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Freedom Fighters for GameCube
By: Electronic Arts

  • ESRB Rating: Teen
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Mission: The Evil Empire rises again in this futuristic thriller

  • Price: $19.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Freedom Fighters for Gamecube MODEL- 14735 VENDOR- ELECTRONICS ARTS FEATURES- Freedom Fighters In a world where the Soviet Union won the Cold War, a fierce conflict is beginning to unfold in the streets of America. Red Army troops are pouring across the borders of Mexico and Canada shortly after a nuclear missile is unleashed on Washington D.C. Chaos sets in when breaking news informs Americans that their President has been killed and the Russians have invaded the country. You take on the role of Christopher Walker, a man who evolves into a charismatic and fearless freedom fighter obsessed with finding and freeing his brother in the streets of occupied New York City. * Turn-based strategy element enables players to pick their own mission, each with a multitude of strategies and different outcomes. * Intense, in-your-face urban guerilla warfare scenarios ranging from small sabotage missions to large battles where the player has to conquer enemy installations. * Charisma-based Recruiting System that gives players points for rescuing prisoners or capturing key installations. Points are also taken away if fellow freedom fighters are sent into battle and killed. * Variety of weapons including machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, and Molotov Cocktails. * Enhanced rendering technology via Io Interactives "Glacier" engine that lends to amazing 3D special effects such as real-time lighting, rain, snow, smoke and explosions. * Rich environmental audio such as shouting when in battle, barking out commands and music setting the pace and m

God bless this game!!!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 30-Apr 2006

Heck ya! This May be the greatist "fight on foot" stratigec war game ever! This game has you as a plumer in the beggining then your beautiful country was attacked by the soviets. Ya sure we would be thinking "hey we saved your aces in world war 2" but you should kick there big asin buts any way.

In more smarter words this game is easy to play is tons of fun and has an awsome mylti-player set. Do not take this game seriously events never happened and hopefully never will russians are not hostile to our country. We are peaceful (right now anyways).
Buried treasure       Product Reviews
by: jungefrau       on: 06-Jun 2005

Now this game is from the same makers as hit man so i will break it out for you.

Okey to current graphics but they get the job done.

Ok overall but it does get a little boring

This is a multi-platform so the console versions are the same. But the PC version is a little different because it does not have auto aim.

- Simiple controlles and easy to get into
- Its for every thing
- Commanding your team is easy
- you have a chocie of how much you put into the game
- good price
- It is a little short
- Audio is boring
- The A.I. is bad
- no vehicles
- more freedom in the game would be nice

Overall I give it a

Excellent fun!       Product Reviews
by: jl_depot       on: 17-Jan 2005

This game is quite fun and easy to play once you learn the controls. The squad based tactics work well, although the AI is not as smart as you would like. Basically if you want a job done right you better do it yourself. There is a good variety of gameplay and the level design is well done. If you like combat games I think this is one of the best for the Gamecube.
Fredom Fighters       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 09-Nov 2004

As chris one of the many fredom fighters you and your pals have to kill the soveits invading Ney Yourk/America. This is a fun action packet game were your most valublue weapon is your squad. You comand them to kill people,attack places,and scout out places and much more. Their are 6 differant kinds of guns in this game that you can choose from all with a differant pupus. If you are a kid who likes playing games full of action and if you like to comand squads in games than this is a game for you.

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