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Video Game Station
Average Rating: 3.0     Total Reviews: 10
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The Worst     On: 2004-12-22

I think that you would be better off buying a tv stand instead of buying that piece of plastic. It probably over-heats your game system, plus it might not be big enough. So for my review, I would say Do Not Buy This!!!
D's review     On: 2003-06-10

the best thing that ever happended to video games now you can hold a videogame system,accessories&games for a great price:)
not to good     On: 2003-03-15

it is okay if you wanna just put a regular nes, snes, ps1, regular ps, sega genesis, whatever. as long as it is old and small. as for anything else, it will probly overheat on you or at least reduce the life of your system by about 6 years. most things will fit, but the tight space doesnt allow air cirulation. as for an xbox, well, an xbox wouldnt fit in any kind of container other than a reinforced dump truck. in the end, it would be better to just buy a tv stand or piece of furniture that holds tvs and has drawers and stuff. many are made to hold game consoles, vcr and dvd players and have special slots for cds, dvds, games, etc. So save yourself a couple bucks and a lot of headaches and skip this item
DON'T BUY THIS     On: 2002-04-19

The one reason people buy this is to make there system stay a little more neater. Well guess what!! Dont buy this one, u put the console inside the plastic container and it will over heat while u play it. Dont get a majoir headache over somthing stupid like this. Just find somthing that is open but still keeps it nice. Your Very Welcome!!
It rocks & roll!!!!!     On: 2002-04-04

This thing is Da-Bomb. Order it now it is totally awesome! It is very good storage and this Video-Game Station rules. When I 1st got it I loved it so much!!!

My Opinion:Buy this if your having trouble finding somewhere to put the video-Game System!

might work for PS1 or Nintendo.     On: 2002-02-01

WARNING!!! Do not buy this product for the XBOX!!! The XBox will not fit in it (even though I found it under XBox accessories)
Video Game Station Great for organization!!!     On: 2002-01-22

I purchased this for my son for Christmas to organize his N64 and Playstation systems... It is great for organization, however it is made of plastic and cracks easily... This is the 3rd station I tried to buy.. The 1st one I purchased the cashier dropped it as she was putting it in the bag and I had to get a refund, after they got more in stock I went to purchase another one and the one on the shelf was also broken.. So I found one that was not broken and so far it has been great to keep all his items neat and organized..... These must be a popular item because they are always sold out so get it while you can.... These however do not seem to fit the new limited edition n64 pokemon systems... So keep all this in mind when you are purchasing this video game station...... Overall, this is a great station to have for your systems to keep it all organized and even has wheels so you can move it from room to room.....If you can get it home safe and in 1 piece it would be a great station to have around the house, to keep everything neat and together in 1 place so you son or daughter can find everything they need when they want to play with their system...
NO GOOD POS     On: 2002-01-20

I can tell you first hand that this is the most GOD-awful creation known to man. there is absolutly no reason you would buy this plastic piece of DOO DOO for 30 bucks when you can buy a similar plastic piece of DOO DOO for 15 at target.
Really Good Storage Solution     On: 2002-01-09

I purchased two of these and pieced them together to make one large tower with four drawers. After I put them both together this thing holds my N64, Dreamcast, Playstation, and Playstation 2. It not only holds the consoles but four controllers for each system and all of the wiring mess. Where before I had a savage looking mess in front of my television no I have a nice neat little tower. Its pretty sturdy and stable, I still havent toppled it over with all of the pulling and tugging me and the fellas do during sports games. All in all this was the best investment Ive made to keep my video game safe and neatly hidden.
Good Accesory     On: 2001-12-23

This game station is good to buy. It is worth the money.You can put ur console and games in it or 2 consoles. It is good if you dont have a good spot to put your console.It is very useful. I recommend for u to buy this.

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