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NGC Ultimate Spiderman
By: Activision
NGC Ultimate Spiderman
  • GameCube
  • ESRB Rating: RP (Rating Pending)

  • Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 6

    Dimensions: Length: 7.5" Width: 0.5" Height: 5.4"

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $17.43
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

The Ultimate Spider-Man comic book storyline has created the newest Spider-Man game in which Peter Parker is a modern-day teen. Take on the role of the world's most famous Super Hero, Marvel's Spider-Man, and one of his most menacing nemeses, Venom, in an original storyline written and illustrated by the creative team behind the best-selling Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series. Peter Parker is a Web designer for the Daily Bugle. The comic's storyline takes place at the beginning of the perennial love interest Mary Jane becoming Mrs. Peter Parker. In Ultimate Spider-Man you get an incredible opportunity to play both a hero and a villain. Control Spider-Man as he faces criminals with strange abilities to defend New York. Then, switch sides and become the deadly villain called Venom, smashing Manhattan and destroying everything in his path.

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Ultimate Spiderman is indeed ultimate but only for a short period of time       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 27-Mar 2006

As the title indicates Ultimate Spiderman has a very short single-player story, which can probably be completed in six hours or even less. The length of the game, however, is considerably lengthened side-tasks most of which are web-swinging races, some of which are gang beat-em-ups, and occasionally rescuing and searching for hidden tokens. These side-tasks are by no means side-quests and are by no means as entertaining as the main story, so why do they comprise the majority of the game's length is a question that will boggle the minds of gamers. This game had the potential to achieve greatness, but falls short due to shortness of story. The inked-cartoonish look of Spiderman is great although not as spectacular as the model Spiderman in Spiderman the Movie game, which I have also reviewed. I have yet to play Spiderman II, but at some point I plan to. However, the short story of Ultimate Spiderman is far superior in gameplay than the gameplay of Spiderman the Movie. Playing as both Spiderman and Venom is great and both characters are well-designed with fabulous inked-comic book looks, which in a way maybe better than the more deeply modeled look in Spiderman the Movie. Play as Spiderman you feel both swift and powerful, while playing as Venom you feel a great sense of power and monstrous rage. It is great. The majority of missions are as Spiderman, which is fine. The most spectacular parts of this game are the boss battles. Wow, you truly fight gigantic characters in this game, that would seemingly crush Spiderman but cannot for his speed and wit are too great. Venom leaps tall buildings in a single-bound just to give you a hint about his power. The game has various unlockables but they are for the most part afterthoughts. The Spiderman missions involve saving bystanders, chasing enemies down and cornering them, and fighting them with a strategy. One major difference in this game than in the movie game is that Spiderman can actually fight well; he has got some skills and combos are quite easy to perform. Not too many three-button combos here, but rather combos linked by bouncing off-walls or one opponent to the next. It is a neat and rewarding combo system. The few moves that are missing from Spiderman in this game that I liked in the movie game are impact webbing, webbed fists, and the web dome, of which the web dome was the most effective move in the game. Impact webbing is a neat idea because you send a ball of webbing at high speed. Do not think that would be effective, well then think again because it would probably be more effective than hurling a high-speed basketball at someone. All the same the moves in Ultimate Spiderman just make sense and are good enough to really enjoy. Spiderman is no longer a wimp that can be bullied by an ordinary street thug. He is seriously tough in this game. Venom, on the other hand, is back-breakingly tough meaning he can do back-breakers and skull-breakers, which is super cool. The races against J Storm are entertaining and the other races are fun for a while but not enough that you want it to replace at least a few more hours of the story that you feel just should have been there. In this case, less races and side-tasks is more, as in more better. Rescuing the random New Yorker in distress, however, is quite entertaining and I try to rescue them every chance I get. This part of the game should be kept because it is so random that it is entertaining and it seems like something that Spiderman would do. The web-swinging in Ultimate Spiderman, however, probably has even more camera problems when making tight turns and leaps than the web-swinging in Spiderman the Movie game. This observation is important when you consider that majority of the time spent completing Ultimate Spiderman are the races. Also, in Ultimate Spiderman you have to work to keep swinging and speed up, unlike in Spiderman the Movie game where you can just hold down the R button or one of those buttons. This idea is good and bad because you can no longer mindlessly swing, which is good because mindlessly swinging is not realistic at all, but you have to continuosly press buttons during swinging, which is bad because it can get tiresome especially during a long race. The web-swinging of Ultimate Spiderman has a redeeming quality, however, because you can combo your swings and it becomes easier to do as you become more familiar with the controls. For instance, you can swing, swoosh, somersault, swing swoosh, double somersault, and swing, swoosh, and back-flip, which are all super cool. All in all, Ultimate Spiderman is a fun and great game while the story lasts, but next time Activision should put a longer story in their game and maybe then it would have spectacular. It is definitely worth $20 but not the $50 that I paid for it.
Spideys Back       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 28-Sep 2005

Well lets face it Spiderman 1 well sucked, Spiderman 2 eh good but can be better, Ultimate Spiderman, Ah that hit the spot. This game is fun with a twist of evil (so more fun) This game you can play both sides, bad and well good. You can play as Venom who is a ugly spider dude who's moves look more like a thing a spider could do, such as oh I don't know maybe HAVING 4 EXTRA LEGS COME OUT! Or well you know other stuff too. Well Venom is obviously the bad guy in this game and Spidey is the good guy. Well you can play both sides( does that sound like X-men 2 or is that me?) This game is flat out fun. The art style is what really one me over though (just kidding if you beleived me you suck) Its the open area gameplay of course! The format is the 2nd Spiderman game only now I guess they added Queens(It's a town idiot). Venom can pick up cars and throw them at people( well isn't that nice?) While Spiderman has to save the other peoples butts. You can save people by doing various things, helping them from falling(dont even ask me how they got there) to helping some dumb *** kid get his balloon. In Spiderman 2 you can go to the Statue of Liberty and some other islands. Same in this game. The boss fights are also getting more difficult. Some guy said that chasing Shock is hard( well duh! do you think he's just going to say well here ya go and I brought cookies too!) The boss fights that they weren't able to do before they are able to do now(Don't know why,don't care) Well I'm bored and I'm going to do something else.....I give this game a well you do the math(just kidding)

