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spacer Controller- Spice
By: Nintendo    Price: $ 19.99   Reviews: 29   Average Rating: 4.5
This controller delivers the control and finesse you deserve. It features a cool design with great grip and layout and has an awesome digital click for the L and R buttons.

spacer Hori Gameboy Player Controller Black
By: Hori Co Ltd    Price: $ 13.97
Brand new "Digital Controller" for the GameCube, a scaled-back controller for the console that reproduces the original Super NES control pad feel for gamers who want more retro control over their Game Boy games when played on a GameCube Game Boy Player.

spacer Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Original Nintendo Dance Pad (Without Game)
By: Nintendo    Price: $ 35.00   Reviews: 5   Average Rating: 4.0
Feel the beat and move to the music with the original Nintendo GameCube Dance Pad. This next generation dance pad is engineered and specially designed for intense dancing and maximum durability. It features a non-slip rubber bottom and durable top dancing surface for smooth transitions from step to step. Use two Beat Pads side by side and show off your moves to your friends. Works great with the only dance game available for the Nintendo® GameCube. This pad is required Nintendo Gamecube Mariomix Game; this package doesnt include the game.

spacer PELICAN ACCESSORIES G3 Wireless Controller II for GameCube
By: Pelican Accessories    Price: $ 28.99   Reviews: 12   Average Rating: 3.0
The G3 Wireless Controller II for GameCube lets you enjoy the fun and challenges your GameCube has to offer, from a comfortable distance. Play your games from anywhere in the room, no matter what physical barriers are around. Low battery indicator

spacer HIP INTERACTIVE WaveBird Battery Pack
By: Hip Interactive    Price: $ 14.49   Reviews: 5   Average Rating: 2.5
Up to 12 hours of gameplay on a single charge!

spacer Gamecube Wireless Link Controller with Battery Pack - Purple
By: Intec    Price: $ 29.99   Reviews: 5   Average Rating: 3.5
Intecs Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controller for GameCube is the perfect way to enjoy hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Includes rechargeable battery pack & connection cable, for gameplay with simultaneous charge.

spacer Control Pad Pro for Nintendo GameCube
By: Madcatz    Price: $ 14.99   $ 6.14   Reviews: 6   Average Rating: 2.5
MADCATZ MWS556160/04/1 GameCube(TM) Control Pad Features vibration feedback, analog triggers and joysticks with signature grips;Includes 6-ft, durable braided cable GameCube(TM) Control Pad

spacer Playseats Classic Gaming Seat (Red)
By: Playseats    Price: $299.99   $219.95   Reviews: 6   Average Rating: 4.0
PS2, XBox, GameCube and PC compatibleIncludes storage compartment under the seat and 3 adjustment knobs to position wheel and pedals.Racing wheels and pedals sold separately.

spacer Gamecube Pro Mini Controller 2
By: Intec    Price: $ 14.99   $ 7.41   Reviews: 8   Average Rating: 3.5
GameCube Pro Mini Control -- The mini-controller that offers better game control in a smaller, more comfortable gamepad!

spacer Play Cube
By: Nyko    Price: $ 14.99   Reviews: 22   Average Rating: 3.5
The Play Cube is a simple adapter that allows you to connect any analog PlayStation or PlayStation2 controller to the GameCube console. The system translates all button functions, as well as force-feedback vibration.

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