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Universal Racing Wheel
By: Madcatz
Universal Racing Wheel
  • Compatible with PlayStation2, Xbox, GameCube, PS One, and Playstation consoles
  • Retractable leg supports and vertical vector design for stability
  • Vibration feedback means you'll feel every bump and crash
  • Accudrive system lets you tune wheel sensitivity to fit your driving preferences
  • 10 high-performance action buttons for superior control

  • Dimensions: Length: 10.5" Width: 18" Height: 12"

    Price: $47.99
    Prices subject to change

Product Description:

The Universal MC2 Racing Wheel is simply the most realistic racing wheel on the market, and the last you will ever need to purchase - even if you change game systems. The MC2 is compatible with PlayStation2, Xbox, GameCube, PS one and Playstation consoles. Wrap your hands around the rubber-grip wheel, extend the retractable leg supports, drop your foot onto the pedal and hang on. Vibration feedback adds realism while the Accudrive system lets you tune the wheel sensitivity to fit your personal driving preferences.

good steering wheel       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 15-Jun 2006

I haven't even ordedered it yet but i am going to. i have read all the other reviews and it seems like a good wheel. so don't hesitate to order. i am not hesitating so why should you.
This is a good wheel       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 19-May 2006

This is the first steering wheel for a video game that I've gotten, and I am extremely pleased. It greatly enhances Gran Turismo 4 for the playstation. Most of the other reviews citing drawbacks were more or less true, but with nothing to compare it to, I have had GREAT FUN with this wheel. I highly recommend it. It's tight enough to feel your actually steering the car, and the vibration lets you know when you're holding the car online.

Worth the $$$.
Great Wheel!       Product Reviews
by: theboogieman2       on: 04-Sep 2005

i got this for my birthday, and i have to say it works great and seems to be the best wheel on the market. the size is just right, the leg stabilizers keep it firmly in place, and it actually has pretty good sensitivity. I have tested it thoroughly with my Xbox in Sega GT 2002, Rallisport challnge, and Midtown Madness 3. it works great. i noticed a few people were complaining about the deadzone, if you read the manual it's simple to lower the deadzone to almost zero. my only complaint is the pedals, the rubber feet don't do a very good job of keeping it in place, as they are closer to plastic than rubber. overall it's a great periheral and it adds a new element of fun to all racing games.
great product       Product Reviews
by: Anonymous       on: 09-Jan 2005

This is one of the best racing wheel ever. my son used it and its perfect for any car game. You may think its bad but if you read the instructions and do everything like it says you will see its great. I myself like to play video games, and love this controller so i bought two. i recommend this product to any one. there is one review where somebody was unhappy about this product. i totally disagree with everything he said. and i believe you would too if you bought the MadCatz Universal MC2 Racing Wheel and Pedals.

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