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Datel GameCube Memory Card 128 Megabites
By: Datel

  • Store levels, characters, top scores and more with Max Memory 128Mb.
  • The biggest memory card ever!
  • Load, save, copy and delete gamesaves with ease.
  • Fully compatible with GameCube games with a save option.
  • Features High Quality memory for guaranteed high speed and 100% data security.

  • Dimensions: Length: 8.35" Width: 6.85" Height: 6.48"

    Price: $29.95
    Sale: $26.07
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

The gargantuan MAX Memory 128Mb has finally arrived, like some long overdue articulated bus full of game data. Actually, it's not quite the size of a bus. In fact, it's no bigger than a normal memory card, so it fits into your Cube's slot just like usual.

Excellent Card. Highly Reliable. Company cooperative.       Product Reviews
by: gyrozar       on: 18-Jul 2005

The memory card I bought can hold up to 2043 blocks of memory. It is extremely reliable and I had corrupted it myself by taking it out when the system was still on (I am used to a Sega Dreamcast, where doing this would be fine), and it messed up. However, the company sent me a new one at the expense of 5 dollars and it is great. But if your memory card ever gets corrupted and needs to be formatted, do NOT format yet. I did not lose any of my data by using this process.

1) Turn off the gamecube.
2) Take out your game disk.
3) Take out your memory card.
4) Wait two minutes for the gamecube to cool off, then stick it back in.
5) On the "Start Up" screen, hold "A" button.
6) See if you need to still format.

I tried that and I couldn't be happier. I had not lost or corrupted any data.

P.S- Do not take out the memory card while Gamecube is on.
great memory       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 26-May 2005

this is the worlds biggest memory for is double the largest nintendo memory. it is exactly 2039 mb of memory. it is twice the 1019 and eight times bigger than the 251. But it is $5 dollars more then the 1019 and $15 more then the 251 but worth every penny. it is a must get. You should get this of amaZon or toysrus but better over amazom
Best Ever!!!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 11-May 2005

It seems as if it will never run out of space!!! The card itself
works very well but some times the disc can cause proplems.
If you want to know what the disc is it is a disc with data
from many different games.
Great       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 05-Apr 2005

I bought this card a few days ago and it is great. Ut holds up to 2035 blocks. It is a real good memory card. The only reason why it has destroyed some gamers data is because the give you an onofficial disc that is not liscesend by nintendo. Get the card it will hold all your data but don't use the disc.

By Texx

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