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spacer Mario Kart: Double Dash
By: Nintendo    Price: $119.99
Originally released as a flagship game for the Famicom Disc System, "Hyrule Destiny" was later renamed to "The Legend of Zelda" and released again for the Nintendo Entertainment System for international release. It became such a huge success that since then, it has been released multiple times for various console and handheld systems.

spacer Kirby Air Ride
By: Nintendo    Price: $105.99
Slide and glide in standard 3-D or top down 2-D racing, or compete in multiplayer tournament battles. Kirbys never been so fast and so fun!

spacer F-Zero GX
By: Nintendo    Price: $49.00
The future of racing has arrived! High speed fun in the fastest, most visually stunning racing game ever.

spacer Simpsons Hit and Run - Gamecube
By: Vivendi Universal    Price: $71.98
Dont have a cow, man! Homer and the gang get the lead out in this outrageous, mission-based adventure.

spacer Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with Bonus Disc
By: Nintendo    Price: $99.95
Copy of Mario Kart Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube. It comes with original box art, no manual, both discs are in excellent condition, with little to no light scratches on the discs and both play perfectly. When shipped the game will be packaged to ensure the safety of the discs in transit.

spacer Need for Speed: Underground
By: Electronic Arts    Price: $14.99
Build the street machine of your dreams by earning cash to pay for custom body kits and a host of licensed car performance modes.

spacer Crash Nitro Kart - Gamecube
By: Universal Interactive Studios    Price: $27.92
Compete against foes both old and new before a final showdown with Velo, the evil emperor.

spacer The Simpsons Road Rage
By: Gamecube    Price: $64.95
The Simpsons: Road Rage blends renowned Simpsons wit and edge-of-your-seat racing action into a rip-roaring, reckless, and riotously funny arcade-style driving game. Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways again, purchasing the Springfield Transit Corporation and jacking up the fares on public transportation. Refusing to shell out for the high rates, Springfield citizens are forced into humorous road-rage situations as they brave angry commuters, jam-packed back routes, and the challenge of making enough money to buy back the Transit...

spacer Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
By: Electronic Arts    Price: $46.97
Outrun your pursuers in the sleekest sports cars ever. Take your pick from 22 of the hottest exotic models, including Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini—and put the pedal to the metal across courses running through city traffic and natural environments.

spacer Wave Race: Blue Storm
By: Nintendo    Price: $39.36
Youll need a wet suit for this one. Zooming through gorgeous lagoons and brutal storms, your personal watercraft racer gleams with stunning water and lighting effects. Stunning waterscapes are just one of the highlights in this follow-up to the best-selling Wave Race 64. Intense water-soaked actions will keep you coming back for more over-the-top aquatic action. Wave Race Blue Storm is about heart-pounding thrills that never let up. Jump in!

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