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NHL Hitz 20-03
By: Midway Entertainment

  • Intense 4-on-4 hockey action with players that leap, glide, check, pass and score against opponents
  • Features a new season mode that allows detailed statistic tracking, player trades, a playoff tree and official NHL awards
  • Bigger, stronger and faster gaming, including improved goalie logic, animations and character behavior
  • Features an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack with Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000

  • Average Rating: 3.50     Total Reviews: 13

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $11.98
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

NHL Hitz 2003 is an ice-melting inferno of blistering hockey. It features a new franchise mode for deep gameplay, a full season with every team and every game, in-depth stat tracking, international and all-star teams, fantasy teams and stadiums, and a soundtrack with Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000.

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Best Playability of any Hockey Game       Product Reviews
by: akaitatsu       on: 10-May 2005

Complaints I have with other hockey games like EA Sports and Fox Sports titles is that they are either too easy or too hard. This game allows an amazing amount of customization of the difficulty so you can apply a little more difficulty to offset something you are really good at when you want more of a challenge.

I have seen some complaints about the fantasy aspects of NHL Hitz but I think they add a lot of fun to the game. I also like the fact that you play 3-on-3 (plus goaltender). That really opens up the ice for some beauty goals and spectacular hits.

This game is just too fun to miss!
Awesome hockey game!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 10-Jan 2004

NHL Hitz 2003 is the best hockey game i have ever played. Its fun and the hitting is awesome. The graphics are sweet and the controls rock! The hitz are really cool, a little unrealistic but just enough to make it fun over regular hockey games. Also you arent really pestered by too many peneltys but a few obvious ones to keep it real. Also the graphics are really good you can really see the hockey players fly through the glass on hard hitting checks like your there! Over all I give it an A+.
Awesome Game       Product Reviews
by: nyr9320       on: 09-Sep 2003

This is probably the best NHL game on GameCube right now, its fun and easy to play! The only draw back is only being able to have one season going at a time, however the non stop hitting and fun with the game overcomes that one little problem! I would recommend the Hitz game over any of the other 2003 NHL games!
BUY THE GAME       Product Reviews
by: flamefreak07       on: 08-Jun 2003

Don't let the "2002 version is better" reviews. I played this game last night and I bought it a couple of hours ago, I have played 2001, 2002, and 2003. BUY 2003 VERSION.
Sometimes you could call this game "War" because if you turn penaltys off you can check to your heart's content. Last night at my friends house we got 233 checks in a game!
This game isn't about checking though (even though when people ask me how to steal I tell them "X") this game is perfect for hardcore hockey fans. This game is so in depth that you can change equitment! Favorite game ever. Parents, buy it for your kids, kids, beg your parents or buy it yourself. g2g bye!

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