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Playseats Evolution Gaming Seat (Black with Silver)
By: Playseats       Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 16
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Awesome!     On: 2007-08-25

I use this with my XBox 360 wheel for both Forza 2 and PGR3. Youll never go back to using a stupid desk or fold-up table like I did after using a chair like this.

I have hard tiled floor, no carpeting, no padding. If I pay attention during transition periods between game play, the stem is a little wobbly but when Im deep into racing and throwing my body every which way, I dont notice the wobble. I suppose if I want super solid stem, I could have paid for a $1000+ unit from a competitor. Not me! Id rather save it for my next "necessity" ... three-panel set-up for my Forza 2! Bottom line -- GREAT value ... unless you have alot of free time to make your own rig.

One more thing, the mounting bracket sucks if you have a Microsoft XBox 360 Wheel. Thats because the metal mounting panel is too small for this wheel. If you dont have any wood panel scraps in your garage, youll need to make a trip to the local hardware store ... cut yourself a 8" by 18" panel from half-inch thick particle wood board, drill a couple of holes for bolting onto the pre-drilled holes in the metal mounting panel and then use some plastic cable ties to strap in the wheel to your wood board in addition to using the flimsy mounting clamp on the bottom of the 360 wheel. Shouldnt take more than half an hour to do even if youre sub-par at carpentry skills ... Im a geek software programmer and it was a breeze for me (but then, I was highly motivated to get the set up done so I could start racing ASAP Forza 2 in style).
If you like racing sims and have a steering wheel.......this is a must have!     On: 2007-08-23

I cannot imagine ever playing a racing sim without my playseat. Easy to assemble and very comfortable even for a big guy like me(6ft 4in, 280 lbs).
Playseats race simlulator is the best gaming experience I've had     On: 2007-08-23

Im a long time gamer. I love racing games. When I saw this unit I couldnt believe it. It was like I had no idea something like this was out there. This thing is very well built. I but a buttkicker under it to make the race games vibrate and its a very cool experience. The price is very attractive for this unit. Really they could charge double what they do for such a nice piece. If youre into racing games I wouldnt think twice about picking this up. It will be a hit with you and your friends and family. Even my wife who hates videogames like to get on.
One tip: When mountin your Microsoft wheel, get rid of the bottom lap plate on the wheel. It unscrews with a t-6 screwdriver. Then use the 4 holes on the bottom of the playseats to drill 4 holes in the plastic of the wheel and bolt that directly to it. Then you can lose all the bulks stuff of the wheel and its a direct mount. Good luck
Not Happy     On: 2007-08-23

I received the seat shipped via ground when I paid for 2 day shipping. Long story but Amazon did not help me out in this matter. When I received the product, many of the pieces where scratch badly. Also Screws did not fit like they where suppose to in the support brackets. I have the xbox 360 wheel which by the way does not fit on the post at all. For the amount of money I spent on this seat, it would have been better well spent on something else.
5 out of 5     On: 2007-08-04

This chair is great to play Forza 2 for the Xbox 360 and among other racing games the chair is confortable and adjusts to your personal size, easy to put together and i suggest that you get the microsoft wheel adapter for it to put your wheel on tight unless you dont mind velcro or some custom installation.
So much fun!     On: 2007-07-26

This is a really well designed and well built seat. Because the adjustments were so well thought out, it will accomodate kids just as well as 6 tall adults such as myself. The pricing is great as well.
Must have for the driving sim enthusiast     On: 2007-07-24

Anyone serious about their driving simulator, such as Forza Motorsport 2, needs this driving seat. The build quality is top notch, and it is highly adjustable. I considered building a seat myself, but for this price, it would be impossible to match the featureset and quality with a homeade setup.
Playseat + Forza 2 + Buttkicker + Xbox 360 Wheel = Heaven     On: 2007-07-18

Ive had the Playseat Evolution for about a week now, and I absolutely love it. I bought it specifically for Forza 2 but Ive also been playing Dirt with it as well and its holding up fine. The seat is comfy enough for multi-hour sessions and the steering column isnt wobbly at all.

I say if youre looking at this that you should definately get the Buttkicker as well, as the level of immersion offered with both of them is nothing short of awesome.

Highly recommended, even with the $299.99 pricetag.
Price Markup     On: 2007-07-14

Kinda funny how they jacked up the price from 250 bucks a month ago when I bought it. 250 was a steal for this thing. It takes about 30 min. to assemble. I have the white one and it looks killer in my living room, interests many people that come over. Very easy to slide out of the way and fold down when not in use(not heavy at all, just slide it over on the carpet). The seat is well designed and durable. The unit is solid, easy to adjust and does not rock back and forth when you play with MS wheel. The MS wheel has such powerful force feedback that you can feel it vibrate through the seat. Use the velcro supplied with the unit and the pedals and wheel wont budge at all. Essentially, if you have a nice(big) tv and this thing, and the latest racing games, you have a Dave and Busters arcade at your disposal at any time in your own house. Enjoy.
An expensive attachment, but does exactly what it sets out to do     On: 2007-07-01

Racing games need a wheel, and wheels need to be fixed to something steady. I missed playing racing games because the standard controllers just do not fit the bill. The good news is that the seat is allowing me to rediscover racing games.

