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Mario Superstar Baseball
By: Nintendo
Mario Superstar Baseball
  • Play baseball in the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Intuitive hitting system, easy-to-learn fielding and pitching controls, and wild, character-specific power moves
  • A terrific arcade-like experience that will appeal to baseball novices and hardcore fans alike

  • Average Rating: 3.50     Total Reviews: 49

    Dimensions: Length: 5.4" Width: 0.5" Height: 7.5"

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Product Description:

The Mushroom Kingdom is your new field of dreams. Mario Superstar Baseball brings a new brand of fun to the ball diamond. The game's intuitive hitting system, easy-to-learn fielding and pitching controls and wild, character-specific power moves go together like peanuts and bleacher seats. Mario Superstar Baseball delivers a terrific arcade-like experience that will appeal to baseball novices and hardcore fans alike.

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I love this game       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 23-Apr 2006

I do not have the game, but The first thing I do when I get to someone that has the games house, I ask assoon as I can "can I play mario super star baseball?" Then I get to play. My favorite piture is wario because I can strike anyone out with him. I even made Mario,DK, and Bowser strike out. If you want I can tell you how I do it. When you select characters you choose wario to be on your team. Then make him be you pitcher after you let your opponent bat first. Then, if the first firson stands on the left side of the base you move your joystick halfway between the bottom and the right side. then you press A rapidly and pitch. If the other teams person stands on the right side of te base, do it vice versa.
Mario Superstar Baseball is the best sports game on Game Cube       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 27-Mar 2006

Mario Superstar Baseball has alot of Mario charm, and a fairly large roster of Mario characters to select from. The baseball fields, with the exception of Mario's field, have obstacles in certain parts of the outfield that can certainly make things more interesting. I think the single-player has four different cups along with different difficulty settings to choose from with the Bowser Cup being the most difficult cup. It has been a while since I have played the single-player campaigns because the multiplayer is extremely addictive. In fact, Mario Superstar Baseball is quite possibly the most addictive multiplayer game on the Game Cube with Mario Strikers taking second, TimeSplitters Future Perfect and Digimon Rumble Arena 2 taking third, Super Smash Bros Melee taking fourth, and F-Zero GX tied with Mario Kart Double Dash taking fifth. The talent on your team will depend on the players you select. The captains have the abilities to execute superpower hits and throw superpower pitches while ordinary characters can wind up their hits and pitches. The base running is okay although sometimes it is a bit glichy when you are trying to advance a runner or send one back to base. The fielding for the most part is good, but not without unnecessary difficulties in controls for throwing the ball towards the base in the direction of the obvious base-runner. And it is this factor which often times determines the outcome of the game with friends. Yet, it is so funny and simply fun to watch characters like plumbers, mushrooms, turtles, goombas, and others march around the bases, which any professional baseball player could throw out at their pace but the characters in this game. In addition, challenges like homerun derby and wall-ball await you in the single-player campaign and playing in the toy field is another great option for multiplayer fun. If you have to choose one multiplayer game for Game Cube, then this game is the one. Note: Multiplayer baseball games are only between two players, while the toyfield hitting game is for up to four players. In conclusion, I like Mario Superstar Baseball because it is like no other baseball game out there and it has alot of charm. Simulations of baseball tend to be just no fun. If you like realistic baseball, then maybe you should get off your couch or floor and turn off the TV and go outside and play some actual baseball. The same is often true for other simulation sports games, which are more often than not zero fun and cannot compare to actually going outside and playing the sport with some friends. It seems like the video game industry is counting on people in this society as having no friends or friends that are no fun, so they make these simulation sports that might give a miniscule amount of enjoyment to simulate what it would be like if people actually had friends and played sports. Get out there and play sports not imagine you are playing sports. Video games are meant to be fun not simulations of what it would have been like if you had played sports or if you had friends to play with.
Fun at First       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 13-Feb 2006

Mario Baseball is a entertaning game that is tons of fun at first. Anyone who buys the game will love so many of the intresting features like powerups mini-games, and fields. However you will find yourself very frustrated at times with the fact that you did not make the right play because the feilding controls are herd to master. Also after a while the game is not fun ro play for many then about 1/2 hour at atime.
*So many diffrent charcters to make up your team with
*Mini-games help to master some of your playing skills and are also fun
*Graphics and Sounds are good as always
*More characters can be unlocked
*Each character has a special ability that can be used when pitching or hiting

*Can get boring after a while
*The controls while on the feild can be hard to master

If you are a Mario sports fan it is exactly what you would expect. If you are a baseball fan this game might be alittle to crazy for you. However I think that it is worth a purchase because the game is entertaining even though it is not one of the best Mario sports games on the market.
Addicting and Awesome       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 03-Feb 2006

I love this game. I can't stop playing it. There are at least 30-40 different characters to choose from and all with thier own unique strength. The batting and pitching is like a dream. Superpowers unique to the more important characters (powers such as Mario's Fireball pitch and hit and Bower's Bullet Bill pitch and hit) evaporate the tides ( I don't even know what that means...). The only flaw at all is a slight base running problem where characters run every time a ball is in play, which often results in undeserved outs due to pop flies. After you spend a couple days on it, you get the hang of it, and you will find it has some of the most fun gameplay and multiplayer, particularly, of recent games. BUY IT!!! *please

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