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Monsters Inc. Scream Arena    
By: Thq       Price: $14.99   $13.47
Now that the monsters of Monstropolis have learned the power of laughter, theyre ready to have some fun in Disney/Pixars Monsters, Inc. for GameCube. In the game, players compete as one of their favorite monsters in a unique dodge ballstyle match set in movie-inspired stadium arenas filled with children ready to be entertained. With the use of special laugh balls, each with their own unique attack, players battle it out in a fight to fill their laugh canisters first with childrens laughte     

Minority Report for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Activision Inc.       Price: $14.99   $14.74
Based on Steven Spielberg's sci-fi thriller, Minority Report lets players assume the role of the movie's hero, precrime officer John Anderton, the head of an elite police squad that predicts murder and apprehends the would-be killers before the crimes can be committed. When Anderton is accused of a precrime murder, he's forced to elude the law to prove his innocence, while attempting to uncover an insidious conspiracy.     

Timesplitters Future Perfect    
By: Electronic Arts       Price: $19.99   $9.36
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is a sequel to the acclaimed first person shooter. Battle across through the centuries to change the past, using a massive arsenal of firearms. As you fight, you'll get help from your past and future selves as you infiltrate ancient castles, destroy evil robots, and more.     

Hitman 2 for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Eidos Interactive       Price: $17.99   $16.97
In this first and third person stealth shooter game, gamers play the role of a retired assassin (Agent 47) forced back into action. Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonor. Caught in the middle of a ring of deception, Agent 47 attempts to track down the organization that has set him up and forced him out of retirement.     

Incredible Hulk The Ultimate Destruction    
By: Vivendi Universal       Price: $29.99   $28.64
Hulk: Ultimate Destruction lets you take losing control to a completely new level. You'll control the Incredible Hulk, one of the strongest and most destructive fictional characters ever created. Use his unbeatable strength to turn any object into a weapon and destroy everything in your way. The Hulk's old enemies are after him, and he must race against time while battling his inner demons. Help him avoid capture or death by some of the most powerful monsters and weapons on Earth.     

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
By: Vivendi Universal       Price: $39.99
In The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Spyro embarks on an action-packed adventure that redefines his history. Players will experience the awesome power of the purple dragon as they unleash devastating fury attacks, Upgradeable breaths and ground-to-aerial melee combos in frenzied battles with hordes of menacing enemies and bone-chilling bosses.     

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory    
By: Ubisoft       Price: $19.99   $7.44
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory takes you back into the shadowy world of Sam Fisher, a special agent on the front lines of the information war. It's 2008 when we return to the intrigues of the new warfare; The Japanese economy has collapsed and evidence indicates that it was due to a virus originating from South Korea. The Japanese request American assistance - and Sam Fsher is sent deep into hostile territory, to collect critical intelligence just inches from his worst enemies.     

Donkey Konga 2    
By: Nintendo       Price: $19.99   $11.80
Donkey Konga 2 lets you put down the GameCube controller and avoid the sore thumbs, while you control Donkey Kong in a whole new way. As you drum along and collect bananas, you'll send Donkey Kong through challenging jungle levels. Help him jump, swing and fight enemies by tapping the conga drums in the right pattern. Prove you've got rhythm while sending a classic character on a new adventure.     

Pac-Man World 2 for Nintendo GameCube
By: Namco       Price: $19.99
The Pac is back! Created to celebrate his 20th birthday, Pac-Man World 2 combines classic pellet-munching madness with an action-packed adventure. Go along for the ride as Pac-Man takes on the pesky Ghost Gang with plenty of new twists and surprises. Made in USA.     

Spongebob Squarepants The Movie    
By: Thq       Price: $19.99   $19.86
In SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie, there's big trouble in Bikini Bottom! Someone stole King Neptune's crown and it looke like Mr. Krabs was responsible. SpongeBob and his less-than-bright friend Patrick will travel to Shell City, from which no one has ever returned, and try to clear Mr. Krabs' name!     

Pure Evil 2-Pack
By: Capcom       Price: $49.99
Resident Evil: An entire arsenal can be claimed throughout the adventure including, bazookas, shotguns, pistols, knives, matches, medicine, and maps. All of these items are an absolute necessity as the house is alive with acid-spitting zombies, giant spiders, horrid frog-like creatures, mutant dogs and a host of other tricks and traps guaranteed to evoke fear and an unwavering desire to finish the game. Resident Evil Zero: While the Bravo Team was successful in escaping from the crash, the     

Incredibles 2 Rise of the Underminer    
By: Thq       Price: $19.99   $18.95
Following The Incredibles' defeat of Syndrome in the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of the Pixar Animation Studios film, a new threat emerges beneath the ground with a diabolical plot to pollute the major cities of the world and rule over humanity from below. Fans will be able to pick up from where the film left off and relive the glory days as Mr. Incredible and Frozone, superhero best friends who team up to tackle a new villain, The Underminer.     

By: Activision       Price: $19.99   $7.29
Gun is the story of a man's quest for revenge. When life robs Colton White of all that matters, the only thing left he can trust is his gun. Follow along with him as he exacts justice on those who have wronged him. Seek retribution as you face corrupt lawmen, warring tribes, cold-blooded outlaws, and ruthless renegades.     

NGC Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    
By: Toys       Price: $19.99   $12.97
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory brings a classic film and literature experience to life. Based on the beloved Roald Dahl book and the upcoming Tim Burton film, you'll become young Charlie Bucket after finding a Golden Ticket. Embark on a fantastic adventure as you tour Willy Wonka's factory -- guided by the notorious, reclusive candymaker himself.     

