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Great Game!!!     On: 2010-10-22

Excellent, however, too many things you can do. It takes a rocket scientist to figure all the different things you can do. But still fun...
Great game but 08 is better.     On: 2008-02-08

I havent mastered this game yet because I bought Madden NFL 08, but Madden games rock and are great for multi-player, you wont find the AI much of a challenge thou.
Son Loves It!     On: 2008-01-07

I bought this for my son for Christmas. He said he didnt care if he got the 07 since it was cheaper he just wanted a Madden game. He loves it a lot and has a great time playing it.
The best Madden yet....     On: 2007-12-14

I bought this for GC and I love it. It is a tremendous game and alot of fun.
Madden NFL 07     On: 2007-08-17

dang .. if u love blitz doesnt mean ur gonna love this.. this game is oh so technical.. feel like i missed a prerequisite course when i plugged this in