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Mario Party 6 with Microphone
By: Nintendo       Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 84
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Not bad.Not good either     On: 2007-10-07

Lets see.This game has the new day and night feature that the other Mario Partys didnt which is awsome.The way the boards transformed because of this was also awsome.However,some of the mini-games werent all that fun.There were a few which felt more like doing chores then playing a mini-game.There were a few that were luck based then skilled.But except those few games,this is an excellent game.But the story is really childish.The Sun and Moon get into an argument about whos better and they have to be stopped with the power of the stars.That my friends,is a really bad story.
Party on!     On: 2007-01-10

I am a collector and fan of all the Mario Party games for Nintendos GameCube and N64. This one was awsome! Although my favorite mini-game, Bumper Balls, has not been seen or upgraded since the third installation the addition of games using the microphone was a good move by Nintendo. It is awkward to get used to the characters reacting to what you say, even though most of my friends yelled at their characters in previous installations only to have their wishes ignored by their characters deafness. You will die laughing as you take on your friends in a 3 on 1 mic game.
I Hope You Got Friends     On: 2006-12-12

This game is best played with friends. you can play the single palyer mode which you have to unlock some of the games in order to play them in multiplayer. but yeah like i said, this is a game for people who haves friends. playing with the mic is kinda hard but it is very entertaining. this is a great game to add to your gc collection.
Best of the series so far     On: 2006-12-05

Back when I was younger, a great game I had on the Nintendo 64 was mario party 2. It was a fantastic game to play with friends, and it always provided a great time. Upon the purchase of a gamecube, I rented mario party 4 and 5 to find that they were a waste of my time, and I gave up on the series for a few years. I began playing more advanced games, so when I came back to the mario party series, I found it to be kiddie stuff suitable for only young children. And I was right, until I found Mario party 6.

At first,I found MP6 it to be way too stuffed with kiddie stuff, and it almost made my eyes bleed to endure all those bright colors. But once it wore off on me, I found a great little game under all of the kiddie hooplah. For those who dont know, mario party games are basically virtual board games, where the goal is to collect coins, which in turn can be used to buy stars. The player (out of 4) with the most stars in the end wins. Coins are aquired by landing on spaces on the board, or by winning one of over 80 minigames that are hosted at the end of each turn sequence.

The minigames are the best part about the game. minigame tasks range from cleaning windows, to capturing goombas, to dropping lightning bolts on your opponents while they are frantically running around on a conveyor belt. There is great variety here, but if you have ever played a mario party game, you wont find much new, in tems of gameplay. All minigames are simple enough for literally anyone to pick up and even win on their first play. This is all standard issue mario party business, but the real reason to get this one over all other mario parties is the additions to the actual board games.

The first major addition is items that you use to claim spaces, which almost always hinder opponents. the concept of claiming spaces is best used in this game and allows room for a lot of opportunity, and also makes for geat fun. Another big addition is the new boards that actually completely change the way games are played. These offer amazingly different ways to experience mario party, and help bring a freshness the series so desperately needed. Finally, the gameplay has been sped up a whole lot, cutting out a lot of boring, unneeded stuff that we got in earlier mario parties.

While the gameplay has improved greatly, there are still some issues with this game. For one thing, as mentioned before, this game is extremely kiddie. If you are used to playing games like halo, GTA, or other such games, you might want to stay clear of this game, because it is so childish, it is painful. Also, graphics are utter crap. Not that this game needs cutting edge graphics, but the low poly count of character models and generally bad effects make this game very hard to look at. lastly, and this is not really a fault, is that the game comes with a gimmicky microphone with horible voice recognition that is used in such a bad way, you might just want to disable this feature altogether so it wont ruin your otherwise enjoyable gaming experience.

So if you are thinking of buying a mario party game, this would be the one. Even though the graphics are bad and it is a little too kiddie for its own good, there is still a lot of fun to be had, especially wih friends (in fact, it is only fun with friends). It adds enough to a great formula to warrant a purchase, and thats why I give it a 4/5
A fun new twist     On: 2006-06-16

The Mario Party series is great fun. This new one has an interesting new twist with the day/night differences. Its a great way to break up the monotony of the board game play between mini-games.

The microphone seems silly. My family has ended up turning off the feature and only using the controllers. We just found ourselves running around looking for it when a microphone mini-game would start. It usually fell between the couch cushions during the board game mode.

This game is great family fun and would make a wonderful gift for anyone.
a bit cool to me     On: 2006-02-17

not the best mario party game but still just a really fun game the only thing that I hate about it is that its a bit childish to me but the minigames theyre OUTSTANDING!!! I would be playing mario party 5 more than this one.
6th time's the charm!     On: 2005-12-31

People might think this is just the same as other Mario Party games, right? WRONG! There are lots of new features for this game, including Daylight Savings mode, where you can play at both day and night. The players are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Koopa kid, Boo, Daisy, Toad, and new to the series, Toadette! (Shes supposed to be Toads girlfriend.) There is also microphone mode, where you can play all sorts of microphone mini-games, or a game show. The microphone is easy to install because it fits into the memory card slot. Theres even a Star Bank where you can check out all of the cool things youve unlocked.

We received this as a Christmas present from our parents (we appreciate their effort because ours was the last one in stock) and this is likely to hold our attention throughout the hours. My little brother, my sister, and I love playing this game and we enjoy all the fun it has to offer.

Overall, 5 stars. If you enjoy our Mario Party friends, and if you can find this game, youll surely have a phenomenal Gamecube game!
The Best Party Game DAY OR NIGHT!     On: 2005-12-27

The characters are fun to play with, the minigames are the greatest, and the boards are fun with the music just blending in with the whole set. This game was the second I ever bought and I was pleased with it. When I bought Mario Party 7 I was pleased with it as well, but it was just the same as this one, no change.

Stages A+
Fun A+
Minigames B+
Difficulty Stages B- (for some stages i would give a A+)
Music B+ (for some i would give an A+)
Graphics B-

I would get this party before any other party game! :)

Enjoyable and Easy     On: 2005-12-22

Hello! I recieved Mario Party 6 for a present in 2004. Mario Party 6 is easily better than Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 5. The game has seven game boards and over eighty mini-games. Some of the games are called "Catch you Letter", where you catch letters from the sky and deliever them to the "Shy Guy". "Grainte Getaway" is my favorite game. In this game you try to run away from a large grainte rock, trying to get through the obstacles. The games are very easy, maybe even too easy. The colors are bright and the characters are delightful and fun music. And it even includes a microphone, were you talk into the microphone! The microphone is not neccesary to play the game, but it makes it more enjoyable.

