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By: Crave Entertainment
  • Lead a ragtag band of guerillas in missions across a deadly, destroyed planet
  • Fight against large, green, deadly aliens in 19 high-intensity levels
  • New style of turn-based playing keeps people in the action, not juggling stats
  • Rich, full 3D environments and unique, stylized characters draw you into the action
  • Deformable terrain - Landscape can be permanently destroyed, leaving behind craters and canyons

  • Price: $19.99
    Sale: $10.97
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

The future looks grim for humans unless you've got what it takes to save the world. In Future Tactics: The Uprising you can lead your team of rag-tag human survivors against the multi-dimensional creature overlords who have taken over Earth. Game focuses on action, not stats, and the terrain is reformed as you attack blasting holes in walls, making craters out of meadows and sending boulders flying like toys. Customizable 2-player battle mode lets you modify handicaps, power-ups and victory conditions. Or play 19-level story mode and earn points to upgrade to more powerful weapons.

Innovative and Under-rated       Product Reviews
by: escushion       on: 22-Dec 2004

"Future Tactics: The Uprising" is not a spectacular game. It doesn't allow the freedom of GTA or the plot of Final Fantasy. But it is fun and challenging; and it's worth more than the price for which it's offered.

"Future Tactics" is a tactical RPG that does all but throw away the stats common to such games, leaving only HP and Levels left and leaving it to the player to gain EXP and find upgrades across the battlefield.

Gone is the grid used for movement; each character has full movement within a circle. Most of the weapons are long-range guns of some sort (sometimes missiles) for both players and enemies, so one necessary tactic is to hide behind rocks or walls... which can be destroyed. The entire terrain is deformable; you can blow craters in the ground, holes through the walls, and re-arrange the scenery of boulders, cars, and other destructibles as you see fit. It's fun at first, but soon becomes a strategy for victory.

The game includes 19 Story Mode levels, with hidden unlockables for the multi-player. My one complain with the multi-player is that it should allow players to have at least 4 characters on their team; 2 characters per person just isn't the same.

For this RPG, it's almost necessary to ignore the plot. It would have been better off if left to just Humans vs Creatures, but the writers decided to complicate things and the writing simply isn't good enough for that. Everything's handled so poorly, you'd almost think the plot was a parody of the typical complex RPG plot, but it's presented way too seriously for that.

Graphics are good and are mostly cartoonish, as expected from Crave. Music isn't something you'd listen to on a soundtrack, but it does well for the game and sets a good pace for the battles.

"Final Fantasy Tactics" this is not, but it is a good tactical game and is easily worth the $10 it now costs. Try it out and have some fun.

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