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Madden 2002
By: Electronic Arts

Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 66

Price: $49.99
Sale: $2.39
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Best sports game ever? Maybe.       Product Reviews
by: amisfitsfan       on: 22-Apr 2003

This was the very first game I got for GCN (I got it before I got GCN!), and I was impressed instantly. This one very smooth and high quality game! It has all the modes you could ask for, such as Situation, Practice, Franchise, Create-A-Player, and Two Minute drill just to name a few.

The graphics are amazing, and some of the best on GCN. There are over 100 faces for the players, so rarely will you see the same face twice. And the players faces aren't just paintings, their mouths move as if talking, eyes move, they blink, and everything. The game is so detailed that it throws on grass stains and helmet marks when a player gets slammed to the ground or takes a hard hit. The framerate is also very good, it only lags rarely when you down on your own 1 or something like that.

The controls are easy to pick up, too, of course. Each player has his own button for you to throw with him, and it is easy to scramble as a QB and juke people out as a RB/HB. Catching is automatic, so no worries about that. Madden 2002 has near flawless controls.

Of course, there is always one downfall of the game, and it is the difficulty. The game gets very easy up to All-Pro, and when you advance up to All-Madden, the game is just too hard (opposing players are extremely hard to tackle and break 70 yard runs every other play).

With all the factors and everything combined this game gets a...

A- (9.2/10)

(yes my scale is kinda odd)

Absolute Control!!!!!       Product Reviews
by: blackstone_75       on: 18-Dec 2002

Absolute control is the fact is why I'm in love with Madden 2002. I know by now, everbody's into Madden 2003, and I honestly admit that I'm behind the power curve. When I finally get to play 2003 I only hope that it allows me to do the same things plus some that 2002 does.

The reason why I didn't start playing 2002 off the bat was I kept losing! Once I got the hang of it, I couldn't put the controller down. I love the Create a Team feature which allows me to move teams to different cities. What I would like to see in the future is when naming teams, I should be able to have the state as the city not just the city. Example: If I wanted to name a team the Alabama Rattlers, I should be able to put Alabama down as the name of the team and have the team play in Birmingham,AL like the Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals.

Next, the ability to create players after each season and also edit the players in the draft by changing their name, school and looks. The option of drafting players from NCAA Football 2002 is absolute genius! I wish NBA Live would take a page out of Madden's book. The option of changing teams Head Coach and creating your own coach is absolute genius as well. I just wish that I could delete that DAL Coach for good because every time I fire him, He pops up with another team. I'm sure that 2003 will have Dave Campo as the Cowboys Coach.

The Super Bowl aspect is impressive as well. I assumed that after the 2001 season all the other Super Bowls would be at something generic like EA Sports Stadium. Somehow, EA Sports found out what cities would host the Super Bowl each year. I would like the see a better championship presentation. Just having the coach wave his hand is not a Super Bowl celebration. NBA Live 2003 improved their's tremendously, I assume that Madden 2003 will do the same.

Best Football       Product Reviews
by: metallican2005       on: 01-Dec 2002

NCAA gameplay is better, but overall realism Madden wins. GAMECUBE owns for this, faster loading, gameplay seems smoother, and graphics better than PS2. Gamecube is THE system.
$20?!? A Must Buy!       Product Reviews
by: touchdown8184       on: 15-Sep 2002

.... The franchise is great, the best in any football game. I like the create-a-player, Madden cards, and more. It's just a great game all around. Whether this is your first game (like me) or your twentieth, this game is great for anyone who likes football. ... Now its really worth it.

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