Graphics: A+

Sound: A

Control: A

Fun: B+ playing alone; A+ if you are playing with somebody else

Microphone: B

Overall: A+
nice game, i even like playing it by myself!     On: 2005-12-10

Mario Party 6 is the first Mario Party to have a microphone feature. My copy of the game didnt include the mic, so i dont know how good the mic is. But you can still play the mic mini-games even without the mic. you go to option mode, set the mic to use controller, and start playing the games using the R button on your controller. It may not be as fun, but it is better than not playing them at all. Other than the mic feature this years mario party is pretty much the same as all the other games. Of course, the mini-games are different and the party mode boards are new, but it still follows all the other games in the series. My rating? 9 stars (out of 10) when your playing alone. 11 stars (out of 5) when your playing with friends.
great game, but microphone :P     On: 2005-12-09

i played this game at a friends house, and had tons of fun with it, i wanted to buy it for myself so i could playi it with my sister, and relatives when they came over. but i couldnt find it anywhere without the microphone, it didnt seem to me when i first played it that it was a required part of the game, and it sure seems to jack up the price way beyond what it should be sold for. I have still yet to to get it, and the price remains way too expensive. Im tarting to think this game ranks into the category of collectable nintendo devices, its almost widely known that nintendo peripherals become collectors items depending on how poorly they sold. I really liked this mario party and wish i could have played it again. I guess ill have to wait for mario party 7 to go down in price. :(

Mario Party 6 is the best. I still think its way better than 7. 7 is good but still not as good as 6. To many changes in 7 but I still like it. I like all of the Party games but 6 is still the best. I love Daytime/Nighttime thing going on. My favorite board is the snowflake one. The chain chop thing is awesome, you get to steal stars from other players. Its great. Im still not into the mic. thing but everything else about the game is perfect. Even better with more than 1 player. The mini games seem to be pretty easy in this one. A must have for your Mario collection. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game was G.R.E.A.T     On: 2005-12-01

G. Great
R. Rad
E. Exelent
A. Amazing
T. Terrific

It is the perfect family game
The Best Mario game EVER!!!     On: 2005-11-22

I would say this is one of the best games I have. I mean with 75 new mini games, 6 party boards, three solo boards and 11 different charecters. What I enjoy most about this game is party mode. I also like the fact that you can look at the Miricle Book(my dad dosnt like the miricle book though he says its a waste of stars). I reccomend buying it.
Mario party 6 rocks!!     On: 2005-11-19

I really love this game. Nintendo keeps making Mario video games. The mini games are very cool. There are more levels then you could think! I play this game alot and Ive been geting the mario party games since Mario party 4 came out. Remeber to save up your stars! I am a 9 1/2 year old girl and I think this game is very cool!

I have never in my life seen such an AWESOME Mario Game! In fact, one of the best Ive seen. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Toad, Boo and Toadette. Be prepared for the time of your life as you play mini-games, earn stars, buy stuff at the Star Shop, use the mic, change from day to night and HAVE THE ULTAMITE PARTY!!!!
A NEW BREED OF PARTYING!     On: 2005-11-18

THE BEST GAME IN TOWN     On: 2005-11-07

This game is the best.My friend bought it and we played it together so then i bought it.You are suppose too keep collecting stars until you win the whole game and there is so much more to say but i hate typeing.BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT......and if u dont you just missed out on something wonderful, but to be truthful this game is for kids not adults on my opion.
mario party 6 rocks the day     On: 2005-10-13

my friend sheli said this game was great so i wanted to try it. we played it for hours. with little new and so cute toadette and ugly waluigi no offence this game is a blast. the mic. is fun and funny. the minigames and party mode and the star bank are creative ideas. Anyone who will like to go to a magical world should get this game. the people who read nintendog reveiws probably know me. i am the one who is friends with sheli and wrote 7 reveiws so far.nintendo keep rockin oon
Typical Nintendo     On: 2005-10-12

Cute and fun with decent replay value. Strategy can get very involved if you want to take it to that level.
Best Mario Party for GCN     On: 2005-09-13

I did not like Mario Party 4 or 5 very much... but this ones an exception. Its the best Mario Party game for the GCN... so if you are going to get a Mario Party game this is the one to get, the mini games youll find to be much better than the other GCN Mario Partys. This game I find to be some what similar to Peachs Birthday Cake in the first Mario Party (for those who got the first one that is).
What a Surprise!     On: 2005-09-05

Any Mario fanboy such as me knows the poor reputation of Mario Party. Some fans of Mario now complete diss Mario Party because of Hudsons many attempts, now six, to make fun, entertaining Mario Party games. I can say honestly that Mario Party 5 was one of the worst Mario spin-offs in recent history. Slow gameplay bland graphics, annoying voices, dull minigames... My hopes were low for this sixth installment. I was pleasantly surprised!
The graphics have only advanced a little, but enough so that it isnt completely disappointing. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Boo are playable here, along with Toadette. I am sorry to say that Koopa Kid is once again here. He is the worst character ever! Seriously, characters who first appear in a spin-off rather than an RPG often have bad reps. Thus, Koopa Kid-Mario Party 5, Toadette-Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Waluigi-Mario Tennis. More haters of these characters than lovers. But to get back on topic.
The sounds is... same old, same old. Typical Mario game. I am pleased to announced that Hudson has ridded Daisy of her helium voice, and now has her tomboy voice from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Power Tennis. Sadly, Toadettes girlish and squeaky voice has been replaced by an eighty-year-old womans voiceover.
As always, the minigames are the icing on the cake of Mario Party. With over 80 minigames, there are bound to be some good ones. Ill tell you, there are more than just "some"! Many minigames are fun challenging, satisfying, rewarding, cool, visually dazzling, or any other compliment you can think of. There are a few exceptions, but youll enjoy them nonetheless.
Hudson has put an effort into making Party mode and the boards in particular better, they did speed up the computers turns, Ill give them that, but it can still be quite tedious at times. At least they tried to be innovative by putting quirks on the rules of the different boards.
Story Mode has been trashed! Hooray! And replaced by Solo Mode. I will only touch the subject of Solo Mode lightly, but it is faster and better than Story Mode, since the only minigames you play are ones you have not unlocked yet.
The Microphone is my only complaint. Why? WHY? Why Hudson? A completely idiotic idea if you ask me, but that is just my opinion.
This is the best Mario Party in recent years.(My favorite is Mario Party 3) Buy it!
No Title     On: 2005-08-25

