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NFL Blitz 2003
By: Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.

  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Genre: Sports

  • Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 10

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $13.28
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Officially licensed by the NFL, this game includes all NFL teams, players, and stadiums--but the action is as it could be only in your wildest football dreams, as players punch, jump, crash, and pass like packs of crazed superheroes. You can customize your own player down to his height, weight, position, and gear. All-new fantasy stadiums include locations never before seen in a licensed NFL video game. There are updated rosters, schedules, and uniforms with the addition of the Houston Texans. The controls are more intuitive and geared for fast action. The 3-D graphics showcase the bulging muscles and real player faces. You will play in various weather conditions from sun to snow.

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It's FUNNNNNNNNNNN!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 26-Mar 2005

THIS GAME IS COOL!Because yo can do late hits when the oppuesp team is down press B on him.With Fire is BETTERRRRRRRRR!
Blitz!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 29-Jun 2004

NFL Blitz is good for many reasons. You can play the way anyone would want to. NO RULES! Tackle and then jump on them. And again. And again! Plus, theres good graphics and cool cheats.
You want revenge on a rival team in real life, put the other team
on easy, use good cheats, and kick the crud out of them! Who cares about NFL Street! That's nothing but FAKE AND CARTOONISH written all over it! Now, Blitz has real-life graphics and people. the controls are simple. On offense, you can pass it, charge with the ball, juke, stiff hand, turbo, or jump over a diving tackle. On defense, you can tackle, dive-tackle, intercept a pass, block one, and more! I especially enjoy the touchdown dances! If you listen to the commentors, they have things to rub it in your oppenents faces!
This game is one hard game       Product Reviews
by: moepoodle2       on: 19-Mar 2004

I played as every team and lost 18 straight games in a row. No games went into over time or anything. I played with every team and yet still lost. This all happened on the easy mode which is the easiest level. The game is a good game even though I can not get past the first team on the first game. The game has extra plays you can choose from by choosing the Y button. You move the position of your players using the X button. The A button is to throw the ball. The X button is to pass the ball. The R button is for Turbo when runing. The B button helps you to tackle the other team. You can also choose a whole bunch of different Stadiums to play in. I do not know about all the teams you play because I cannot beat the first board and play against the same team all the time.

It is not that hard to score in the game. The problem is defense. It is almost impossiable to stop the computer from scoring. The computer will find a way to score a touchdown on almost any time it gets the ball.

It does not matter what team I play as the computer scores a touch down about 95 percent of the time it has the ball. You can change the quarters from 2 minutes to 5 minutes or any where in between. However if you change the time limit the computer just plays better and harder and wins anyway. I know I tried changing the time limit of each quarter from 2 to 5 minutes each and lost any way on easy.

If the game was easier I would rate it five stars instead of four. If you can ever beat the first team well you are much better than I am.

The game also have all kind of neat weather feathers. You can make the weather rainy or cloudy. You can play at day or night time. You can play in the fog. The weather feather is really nice. It does not matter what weather condition you play in. No matter what weather condition you play in the computer plays well and will beat you on easy. It happens to me all the time.

I have the Gamecube NFL Blitz 2003 addition of this game. What a hard, hard game.

BRING IT ON!!!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 18-Oct 2003

BLITZ ROX!!! Period. End of discussion. Sure you CAN play all those other games, but why? Simply why? That is the question. I think its better than Madden because-well, lets put it this way...YOU HAVE GOT PEOPLE FLYING EVERYWHERE ON EVERY TACKLE!!! It is my dream come true. Actually it was my dream come true after I got NFL Blitz 2001 for N64. I was hooked and look where it got me. Im tellin ya, some addictions are good. VERY good.

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