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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
By: Electronic Arts
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
  • Over 20 of the world's most coveted high-speed machines are here, rendered in exquisite detail
  • Race against others in Challenge, race for the ultimate prize in Championship and go all-out as you avoid cops in Hot Pursuit
  • You'll speed down the road avoiding cops and obstacles at over 200MPH -- the dynamic lighting, reflections, and Driver animations will make it all seem so real
  • Survive in over 60 different and deadly racing events to walk away with the title of Champion Road Racer!

  • Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 61

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $12.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

In Need For Speed 2: Hot Pursuit, you've been challenged to hit the ultimate racing Circuit -- the high-stakes, high-speed underground street racing circuit!

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Awesome game.       Product Reviews
by: alannacooper       on: 19-Feb 2006

This is my favorite game in the series, maybe because it was the first that I tried...though it's still a great game! We have a wide selection of cars, one for every level and type of driver! The tracks have different lengths, difficulty levels, scenery, and all that other good stuff. One of my favorite parts about the game though, is that it has awesome music! I even downloaded all the songs to my iPod. Just don't look up the lyrics... In a nutshell, this is a cool game well worth its price!
A Very Nice Game       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 19-Dec 2005

What can I say? EA pulled it off again!! This is an amazing game, perfect for racing fans of all ages. The scenery is gorgeous and the tracks nothing but ruthless. The thing I really like about this game is the originality. It combines normal, high-speed racing with all-out cop chases. The cars featured in this game are nothing but beautiful.... You can choose from all the favorites, like Corvette, Viper, and 911 Turbo, but also included are the exotics, like Ferraris and an Aston Martin. The music is kind of annoying, mainly head-banger rock and rap, but the sound of the engines really drowns it out. I'll wrap it up, now. This is a nice, pretty challenging racing game for all ages, and if you're looking for a heart-pounding police chase, give this game a try!!
best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 29-Nov 2005

I absolutely love this game it is the most exciting game i have ever played the best part i liked is when i could be the cop i've seen no other say you can be the cop i would really give it 5 stars even more this game is AWSOME best out of all the need for speeds get this game !!!!!!
Great game for all!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 30-May 2005

The only problem is frame-rate. Like Gadgester said, it does drop low, especially when you are driving fast. Unlike what he said, it doesn't drop THAT low. Much fun involved, addicting, and I see why it is a Player's Choice game. Police have strategies to take you down. Plus choppers and roadblocks. If they really feel like it, spike strips. If you want to see it at a police point-of-view, you can! Just press down on the D-pad to contact the office and start the pursuit. The other directions are for roadblocks, planes, and extra units. You can only use each one of those 3 times. Anyways, just buy!

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