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Phantasy Star 1 & 2 Plus     Rating: 4.50     Reviews: 6        Price: $23.92

NGC Harvest Moon: Magical Melody    
By: Svg Distribution      Rating: 4.50     Reviews: 14        Price: $39.99   $38.40
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is a unique new farming simulation and adventure game. Choose to become either a boy or a girl, then start a new life in a small farming village. As you build up your farm, you'll watch your character grow into adulthood -- and guide them toward marriage and a happy family life.     

Animal Crossing    
By: Nintendo      Rating: 4.50     Reviews: 127        Price: $49.99   $17.45
Animal Crossing lets you cross over into a whole new world where you experience real-time exploration     

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door    
By: Nintendo      Rating: 4.50     Reviews: 127        Price: $49.99   $16.99
Time passes, the pages turn ... and a new chapter unfolds in an unfamiliar land! Get ready for a two-dimensional role-playing adventure for the ages as Mario returns to paper form in pursuit of a threat unlike any he's ever faced. This time around, more emphasis is placed on the paper abilities of Mario and his friends. He can turn sideways to slip through cracks, fold into a paper airplane to fly, roll into a tube and much more. He can also use tons of items like hammers and thunderbolts.     

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