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The Simpsons Road Rage

Price: $129.99
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Product Description:

The Simpsons: Road Rage blends renowned Simpsons wit and edge-of-your-seat racing action into a rip-roaring, reckless, and riotously funny arcade-style driving game. Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways again, purchasing the Springfield Transit Corporation and jacking up the fares on public transportation. Refusing to shell out for the high rates, Springfield citizens are forced into humorous road-rage situations as they brave angry commuters, jam-packed back routes, and the challenge of making enough money to buy back the Transit Corporation before time runs out. No time for donuts, Homer.

Explore Springfield       Product Reviews
by: mwag137       on: 01-Aug 2006

Its a pretty fun game, Hit and Run. Its pretty much an arcade style driver. My favorite aspect of the game was exploring Springfield. Exploring the school, houses, power plant, Kiwk-e Mart, and others really kept me interested and kept me playing. The game also features many goals which keeps the game long and enjoyable.
Awesomest Game EVER!       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 18-May 2006

I love The Simpsons Road Rage! It is so fun, I can never get enough of it. It takes a couple trys to figure out a strategy, but once you get the hang of it, you're addicted!
From a Simpsons Fan       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 20-Dec 2005

This game is a must have for Simpsons fans. It plays just like the old Crazy Taxi game but with a Simpsons twist. All of your favorite characters are there (except Sideshow Bob), from the Simpson family to Apu and Flanders, vehicles from the show like the Homer's Mr. Plow truck and even the famous "The Homer." I loved trying out all the different characters just to hear what they all said. You can recognize quotes from the show like if your driving Comic Book Guy and you take too long, he'll say "Worst ride ever." The voice overs are amazing and so is the soundtrack.

The Main story line is Mr. Burns takes over all public transport and the people of Springfield need to resort to taking rides from others in the city. There is a Mission mode where different objectives need to be completed but there are only 10 and if you can't beat one, you just play it 10 times and then skip it. Once you beat all the missions you unlock another vehicle.

The road rage mode sets you in one of 6 places in the Springfield universe, Evergreen Terrace is the only place avialable at the start. As you progress you have the oppourtunity to unlock new cars and people or unlock new maps to ride on. You only start out with the Simpson family (and Grandpa my favorite) but as you unlock new characters and maps in single player, you can use them in Head to Head.

Multi Player Head to Head involves you and one friend racing around a map trying to get the one available passenger. Once someone picks him up however, the other player can ram into you and take the passenger. This is where knowing the shortcuts on a map come in handy. Each passenger you deliver is worth $1000 and you race to get to a set amount.

Honestly, playing alone got boring after a while but I still love playing against friends and hearing all of Abe Simpsons funny things to say.
Fun for Simpson's Fans, Slow Load Time       Product Reviews
by: looseknit       on: 01-Dec 2005

This game is great fun for Simpson's fans - for a little while. After a while it becomes pretty repetitive (but still fun). While the "real" voices are a great addition, there are a limited number of them and so hearing the same thing over and over again gets old after a while. Another downside is that it can take up to 20 seconds (and usually does) to load between games. That's a giant drag. On the upside, there are many different vehicles to unlock and drive, which makes the game more challenging. Some vehicles handle much differently than others. The "missions" are fun but are easy to beat after only a handful of tries. The game has 6 levels, however, so if they weren't easy you'd never finish the game. Despite it's drawbacks it's the game I play the most out of all of my games. Enjoy!

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