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Pokemon Channel with BONUS Pokemon Mini
By: Nintendo
Pokemon Channel with BONUS Pokemon Mini
  • Innovative unusual game featuring Pikachu and other Pokemon characters
  • Surf channels with your pal Pikachu by your side as you interact with Pokemon shows
  • Decorate your room with cool stuff you find on the Shop 'n Squirtle Channel
  • Turn off the TV and have fun exploring outside
  • For 1 player

  • Average Rating: 4.00     Total Reviews: 21

    Price: $29.99
    Sale: $19.95
    Prices subject to change

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Excellent price.       Product Reviews
by: minamareddy       on: 06-Jul 2005

This bundle is excellent buy for the price that I paid.My kids yet to play. will update how the games are.
Great Sequel to Hey You Pikachu       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 07-Oct 2004

Hello people. I got this game for my birthday and I love it! It's simalar to Hey You Pikachu, which was crap compared to this. What I really like is the Pichu Brothers movie. Just in case you unobservant people havn't noticed, the CGI scene in the Pichu Brothers movie is different every time you watch it.
i love pokemon       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 08-Sep 2004

I love pokemon so much i mostly have all the pokemon games
Very cute GameCube replacement for Stadium minigames       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 09-Jul 2004

Way back in the days of Red, Blue, and Yellow, a game was released called Pokemon Stadium. It featured tough strategic battles, cute minigames, and useful utilities like Pokemon storage, item storage, and a Pokedex. It was useful and entertaining and remains one of my favorite N64 games.

Later, Nintendo released a similar game called Stadium 2, which was identical to the first but with small adjustments to the unlockable features and battle moe, and including better graphics, new games, and compatibility with Gold, Silver, and Crystal Pokemon. This also was fun and useful.

However, with the release of Ruby and Sapphire, Nintendo actually split the expected Stadium-style games into three: Colosseum (which included battle mode and a new RPG mode), Box (which was purely a storage utility), and Channel (dealing with the mini-game side of things). Box looks like a useful utility, and Colosseum is wonderful, but Channel is a fun mixture between the classic Stadium and Stadium 2 minigames as well as the old game "Hey You Pikachu." In it, you befriend a wild Pikachu which is interested in your new TV (haha). You watch new shows every day, which include Psyduck's news, Squirtle's shopping channel, and Wobbuffet's quiz show. Each day you get new shows. The best part about this game is definately the availability of a special Pokemon episode featuring Meowth and the Pichu Brothers, who first appeared in the 3rd Mini-Movie "Pikachu and Pichu." This show comes in five parts, and you must search for the fifth along with Pikachu.

Though the addition of the animated episode was a wonderful touch, the interaction with Pikachu was not as good as the old game Hey You Pikachu, mostly because of the lack of microphone and the focus being taken off you befriending Pikachu. Also, the mini-games were not as entertaining as the Stadium and Stadium 2 games were. Mostly because of the cute episode, though, I give this game 4/5.

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