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Metroid Prime........     On: 2010-10-29

To be completely honest, this is my first time being immersed into the world of Metroid. Even though I played Metroid Prime Hunters ages ago on the Nintendo DS, I cant say I remember too much about it(other than the fact that it was a short game single playerwise and dealt more with multiplayer). This time, however, Ive gotten deeply into things and Im hooked. Now I see why Metroid is revered the world over and Im curious to find out more.

Metroid Prime takes place three years after the events of Metroid. Samus receives a distress call in her new ship and travels to Tallon IV. Basically to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting a powerful radioactive substance known as Phazon. Its here she discovers that the Chozo once settled there but disappered due to a meteor hitting the planet decades before. Thats where it all begins. I dont want to say too much because I dont want to give too much of it away.

Overall, this game is more about exploring than killing enemies and thats why I like it so much.
Still one of the best games of all time     On: 2010-10-26

This game has been out a few years now and most everyone knows whether they like it or not. Playing through it again, however, it surprised me how well this game holds up. Should that be a surprise? Probably not. Most all Metroid games hold up. I still have as much fun with Super Metroid as I did when I was 12. The difference, to me, is that the old 8 and 16 bit games have their charm. The graphics are what they are and gameplay was what drew you to em. The same is true here. Though, it must be said that the graphics hold up very well. This is still a beautiful game. The environments are breathtaking and realistic. It definitely looks better than some of the Wii games out there.

The beauty of this game, as is true with the rest of the series, is the sense of immersion and exploration. The isolation. The sheer atmosphere of it as you discover new parts of a dying world. There is a sense of history surrounding you and you must make your way through various puzzles and enemies to find the items that let you continue to explore the world and try to take out the vile Space Pirates using it for their own Phazon-induced schemes. And you feel like you are there every step of the way.

The bosses are fun, huge and varied. I enjoyed facing the bosses in this game. The challenge of figuring out their weaknesses, learning their patterns and taking them down was quite satisfying. Also, they were neat to look at.

The scan system works, its very effective in filling in backstory and the history of the planet, as well as figuring out how to deal with enemies. I dont mind the scan system for those reasons, but I can see how it can be frustrating for some players who feel like all theyre doing is scanning objects. Especially if you are a completist (Im an "near completist", I dont have to have every single thing, but I will put in effort to get enough to get as close as I can and also not get the lamest ending).

Though I have to throw in that this game does include 2 things I absolutely hate:

1)Water Levels: These are never fun for me. They are more a chore and I have a deep irrational fear of deep water (even in video games). It must be noted that this isnt quite as bad once you get the gravity suit.

2)Chozo Ghosts: No particular reason, I just hate Chozo Ghosts. They pop up way to often and make backtracking more difficult than it should be (I guess that is a reason after all).

Yes, this game has put a few years behind its release date and there have been a handful of Metroid titles since, but I have a feeling Ill be playing this game more than once or twice in the future. Just a fun, immersive experience.
Overall     On: 2010-09-29

Overall the games not too bad... theres a few aspects of the game i dont care for preferably the brightness of the fpv.... I also have issues with some of the controls and sensitivity of the y and X axis for shooting.... but other than that the game has a good story line and has a great challenge to it.
Great way to start out a series     On: 2010-05-17

Will be honest. I started playing this on gamecube, but finally finished it out wii as a part of trilogy. Great game.

-BLOW JOUR MIND: The environment, the scene and the experience you get through them is just amazing. I still cant believe that they created such effect using gamecube technology. JUST MARVELOUS.
-Gadgets: Different beams, missles upgrades, suit upgrades, double jump, powerbomb, combo attack, morphball upgrades, grapple beam. JUST AMAZING.
-Story: This is what I like. For those who dont care much about the story, you dont have to read it all. But to those who do, everything will be explained in the FINEST DETAILS. VERY WELL DONE.
-Bosses: Again very creative. The final battles are probably THE MOST CREATIVE in the trilogy.
-Length: Areas are fairly huge. If you go after majority of items which is highly recommended as final bosses can be tough, it will take you a while to explore them all.
-Bonuses: More you explore, more endings you get to uncover. EXTREMELY REWARDING EXPERIENCE.

- LOTS OF BACKTRACKING: Without a guide, this can be really irritating. Even with a guide, I hated how you have to back track a lot of areas in the ending.
- Annoying double jumps: Some upgrades require morphball double jumps. Failure to do so will punish you (harshly at times.
-Too many words: Story is really good, but I wish they had more cut scenes.
One of the most overrated games of the decade     On: 2010-04-04

First of all, let me start off by easing the minds of some of the hardcores Nintendo fans out there, because they can be an overzealously loyal bunch. I will not be trashing a Nintendo game in this review. While Nintendos games are often acclaimed for their originality and extraordinary polish, Metroid Prime was developed by an entirely outside company that happened to be absorbed by Nintendo. So a true Nintendo game this is not.

Now on to the game- I havent played it in a long time so the review may be sparse on details, but I very well remember how I felt about it. MP is an extremely lazily designed game. About a third of the way through I started to wonder, what aspect of this is supposed to be fun? As an action game it miserably fails-- AI is litereally nonexistent, and the lock-on shooting system is completely brainless. Its like a FPS on training wheels. Is it an adventure game? I would argue that Super Metroid was, but Metroid Prime is 100% linear. Any veneer of exploration that there is in MP is really just walking from one point of the game to the next, and mixing it up with some exciting backtracking! Oh boy. There isnt an ounce of decision making in this game; its all planned out for you. About as linear as it gets. And then there are the tedious Tomb Raider-esque puzzles, another testament to how lazy the design of this game was. It doesnt even feel like Metroid.

MP introduced some interesting ideas like the visor scanner, which it unfortunately implemented into the game with as little inventiveness as possible. It could have added depth to the gameplay and left it up to the player when it needs to be used, but instead the player is simply told when to use it and it becomes nothing more than a flashy, superficial gameplay element. The same could said for the spiderball-- instead of letting the player get creative and decide when to and the best way to use it, the game holds your hand and says, "now is when you morph into the spiderball and roll through that tunnel". Just another addition to the tired Tomb Raider puzzle system that this game relies on like a crutch; another superficial addition to the gameplay. I just cant imagine how a game that neither lets the player get creative and do any real exploring nor offers any real exciting gameplay mechanics could be heralded as such an amazing game, let alone best on the system or best in the series. Metroid Prime is in no way, shape or form either of those. I officially deem Metroid Prime "Most Overrated Game of the Decade".
Beautiful     On: 2010-01-24

There arent too many times when Id call a video game beautiful, but this is one of them. Its like a work of art that you can explore. Even though its a bit old now, its still worth playing.