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Pikmin 2
By: Nintendo
Pikmin 2
  • Captain Olimar's company has gone bankrupt, and to save it, he'll return to Pikmin and dig up the buried treasure across the surface!
  • Alternate control between the main characters as you defeat enemies preventing you from reaching the treasure
  • Help the Captain and his assistant propagate new Pikmin and collect precious doodads, while solving challenging puzzles
  • No time limit, new colors, and new two-player coop mode for better gameplay

  • Price: $19.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

In Pikmin 2 you'll enjoy the same fun platforming gameplay as Pikmin, but with an all-new adventure!

Improving upon Greatness       Product Reviews
by:       on: 01-Oct 2006

Pikmin 2 picks up after Pikmin 1. Olimar is returning with his friend to collect valuable "treasures" which happen to be everyday objects, but since they are only a few inches tall, everything is large. This game uses the old Red (fire resistant), Yellow (electric resistant), and Blue (water resistant) Pikmin adding white (poison resistant and treasure detector) and Purple (worth 10 regular Pikmin). It also enhances the classic play with two player challenges much like the original game where players work together to reach the end of a level within a specific time, while collecting the most treasure.

While some argue that this is the better of the two Pikmin games, I believe that each stand on their own as creative and unique games that provide a different perspective on on not only everyday items but also gaming.
A game worth buying       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 28-Jun 2006

Wow what a great game. My husband can't get enough of this game. Its so cool for two persons to be able to play. I thought pikmin 1 was fun but pikmin 2 is the best. I love it.
Any one can play this game.
pikmin 2 totally rocks       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 26-May 2006

when pikmin 2 came out I thought it would be dumb because the
first one was dumb I wrong it was great just great and anyone
you thinks its dumb I'll have to chat with you
GREAT FUN!!!       Product Reviews
by: treasure_hill       on: 28-Nov 2005

Great fun, exciting and even a bit scary a times, especially when those cute little guys get squashed or eaten. Really enjoy this game. A good adventure and graphics make it even better! Love It.

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