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Gamecube - Mario Party 7
By: Nintendo
Gamecube - Mario Party 7
  • The entire Mario gang is back for the seventh installment of the incredibly popular Mario Party franchise
  • Players everywhere will set their controllers to fun as they run, jump, swim and fly through more than 80 new mini games
  • The partys about to get a lot bigger because 8 people will now be able to battle each other at one time
  • New Mic Grand Prix mode for plenty of voice-over madness for everyone and 2 new playable characters (Dry Bones and Birdo)

  • Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 51

    Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 0.5" Height: 5.4"

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $41.95
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Mario Party 7 brings back the party fun, as you kickstart the party with Mario and his friends! Set up your controllers and prepare for fun, as you run, jump, swim and fly through more than 80 new minigames. The party's a lot bigger now, too -- up to 8 players can battle each other!

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by: jakestu4u       on: 30-Mar 2006

This game is REALLY fun. i took it to a party, and we were having fun for HOURS! make sure you get the Mic. because some mini games require you to talk into the mic, and what you say actually happens on the screen. the best value is used because its the same game for cheeper. i got mine at game crazy. the game is even fun for 1 player because it has solo mode, where its just like the real thing. up to 8 people can play at once, and they have a controller sharing mode; two peeps on one controler. this game helps with teamwork also because peeps can work togeather to win. this is the best game ive ever played, and well worth the money!
Carpal Tunnel Has Never Been So Much Fun.       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 24-Mar 2006

I don't know how many rehashes of "MASH 'A' BUTTON NOW!!!" Nintendo and Hudson can dish out, but it never gets old. Mario Party 7 is a great game for any age group. As its name implies, it really is a game for friends to play. Going solo is an expected disappointment as you simply can't make a "board game" fun to play by yourself.

The game is jam-packed full of comic mischief, nonsensical mini-games, and an inane plot that barely ties anything together. It gives the distinct impression that even the development team was having too much fun to try to make sense of anything (the reference to the movie "Titanic" is worth a few good laughs alone). The microphone makes a comeback in this iteration, and is equally as terrible as the last time. The games still have us pressing the same buttons doing the same inexplicable chores for no reason at all.

So why should you buy it?

Because it's pure simple fun! The antics of the entire Mario crowd make for good clean family humor. The microphone may be a piece of junk, but at least you can laugh at your buddy when you hand it to him with full knowledge that he's about to be demolished in the next round. The button mashing may be repetitive, but it's simple enough to enjoy with somebody that's never even touched a video game console. It may not be a landmark in gaming, but it's a great twist in passing the time when your social circle isn't in the mood to go out tonight, or when you want to stay in and play a game with the family. Guys, if you're complaining that your girlfriend or wife doesn't want to play video games, try this one out with her.

Mario Party isn't one of those games you buy, beat, and put down in a month. Instead it's a solid long lasting game you can enjoy time and time again when you have a few friends over. Take a break from the 1st person shooter games and wanton violence. Pop it in, relax, and share some laughs with your buddies. You won't be disappointed.

Once again       Product Reviews
by: hypershadowdx       on: 09-Mar 2006

Mario & friends are back for the 8th time (counting mario party advance) but this time their party has gotten better then ever . toadsworth invites mario and his pals to a cruise " so they accept the invivation and bowser is ticked off that he was not included so he vows revenge

Gameplay 10/10

its gotten more relistic , then mp6 also the shops are once again back

Sound 9/10

it can get cool but it can also get annoying , especially Yoshi's new voice from the character selection screen

Music 10/10

I must say i like the music just like on the previous mario party games , it may be kiddy but it fits the enviorement very well also the mini game rule screen music has a remix of the MP6 mini game rule screen music

Overall 10/10

You need to pick this game up , if youre a long time fan of the mario party games
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by: carjoe       on: 27-Feb 2006

How many freaking Parties does mario need to satisfy his A.D.D! You'd think he'd be happy with 3 parties but he just had to have 7. well anyways this game is pretty fun and the multiplayer's awesome

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