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Outlaw Golf
By: Vivendi Universal Games
Outlaw Golf
Average Rating: 3.00     Total Reviews: 9

Price: $49.99
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A Must Have for any Gamer       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 19-May 2005

This Is the best golf game I've ever played!The Tiger Woods golf series is more realistic and life like, but this is much more fun. The Characters and Announcer are all very funny, and you can improve your Character's power, accuracy and composure on the practice course. You can even beat up your caddy! This game will have you hooked for days!
Realistic golf game       Product Reviews
by: waltwhitman25       on: 24-May 2003

We rented this game a few days ago and having been playing it non-stop ever since. We're rushing out to buy it. Besides the hilarious characters and funny commentary, we love that it's a truly realistic golf game. People have been complaining about how touchy the controls are...but that's how real golf is! You move your club just the slightest bit right or left and you're in the rough! It's very realistic. Even down to the hit a great shot, you're happy as can be. Hit that bad one, and you're pissed off. I'd recommend renting this game before buying just to make sure it's your cup of tea....but we LOVED it!
My high hopes were completely shattered       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 06-Mar 2003

I recently bought a Game Cube, and I was looking for a golf game. Outlaw Golf seemed enticing because it is designed for a more mature crowd and supposedly contains "strong language", "suggestive themes", and "mild violence." Since golf naturally runs the risk of being a little boring, I figured this game would be the lively alternative I was looking for.
Let me tell you, this game is really NOT FUN at all. It is a terrible golf game, and the adult themes and language are really just more hoaky than humorous or entertaining. The "strong language" sounds more like one of the edgier episodes of the Brady Bunch. Besides all of this, the controls on this game are finnicky and ultimately frustrating.
I am not a video game snob at all, I normally like about every game I play. This one, however, just isn't fun. There a couple other golf games for Game Cube... buy one of those.
finnaly... the kind of golf iv always been waiting for       Product Reviews
by: soulfly_edgecrusher       on: 10-Jan 2003

i have never been able to stay entertained very long with a golf game, lets face it, golf is pretty boring unless your the one playing, for real, out on a course, but this game is almost better than golfing in real life! If you liked happy gilmoure for its perspective on golf, then this is the game for you. you can beat your caddy and then feel better about yourself, producing better shots. the turorials arent nearly exciting enough, expect for Scrummys rendition of "putting". that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen in golf, and its informative too! but the fun really comes when your playing with someone who is horrible, the annoncer keeps putting them down and their expecations show them getting so mad that sometimes they they take a full swing at their caddy with their club, and yes, they make contact. each character comes with his/her own unique caddy. the only complaint i have is the courses, on 3 and they're too easy. putting that aside this is a great game. and get ready top laugh. almost everthing said in this game is funny.

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