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NFL Street
By: Electronic Arts
NFL Street
  • Street football simulation with attitude
  • Play with NFL players or create your own
  • Four gameplay modes
  • Eight different locations
  • For 1 or 2 players

  • Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 22

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $13.98
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Given the success of NBA Street it was only a matter of time before EA Sports took the street concept to its flagship sport, football. And even though there really is no such thing as street football, the concept is a winner. Straight up smash mouth football with no penalties and no clock--just the ball, the field, seven vs. seven playing offense and defense, all for the glory of the game? Boom! Wap!

The game licenses all the NFL teams and some 100 big-league players. The characters models are exaggerated, so don't expect likenesses to be exact, but it's fun taking a bunch of current Packer greats and stuffing the rock down the throats of seven Rams. Game modes let you choose players from single teams or create your own pro bowl, and there is a nice assortment of QBs, RBs, corners, WRs, tight ends, and O and D-linemen. There's a lot of strategy in picking your team. Sure, running backs and quarterbacks are givens, but a corner can intercept better than a wide receiver though he won't catch as well. A big offensive lineman can be useful, but he doesn't tackle well when forced to play defense. When playing two-player, you can really stack your line and shut down the enemy passing or running attack, or go for a balanced corp.

You can play a ladder or league by creating your own team, which is annoyingly time consuming. An option to draft your own NFL stars and go through would be nice, instead you have to pick a cadre of nobodies and fill out their stats. Pick a name, a logo, and try to beat the pros with your average Joes. Winning gives you points and you can upgrade from there. It's a nice option but only for the hardcore players; casual players are effectively shut out from continuing play because of it.

EA hired "street" artists to design wonderful load screens, but this makes the player models look dull by comparison. One wishes they had used cel shading and that street look to the characters, but instead we get freakish players that generally look the same. Uninspired, un-intimidating, and, frankly, boring.

The gameplay works. There's a nice assortment of offensive, defensive, and trick plays. There are no special teams, no punting, and extra points are two points for a pass, one for a run. Mastering the buttons is key because the game rewards style, impressive plays, and more. Gathering these points opens new playing fields and, if you like, can be a victory option. The computer is programmed to catch up when behind, annoyingly so, so this is more of a blast against a human opponent. The fast action and brutal hits are reminiscent of NFL Blitz (which is a better game) but EA Big has started something here. Next year this could be really big. --Andrew S. Bub --this text refers to the PlayStation2 version of the game

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Awesome game.......but hard       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 20-Dec 2005

I really love this game. You get to do super cool things like do tricks,play rough,no penalties, and even make your own team with your own players. But it is super hard. You know how the Patriots were so good a couple years ago,well I used them and went against the 49ers and lost 24-0. You should get this game but remember it's hard!
Best sports game I've ever played       Product Reviews
by: trizal       on: 28-Sep 2005

pros: 1-good graphics and detail make it really fun to play
2-you can design all your guys, what they look like, and their skills. You can also pick all your team colors and logo out of a wide varitey of things.
3-diverse feilds. Its not like other football games where the playing feilds are all the same. Instead there are alleys, beaches, rooftops and more that you can play it.
4-there is plenty of stuff to unlock throuhgout the game.
5-As you beat more teams you get more points to make your players better. And as you advance the diffuculty gets harder to match your progressing skills.
6-There is only seven players on you team on the feild at a time. I like this because it makes it less confusing and also less crowded.

Cons: I thought about it for a while and I can only think of one. After a while the other teams taunts get annoying.

In conclusion this game has provided me with months worth of fun. And I would highly recommend getting it.
Jeremy from Chi-Town       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 17-Dec 2004

The graphics are alright, and the gameplay straight. The game all around is cool, but there is too much stuff to unlock. But nonetheless, this game isn't good enough to buy. I'd give it a seven day rental.
Awesome Game       Product Reviews
by: extremely_sa       on: 21-Aug 2004

There is only one word to describe NFL Street and that is... AWESOME! This game has bend the rules a little bit and for the good. It is just not fun running and passing when you can run and pass with STYLE. I personally am not a fan of NFL games but this is THE exception. Its not just football, it's a whole lot more.

As you may know I love this game, I play it a lot and it does not look like I'm going to be putting it down any time soon. Also I am hearing a lot of people saying this game is "frustrating" and that they fumble too much, what the heck are you doing?? I "syle" a lot, and don't ever fumble. Anyways this is how it goes... You play football and at the same time you rack up points, the more points you get the faster you earn a "Game Breaker". If you are wondering... A game breaker is when your team gets unlimited Turbo and if you are on offence you are likely to leave everyone in your dust, and almost guaranteed a touch down. If on defense you are also almost guaranteed a turn over on downs or fumbles. Well back to game play, there a lot of cool moves you can pull off when you are running. Like spin around your opponent, plow threw him, jump over him, and sooo much more. This is useful to rack up points and earn that game breaker or simply just to lock good while running for the touch down. This is were in my opinion NFL Street shines the most.

I have no idea how another person said that the graphics were awful. I don't know if he is looking at the same game I am looking at, to me they are extremely good, the players look like the real life guys, there are no skips or lag. In fact I thought they were the best, because even the fields are done very well and some-what interactive. Like for instance in a junk yard you can fall on some wooden boxes and they will brake, in the beach there is a big volleyball that you can hit and it will react and bounce away also some surf boards you can hit and will fall down. So to me the graphics are just perfect.

I regularly don't pay attention to the sound on games, but in NFL Street how can you not? The crashes sound good and I guess a little exaggerated but that does not necessarily make it a bad thing. Also everyone talks trash to each other, my favorite quote for now is "If I got a nickel for every yard you just ran, I would be broke... dead broke." And when you are playing there are some nice beats on the background so sound is great as well

Bottom line If you like football and are looking for a little more, buy this. If you don't like football rent it and I'm almost certain you will like it, I did and like I said I'm not a fan of NFL my self. But if you are a hardcore simulator fan DO NOT BUY IT, it is not about simulation its about having fun and soo much more!

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