This game is so cool! There are 77 different mini-games you can play (Not including the ones with the Mic.)!
This game rocks! Oh by the way, You dont need the Mic to play the Mic mini-games. You can go to option mode and set the Mic to use controller. That way you can play the games without the Mic. (You press R and a window pops up with commands that you can choose from.)
Man... Mario Sure Does Throw a Lot of Parties!     On: 2005-08-08

If youre a newcomer to the series, maybe... just maybe... you should get it. But, if youve played it before, its the same ****ing rules.
Fun Multiplayer Game     On: 2005-06-23

MArio PARTY NUMBER SIX! Wow, this is a pretty fun game if you have other people playing with you. If you dont there is still a mode where you get coins and buy stuff at the Star Bank, or you could do Mic Mode, but multiplayer is the best way to play.
Party Buzz     On: 2005-06-05

Nintendo has really been making some of the biggest strides with oneof the most beloved mascots of all time, Mario. Since his breakout in the 1980s, he has been the most popular characters to have ever made it onto the video game scene. While many games and their systems have all come and gone, the variety Nintendo has pulled off with this plumber has been absolutely amazing. That also has gone the same way with the Mario Party game series as well. It has really made the feelings of mini-games, and the use of interactive boards as a popular tool for all games alike, and the latest in the series makes that case ever more known than before.

Mario Party 6, for the Nintendo Gamecube picks up a better game than it was earlier. This has a amazing amount of video games to try out, and play to your heart desires. There are also several great modes like the welcomed Party Mode, for fantastic multi-player action, and a solo mode that you can play to unlock fantastic games, and try games that youve never played before. The graphics are beautiful, and really live up to the game very nicely. There are so many kinds of games to play, like Odd Card Out, Catch You Letter, and other great games. The system also includes a microphone which is really only useful in 5 games in total. The controls are also really very easy to pick-up on with all the games, and a little bit of practice as well. Yet, it is not really worth it for just one player, so get a partner to join in on the party.

Mario Party 6 is really one of the best Nintendo Gamecube games out there right now. This is purely a must have for all gamers alike. I really suggest this one if you are a gamecube owner. It is just a very fun and challenging game.

Graphics: A

Sound: B+

Control: A-

Fun & Enjoyment: B 1/2+ if youre playing solo; A if you are playing with somebody else

Microphone: B+

Overall: A 1/2-
Best of all time!     On: 2005-05-27

Who couldnt like this!?!?!!?!?!???!!!?! This is one of the greatest games in history of gaming. People who say these are just copies.. come on,we all know that most are copies,yes. But people say this is a copy too,heck NO! THIS IS WAY DIFFERENT! NEW FEATURES!FOR YOUR INFO,WIERD 1 STAR DUMMYS,YOU MUST NOT HAVE BRAINS! The game boards are faster then ever,oh did I mention theres now daylight saving time?!?! That feature is so cool! Theres one new character to unlock. Ill tell so you will buy this,Toadette,the mushroom girl. Ya know wha else is new 1 star folks,theres a microphone! The games on the Miocrophone are so addicting!!!! So,buy this and enjoy 80 new mini games and fun. Or enjoy being bored on the NGC for the rest of your life.
Best Mario Party of the 6     On: 2005-05-17

I found 6 to be the best of all of them. Once Mario Party moved to the GameCube console, it was pretty poor. 4 was just bad. 5 was better. But 6 has all of the best aspects of the previous games. The capsules are much better than 4 or 5. You can either get them for free or go to a Capsule Shop and buy them. The boards are interactive and changing. the day/night change adds an interesting side. you save up stars to buy secrets and taunts. and the mini-games are of course awesome.
Reminds Me Of Mario Party 1     On: 2005-05-14

So after having Mario Parties 1, 2, 4 and 6, Id have to say that 6 is one of the best yet.

But before I go into that. Anyone who has the very first Mario Party knows that it was different from all the others- it wasnt just wandering around the board collecting stars. There were different ways to collect stars on each board (Yoshis Tropical Island only had two star spaces, and the spaces switched when someone landed on a ? space; Marios Rainbow Castle was a race to get to the castle when Toad was at it instead of Bowser; Peachs Birthday Cake always had the same star space, and you could plant flowers around the board to get stars, et cetera). Mario Party 6 seemed to be a much more exaggurated version of what the first one was meant to be, and a much better one at that.

Towering Treetop is a perfect example of how Nintendo isnt weakening on their boards. This one was beyond fun. Sure, it was just wandering around the board collecting stars, but it was one of the most creative, and I loved the atmosphere. At the top of the tree is a mini-tree that, when you land on his space, gives you coins during the day and takes away coins at night. Near the bottom is a space that you can land on to try to make the tree sneeze, causing all the players to fall down a level. You can also ride flower-like planes that randomly fly you anywhere on the board, and oh, theres so much that I love about this board!

E. Gadds Garage seems to be the popular favorite that everyone likes. I can why- its full of scientific inventions that can turn the game upside down. There are three teleportation inventions around the board. If you land on the space, you have the option to teleport to the next one, which is somewhere else on the board. Theres also a missle where you can shoot orbs around the board at a cost. And then theres the gigantic fan that sucks coins from other players. This is the last "searching around the board for stars" board that there is on Mario Party 6.

Faire Square is a perfect example of how Mario Party 6 has much different boards than other Mario Parties. Faire Square is a little town square that has many games around it. Theres the coin slot machine which you can earn coins with, and theres the space that takes coins or stars (depending on the time of day) from everyone and everyone randomly chooses a plant. The plant that grows the farthest wins the prize. Oh, and then theres the game where you can choose to give up one of your stars to make it into two stars (or three stars at night!). But you have to follow the hat that contains your star, or else youll lose it! During the day, stars always cost the same thing- 20 coins (the star is always in the same place, and you can always buy up to five stars at a time, if you have the coins). At night, the star price is either 5, 10, 30 or 40 coins! This can turn into a really good deal or a real rip-off. Yes, Faire Square was definately one of the better boards.

