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Gc Ncaa Foot Ball 2004

Average Rating: 5.00     Total Reviews: 21

Price: $8.68
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Great Game       Product Reviews
by: lmiles642       on: 15-Aug 2005

I enjoy college football, so for me, this game is a blast to play.
Excellent Graphics, and awesome gameplay.       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 08-Sep 2004

When I popped this game into my gamecube, I was amazed by the graphcis (NCAA Football: 2004 was my first Gamecube game). In fact, the graphics are so awesome, that my grandparents thought it was a real football game (wow). But, graphics arn't everything. This game is incredabally fun, and has dramitically increased my knowlage of football. Even you don't have a memorycard, you can play the majority of this game, making it well worth the price.

get ready to play this for hours       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 30-Jun 2004

Man, this game is awesome. I first got it a while after it came out mainly for the lower price, and was bummed out i hadn't got it sooner. It's not like the rosters are different, because they dont have any names, which is one aspect that made this a four out of five. Here are some attributes for the game;
Gameplay- A
Graphics- A+
Features- A
Realism- B
Overall- A
The Gameplay is pretty good, mainly because of the graphics, which lead me too the graphics. I gave it an A+ because of the fine facial and uniform detail. As you might see, the tackles and celebratons are pretty similar to Madden, but that's not a bad thing. I loved the mascot and cheerleader sequences, and the option of some games being telivised and others not. The features are great, becuase of the re-living classic games thing, and all that other stuff. In dynasty mode, you can do alot of stuff, from drafting high schoolers to hanging on as head coach. Trust me, it's late at night right now and i'm tired, so i've forgotten the majority of the things you can do. The realism is a tad fakey, like the constant injury of players and Washington beating #1 ohio state. (that was in the first week of my dynasty)
One thing i relly didnt expect was the overflowing amounats of fight songs, and how good they sound. I swear, i had the notre dame song in my head ALL DAY.
Overall, this game is great, even beyond great, but i do suggest you research your favorite team and name the rosters. when the commentators say it, it just gives you that important feeling. Well i gotta go play, did i mention this game is extremely addictive?
Ncaa Football 2004 one of the greatest football games.       Product Reviews
by: fender_17       on: 29-Apr 2004

This is one of best Football games that I have ever played so I highly recommed it to any one.

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