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GameCube Super Mario Strikers
By: Nintendo
GameCube Super Mario Strikers
  • Features all the favorite characters from the Nintendo universe
  • Four-person multiplayer action will have players and their friends cheering all night long
  • Freeze opponents with an ice-cold shell, unleash a spiny shell on hapless opponents or make entire teams flee in terror with a roving Chain Chomp
  • 4-person multiplayer action keeps players and friends cheering all night long

  • Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 26

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $44.25
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Super Mario Strikers is a new soccer game that's unlike anything ever to hit the pitch! You'll combine classic Mario gameplay with real soccer fun -- whether you freeze an opponent with an ice-cold shell, kicking over a spiny shell or scaring off an entire team with the roving Chain Chomp, you're sure to see something new around every corner kick.

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best game nintendo has released!!       Product Reviews
by:       on: 18-May 2006

The play is phenomonal. You will be hooked right when you start playing. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun and the soccer is crazy. Mario is doing great with his new sports series. How about Mario Football next?
Greatest Game Ever(A Review from a 14 year old)       Product Reviews
by: frank_kurucz2       on: 16-Apr 2006

Super Mario Strikers Is a Great Game. It has Amazing Graphics Annoying Voices And Awsome goals like Leaping Headers and bicycle kicks.First of all it has diffrent cup battels which are extremley easy at first. But when you go into higher degrres of difficulty is very start your cup battel with one classic character such asa mario,luigi,yoshi ect... and then you pick a side kick birdo,toad,koopaor hammer Bros then you play.the controls are very easy to learn.Over allthis game was not as good as toad stool tour but is one of the best Mario new ganeration games
Mario Strikers is the Second best multiplayer game on Game Cube       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 27-Mar 2006

Mario Strikers is the second best multiplayer game on Game Cube after Mario Superstar Baseball. Although it does have as large of a roster or as many stadiums as Mario Superstar Baseball, it makes up for it with the sheer aggressiveness of the intense gameplay. Mario Strikers is street soccer at its finest. The characters are well-designed with some of the best 3D modeling around. The characters have angry facial expressions, which I am still unsure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but it is somewhat humorous. The selection of side-kicks is only limited to four and they comprise the majority of your team with the exception of your captain; however, the side-kicks have the Mario charm and are fun. The ability to power shots and get 2-points goals is simply fantastic. I play this game with one of my friends all the time and we are both gamers but this game is the only game that he clobbers me nearly every time in. He can do those 2-point goals on cue throughout the game with no hesitation and without missing. I think he only missed like three 2-point goals in ten 10 minute games and that is because he was not paying attention or even trying at those times. It is unreal. I wonder if he has some kind of setting for his team that enables him to do so, but he says that he honestly does not and since it is my system I believe him. He might be the best player in the world at this game and he says he is, but you would have to see it to believe it for yourselves. This intense struggle to win and make every goal at this game and send your opponents into the electrical fence that surrounds all the fields in this game is what makes this game so great and so competitive. It is definitely a fast-paced soccer game unlike soccer simulations.
Funnest Soccer game I've played!       Product Reviews
by: dark932       on: 17-Mar 2006

I'm not really a soccers fan and never actually owned any of those games before. However, I've played a few at a friend's house and I can definitely say I was bored to death. This, however, is totally different. I actually had fun! Yes, I'm not a soccers fan and I actually had fun with a soccer video game! All the chaos and wacky things on the field brought the fun level to this sport all the way for me. An Example~ At one point, everyone on the field was tackling each other (totally legal in this game) while Bowser was burning and firing weapons at everyone. The most chaotic soccer field I've ever seen. Definitely a keeper.

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