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Bomberman Generation
By: Majesco Sales, Inc.

Price: $38.42
Prices subject to change

Fun Multiplayer for Casual Gamers       Product Reviews
by: _d_v_       on: 12-May 2006

As a budget priced title (now), I think the game is great for multiplayer for casual gamers or non-hard-core gamers. I find it highly replayable and find myself playing multiplayer with a casual gamer frequently. It is easy for casual gamers to pick up and plenty of strategy for other gamers on the mulitiplayer. It is very basic, the way you can play tetris over and over. I like the short games and tournaments. The computer AI is decent and can be adjusted to easy/normal/hard.

The single player was very bizaar. Not familiar with bomberman single player, it started out looking and playing like a game for 2-year olds, but was actually quite challenging later that probably would be very tough for casual gamers. The voice acting was so oddly paced and the animations & graphics were so odd, I was just intrigued. It was fun to play through once as a suprise on top of the multiplayer, which is all I bought it for.
This is only getting a good rating because of multiplayer       Product Reviews
by: marqus17       on: 08-Nov 2005

It would have gotten only 1.5 stars had it now been for multiplayer. Basically, the story mode sucks. All the levels have the same design even though they are set up differently and have some different puzzles. I don't really get the pokemon inspired buddies that help you. And water bombs aren't all that good.

Here's where multiplayer comes in. It looks very cartoonish, which is good. The converyer belt, pipe level, basketball court, and meadows are great designs and well-executed. I like how you can turn the revnge on or off. And I also like the little soccer part that determines what the winner for a power-up.
best game ever       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 11-Dec 2004

If you are a stragtegy/action/adventure type person this game is for you. It is a great party game to play with your friends. It is an exciting, addicting game that will keep you hooked until you beat it. It sometimes gets hard so if you get frustrated easily this game is not for you. It's a great game. Thank you KONAMI.
bomberman       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 02-Nov 2002

This is a great action packed fun filled game that if you dont buy now you should try tomarow .

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