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Game Boy Player
By: Nintendo Of America
Game Boy Player
  • Simply attach this accessory to the bottom of your GameCube, then add a game -- your Game Boy game is now on your TV. No other modifications are required!
  • Use your GameCube controller or GBA as your controller
  • Includes Game Boy Player Startup disc
  • No extra power supply required

  • Price: $49.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

With the Game Boy Player you'll make your favorite GBC and GBA games seem grander than ever!

one of the best Gamecube accessories to date       Product Reviews
by: kabalicious       on: 18-Aug 2006

This is one of the best accessories for the Nintendo Gamecube to date and probably one of the best games ever made. It allows you to play GBA, GBC, and GB titles through your Gamecube (and I suppose even allow you to watch movies on your Gamecube if you own a compact flash card or an SD card and a Nintendo DS Media Player), but sadly, doesn't quite offer anywhere near the number of background and color options from the SNES Super Game Boy. I don't mean to rate this down, but I strongly think that they could have added a little more to this accessory like they did with the Super Game Boy. I would recommend using this only for GBC and GBA titles, and if you have an SNES system and a Super Game Boy still lying around, then play GB games on that. Otherwise, the NGC Game Boy Player will do for all three.

The KAB score: 9.2 excellent.
Best way to play your GB/GBC/GBA games!       Product Reviews
by: postmortem_curse       on: 26-Jul 2006

This will play all of your Game Boy games using hardware added to the bottom of your GameCube and a disc inserted inside the GameCube. It plays the games very well but bigger TVs will be a bit blurry. I recomend this for ALL Game Boy players.

To actually control the game you can either use a GameCube controller or a Game Boy Advance via a Game Boy Advance and Gamecube Link Cable which is not included.

A replacement disc is also available at Nintendo's webstore if your disc gets destroyed.
very sharp even with HDTV       Product Reviews
by: epsilondelta       on: 18-Jun 2006

I saw some good reviews of this product and went out and bought it. Yes, it is amazing. It is hooked up to a HDTV using the component video cables, and the sound is hooked up to the amplifier. The video is clear and sharp, and audio is nice and can be as loud as i want.

the control becomes the analog stick and it takes a little bit of time to get used to. But now, I can play the game and view it from 10 feet away rather than 1 foot away, and i don't have to drop my head like when i play the GameBoy Advance. And the stereo is blasting me away too.

AMAZING PRODUCT - A MUST-BUY!!!!       Product Reviews
by: dachshund28472       on: 03-May 2006

I purchased this nifty little ascessory for my GameCube yesterday, and I totally love it! Here's some Pros & Cons:


1. You can play your Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games on a full television screen without straining your eyes, or dying batteries!
2. The picture is 100% clearer.
3. The sound is 100% clearer.
4. You can choose from a lot of borders to put around the screen!
5. A timer is included, so that it lets you know when your time is up. Perfect if you have an upcoming favorite TV show you don't want to miss!
6. You can adjust the size of the screen.
7. You can switch games without turning the GameCube off!
8. The unit is easy to set up.
9. The unit securely attaches to the bottom of your GameCube, so that it doesn't fall off.
10. Can use a Gameboy Advance/SP or a GameCube controller.
11. The games pop out of the unit with a push of a switch.
12. A great substitute for a person who doesn't on a GBA but has the games, has lost a GBA, had their GBA stolen, or has to share their GBA; their sibling is playing the GBA, and you can play your GBA games on the TV.
13. The rumble feature option available for the GBA game, "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga".
14. Lets you relive the old days of the 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), arcades, and Super Nintendo. (For example, playing the GBA remakes of famous classics such as: "The Legend of Zelda", "Super Mario Bros.", "Yoshi's Island", "Dr. Mario", "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong", etc., on the TV screen! Using the e-Reader also helps, too!
15. You can use the e-Reader.
16. You can link up with friends.


1. The unit makes the GameCube more heavier.
2. The unit can't play games that makes you turn the Gameboy screen. (Example: "Kirby's Tilt 'N' Tumble".)
3. Using the Gameboy Advance/SP as a controller uses battery power, so check the light gauge on it once in a while.
4. You may get bored of playing the same games.
5. The unit is expensive; I got mine for $49.99 at Wal*Mart.
6. Some games might not appear too well on a larger screen.

I liked this gadget, and I'm sure you will, too. Using this gets rid of the headaches and strained eyes I aquired while playing the Gameboys.

Some things I want to clear up about the Game Boy Player:

+ Unlike most reviewers on this website have claimed, when you eject a GBA/GBC/GB from the Game Boy Player, it does NOT fly or launch into the air like those foam-disc-shooting toy guns. It pops out, and easily drops into your hands.

+ I know GBA/GBC/GB games are meant to be played on their own systems. That's fine. But, if you're like me, you might be tired of squinting your eyes, getting headaches, or running around searching for good lighting. The Game Boy Player makes the game screen bigger. Thanks to it, I have not gotten a headache.

+ If you are a reviewer who just hates this product, then why did you even buy it in the first place?! Also, why are you even reviewing?!

+ You CAN adjust the color schemes of Gameboy games. When "Gameboy" appears on the screen, just start pressing buttons until you get the colors you like.

+ The screen is NOT worse on the TV than on the Gameboy. The Game Boy Player gets rid of those millions of tiny dots on all of the Gameboy screens. And, you can can adjust how bright you want the screen to be on the Game Boy Player's options. In my opinion, the top three GBA games I have that appear very nicely on the TV screen are "Classic NES. Series: The Legend of Zelda", "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga", and "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap".

+ The Game Boy Player's border around the screen isn't as huge as everyone exaggerates. I don't notice it when I'm playing.

+ So what if the unit just comes in black? Nobody's judging you! Who are you trying to impress? I have a black GameCube with an indigo screen for it.

+ The software for using the Game Boy Player on the GameCube is not a big deal. The disc comes in a plastic case.

+ Why many people wished that this system played Nintendo DS games is a mystery to me. The DS has a touch screen. So, if this thing could have played the games, what're you going to do, touch the TV screen? (Ha ha ha ha....)

+ Using the Gameboy Advance/SP or GameCube controller is a matter of opinion. I personally like the GameCube controller more.

+ "The Game Boy Player doesn't add anything extra to the games, or the gaming experience doesn't change." Think again. Think even more. And, pay attention. What have I JUST said about what the Game Boy Player does to your Gameboy games????!!!! Obviously, you probably haven't even used the Game Boy Player, Amazon reviewer.

+ "If you use the cable to use the gameboy advance as a controller, the words gameboy player appear on the screen, and stay there, after continued use this will burn the words permanently on the screen and eventually bust pixels, ruining your gba screen." - That IS VERY UNLIKELY. I have a best friend who has the Game Boy Player, and HAS used his Gameboy Advance as a controller every time he plays it, and he plays it for over two hours everyday. He has it ever since it first came out. Nice try, reviewer.

+ If a PlayStation 2, X-Box 360, or a PSP suits you best, then go out and buy it and stop complaining about it. Give it a rest....geez....

There, you see. The Game Boy Player for GameCube the the best ascessory out their for it. I have one, and I love it!!!! I'm glad that I bought this product, and I'll recommend it for anyone who has a big stack of portable games waiting to be played! Thanks, Nintendo, for putting out another great product! I highly recommend this product to anybody!!

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