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Monopoly Party
By: Atari

Price: $69.85
Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Monopoly Party is an intense buying, trading, building, and deal-making frenzy in which every player moves at the same time. Here's how it works: everyone rolls a set of dice at the same time. As soon as everyone rolls, everyone moves. Then you can buy property, pass Go, draw cards from Community Chest, and all the other Monopoly actions you know and love. There are all-new 3-D environments complete with new animated themed tokens and even new properties. Choose from fantasy, sci-fi, prehistoric, ancient monuments, and classic game boards.

This is an awesome game!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 28-Dec 2004

I'm a big monopoly fan. This is a great game!

This game is well worth the money. Its easy to learn how to play. The Monopoly board games usually last hours because you have to hand out money and spend time doing transactions and moves, but when you buy this game transactions are automatically done and the games usually last under an hour. There are also many kinds of monopoly board themes to choose from for those who like themed sets and different properties.

There isn't a thing I wish that could be better.

I'm really happy with the money I spent... This is a great game!
Highly Addictive       Product Reviews
by: varandalangley       on: 15-Jun 2004

Very Fun. And the GC version does not freezeup dont listen to that moron.
Highly Addictive       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 15-Jun 2004

Very Fun. And the GC version does not freezeup dont listen to that moron.
The Best Version of Monopoly yet       Product Reviews
by: sonofpfunk2       on: 23-Dec 2003

If you think of large, money-hungry corporations (such as Microsoft, Time Warner, etc.) when you hear the word "monopoly", this isn't for you.

However, if you think of neon colored money, Boardwalk, passing Go, etc. then don't delay in picking up this game.

Here are some important catagories:

Faithful to the original: 10/10
There are many options as to how you can play, such as "landing on free parking jackpot", landing on "Go" double money, etc., or you can play with the standard rules. There is Classic Mode or Party Mode, where every person rolls at the same time (which eliminates down time). They thought of everthing this time around!

Computer AI: 7/10
Challanging enough to play by yourself. There are three levels of AI (Easy, Medium, Hard), but the only difference is how hard trading will be with them. Even on hard difficulty the computer will sometimes make some strange decisions, especially where trading is concerned.

On a more serious note, THIS GAME FREEZES UP ON THE GAMECUBE VERSION, approximately 4-5% of all games, in which you must restart the Gamecube. This hasn't been the first GC game I've bought with this problem. A VERY unfortunate flaw which keeps me from giving this game 5 stars. Buyer Beware is all I'm trying to say. I still reccomend the purchase for twenty (or less) dollars.

Overall, very good. Give it a shot.

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