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spacer P.N.03 (Product Number 03)
By: Capcom    Price: $57.95
P.N.03 brings you the ultimate mission of a powerful future fighting machine!

spacer Ikaruga
By: Atari Inc.    Price: $90.00
Ikaruga is a 2-D scrolling space shooter (with options for either a vertical or horizontal display) set against a 3-D backdrop with a combination of rich Japanese storytelling and high-powered fighter-pilot heroics. Players take the role of hero Shinra, the lone survivor of a freedom federation that was massacred by the evil, power-hungry conqueror Tenro Horai. Now Shinra, in his newly-built ship, the Ikaruga, must fight for aging, exiled people who are depending upon him for their survival. Join the sole warrior as he battles the evil Horai in...

spacer Animaniacs Great Edgar Hunt
By: Warner Bros    Price: $16.67
The game is a third-person action adventure, which brings the colorful and hysterical world of the Animaniacs wonderfully to life. Players must guide the Warner brothers...and sister - Wakko, Yakko and Dot - through six levels in a quest to locate the hidden Edgar trophies. Each Animaniac has his or her own special abilities, and each must be used in order to fully explore the luscious landscapes. Puzzle elements are featured in the game along with ever-changing enemies and obstacles. Five incredible Pinky & The Brain mini-games vary the pace...

spacer Incredible Hulk The Ultimate Destruction
By: Vivendi Universal    Price: $37.95
Lose control as one of the most powerful and destructive comic book characters ever - The Incredible Hulk! Climb and jump on top of any building, turn any object into a weapon, and destroy everything in your way in this battle against time and the Hulks inner demons! The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is an action adventure game offering the ultimate in power, freedom, rage and destruction!

spacer Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
By: Eidos Interactive    Price: $21.76
Third-person action shooter from Io Interactive, originally released on PC. Players assume the role of "47," a retired hitman who was once considered the best in his particular field. The title opens up as 47 is living peacefully in Sicily and trying to cope with some of the horrible atrocities he committed in his dark, mysterious past. Shortly after attending confession, 47 learns that his priest and mentor has been kidnapped by the mafia, and so he decides to temporarily come out of retirement to get him back. Carnage, naturally, ensues. The...

spacer Batman Vengeance
By: Gamecube    Price: $10.20
In Batman: Vengeance, the gritty underworld of Gotham ignites as Batman becomes the target of a nerve-rattling conspiracy. After the Joker plummets to his death in an attempt to kill Batman, Gothams criminals quickly escalate their schemes to gain power. Batman discovers subtle links in these seemingly unrelated crimes, but is forced undercover after being framed for an attack on Commissioner Gordon. Hunted by the police, the Dark Knight must pinpoint the unseen enemy weaving this sinister web before Gotham City falls to a fiery demise.Batman:...

spacer Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
By: Dream Works Interactive    Price: $9.99
In Batman: Rise Of Sin Tzu, a faceless and mysterious new enemy brings chaos to Gotham -- only Batman and his partners can stop it! Includes Batman poster

spacer RoadKill
By: Gamecube    Price: $16.50
Out-drive, outgun and outthink your competition to survive in this post-apocalyptic city! / Rated M: Mature Engage in the ultimate test of vehicular combat - 2-4 player multiplayer Deathmatch Modes Face-off against seven rival gangs, killing the members of some while gaining the respect of others Collect salvaged parts from destroyed vehicles to unlock hidden items such as nitrous thrust, armor plating and death match arenas Participate in scavenger hunts and find the blueprints necessary to build the ultimate weapons and vehicles ...

spacer Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
By: Ubi Soft    Price: $4.99
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu is a third-person action game starring the Caped Crusader, Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl as they team up to stop a diabolical new character named Sin Tzu. Created by famed artist Jim Lee, Sin Tzu comes to Gotham City looking for the ultimate opponents to battle against. Together with Clayface, Scarecrow, and Bane, Sin Tzu will wreak havoc at the Gotham City Docks, Arkham Asylum, Crime Alley, and nine other locales within the beleaguered city in an attempt to draw Batman out. Players will be able to confront Batmans foes...

spacer Shrek SuperSlam
By: Activision Inc.    Price: $16.00
Shrek Superslam is the most twisted fighting game ever! Play as 20 characters from the Shrek universe -- then slam, smash, beat and brawl against them. Its even more fun when you play with your friends!

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