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no product shipped - got refund from Amazon     On: 2010-10-29

My experience with iMac Wholesale is the second time I have been taken to the cleaners by a Marketplace vendor selling games. They get your money, they somehow fake a shipment, and no shipment comes. They claim the widest window for delivery and hold on to your money for two months and then Amazon has to track them down to be reimbursed. I have had many great Marketplace Vendor shopping experiences. I really wish Amazon could expedite vetting the vendors. I presume this vendor hit the road, but just in case - do not buy from this vendor. I did contact this vendor - no return contact. Run screaming.
Great Game     On: 2010-07-07

This is a really great game I have had no problems with it at all my grandson will not stop playing it and he has already finished the game twice.
Underrated     On: 2010-03-14

When this game first came out with the Nintendo Gamecube, people were mad that Mario wasnt the main character. This game was cast aside as a failure but those whove actually played it know its a real gem.

Theres a lot of things that make this excellent. The gameplay is solid, the glitches are minimal (especially for an early game on a new console), and the load times are short. The game gradually gets harder but Id say the boss was suddenly much harder than the rest of the whole game. The jump in skill might have been a little too steep, but some people like it that way.

My only complaint is that its too short. It makes up for that mostly by having a very high replay value. I wish there were difficulty settings.

Luigi has a very distinct and lovable personality, and the ending scene was so touching. I wont spoil it, but its very touching. Its really fun to play as him.

If you like Ghost Busters and Mario, the mix will make you fall in love with this game immediately. Of course, it does still maintain its own unique charm.
Best-Game -Ever     On: 2010-01-14

HOLY CRAP! A NINTENDO HORROR GAME!!!! Is far back as i can think, this is a first of its kind. Luigi fighting ghosts. And saving Mario from Bowser. Takes a long time to beat and is not to challenging... I lied. It is. Best Game EVER!!!!!!
Great game!     On: 2010-01-12

10 years ago, GameCube put this game out. The disk is still in great condition and now my boys really enjoy playing it. Well done!