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Legend Zelda Four Swords Adventures No Cables
By: Nintendo       Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 16
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Awesome Game!     On: 2007-07-18

At first, I didnt know if I should get this game. I watched the IGN video review, and it said it was a good game, but single player mode isnt as good. I decided to get it anyway, even though I dont have a GBA or a GCN-GBA Connecitivity Cable. I first played it, and thought it would be boring, but when I got into it, I realized how fun it is. I have three other Zelda games; Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. In many ways, this game is much different from the others in the series. The first thing I noticed was that instead of setting items like in the other Zelda games, you can hold only one at a time, therefore dropping the one you already had, and having to go back to where you left it to use it again. Another major difference is that there isnt a main overworld with dungeons in it, where you can save any time you want. The style is similar to Mario; you enter a level, beat it, and unlock the next one. You cant save in the middle of levels, which is very annoying, because some levels (Village of the Blue Maiden in particular) take a VERY LONG TIME. I had to leave my GCN on all day for one of them. The other difference Ill point out is there are no side quests. No overworld usually means no side quests. For example, you play through the first level, and in the middle you open a chest with a heart container in it. Now you have a maximum of five hearts. But when you start the next level, you only have four hearts again (the starting amount of hearts). Still, this game is so addicting, even though the graphics are sort of pixelly, and the gameplay style is what yo might call "old school." Another cool part about this game that isnt in the other Zelda games I have is that sometimes you go into a cave, and it changes to side-scrolling view (like Mario). Sometimes you can even get a jumping power, and then its really like Mario, jumping from platform to platform.
Overall, this game is very fun. Thank you for reading.
great     On: 2007-01-11

My son loves the game, I am not familiar with video games, but he is happy so thats all that matters.
Multiplayer Fun!     On: 2006-12-24

This game is just a blast in multiplayer. The thing is you need 4 GBAs and 4 link cables if you want 4 people to play. But, all my friends have that. :P Its fun with multiplayer.
Great Multiplayer Fun     On: 2006-07-25

Zelda Four Swords is extremely similar to SNES "A Link to the Past"; only with a linear, unexplorable world map. If you enjoyed that game or some of the other old school Zelda titles, this will be VERY fun for you.

To put it bluntly, you will want friends. In this game, you can only carry one item at a time. Its a good idea to tell your friends to grab items you think youll need down the road to solve puzzles. This is the sole reason why the game feels easier the more people there are to help you... you spend less time backtracking to swap items.

The game is presented in stages, so if you are looking for a Zelda game with a huge, freely explorable world, or if you just like to play alone, youll have problems with this one. As for replay value, once you beat the stages there is little else you can do. The battle mini-games are fun, but do not last long. However, Four Swords is an enjoyable game with great music, and will remind you of the SNES Zelda.
Great Fun, Loved it     On: 2006-06-03

This game is not like Wind-Waker at all. It is more like the Legend of Zelda for the NES, which I thought was great. The graphics are not super great, but if you love playing Zelda on the NES you will love this game. We didnt play with the Game Boy Advance, but just played the one player game. Its very addicting and fun for everyone. Dont bother with the book, go online to find out clues for some of the more complicated puzzles.
Dont pass this one up, especially now that its on sale.
Built for four players     On: 2006-05-09

This game was made for four players. I do not recommend it unless you can get four people together to play it. It is not a fun game to play single player, or even with two people. It was designed as a four player game.

Unfortunately the cost of playing this game w/ 4 GBAs is pretty prohibitive, so few people have played this game the way it was meant to be played. If you can get together four people with GBAs and link cables, this is definitely a game you should play. I managed to convince three other people to buy GBAs and a link cable to play this game, thinking that more similar games would come out for the GC. Unfortunately all we got was the very mediocre Crystal Chronicles. I have a feeling the prohibitive cost of playing this game limited its sales enough to stop N from releasing any more similar games.

Now assuming you can get four people together w/ four GBAs this game really shines. The coordination needed to do some of the puzzles and bosses really gets people vocal and its lots of fun. There are also a ton of mini games that occasionally well still play even after beating the game.

