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Comfortable and does a good job for $$$     On: 2010-10-24

I purchased and used the white-colored Playseat Evolution along with the gearshift and seat slider as attachments for a year now. I installed Logitech G25 as my steering wheel.

For someone whos 5 feet 7 and 180lb, I fit comfortably. I can see with maximum adjustments on the seat, plus the extras the slider gives, someone in the mid 6 range would fit. In the minimum height adjustment, my boy who was 46" can fully depressed the accelerator, although he would be a low rider!

The seat itself is not as stiff as some high-end sports cars. The (thin) cushion is comfortable for my weight. Im your average driver who can sit in the same seat for 6 hours driving on a family trip with no need for special support or 50-way adjustable luxury car seating package. So if you are like me, you wont have problems. Nonetheless its always wise to get out of seat to stretch between every few games and walk around. But if your body is more sensitive and require finer adjustments (e.g., lumbar support), then youll need to add some cushions to lower back, or even a specialized seat cover with custom cushioning.

The frame is quite solid but can give a little on the steering column. If you want to minimize it, putting the seat on hard floor will help, but best is to secure the seat and the legs of the steering column to a piece of plywood. But if you get real intense, then I think youll need something 100% stiff, like super high-end cockpit or use a real car cockpit!

The whole setup is definitely not cheap, but if you are driving enthusiast for simulation or racing and wants a dedicated cockpit, then it may be worthwhile. I would seriously consider adding a bass under or to the side of the seat as some people have done. That may take the whole experience to another level!

Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat     On: 2010-10-05

After doing some research I decided to purchase this seat as it seemed to be the better choice as far as quality and value were concerned. Being 64 and 250 lbs, I was looking for comfort, stability, durability and easy storage. In addition a degree of adjustability so others could enjoy. The seat took 20-30 minutes to assemble and all tools were included. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I must say Im more than impressed with the product. It is everything one could want, comfortable, sturdy and very well designed. Coupled with the Logictech G27 driving system it makes for an incredible home driving simulator. If you are looking for the perfect setup for your driving games and sims, look no further. You will be very happy as I cant imagine there is a finer option for this price....A couple of notes regarding set up.. As you personalize your set up and position pay attention to the placement of the arm that holds the steering wheel as you should position this fairly close to the seat as opposed to closer to your feet and this will keep the middle column in a position that will not interfere with the braking and shifting..... GREAT PRODUCT !!!!!!! Enjoy.......!
Playseat Evolution Gaming Seat     On: 2010-09-17

For hardcore enthusiasts of racing games this seat has to be one of the best out there. Shipping was quick and your able to watch where your packages are being delivered and moved from. When the package arrived ensure you have plenty of space to put it together. Total time was 30 minutes to put it together and then... the racing began. Get the right steering wheel, pedal set for your particular console. The seat is very comfortable and offers plenty of grip so you wont slide around. The height of the steering wheel is adjustable and offers plenty of support for your arms to not get tired.
Exactly what I was looking for     On: 2010-09-13

This playseat is exactely what I was looking for! Makes video gaming much more fun and realistic than just the regular PS3 control.
I recomend.
Very Nice and cool!     On: 2010-09-09

I love this chair not bad to assemble they could have made it less noisy and comforatable for the lower back but is very nice!