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A Challenge And A Great TIme     On: 2010-10-27

Fun game. I have owned a Gamecube for years and found very few games worth purchasing for it. This is a must have for anyone who like the survival horror genre. It was a hard game to beat but I had so much fun along the way. Even when I died I had so much fun with it. The mechanics can be hard to adjust to if you play next gen. consoles a lot but after a while you get used to it and learn to just mess around, run from zombies, run from giant insects, run from fact you will spend much of this game trying to kill and/or fleeing from dangerous creature. I found this very entertaining and I hope others will too.
A decent Resident Evil title     On: 2010-07-12

I didnt quite enjoy this one as much as the remake, 2, or 3, but it still is a pretty good game if you can forgive the predictable and clichéd plot, the generic enemies, and partially flawed partner system. It losses a little scare factor due to being with a partner a good chunk of the game, but does get creepy during some parts. The leech men are kind of an interesting enemy and add suspense, but then you have your generic bosses, a big scorpion, a big bat, a big Centipede, and well that is pretty much every boss aside from the tyrant and end boss. Of course there are a ton of zombies and the environments are pretty creepy looking, even if they do tend to get a little generic after the train. The gameplay is similar to the remake but you can swap items with your partner giving you overall more space, but it does get annoying when your partner is in trouble and you need to help or if your partner has something you need and is in another room. Besides that it does kill the horror a little knowing you have somebody with you to have your back. Although when you split up it gets a little better. Now the storyline is just kind of cheesy, a former umbrella founder is brought back from the dead by leaches he experimented on, and now tries to take revenge on his apprentices, who are no surprise the infamous Wesker and Birkin the main villains of the first two games, and for whatever reason they murdered their employer and boss, well if you havent guessed the obvious reason, it is to no surprise take over his research and create the t-virus. Of all the diabolical plots, come on, youre making Barrys Jill sandwich line look like hollywood material compared to this plot. Anyways, Marcus himself is just a predictable character who doesnt really have much depth to him, and you try to feel something for this guy, but realize hes just kind of a flat character who gets in your way too much. The plot between Rebecca and Billy is pretty decent though, and I give credit to Capcom for not messing that up. The other plot with Wesker and Birkin is a pretty good lead up to the first game too, just to see what they are planning, although it may spoil the betrayal if you play this before the first. So pros

+ Formula is the same as the remake in terms of controls, and setup
+ Partner system allows more item storage and can be helpful when in a room with surrounding enemies
+ Game is pretty creepy at parts, especially with Leech men and the Tyrant
+ Ending is good, and doesnt feel out of place or forced
+ Good unlockables, and leech hunt mode is challenging and kind of fun
+ Ability to drop items is sometimes useful when you dont need an item for a while
+ Game is longer than your typical RE and lasts maybe 15 hours your first playthrough
+ Pretty good voice acting except for the guy who was Birkin

And cons

- Generic bosses who get boring fast
- Partner system does tend to get annoying and sometimes kills the creepy factor
- Not having item boxes means annoying backtracking when you need a certain item you dropped far back when you need it
- The storyline and whole Marcus character was kind of flat and clichéd
- Even on hard mode, this game is not as challenging compared to the others, and ammo feels more abundant
- Birkins voice actor is very flat and boring

Overall, the game has more good qualities and deserves the title of Resident Evil, and many of the flaws lie in the plot and partner system, but it is worth playing if youre a fan, and the unlockable weapons are really cool. Leach hunter is a pretty fun mode if you beat the game, and it adds replay. If you can forgive the story and focus on the gameplay and environment, you will like this game.
Regardless of tehs
For Rebecca Lovers     On: 2010-05-08

I love the setting of the Train in the beginning, and I love how we get to see Rebeccas point of view and her side of the story. I love how you can switch back and forth between Billy and Rebecca and how this is the first resident evil "co-op"(sort of) of the series. Only thing I didnt like was that Billy and Rebbeca didnt kiss at the end :)
End of Resident Evil as we know it     On: 2009-10-22

Resident Evil Zero...

The last of the traditional Resident Evil games and this marked the end of the series for hard core fans. Funny because story wise it marks the earliest game.

This game was marred by the partner system, which is not implemented very well. Its a shame because the game is oozing with atmosphere and introduces some very cool new monsters. This game introduces more new enemies than any of the other sequels to the original.

The control is the same as any traditional RE game except they have removed the spin from this one. That joystick now controls the partner character. As much as I have tried to hate this game I cannot for the very reason that it does have great atmosphere, revisits some old locations from a past Resident Evil (youll know which one if you play far enough) and marks the end of the "real" Resident Evil series.

Get this one but only after youve played the better ones such as 1,2,3 and Code Veronica.
BEST GAME EVER M-A-D-E!!!!     On: 2009-10-18

This game is so awesome! Ever since my dad finally let me get resident evil,I instantly became addicted!! Umbrella Chronicles was the first game I got. Then I liked it so much, I begged my dad for another one. Then resident evil i got, then resident evil 4, and now finally re0. Out of all the resident evils Ive played,this one is the best! Throughout the whole game you come upon hard puzzles,putrid villains,and odd items along the way.No matter where you go,stinking zombies cover your path (not to mention slimy leeches).Even though its only for game cube, I fortunately had the Wii to play game cube games.Good thing too.Because this game is so scary! My first reaction was:"Get to the second Floor of the train? No problem. Get past the zombies blocking the dining hall? No problem. Kill the...WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!" And last but not least, the graphics are realistic! Anyway, This game is GREAT.So why wait? BUY NOW!