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NBA Live 2003
By: Electronic Arts

  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Genre: Sports

  • Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 21

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $17.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Get high above the rim and slam it down with unstoppable power. Be an NBA superstar. Fly down the center of the court and go in for an easy lay-up, or shoot a long-distance 3-pointer and get nothing but net. Lead your team to victory year after year, and you can establish the NBA dynasty of all time. Bring the NBA to life and be a part of the awesome drama and fast-paced action.

For kids or Not?       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 09-Nov 2005

Surprisingly my 4 year olds can play this game and do pretty well. This is of coarse a blessing and a curse. What's even more interesting is that they can even pull off some dazzling moves and dunks in the process. While the controls for NBA Street would be impossible to pull anything fancy off for them, this game lets them shoot, pass and dunk with just two buttons. NBA 2003 is one of the most arcadey SIM games to come out in some time. If you like to make most of your jump shots and make a regulation lay up into a dunkaholics dream simply by being near the hoop, this game is for you. The ugly: it's simple offensive minded basketball. Defense clearly is not the name of this game. While it is incredibly fun to block shots in other games, the pacing is so fast with this game that you forget there is ever a need to have defense to make a game feel fun.

Bottom line: Is it fun? The most fun basketball sim. Will I keep it? Yes. Is it for kids? If your kids need a hoops game get this one. If you want a more realistic version of the popular street games with picks and rebounds and such, get this one. If you want complete all out control of your players every move and accurate shot percentage look elsewhere.

excelente juego, pero...       Product Reviews
by: rwongj       on: 27-Mar 2004

ojala alguna persona hable espa?ol para que entienda my punto de vista.
Este juego es excelente de manera global, pero, no me gusta que en este juego, jugando a cualquier nivel, cualquier jugador puede tener un partido de 30 puntos. Adem?s, detesto que en este juego no se pueda jugar a una velocidad menor (es muy r?pido para mi gusto). Tuve la oportunidad de jugar la serie sega NBA 2K... y me parece mucho m?s real que la versi?n EA sports (es posible regular la velocidad de los jugadores y ning?n mal jugador puede anotar m?s de 30 puntos).
A parte de eso, el juego NBA live 2003 tiene excelentes gr?ficas y caracter?sticas.
This game is great , but it could be better       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 14-Oct 2003

This game is great. I like it a lot and I could name of 20 or 30 good things about it, but one thing is bad.YOU CAN SCORE ON ANY BODY AT ANY TIME!!!Basicly,it just lets you fly right past your defender. I know a lot about basketball,and you just can NOT fly rigt past your defender unless your Michal Jordan or Kobe Bryant. But everything else is nearly perfect, so for that one bad thing, I'll give it 4 stars.
Very Good Basketball Game       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 24-Aug 2003

I just got this game 2 weeks ago but I am VERY impressed!The new freestyle system is really cool where you can move the C-Stick(If you have Gamecube)and do different moves and tricks!Also by using the D-Stick you can call off you're own plays like isolation and the pick and roll.Another good feature is a 2-player franchise mode play through ten exciting seasons with one of your friends!This game is mine AND my friends favorite game!We play this game all the time.This a great game with almost Unlimited replay value.If you don't have this game but it NOW!

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