Despite being 6ft3 200+ lbs the seat is comfortable; I can even slide my 6 year old in, and play with him steering and me on the pedals. Both the pedals and steering wheel attachments are adjustable with its max range out of the comfortable reach of my legs. If anything, they should make it work for smaller folks like my 6 year old, who cannot reach the pedals. He is 4ft, I expect you need to be at least 4ft6. The seat folds, but think twice if you want it to pack away discreetly in a tight corner; in this regard the manufacturers photos are accurate. The only thing that I would really add are channels to enable the wires to be discreetly routed; with just 3 cables for the wheel, it still looks like a mess of spaghetti. The steering wheel attachment could be a bit stiffer, but I do not notice this when playing. They also include loads of Velcro and ties to keep things attached. Bottom line, if you like racing games, and want to treat yourself, this seat will fit the bill.
Playseat EGS White/silver     On: 2007-06-29

Not sure why they ask how much fun this game was etc... But anyways this was on back order and I finally got it two weeks ago.. I must say I was shocked to see it all fit in the small box.. For the price you cant come close, not even making one yourself which I was incline to do. Its very easy to put together and is sturdy.. The one thing that Id suggest is to use a lock washer with the rod that is fed through to tighten when adjusting the steering plate. Like last reviewer stated, it wont lock tight, it does become lose and wil move while playing, up and down motion..

Besides that Im very happy with the whole design and plan to buy more in the future.. hats off to Amazon for getting this product so cheap, because there are other racing seat that are way to much money.....

Excellent Seat     On: 2007-06-24

I purchased this seat about a week ago. It was eligible for Amazon Prime so I got it withing 2 days. It comes packed nicely in about a 3x3x3 foot box, weighing 53 lbs. Assembly and setup with my MS wireless wheel took about 30 minutes.

The seat is sturdy and well built. The steel used is 1/16 in throughout and it seems that the designers spent a decent amount of time designing it for stability. I am 63" and weigh 250 lbs, and I have no problem in the seat. It is actually quite comfortable for up to 6 hours on forza 2. So construction wise, the seat is no less than great.

I think they could have offered more options with the setup, namely two things. First, they offer the option of offseting the pedals to the left, but not to the right. I went around that by offsetting my pedals myself. They hang a little off to the side but I have no problem with that, as I would rather brake and accelerate with the same foot. Second, I was hoping that with the evolution model the steering column and the pedals can be adjusted separately. However, you could indirectly do this by moving the whole thing away from the seat, bringing the steering column forward, and then tilting it down.

Really, the idea is similar to their Classic seat, however it is obvious that this is the less "wobbly" model because the column is shorter and less prone to torsion. The cool thing is you can disassemble the seat from the pedals and wheel, and it is quite comfy to sit it and play "other" games such as Gears of War or Shadowrun.

Finally, a note for those willing to use the MS wheel with this: Dont use the clamp provided with your wheel as it does not offer enough support. Playseats have yet to come up with an MS accessory plate, but what I would recommend is to place the wheel on the steel plate using a ton of the double sided velcro tape they provide. I have not had a single problem with it.

Durability? I have been playing Codemasters Dirt for a while now, and I have to say if the seat and setup can take a full 4 hours of nothing but raunchy abuse that the game requires, it meets my expectations.

Overall, a great seat, a good design, and well worth the money.
Great quality, good value     On: 2007-06-24

Love it. The chair itself exceeds my expectations, offering a well-made, extremely comfortable place to rest while playing games. The frame is fully adjustable, and pretty stable once the knobs are tightened, providing a great platform for mounting your favorite racing wheel. In my opinion, other is no way to fully appreciate a racing wheel and pedals without this rig. Being a bit of a DIY guy, I though about building my own chair before purchasing one, but for the price, quality, and ease of assembly, you cant beat a Playseat!
Great seat for Xbox 360     On: 2007-06-07

I recently purchased the black Playseats Evolution for use with my xbox 360 and the MS Force Feedback wheel. When it arrived, I was able to unpack the box and assemble the wheel and get right into Forza 2 in less than 30 minutes. I was a bit skeptical with the frame while assembling, but it is quite sturdy and comfortable (and I am a 200+ lb man). There is very little wobble with the wheel, and the pedal mount is nicely done. This setup holds the Microsoft FF Wheel fairly well, with only minor modifications needed (I placed some of the included two-sided velcro tape on my wheel clamp and the shelf of the playseat.) The seat folds in half, and you can remove the rail from the bottom essentially splitting the whole unit into two pieces which could easily be stored in a large closet. Amazon was by far the best deal on this seat with their price ($249.99) and free shipping. I am very pleased with this product.
Realistic Feel and Experience     On: 2007-05-15

Its nice to be able to drive a race simulator on the XBOX 360 using the force feedback racing wheel along with this seat. It really adds the fun and makes the whole experience much more realistic than just placing the steering wheel in my lap. I am happy with this purchase.
Quality Racing Seat at an Affordable Price     On: 2007-04-07

I got this for about a week now and Im really enjoying this racing seat. This is by far the cheapest racing simulator seat of high quality that Ive found. The others like Gameracer or Virtual Racer X are ridiculously priced.
Assembly for this took me about 25 minutes. The seat is adjustable to fit just about everyone. Another good thing is that the frame is detachable and the seat folds down for neat storage when its not in use. The only bad thing about this is the base for the steering wheel. It can be tilted in different angles but securing it tightly so that it wont move is quite hard. I had to wrap the provided hex key with paper so it wont hurt my hand and use my body weight to push down while tightening the securing bolt to get it to not move up and down easily during use. Once it was tight, the thing is pretty fun to play with.

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