Unlike other boards on Mario Party 6, Snowflake Lake (my personal favorite) is more to the players advantage at nighttime, and heres why. There are huts around the board where you can pay a chain chomp to ride around the board to steal stars from other players (each player starts with 5 stars, and there isnt a star space). During the day, you pay 20 coins to roll only one dice that decides how many spaces you ride the chain chomp for. At night, you can pay 10 coins to toll one die, 20 coins to roll two, or 30 coins to roll three. What a deal! And also at nighttime you have a better chance of stealing other players stars, because freezys block the path that runs to the inside of the board (chain chomps only run alone the outer path of the board, and since its hard to get out of that path because of the freezies, you have a better shot at stealing stars). Also, the little lake at the center of the board is fun. If someone lands on a happening space near it during the day, there is an ice skating competition, and you get to skate around getting coins. At nighttime there is a snowball fight, where you get to throw snwoballs at your rivals to steal their coins.

Castaway Bay has the same exact layout as Marios Rainbow Castle from Mario Party 1. You wander around the board hoping to run into Donkey Kong wholl sell you a star for 20 coins, and every time someone passes the star space, Bowser takes Donkey Kongs space, and every time someone passes Bowsers space, hell steal a star or coins from you, and then Donkey Kong will replace him, and the process goes on. I found Castaway Bay to be the hardest board on Mario Party 6. Its nearly impossible to get stars easily, and its just as hard to keep them.

Clockwork Castle (the unlockable board) is probably the best Mario Party board Ive ever seen. First of all, its a chasing game. The board is a castle, where Twila and Brighton live. You wander around it trying to run into Donkey Kong, wholl sell you a star for 20 coins during the day. At the end of the turn, Donkey Kong rolls a dice or two and runs around the board. At nighttime, however, the movement of the board gets reversed, and Donkey Kong turns into Bowser, wholl steal a star or coins from you if you bump into him or vice versa. There are warp pipes around the board that you can use to teleport to another side of the board.

The mini-games are quite fun. The snowboarding game is cool. My personal favorite is Lift Leapers, which has the exact same concept as Super Mario Bros., except it only has four levels, and the first person to reach the end wins. Granite Getaway is a game where youre running away from a giant boulder. I found this to be very hard the first time I tried it. Oh, and theres also a game where you mow the lawn, and a golfing game, and there are all sorts of very fun mini-games on Mario Party 6.

Yes, Mario Party 6 has probably the best mini-games Ive seen yet, it has the two best Mario Party boards Ive ever seen, blah blah blah. Mario Party 4 was my favorite, and it more than likely still is. Here are the reasons why.

What happened to Donkey Kong? I loved him! He was an awesome character. Now instead he only gets a space. Replacing him are Boo, Toad, Toadette and Koopa Kid. Boo and Toadette are fun, but really. I still miss Donkey Kong.

Another thing- orbs. Who came up with the idea of orbs? Theyre different, and they add a different plot to the game, but I miss items still. They were a lot more managable and easier to use.

The boards are much much smaller, especially Castaway Bay. You can roll less than 30 spaces and bam! Youre already at the end of the board. Very sad.

And those are the only reasons I can think of of why I like Mario Party 4 better than 6.

6 has many different things about it- different styled boards, the night and day time factor, the 3-D boards (you know, climbing, hopping, jumping, sliding down things that are much funner to watch than a person simply walking around a flat board), and of course, the mic. The mic is fun, but it doesnt really change the game in a major way.

Also, I heard someone say that it took an hour to play a 10 turn game. ... Huh?! I can play a 20 turn game in an hour, just like all the other Mario Parties I have.

If youre a fan of Mario Party, get this! This is probably the most solid one yet, mark my words.
Same game.. different look.     On: 2005-05-01

What started as a quirky, interesting use of Mario and all his iconic friends on the N64 has turned into an annual bash, which is now in its sixth year. On the surface, Mario Party 6 seems to offer some of the biggest fundamental changes the series has ever seen. But this is really just a fresh coat of paint on an old building. As always, Mario Party 6 is modeled after a board game, of sorts. Much of the other changes that Mario Party 6 makes to the Mario Party formula are largely superficial.
Whether youve worn out your last copy of Mario Party or are just looking for a light, accessible multiplayer experience, number six is a fine pick. Alternately, if you have yet to be charmed by previous Mario Party games, this one isnt likely to change your opinion of the series.
5 stars is the understatment of the year, it needs 99999999!     On: 2005-04-13

This game is the best! Its SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN I CANT STAND IT!
In this game the Sun (Brighton) and the Moon (Twila) get in an argument about who throws the best parties and Mario & his pals try to figure out a way to get them to come to a conclusion. What is their answer you ask? Well if I told you that then you wouldnt need to buy the game, all Im gonna tell you is that you play in Party mode games to earn Stars which then go to the Star bank where you can use them to buy stuff like a course (Clockwork Castle), misc. stuff thats just plain cool and also, the pages of the mysterious Miracle book which is used to soothe Brighton & Twilas feud!

There isnt that much of a story line in this game but there is a Solo mode in which you can get a bunch of Stars for the Star Bank! I once played a Solo mode adventure that took me 20 minutes, at the end of play I had won 30 Stars, I had the difficulty level set to "Easy" and I won 30 Stars! Do you know what you can get with 30 Stars in this game? A whole heck of a lot my friend, a whole heck of a lot!

Bowser doesnt play that much of a roll in this game but his most beloved Bowser Spaces and children play a somewhat large roll in Solo Mode!

As for the Mic, its somewhat fun, I think it needs to get a Dictionary and look up the definition of "Speak Clearly" but its fun, not used much. . . but fun!

Anyway, thats my review! Get the game, its SOOOOOOOOO much fun, "5 stars is the understatement of the year, it needs 99999999!" Anonymous, signing off!
P.S. Dont worry about that one guys review saying "It takes an hour to play a game on 10 turns, I could have played a 20 turn game in an hour on N64!", not attacking you personally but F.Y.I, its always taken an hour to go 20 turns, 15 turns and 10 turns with just a 20 minute difference between them! Anyway, Anonymous Sighing off again!

