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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
By: Sega Of America, Inc.
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
  • GameCube - PC
  • 12 playable characters, more than 30 stages and 150 missions
  • Faster action, all-new 2-player games
  • Mild lyrics, violence

  • Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 127

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $14.49
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Sega's mascot made his 3-D debut on the Dreamcast, but with the demise of that system the zippy blue hedgehog is popping up everywhere--including on the GameCube. Unfortunately, his first next-gen appearance, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, is marred by the same 3-D camera problems that plagued the Dreamcast version, and the multiplayer "battle" component isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Right out of the gate, players have the option of choosing Hero (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) or Dark (Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge) quests, which are completely different. Sonic and his dark counterpart Shadow traverse levels at warp speed colleting coins and power-ups while fighting enemies in the game's most exhilarating moments. Unfortunately, the other characters are nowhere near as fun to play. Dr. Eggman and Tails fight through levels that require little more than constant button-mashing to shoot an endless procession of enemies, and Knuckles and Rouge participate in seemingly endless levels that require searching for a variety of objects.

Graphically, the game is a bit of a letdown considering the processing muscle of GameCube. Models are fairly simplistic, and level textures are sometimes bland. Game Boy Advance owners can use a link cable to download Chao from the game and train them on the go, but the rewards for doing so are minor considering the time investment involved. The main feature this game offers over its Dreamcast predecessor is the variety of multiplayer modes, which are fun but offer none of the depth or replayability of standalone multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Melee. Still, they are nice additions--especially the racing games--and round out a flawed single-player component. Sonic addicts who missed this game the first time around on the Dreamcast will definitely want to check it out, but the finicky camera, tedious non-Sonic/Shadow levels in single-player mode, and surprisingly shallow multiplayer components (especially the Chao games) turn what could have been a great game into a mere good one. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Plenty of variety
  • Sonic/Shadow levels are pure, unadulterated fun
  • Knuckles/Rouge levels are tedious
  • Multiplayer aspects could use some more depth

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Solid       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 09-Feb 2006

Video Game Review
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
By Alex Kessis
The first thing I have to say about this game is, WOW! This game has awesome graphics, great gameplay, and cool characters. There are three modes you can do (by yourself). Story mode, stage mode, and racing mode. In story mode, you can play the hero story (with Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails), or the dark story (with Shadow, Rouge, and Dr. Eggman).
Story: As usual, Dr. Eggman is trying to steal the seven Chaos Emeralds to obtain ultimate power. Rouge, who is an extreme jewelry collector, is trying to steal the seven chaos emeralds also. Knuckles, the greatest treasure hunter in the world, is trying to stop her. Shadow, who is a clone of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather, is trying to figure out who he is, and what is his fate. He has been robbing banks and committing crimes. Now the police and the army are blaming all these things on Sonic. Sonic is mainly trying to stop him and get the seven Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman does.
Stage mode is where you can play stages you have already completed for fun, or to get better rankings on them. Racing mode is cool too. You can drive with all six main characters, but there's only one course!
So, why did Sega and Sonic Team make a remake of the original Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast? The answer is this: Two-player battle mode. You can race your friends on stages (with Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic, or Amy), or have a treasure-hunting showdown (with Knuckles, Rouge, Chaoszero, or Tikal), or, a laser battle (with Tails, Dr. Eggman, the Light Chao machine, or the Dark Chao machine). You can even have a Grand Prix (with the six main characters).
As one of the first Nintendo Gamecube games, it makes the system look great. Even though it was a remake of the Sega Dreamcast original, it still is a ton of fun. This is definitely my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game to date.

by: Anonymous       on: 08-Feb 2006

This is the best sonic/shadow game ever. I've played and beaten every sonic game even the old ones. This one was the best the upgrades, sonic's shoes, and the music(the best songs were Live and Learn and City Escape but Live and Learn was better). I played sonic heroes and shadow the hedgehog, which was a dissapointment even though he's my favorite gaming chracter in the universe, and this was 100 times better. If you can only buy one game it's this one.
All Right Sega !       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 29-Jan 2006

To start, kudos to Sega for an excellent game. Sonic games never were a big deal with me, but this game prooved me wrong! When I rate game systems, Sega usually was on the bottom of the list. When I bought this game, it moved up quite a bit! I love the game's split story line, allowing you to play as both Dark Characters, and Hero Characters. My favorite feature is the Chao Gardens. There are three gardens where you raise your Chao. All the Chao are different, and I just love it! I know this probably was a bad review, but I'm telling you, this game is a must have in any collector's selection of games!
da game that almost out did mario a tad       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 17-Jan 2006

i love this game especially the grading system since i enjoy skool it feels like i am at skool when the game grades me basic on my overall performance this game like mario party relates 2 life skills they have driving mode kart racing which helps u drive slightly better on the real roads u can practice as much as u want the only thing u can driving in reverse only forward but it isn't as easy as it sounds u must make near perfect turns like when doing real driving if u think about it is like a road test because u are on the road and u get a score at the end of da test and it is long my favorite level is sonic's one which is city escape it is the most basic and helps u do well in all the other levels i wish sonic and mario would both be in the same video game that is my dream game da creators could name it mario vs sonic or they could collide mario and sonic 2gether and change their names to marsonic like a goku and vegeta thing when they do their funsion n dbz this game helps me when i am bored or not n a noble mood da blue flying robot reminds me of dat little mushroom man and da yellow turtle n mario party game who guided mario and da others 2 win all of his games that is y i feel the game creators should make a mario and sonic game they have 2 much n common they both wear a lot of blue, they have their own super hero teams, r universal loved, r short, fast, have a girlfriend, mario peach, sonic amy rose, their games have me on the edge of my seats and take my on an adventure, both have famous kart racing games, are n great shape can do flips, both can fly a little bit they use their gagdets 2 help get around n da air mario needs his red cap while sonic uses his air 23 shoes 2 get his coins through da air he is still technically flying when getting the coins from off the ground that is all of the things mario and sonic have in common even though mario was a little before sonic they are still 2 different people who do almost the same things in different ways

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