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Tony Hawk's Underground
By: Activision
Tony Hawk's Underground
  • You are an unknown local skate punk trying to make it big
  • Get off your board and explore 9 expansive levels
  • Customize and name your own tricks
  • Create parks with Skate Park Editor
  • For 1 player

  • Average Rating: 4.50     Total Reviews: 41

    Price: $49.99
    Sale: $8.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

Play as yourself as you skate through 9 plot-twisting levels.

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Great game; don't pass it by.       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 23-Nov 2005

In 2003, Neversoft released a game a bit different from the others. You could be yourself. Well, this is still Tony Hawk so it's about skateboarding. Although they did get a bit "off-topic", it's forgivingly fun sometimes, and not like Underground 2 (still another good Tony Hawk game though). I found it to be quite fun, yes.

Graphics. Nearly perfect. The guy below me may have a faulty disc or something. When they talk, it REALLY looks like their talking. Everything is animated very well, and I am happy with it.

Sound. This has great sound, sound quality, music, and voiceovers. Not much I can say here.

Gameplay. Controls aren't hard to learn. For most tricks, a simple button combination. The same familiar meters for grinds and manuals are back. This isn't a very short game, nor very long game. In Story Mode, you do goals to progress. Often helping or impressing someone, the final level goal always has something to do with the story itself. And you'll enjoy the game. I'm sure.

Tony Hawk's Underground for GameCube: Buy or Not? Of course! This is highly recommended for any GameCube owner.
Tony Hawk Underground       Product Reviews
by: -yahiko       on: 13-Mar 2005

Well, before I started up THUG, the only Tony Hawk game I'd ever had before was Tony Hawk 2. It was quite a thrill just being able to do a spine transfer and being able to customize my playlist which had more than 6 songs this time. But with that being said, I really hope they make THUG2 longer and harder to beat, seeing as Sick Mode, "for the hardcore Tony Hawk veterans", was beaten by me in about four days with absolutely no cheats at any time. And the last thing I am is a harcore Tony Hawk veteran. I do hope they find a different approach to making levels though, the only fun levels are San Diego and Hawaii, and that burns them out after awhile, although I suppose if you don't completely suck at making parks like I do, you could always make your own. One last thing that I find very annoying in this game is when you reach different parts in the game they automatically change your shirt and then you have to go back to the customize character thing and get the settings back all over again (it happens a few times throughout the game). If I wanted a dumb team shirt, I'd put it on myself.

Although I must say I'm quite happy with the whole 'make your own character to use for the story' deal. There could be much better clothes and stuff, but it's quite good as it is. I like the idea of earning stats rather than having to buy them, like you used to have to.
Great if you like to skate       Product Reviews
by: punk_rock_s       on: 10-Mar 2005

Being a skate boarder myself, i thought this game was awsome.
it had some good levels and some great tricks. more with more levels then T.H.U.G.2 it takes a litle longer then the 2nd game. but beat it once and it takes an after noon to do it again. so go for this before you thing bout T.H.U.G.2 and you'll have a great time.......
Very fun, but loaded with flaws       Product Reviews
by:       on: 04-Jan 2005

This is a good game overall, but it still needs a few improvements that weren't made in Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Let me name a few:

- when you ditch your vehicle, it should stay in the exact place you parked it, instead of going back to the place you found it.

- there should be a wider choice of vehicles

- you should also to be able to enter more buidlings

- there should be a couple of pro skaters tearing up each level with you so you're not completely alone

- the levels should be bigger and more detailed, although Hotter than Hell can't really get more detailed

Although I've named many flaws, this game still deserves a 4.5/5, which is equal to 8.75/10. If these improvements are made in the next Activision skateboarding game, (whether it's Tony Hawk's Underground 3 or Bam Margera's underground, which I think would be a 10 out of 10 game) I will definately buy it.

Rock on!!!!!!

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