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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with BONUS GameCube/GBA Link Cable

Price: $11.87
Prices subject to change

I don`t do tittles       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 03-Jun 2005

This is my fav ff game.You can choose the sex and appearance of your character(and what kind of person you know the rest)The beginning clip is really long and I HATE the stupid music that goes with it.I`ve beat it almost 20 times,it`s pretty easy...if you are a fan of final fantasy.It has excelent graphics,like all the other final fantasy`s out there.It also has somehing unique about that makes it different from all the rest.It`s definetly a must have for the fans out there,it`s also a great game for people who just got into it too.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 13-Feb 2005

For you people who dont like this game you suck!
I may only be 12 but I know a good game
the graphics are superb, very detailed, ans beautiful
the music is wonderful and all around gameplay is great at first i was a little disappointed with the battle play but now I take it for something great and not for granted. It was not a waste of 80 dollars.It has a few downs but on around your second day try to notice everything and you will understand the beauty of this game i really appreciate it its beautiful.
I may be a child but I know a good game 'trust me'

Gamecubes and final fantasy crystal chronicals rule!
Stunning Graphics slightly repeditive       Product Reviews
by: kaalokalawaia       on: 28-Sep 2004

I did enjoy playing this game. I completed the game both as a single player and with groups varying from 2 to 4 (total) people.

Gameplay as a single player is tough as the moogle tends to lag behind or get stuck.

2 player game is the easiest as far a playability however using the blended spells does take a bit of cool headed teamwork.

3-4 player is crazy.. and difficult since many of the levels require certain levers to be activated and movement around the screen can be chaotic.

As for the game gear I am already a die hard Nintendo fan so I already had the extra gameboy advances including the SP. If you dont however the game could run you some extra dough.

All in all a good game if you can afford it.
Another great FF game       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 13-Jul 2004

I have had soooooo much fun with this game. Trust me - you want Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles!

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