Tak 2 The Staff of Dreams    
By: Thq       Price: $19.99   $14.62
Players maneuver Tak and his new Juju abilities. He will master the ancient Juju magic of the animals, allowing him to possess various creatures and turn himself into a Spirit Animal. This innovative sequel also features nine interactively designed linear environments and a returning cast of favorite characters, along with three brand new Juju gods and the introduction of Jibolba's brother, JB. Nine new Nightmare Creatures will also help to further the action. In addition, Tak is outfitted w     

Midway Arcade Treasures 2    
By: Midwest Records       Price: $19.99   $9.28
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 brings together the hit games of the arcade, and delivers them to your Xbox! Great gaming and classic action combine in one collection. Play robot football in Cyberball 2072, race F-1 cars in Championship Sprint and go one-on-one on the ball courts with Arch Rivals     

Wario World
By: Nintendo Of America       Price: $35.21
Deep within Wario's castle lies a treasure room filled with the spoils he has plundered during his many adventures. A mysterious black jewel, ensconced among the treasures, has a strange power to transform gems into monsters. While Wario rests in his castle upstairs the jewel begins to morph his treasure trove into a host of monsters, turning the basement of War     

The Hobbit for GameCube
By: Vivendi Universal Games       Price: $19.99
Set in the mythical world of Middle-Earth, The Hobbit(tm) is an action adventure game based upon J.R.R. Tolkien's legendary tale. The player will control Bilbo from his peaceful Hobbit hole in Hobbiton into the dark and harrowing Mirkwood forest and finally to the Lonely Mountain, in which lies Smaug the dragon     

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for Nintendo GameCube
By: Midway       Price: $9.99
Throughout Mortal Kombat's history, many have attempted and failed to take control of the tournament and therefore gain immortality. Now, two sorcerers, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, unable to achieve their goal of immortality separately, join forces. This Deadly Alliance will likely ensure the destruction of Raiden and the mortals. With their combined power, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi represent Earth's greatest threat.     

LUCASARTS Star Wars: Clone Wars (GameCube)
By: Lucasarts       Price: $33.25
Star Wars: Clone Wars send you into the vicious battles of the Clone Wars, between Episodes II and III! Incredible graphics make you feel the every Laser blast, piece of debris, and atmospheric effect Engage in all-out intergalactic war with up to four players Full Sound and Video experience with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround sound and a 16 - 9 enhanced widescreen mode Put yourself into the legend of Star Wars with this exciting new game!     

Nintendo GameCube Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 NPC    
By: Acclaim Entertainment Inc.       Price: $13.99   $6.99
Respect The Ride Not Gravity! 10-Time World Champion Dave Mirra is back in this sequel to the original hit game. Win enough respect from the other pro riders to get invited to Camps and embark on a ProQuest to be the top rider around even better than     

NHL Hitz for GameCube    
By: Midway Entertainment       Price: $14.99   $14.12
With Midway's NHL Hitz 20-02 you'll feel the sting of a 120 mph slapshot between the eyes; your bones will rattle, your teeth will clatter, and the serenade of the manic-fans will send chills down your spine. So slip your mouthguard on and lock your helmet in place because you're about to get slammed against the boards by the most entertaining hockey game ever created.     

Disney's Hide & Sneak for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Capcom       Price: $39.99   $34.99
Disneys Hide and Sneak is a platform-style game that blends action and stealth gameplay elements to create an exciting adventure featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As Mickey, players are challenged to rescue Minnie from mysterious flying creatures. To do this, players must solve puzzles as they run, jump, dodge, and hide from these entities. Players     

Road Kill for GameCube    
By: Midway Entertainment       Price: $19.99   $18.95
With the ability to build up a powerful gang following, youll unleash havoc, chaos and destruction on the environment and its inhabitants with a wide selection of vehicles, a potent armory of weapons and special equipment in both single-player and various multiplayer game modes.     

Super Monkey Ball 2 Pack
By: Cokem International Ltd       Price: $69.95
Super Monkey Ball In Super Monkey Ball, you're in control of a cute little monkey trapped inside a transparent ball. The objective of the game is deceptively simple. Tilt the floor with your analog stick so that your monkey ball rolls towards the goal. Your success is all in the thumb -- the more you tilt, the faster the ball rolls, just be sur     

Lotus Challenge for Nintendo GameCube
By: Ignition Entertainment Ltd       Price: $19.99
Lotus Extreme is a breathtaking driving game featuring cars from Lotus past, present and future. From the early Lotus Seven through to the new Elise, taking in some famous Lotus racing history along the way. Take control of virtually every single Lotus car ever made and challange your driving skills in races, stunts, challenges and more.     

Freestyle Metal X for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Midway Entertainment       Price: $19.99   $6.00
BMX arcade game that mixes huge stunt combos and tricks in real-time.     

Mega Man Anniversary Collection    
By: Capcom Usa       Price: $19.99   $13.99
Mega Man Anniversary Collection - it's a complete Mega Man tribute for one of gaming's longest-lived characters! This special 15th anniversary game release collects all the great Mega Man games and much more, for the true fans!     

By: Als Industries       Price: $24.99   $19.38
ALS INDUSTRIES NGC-22 Nintendo Gamecube System Carrying Case Stores and protects complete Nintendo Gamecube system, hardware, up to 4 Controllers and accessories     

Pikmin 2
By: Nintendo       Price: $19.99
In Pikmin 2 you'll enjoy the same fun platforming gameplay as Pikmin, but with an all-new adventure!     

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