Some helpful advice if wondering where story mode went....     On: 2005-04-04

The first thing I have to say is that this game is perfect accept for one important game mode. That mode is Story Mode. Sure playing Party Mode with your friends is really fun but what if all of your friends dont come and play the game with you. Then Mario Party6 gets boring really fast. It gets boring fast because when your alone you would usually play story mode by yourself. Dont get me wrong, this game isnt bad because it dosent have a story mode. Theres a solution to that, and the solution would be to have one of your friends spend the night at your house and you would play team party mode. You and your friend be on teams aginst two other computers and play a game of party mode and win aginst them. That would be an easy and fun way to have a substitute story mode. If youre reading this I hope it helped you with the story mode problem. Thanks for reading my review!
A well thought out Mario Party for GC     On: 2005-04-03

This game is a great game for Mario fans around the country. It is an interesting game. Its just like all the other Mario Parties on GC, but just a extra things were added. There is a star bank collecting stars that you get while playing solo mode and party mode. You can get extra things by spending stars as you win them. The mini games are different in different ways. They might have the same rules as the other Mario Parties, but the creators tried to make it more interesting.

The game is fun and it will be less money in about a year because so many people are buying it and liking it. Rating of the fun is about 4.2/5.0.

The graphics of the game are like all of the other GC games, not great. It still looks cool but it would look better on the X-box. I give the graphics a 3.1/5.0.

The replay value is pretty high. It will last for about a year for the price of Mario Party 6 to go down because of how many people liking the game for such a long time. The replay value is a rating of 4.4/5.0.

The great thing about Mario Party 6 is that you have a microphone that you speak into and the game will respond on the TV screen in the games including the microphone. You just plug it into the memory card slot and it will work.

I think the game was worth the money.
Brilliant for old and new fans     On: 2005-04-02

To those not familliar with Mario party:

Mario party is a turn based board game, with 4 players collecting coins to buy stars, to win the game. This is the basic objective of the game where the most stars wins, however items (or in this case orbs) can be brought and used to sabotage other peoples chances of winning whether it be a space that sets you on fire when you pass it, costing you ten coins, or a smug goomba who declares you must pay another player the number on the dice roll.

After everyone has had a turn moving, a mini game is played after every turn. The minigames on mario party 6 are exceptionally fun and take the form of 1v3 2v2 0r 1v1v1v1, meaning players may be teaming up or all out fighting for the prize of 10 coins ( a star costs 20 coins). A personal fave was Snow Brawl a 1v3 mini game which is basically a snow fight with shy guys helping out the person on their own.

The controls for these minigames are usually quite easy and the instructions are very clear, with advice given. Beware of computers though, in this version of mario party they are very clever and competitive.

In conclusion i would say that if you could rent or even buy cheaply, an early version of mario party, then this would give you a feel of whether you can put up with this different version of gameplay. Just remember that mario party 6 is a lot more involving and the minigames are much better than earlier games.

Also included: Orbs (each has a different effect, some are used on you, other are traps placed on character spaces for other people to land on)

Miracle spaces
Duel Spaces
? Spaces (where random things happen)

For those that know Mario party, i dont think much has changed, more orbs that dont affect the person who uses them, more minigames, and according to my friends, Mario party 6 has the better ones too.

All in All this makes this an essential purchase, not only for fun gameplay but a good solo mode and other extras that gives this game a long lifespan.
Up's and downs     On: 2005-03-30

I got this game for Christmas and well lets just say its not a must have. If you have brothers and or sisters or people that you have to play it with you. Other than that I can tell you that its not worth the money maybe half the price or about $35.00. But if you want to spend your money on it go ahead!

Fun, fun, FUN!!     On: 2005-03-29

I recently got this toy as a birthday gift. The microphone that comes with it gets annoying. Like, when you say, "up" sometimes Mario will freeze instead of moving up. The party mode is awesome! They didnt completely redo this game. For all of you who like Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6 is for you! I have one last thing to say, its a Mario game! Why wouldnt it be FUN!?
MARIO PARTY 6     On: 2005-03-27

I have not played this game yet, but by going on to several websites, I have found out that it is very good. Cheat Code Central tells you almost everything! All the orbs, characters, features and of course, cheats. I need to get this game from a buyer on ebay, in UK, because my format is PAL. The first board I will play is probably going to be towering treetop. I doubt many people in the world do this but I create boards off the Nintendo! I am very talented! My previous boards have included:

I AM WORKING ON CASTAWAY BAY (I am getting the image off the web)

Overall, I cannot wait to get MP6.
Mario Party 6     On: 2005-03-20

who ever is reading this must get this game. It is the best.
BEST MARIO PARTY IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!(out of 1-6)     On: 2005-02-28

HEY ALL YOU MARIO AND BOARD-GAME FANS!!Do you like video-games?If so, you will love this game!!Here is my opinion of this game: gameplay-5/5, music/sound-5/5, mini-games-5/5, graphics-4/5, solo mode-2/5, and board maps-5/5.My favorite game for gamecube is MP6.My favorite board map is: E. Gadds Garage.BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks great!     On: 2005-02-28

Please, dont look at my rating, because I have never played this game, but from these reviews and visiting the MarioParty6 website, it has lured me into buying it! I cant wait to play it with my friends. I especially cant wait to use the microphone! And, since I got a gift card to, I pay little for a lot! MarioParty 6 looks like a great game! Now all I have to do is convince my parents into letting me get it! hehe! ~GaMeFrEak9~

Second best mario party game for the GC     On: 2005-02-27

At first when i heard about the game i thought i was gonna be disapointed but when i brought it and played it it turned out to be okay because at first i thought it was gonna be like MP5 but thankfuly its more like MP4


No more difficulty story mode
No duel mode interuptions
The Star Bank where you store stars to buy cool items
Good Soundtrack
Cool Boards On Party Mode
Solo Mode


the duel modes are still there but now have their own space and their on party mode

Overall nothing else the matter its a real cool game and i already brought all the items from the star bank weeks ago but ever since i did i dont play solo mode anymore i now always play party mode alot but i still didnt unlock all mini games yet it might be awhile untill i do

Anyway buy this game its fun you wont regret it
Well Whatd'ya know, Mario Party 6!     On: 2005-02-22