I'm bored and this is what all the "specail" people do because they can't right well(haha)

Graphics: 5:5

Gameplay: 5:5

Controls: 5:5

Replay Value 5:5

Sound: 4:5
..................just kidding

heres the real deal

Graphics: 5:5 not kidding

Gameplay: 5:5 once again not kidding

Controls: 5:5 well I said I'm not kidding

Replay Value: 5:5 sigh........

Sound: 4:5 wait somethings different! Oh never mind!

Well that was a total waste............Who wrote this crap? OH yeah me........
Quite fun...4.5 stars       Product Reviews
by: mysteryd8       on: 26-Sep 2005

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm not a video game guy. I buy one or two games per year, and the last one I bought was Spider-Man 2, which I played like crazy. I loved that game. When I heard about Ultimate Spider-Man, and that it was going to have the same structure as SM2, I knew that it would be my gaming purchase of the season.

I definitely did not waste my money. If you enjoyed Spider-Man 2, chances are you're going to enjoy this game as well.

So far, I am very happy with this game. It will give me many hours of enjoyment. Still, there are elements of the game that could have been improved. The radar/map that was present in SM2 is still intact, but is much harder to see in this incarnation. Swinging through trees is disorientating as well. These are minor gripes, and once I got used to them, the game is just as good as SM2. Currently I am stuck trying to chase Electro as Venom, a task that is proving much harder than any of the Black Cat chases in the previous game.
Ultimate Spider-Man       Product Reviews
by: darthkommissar       on: 25-Sep 2005

Ultimate Spider-Man (2005.)

Over the years, Spider-Man has been one of the coolest comic book characters around. It's hard to believe a character Stan Lee created many decades ago, much less one that everyone thought would crash and burn, has remained consistently popular. The success of the live-action films based on Spidey only boosted his popularity moreso. However, video games based on the Webslinger, as well as most comic-based games, are well below average. The Spider-Man 2 Movie video game showed serious potential, and proved comic book games might have a future after all. And in 2005, Ultimate Spider-Man arrived on various consoles. The game was based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, which was essentially a modernized retelling of the classic story. To see how the game measures up, keep reading!

Ultimate Spider-Man was released in September 2005. The game is one player, and features full-3D objective-oriented action-adventure. There are two playable characters.

I waited for this game to come out for a long time. My expectations were pretty high. Did the game meet my expectations? For the most part, it did. The game plays similar to the Spider-Man 2 game, but this game is more linear and objective-oriented. Probably the first thing you are going to notice that is different from that most recent game when you play this one is the graphics. Rather than going with that blocky, polygonal look that plagued the recent game, this one opts for cel-shading, and benefits immensely from it. The game looks better than just about any other super hero game out there. By far, what is going to draw most players into the experience, though, is the ability to play as both Spider-Man and Venom. Spider-Man plays true to his recent 3D gaming exploits, with all his classic powers. Venom, on the other hand, sacrifices agility for power, and to stay alive, must suck the life force out of civilians. There are numerous objectives along with side quests that will keep your attention, as well as plenty of things that you can unlock on the side. Another thing I enjoy about this game is that various characters from the Marvel universe show up in the game - NOT just Spider-Man characters! You'll get visits from the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, the X-Men's Wolverine, and a variety of other characters. The environment the game gives you is also great. In addition to the Manhattan environment you had in the previous game, this one adds Queens to the locales. This makes the gameplay region so much bigger and more diverse, and gives the game a big boost. Unfortunately, as much as I like this game, it isn't perfect. Play control is my first flaw. NO, the control isn't bad by any means, but I don't see why the game makers keep having to change the scheme. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! The control scheme in the Spider-Man 2 Movie game was just about perfect. Having to adjust to a different control scheme every time a game like this comes out annoys me. My other issue is with the camera. This is something this series has issues with. Personally, I thought the camera was better in the previous game. One thing bound to turn gamers off is how linear this game is compared to the previous one. I liked being able to roam around freely and participate in events on my own. Sure, you'll get to do that in this game, I just wish it had that open feeling the last game did. Walking into invisible walls and seeing that "area unavailable" message gets on my nerves. My last complaint is that, until you beat the game, you can't switch freely between Spider-Man and Venom - the game switches for you when the story demands it. This annoyed me. I personally would have liked it better if the game had separate campaigns for either character rather than all the switching. But overall, I am satisfied with the game. In a world of dud superhero games, this is one of the few worthwhile titles.

This game is a recent release, so it is readily available in most stores at the time I write this review. In addition to the normal versions, on the Playstation Two there is a Special Edition version. This version features bonus content right on the game disc, including character profiles and an interview with the man of Marvel himself, Stan Lee. It also includes a special edition comic book! This version is scarce and hard to come by (the only way I know to get it, for sure, was to have reserved the game at Gamestop.) If you're a die-hard Spidey fan, shell out the extra cash and hunt this editon down. Otherwise, the standard edition is just fine.

Comic book fans rejoice! This is another edition to the extremely small library of good comic book games in the modern age. If you're a fan of Spider-Man, you really can't afford to pass this game up. I recommend the game, although you might want to consider renting it before you lay your cash on the line and purchase it. Four out of five stars.

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