graphical limits. Hopefully the PS3 and Xbox 360 will fix the lingering imperfections.

Highly recommended if you've never played a GTA-style game, and worth checking out for everyone who has.
great game       Product Reviews
by: denni-41       on: 20-Aug 2005

t is a great buy the graphics rock it's a bit more on the adult side due too alot of bad crap but who cares roaming L.A. is awsome and fighting crime and going on rampages is sweet and to all you people who think grand theft auto is better than this YOUR WRONG! grand theft auto 1, 2, 3, and vice city suck!.
destruction and a lot of nonsense       Product Reviews
by: nout       on: 11-Jan 2005

No it's not as good as GTA. So, enough said about that. This game is so much fun!! I can drive around, doing nothing at all, for hours. I can fight and shoot anyone I want and run everybody over with a car and it's so much fun! It has a low moral standard for sure, but I'm not an idiot who thinks this would be cool in real life. In a game world it's fun though. Ofcourse you can choose your own destiny in this game, being a good cop or bad cop, but the Nick character isn't very likeable to begin with, he's a real jerk. I cannot identify myself with him and therefore I didn't feel commited to be a good cop. The story is so awfull that it's actually really fun. You listen to the most cheesy and cliché dialogues. I had to laugh really loud when the Chinese guy who Nick fights appears to be his brother. "I thought you had lost it bro" So cliché and crap, but therefore hilarious. Ok I will summon up the good and bad points: Good: - The crap storyline. Good for a few good laughs. - The driving, which is easy, straighforward and with some cars you can go really fast. Each car has its own way of driving and steering which is fun too. - The fighting is easy, but it sometimes does require more than simple button mashing. - The graphics are pretty good, yes Gamecube can do better, but LA looks pretty amazing to me. - The freedom you have to go anywhere you like. Bad: - Nick, the main character, is a jerk. A typical B-movie superhero. But in the setting of the story it works fine. - Many times "precision targetting" isn't that precise at all. - "Precision targetting" while driving does slow you down, you'll fail to catch the bad guys. - Long, very long loading times. There isn't much continuity due to this annoying aspect. - Sometimes the Hip Hop got on my nerves. Overall 4 stars, but 5 stars for fun.
GTA FOR GC       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 26-Nov 2004

I love this game, it's cool just causing destruction, i beat all the missions, so now i just kill innocent people and the cops, and steal cars, my favorite thing is finding a shotgun then shoot at a car and person inside just comes out and bam, they died by the explosion. Best game nintendo has ever, even more good then [...] exclusives for the gamecube like mario.

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