Mario Party 6 is definitely worth the money! Its so much similar, but so much different! Its still the same collect the stars to win theme, but with a mega sweet storyline. Brighton the sun and Twila the moon are fighting over whos better. And so, Brilliant Mario comes up with the idea of collecting stars and using thier power to end the fight! plus the microphone is so totally awesome!!! In speak up, its like a game show where you are given questions to answer, but in a cooler way! One of my favorite games is where you have to catch the cute little goombas! Also there are more microphone minigames than just Speak Up. And you have a star bank of stars collected to buy things such as Clockwork tower a game board (ITS 100 STARS!!!!) and but other stuff. All in all, its an awesome game!! Buy it! Its worth the money!!!
What with the micorphone do anyway???     On: 2005-02-20

I love mario. He my man. I have 1st 2nd and 3rd. I wish I need it both of it. I didnt know about that micorphone in Mario Party 6. What does do? I never play this game. I pick it up sooner or later. I hope this game will be so good like the others
The Best Party Game EVER!     On: 2005-02-19

As if 5 Mario Party games werent enough, the 6th one was made. Of course, I was a little skeptical that Mario Party could outdo themselves, but man, they did. With about 90 awesome mini-games, and the brilliant invention that is the GameCube Microphone, Mario Party 6 is the greatest party game EVER! (May I recommend playing "Speak Up!" in Mic Mode?)
A homie's opinion     On: 2005-02-13

This game is awesome! At the beginning of the game, there is a decision you must make. But the decisions good - between modes. Party mode, Mini game mode, Solo mode, options, Star Bank, and Mic Mode. First of all, party mode is where just you, and three gamecube opponents; you and somebody else, and two game opponents; you and two other people, and one gamecube opponent; or 4 people, well, party. On 1 player mode, (not solo) first you pick your guy. You can choose from: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, Toad, Koopa Kid (A.K.A. Bowser Jr.), Boo, and Toadette. So, you choose one of them and your opponents. Then, theres this thing called the dice block that appears out of nowhere, and you press A to hit it. The number which it stops on when you hit it is the number of spaces you move. But if your the person who likes to play alone or has to play alone, you cant get so annoyed by it taking a while to be your turn again. Sorry I didnt mention this before, but the whole thing is a big path that you go on with different events happening. The paths, or boards, are the place you play on. I like all of them. So next we go to the spaces that you can land on. A blue space is a spot that you get 3 coins on. A red space is where you lose 3 coins. A green space with a question mark means youll never know what happens. A spot with Bowser on it triggers a Bowser event. A duel space with two swords hitting each other does something where you duel an opponent(duh), A Donkey Kong space triggers a DK event, and a miracle space is where you trade stars. If you move past an orb space or land on it, you get an orb. The orb names are: Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Sluggish Mushroom, Metal Mushroom, Bullet bill, Pipe, Flutter, Spiny, Goomba, Piranha, Klepto, Toady, Kamek, and Mr. Blizzard. Youll find out what they do later. If nobody gets an event, youll automaticly do it at the end of the thing. In Solo, You do the same thing except you dont have as much orbs, and different boards. Youll never guess whats next. The game comes with a microphone! but it doesnt amplify. it does what you say. You can play Speak Up, 2 player mode only, Mic Mini games, and Star Sprint. Mini game mode is where you play mini games. Star bank is where you buy stuff with your stars. The game saves automaticly. My hands hurt. Anyways, you should get this game even though its $50.
I really like it     On: 2005-02-09

I am only 5 and I really like it. I play it all the time. I like all the places in the game. And you can buy stuff and there lots of new people. Theres a sun and moon thats new on this game. Theres sun and moon make battle mini games. And different mushrooms. - in all I love it!
Mario is gett`n bettah and bettah every time!!     On: 2005-01-31

~ In my personal opinion Mario PArty is a real good game that children can look up to due to non-violent events, even though there is a hint of comical mischief it is in the best intrest for humor only and wouldnt and possibly couldnt set an example that have negative effects on children such as Grand theft auto and other violent games(not saying im against them) just worried that games like these are adulterating our childrens minds. MArio PArty on the other hand, gives kids a good time and a good sense of value. Just to put it simpiler, this game ROCKED!!!
Same, yet different     On: 2005-01-27

After the dismal Mario Party 5, I wasnt expecting MP6 to be any better, but somehow it is.

For one, the number of boring and time-consuming animations has been cut down, thus speeding up the games. However, theyre still too long. Do we really need to see the "Shuffle-tron" mix up the orbs for 10 seconds every time someone lands on that space? It still takes an hour to play a 10-turn game; you could play a 20-turn game in the same amount of time on the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games.

I still dont like the idea of "orbs," as opposed to buying items directly from shops in the older games. Everyone is constantly getting free random orbs, and most of them affect a certain space on the board, rather than doing something good to the player or bad to another player. So you have a lot less control of what your items do, and a lot less control over what items you have in your stash.

The mini-games, the heart and soul of Mario Party, are more fun this time around than in MP5; it seems they attemped to be a little less derivative and a little more creative. I especially liked the snowboarding game. And the graphics look fantastic during the games. There is one game where you must smash rocks that are blocking a road, and you are driven in a car by a Shyguy. The graphics looked so cool that I wanted to drive the car myself! Why not let us drive the car, Nintendo??

The boards are a bit more creative, too. Its about time we get away from the standard "ice, water, jungle" stages, and the garage stage is a welcome departure. The "nighttime, daytime" gimmick is just that, and doesnt really affect the game in a meaningful way.

The mini-game competitions (that you can play outside the board game) are cool, especially the bingo game. But nothing will top the Duel Mode that was included with Mario Party 3, still the best game in the series. Duel Mode, a completely different board game for two players that reminded me of turn-based RPG battles, could have stood on its own as a separately sold game.

Not having a microphone, I cant comment on the voice-activated portion of the game. But Im glad that Nintendo is still introducing new innovations, even six games into the series.
Best Yet!!     On: 2005-01-25

Dont even rent the game. It is so addicting. I played Party Mode for about 4 minutes and loved it. Even the microphone works 99% of the time. There is all the characters in the game.

There is the best graphics you can get.

All of them are fun and none are lame.

Theres a dumb story though. the Sun and Moon guys get into an argument and Mario thinks whoever wins a party game or something like that. I dont own the game. A friend just came over once and I tried it.