There is definitely a darkside to this game, which can be both good and bad. If there are any competitive people in your group, beware. Youre going to have to set some ground rules or chances are youll have a brawl break out sooner or later. The competition for rupees can be pretty fierce, and this is compounded by the game mechanic that lets you steal rupees from each other so easily by just attacking. And youll get nowhere in the game if you dont cooperate, so without some sort of ground rules youll get nowhere as people just kill each other for rupees over and over. I sort of wish Nintendo had put in a mode to prevent rupee stealing (sort of like a coop mode).

The game is very short. You can beat it in around 10-15 hours with rupee competition. This isnt that bad though, as its usually hard to get four people together at the same time so you can make the game last for a while (such as playing once a week).

I gave the game 4 stars because of the prohibitive cost of the game. Nintendo could have released this w/o the need for GBA if they wanted, which would have been awesome. Guess they were trying to sell the whole connectivity thing.
not the best but pretty good     On: 2005-12-21

it looked like a stupid gameboy game!!!!!!!!! I guess it was supposed to but seriously guys, it is out of date. Get the windwaker game. It was better than any zelda game.But in the windwaker game the character also gets a look of game boys. Stick to NFL Street 2. That was the best game ever.
It's OK     On: 2005-12-05

This is an okay game. I love the Zelda games where the graphics make you feel like you are right there in the Land of Hyrule. This is not one of those games. As far as the plot and actually playing of this game goes, it is kinda of fun. It still takes some thinking to get in and out of stages, so the only thing that you may really miss is the graphics. If your favorite Zelda is the good ole original NES version you will enjoy this game. If however, you want closeup action with amazing visual and sound effects that makes you feel like your in a whole new world, then Id wait and save your money for the next one.
buy it buy it buy it     On: 2005-09-30

This game rocks nothing is bad at all.You have complet control of four links.this game has the best levels and stages ever.
Excellent game!     On: 2005-09-17

Although this game is very different from most Zeldas, I think it is one of the best. I like that there are many different puzzles to solve on many different boards. There are also some interesting weapons and items that can be used, but you start out each board without an item and can only pick them up one at a time. You must also start out each board with only three heart containers, but its really fun to look for them each time. Overall, I think this game is very fun, addicting and easy to play.
Okay game but BAD graphics     On: 2005-07-12

Honestly, I havent gotten very far in the game. The graphics are very disappointing though. I bought this game off of Ebay for $16 and Im glad I didnt buy it new at the store for $50. Basically, the game is a glorified gameboy game. The graphics are EXACTLY the same. The story line is also a little hard to follow because of this. You go from level to level doing something different. It kind of reminds me of a Yoshi game for Gameboy. If you were considering buying this game new DONT. I would buy it used for under $25 off of Ebay or at EB Games or another used game store.
You got to BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2005-07-06

this is the most best game I EVER GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a 1 plyer and 4 player game I love this game so much You got to buy this game
Nice!     On: 2005-05-12

Four Swords Adventures is definitely a great buy. Its interesting gameplay coupled with multiplayer modes and Tingles tower minigames add to the replayability. The graphics suck, but that was only to fit all the gameplay... though I hate the level system as opposed to the world map but then again, some levels would be unaccessable... but anyway this game owns, you should buy it and show it to your friends, but if you dont have Gameboy Advances, the GBA/CGN Cable or friends... the replayability value drops by 1 point, its still a solid game.
One word: SWEET!!!!     On: 2004-07-24

I just bought The Legend of Zelda Four Swords adventure and havent been able to put it down. I havent tried any of the multiplayer modes because i do not have a second cable yet but i plan to purchase one tomorrow and try them out. Even just playing single player this game is a blast. Though the graphics are so-so the gameplay is really fun. At first i was one of those people who thought that Gameboy to Gamecube was a stupid idea and it would never work. Well i was wrong this game has changed my mind. I love the whole Gameboy Advance thing it makes the game a lot better. The only one thing i must say is this isnt your traditional type of Zelda its more of an Arcade style like the kind you would find in a arcade that you would pay a nickle for. The game is divided into levels and you complete each level. You dont really collect items though its more of a one time thing. Overall i found this game really fun and challenging so I would recommend it to anyone who has a GBA and a GCN.
bien chingon     On: 2004-07-15

this game is con madre even if you are a slug-head of america. adios pendejos cabrones.
WOW this game is fun~!     On: 2004-06-30

This game is a really good fun multi-player game that involves stragity greatly. But this game is also very tricky. with lots of hard obsticals you must overcome. but other than that its just real fun! :P

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