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Kirby Air Ride
By: Nintendo       Price: $19.99
Kirby Air Ride is a racing game like no other -- you'll beat your opponents by absorbing their skills!     

Call of Duty Finest Hour
By: Activision       Price: $19.99
Call Of Duty: Finest Hour leads you back into the World War, where you will experience epic battlefield moments in the war's most legendary conflicts. Fight alongside ordinary men who fought and died for freedom and changed the world.     

Simpsons Hit and Run    
By: Vivendi Universal       Price: $19.99   $14.19
The Simpsons Hit & Run is a hilarious mission-based driving that feels like an episode of the TV show!     

WWE Day of Reckoning    
By: Thq       Price: $19.99   $12.78
WWE: Day Of Reckoning places you in the school of hard knocks, as you become a wrestling Superstar. See if you have what it takes to get into World Wrestling Entertainment.     

Donkey Konga Bongos    
By: Nintendo Of America       Price: $29.99   $13.49
For use with Donkey Konga on GameCube     

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble    
By: Capcom Usa       Price: $19.99   $6.99
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble lets players become characters from the hit Viewtiful Joe games. These wild four-player boss battles and action scenes will thrill you as you fight it out in wild free-for-alls.     

Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Rogue Squadron III for GameCube
By: Lucasarts Entertainment       Price: $19.99
Enjoy cinematic realism as you step out of into faithful recreations of worlds from the Star Wars films.     

Finding Nemo
By: Thq       Price: $12.94
Experience stunning underwater graphics, masterful animation and multiple levels in the game based on the hit movie.     

ACTIVISION True Crime: Streets of L.A. (GameCube)    
By: Activision       Price: $35.21   $14.15
True Crime: Streets of L.A. lets you use your brutal reputation and skill with a gun to good use -- putting a stop to the scum that's ruining L.A.!     

Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo for GameCube      Price: $14.99
Join the dotty inventor and his loyal puppy-pal in their humorous adventure.     

Go! Go! Hypergrind for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Atlus Software       Price: $19.99   $13.92
Skate as one of 12 crazy, cool competitors, perform insane fantasy tricks and "Negative Reactions" on 8 movie sets and become the film star of the feature "Hypergrind!"     

Charlie's Angels for Nintendo GameCube    
By: Ubi Soft       Price: $29.99   $14.92
Take control of the world's most famous Angels as you set out to bring a mastermind criminal to justice.     

Shrek SuperSlam
By: Activision       Price: $19.99
Shrek Superslam is the most twisted fighting game ever! Play as 20 characters from the Shrek universe -- then slam, smash, beat and brawl against them. It's even more fun when you play with your friends!     

Sims Bustin' Out
By: Electronic Arts       Price: $19.99
The Sims: Bustin' Out opens up a whole new world of characters exporation with your Sims!     

Turok: Evolution
By: Acclaim Video Games       Price: $3.50
In Turok: Evolution, you must save the people of the Lost Land from the threat of the Biosaurs, with an all-new leader -- Turok's oldest enemy! Go all-out in intense multiplayer action!     

By: Sega Of America, Inc.       Price: $19.99   $18.39
The Puyos are dropping and you've only got seconds to create crazy combos and dump tons of Nuisance Puyos on your buddy. Things get even hotter in Fever Mode where you throw as many chains together as possible during Fever Time.     

Sonic Adventure 2 Pack
By: Cokem International Ltd       Price: $47.50
Use in conjunction with your Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and Nintendo's Game Boy Advance/Game Cube link cable for t     

Medal of Honor Frontline
By: Electronic Arts       Price: $14.95
In Medal of Honor Frontline you go back behind enemy lines as war hero Lt. Jimmy Patterson! Stronger enemy AI makes stealth and speed more important then ever, and makes this a more challenging wargame than before!     

Warioware Inc Mega Party Games    
By: Nintendo Of America       Price: $29.99   $19.99
WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$ brings Wario's gaming company back for a triumphant return! Enjoy wildly creative little single-player and multiplayer games, starring Wario's crew of crazy game developers!     

Def Jam Vendetta    
By: Electronic Arts       Price: $14.95   $10.00
In Def Jam Vendetta you'll do some hardcore brawling where the underground fighting Circuit meets the hip-hop world! See if you can make it to the top and take your shot against D-Mob, the king of the underground!     

Pac Man World 2 Bundle    
By: Namco       Price: $17.99   $13.44
The Pac-Man Bundle gives you twin adventures starring the first real arcade hero, Pac-Man!     

Freestyle Street Soccer for GameCube    
By: Acclaim       Price: $14.99   $8.99
It's a no-rules brand of soccer, featuring mind-blowing freestyle tricks and authentic urban environments.     

Sonic Heroes    
By: Sega Of America, Inc.       Price: $19.99   $14.84
Sonic Heroes takes you blazing through a world of great adventure! use multiple teams & formations to conquer the ultimate hero, once and for all.     

Mega Man X Command Mission    
By: Capcom Usa       Price: $19.99   $15.44
Mega Man X Command Mission is a new combination of role-playing and action gaming, set in the Mega Man universe! Help mega Man and his friends infiltrate Giga City and fight the Liberion Army, before their war destroys the entire island!     

Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy for Nintendo GameCube      Price: $19.99
This adventure, set in a world based on Egyptian mythology, features the strong-willed adventurer Sphinx and a mummy who's a little less eager to take on enemies.     

Viewtiful Joe    
By: Capcom Usa       Price: $19.99   $13.99
Viewtiful Joe is a new kind of action game where you'll play an ordinary guy adapting to life with extraordinary powers!     

Super Mario Sunshine    
By: Nintendo Of America       Price: $19.99   $16.81
Super Mario Sunshine takes Mario and Peach to beautiful Sunshine Island, for a much-needed vacation -- until a graffiti artist dressed like Mario goes around vandalizing the place!     

The Haunted Mansion for GameCube    
By: Jack Of All Games       Price: $17.99   $14.95
Navigate through Disney's The Haunted Mansion with game environments inspired by the movie and the ride. Run, jump, fight and climb as you attempt to rid the mansion of evil spirits.     

Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures
By: Nintendo Of America       Price: $49.99
MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;90 days     

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle    
By: Sega Of America, Inc.       Price: $17.99   $16.82
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is an all-new adventure starring Sonic and his pals, that takes Sonic places he's never been before!     

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