Dont worry about not enjoying any of it. There will be at least one thing you will enjoy
The best of all mario parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2005-01-24

This game rules! probaly my favorite part about this game is the mic mini-games. it really is cool. also, the day and night feture is awesome. alll in all this game really does rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next best of all 6     On: 2005-01-20

Mario Party 6 is personally the 2nd best Mario Party yet (next the original Mario Party and its Mario Bandstand Mini-game) but anyways Im off track, so Mario Party 6 is pretty good though, the graphics are the best yet, the character selection is pretty good (you can be Koopa Kid and Boo, my 2 favorite characters), the mini-games are pretty fun (my personal favorite is Snow Whirled, a snow-boarding themed mini-game), and the originality of the game boards themselves is pretty good too. Overall its a really great game.
Best yet!     On: 2005-01-19

I am a huge fan of the Mario Party series. I first bought this game with no clue that it was so awsome! You can buy secrets with stars, you can buy sound checks, and a lot more with the stars you earn. The games and fields change when its night, and when its day! You can unlock rare mini-games through solo mode. These rare games are AWSOME! The microphone is cool too! It alows you to sprint with stars, challenge friends in the newest game show, Speak Up! And it has its own mini-games, with their own secrets. Ill even give you a secret: say fly guy when on the mode selection screen! I hope this review helps!
secret     On: 2005-01-18

well you know the mic mini games the one called verbal assault and you know how it says to say fire/lasers/drop bombs/missles
but theres more than that to do the secret ones you have to say bullet bill/goombas/and blahblahblah/well the bullet bill is of course a bullet bill and the goombas are of course goombas and the last one and the reason you have to say something it cant understand like blahblahblah or somthing in a diffrent language somthing like that and when it works in throughs out screws nuts and bolts and well thats all hope that helps.
Let's Party!!!!!     On: 2005-01-09

What I like about this game is its Induviduality. I love how in some places you get stars in another way than just landing on a Star space and paying 20 coins like how in Snowflake Lake how you need to ride on a chain chomp and steal stars to win. I also like rare mini games they are sooooo fun. The microphone is really fun. My favorite part is the star bank were you can purchase different prizes by getting stars. I looove Mario Party 6!
love it!!!!     On: 2005-01-07

this edition has really come a long way when compared to Mario Part 5. I love the new ideas they came up with for this game. The microphone games you can play are an added bonus. The boards are much better than any other version. I enjoy playing this edtiion. It comes in a close second to the original. The idea of night and day is really awesome too. I thouroughly enjoy how the board changes with the time of day. The mini games are much better too. some are more difficult which i really like.
I'm so glad I asked for this game for Christmas     On: 2005-01-02

This game is so fun. Im so glad I asked for this game for Christmas. I really enjoy playing this game. I would recomend it .
Very Fun and Hilarious Game! Fun for the Whole Family!!!     On: 2004-12-30

For anyone who loves boardgames, very, very fun mini-games, luck games, and just regular fun, you should definitely buy this game. It will be more fun than any game youll ever have!!
Mario Party 6     On: 2004-12-29

The fun thing about this game is instead of Story mode it has a star bank where you can purchase different prizes. I also think that solo mode is fun because you can go for every turn and insead of geetting stars you have to win mini games. I reccomend that you get it soon.
Awesome Game     On: 2004-12-28

My children love this game. I have played it with them several times already and it is really fun. The level designs are great.
Four player madness!     On: 2004-12-28

MarioParty6 is a great game espicially when you have four people playing.choose from many characters and the newest one toadette!the minigames have much more action then alot of the ones in mario party 4 and 5.Even my older brother agrees its fun!The mic mode is awsome i love the minigame verbal assult its soooo cool you can talk and boss youre charecter around.the boards and sounds are all very cheerful except sometimes gets annoying.also the boards change from night to day and even some of the mini gtames do to.overall this a great and fun game.
*Dies*     On: 2004-12-27

Mario Party is Nintendos most rehashed series. I think it needs to stop! I agree with GameSpots review, this game is just new paint on a old building. The only new thing about this game is the cool microphone, but other than that, it is pretty much the same game.

Nintendo should make a "Mario Party Chronicles" that includes all the boards and mini-games, and then stop the party.
best mp game ever     On: 2004-12-27

ok heres the details about mario party 6

there r 2 new characters
over 80 new mini games
star bank to buy stuff
better solo mode
all new mic mode for the mic
6 boards to play
all new day-time night-time system
some mini games change during day-time and night-time

thats mostly it the game has great graphics plus better sound and voice overs i suggest u buy this game if u have lots of friends for the multi player fun
After playing this for a while now...     On: 2004-12-24

I purchased this when it first came out and have to say out of 4, 5, and 6, this is the best. Unique twists of earning stars (storing them in a Star Bank after each game) to uncover hidden characters, hidden mic games, and even an extra party board, make the game fun to continue playing to discover what new adventures you can run into later.
The Solo Mode I found entertaining. There are three short boards you clear one at a time, earning coins, which are converted to stars, along the way. You can select from Easy, Normal, Hard, and earn stars to continue to Harder and Extreme (I believe the hardest is called that). In addition, it allows you to select a computer player to help you with 2 vs 2 games in the Solo Mode. By the way, ALL types of games are played in solo, even battle and duel.
I found the twist of changing the board and mini games slightly, an interesting addition. DK spaces at day, usually turn into Bowser spaces at night, some minigames are slightly different at night than at day, etc.
All in all, I highly recommend the game to those that have liked any Mario Party. Go ahead, give it a try.
GET IT NOW!     On: 2004-12-20

Get mario party 6 for christmas. BOO has return YAY! My favorite character in the mario games boo! Iam getting this gane for christmas YAY! It has great graphics! hilarious characters great fame. Leave Spongebob behind. And join nintendos characters. Youll get hooked for months. THIS IS THE BEST REVIEW! YES YES! YES!
Fast & MUCH BETTER than Party 5, But....     On: 2004-12-20

the mic doesnt work well at all!~~ You can yell commands, and the character does the OPPOSITE! ~~ Im glad Nintendo didnt charge EXTRA for the mic to be included. Anyway, the mini games are Better, the game itself is Faster! Each game round goes soooooo FAST, that your mind SPINS!. You dont have to pay to use your "Orbs", and you can BUY as MANY Stars as you want with your coins, to advance youself in the game! But, Yoshis cute voice is Gone. :0(
Mario Party...=/     On: 2004-12-20

I just go this game yesterday and it wasnt as fun as expected it to be. Mario Party 2 and 3 were way better. Mario Party 5 a bit boring. The new mini games arent that great, and the microphone is not really necessary. Maybe playing with families or friends may be a bit more fun. Buy this game if you have siblings to play with...
Mic under used     On: 2004-12-12

The idea for the mic is cool, but I think its under used in this game. I like Quiz Show game called Speak Up, but thats about all. There are only 5 mic mini-games, which I thought there should have been more.
(NOTE: most of the mic features and games can be played using the controller, but thats just not fun at all.)
As for the Game, its the best GCN Mario Party. I love every single mini-game, even the 3 for Bowser. As for the unlockables, this is a nice feature that makes the game have good replay value.
So if you ask yourself "Should I buy or should I rent?", If you dont care about the microphone parts of the game, then rent it. If you want to experience all the glory of the mic, then just spend the $50.
go Mario     On: 2004-12-12

I have not yet owned or played a Mario Party game, but I played this one in Toys"R"Us and it ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!Although I have not yet played with the microphone, the 6 mini-games that I did play rocked! My favorite one (so far) is "Must Come Down".
I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!     On: 2004-12-11

I need it! I visited the MP6 website the day I wrote this seems as if "Brighton" & "Twila" are fighting over whos better. And I cant see in the dark. But I CAN see in daylight.^-^ I cant believe it! Toadette busted in,too! So GET THIS GAME FOR CHRISTMAS OR PAY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X_X
Nintendo has done it again for the 6th time...     On: 2004-12-10

Hello. I have every single Mario Party Game, and they all ROCK! I like "Avalanche" in #4, "Frightmare" in #5, and every single minigame in #1,2,3,4,&5. But #6 is different. With the all new day & night feature, the Shine Sprite minigame, and, I cant forget, the all new microphone controller. Plus, they added my favorite character. Toadette! Whoever wrote that one reveiw where they asked to put Toadette on the game, THANKS! Even though I dont believe that they did it because of you. If only one of the ratings was infinity stars, Id give it that. The graphics on the game are STATE OF THE ART! Plus, the story mode is SOOOOO mush better than #5. You settle the differences between two places. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, should go without this awesome game...
Party Time!!!     On: 2004-12-09

Everytime the newest insallment of Mario Party comes out we run out and buy it as soon as possible. This time its even better than ever. With a few added goodies, like the mic makes it even more fun. We tested it and tried the mic games, it works great, recognized everything we said (unless we said it in a silly voice) Just speak clear, not even loud just a whisper worked, and youll be fine.

Were so excited and cant wait to go play with a group of friends, like someone said thats the highlight of the game, the multiplayer. Too fun!! Everyone, even people who dont normally play video games will LOVE it! Alot of imagination goes into this series, each time with fresh, new mini games.
Which I believe there are quite a few of, so you wouldnt be seeing the same one twice for awhile.

If you love fun filled games you can play with your friends, get this you wont regret it. Kids and adults will have a blast, its a wonderful, colorful, cute, and creative game that doesnt grow old. Watch out or youll stay up all night playing!
MARIO PARTY 6 REVIEW     On: 2004-12-06

mario party 6     On: 2004-12-02

this game is much like the other mario party games altough it has all new mini games and it has a good storyline also you get a microphone that you can talk into and control your characters
Oh,yeah!I'm ready to party!     On: 2004-11-28

This game looks awsome!In fact,its #1 on my Christmas list.I think the Gamecube Mic will get a lot of attention.The story of the game sounds cool.Also the night and day system is said that in the game you can earn Stars(no,not in Party Mode) and spend them to get new sound opions,pages to a pop-up Magic book,and the 6th board!So I REALLY can not wait for this.
ok     On: 2004-11-28

"I went to nintendo and asked them about Mario Party 6" ... oh please pff, you probably got that info off the internet as i did. Anyway, it seems it could be a good game, yet all the rest of them seem to get a little boring after a lenght of time. Myabe the mic will make the game a bit more interesting.
The Party Never Stops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2004-11-26

Mario Party SIX is going to be awesome. This One is going to be the best.
This microphone will be AWESOME!     On: 2004-11-24

I went to nintendo and asked them about Mario Party 6. They replied to me that the microphone will be to control the characters within the minigames. I CANT WAIT! I am DEFINATELY getting this of my moms birthday (the day it comes out). It even has a new day/night system (I was informed by Nintendo) where new characters come out @ night. Plus, I asked if they would put in Toadette. Look whos on the cover. (Not to brag, its just kinda cool.) I cant WAIT until the game comes out. No time to wait for Christmas...
The 6th Mario Party     On: 2004-11-18

i hope this will be an improvement over Mario Party 4 because 4 had no storyline 5 was pretty fun fighting the Bowsers but i just hope this one will be better then the previous ones for Gamecube but the 1st one will always be the best for the Nintendo 64 and taking of Mini Game Island was a HUGE mistake.
Why you should get Mario Party 6...     On: 2004-11-14

Like Halo, the value of this game lies in MULTIPLAYER. Mario Party 6 builds upon the style and mechanics of its predecessors by offering furious four-player fun rooted in board game mechanics. It has over 80 mini-games and 7 boards! The new additions in Mario Party 6 include day and night cycles, new characters and mini-games, and of course, the new microphone. Two of the new characters, named Brighton (a sun) and Twila (a crescent moon) get into a heated debate over whos better. The dispute creates a day/night dichotomy that comes into play whenever playing on any of the six game boards. When youre ready to play, a pop-up book springs open and highlights your options. Party Mode is where youll find the different board games, which you can play solo or with friends. Instead of just collecting stars, though, each board features different objectives. Again, this game is a lot better in mulitplayer than playing by yourself.

Some mini-games let one player issue commands with the microphone while the others play with their controllers. (not really neccesary imo)
The best mario party game ever!     On: 2004-11-14

This game is way better and longer than mario party 5! This game is going to beat mario party 1,2,3,4 and 5. It has 80 new mini games. It has the new microphone contuller. Imagain, you using the micrphone contruller whil playing against other people and just sayin words into it and winning! It has a very new mode called the microphone mode where you awnser questions and play mini games that use the microphone contruller. The microphone is alot better than the one that was used for that hey you pikachu game. Get this game on Chritmas!!!!
Mario party 6     On: 2004-11-08

good graphics with tons of fun. Mario fans will love this exciting game

I love this game how it sounds     On: 2004-10-30

I can not totally not wait till this game is out ! It my 1st thing on my xmas list awesome job nintendo

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