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1080 Avalanche
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Great game. Everybody needs it!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-05-31

Here's what I liked about it:

It starts at an easy level.

The controls are realistic. If you're doing a trick in mid-air, you have to stop and get right-side-up before you hit the ground, or OUCH! (Unlike SSX 3, where you automatically correct your position)

You can unlock new clothes and boards for each character.

Each character has a unique personality and controls a bit differently (Kemen is my favorite).

And up to four people can play at once!

If you do a certain number of tricks, you'll start going faster and be invincible to other players and wildlife, but if you fall, you'll lose your invincibility and have to do your tricks again to get it back. You also have a limited amount of energy, so if you fall five times, you retire. It makes 1080 Avalanche a challenge! I found it easier to master than SSX 3, but you can't upgrade your characters in 1080 Avalanche. The different boards have different stats, though, unlike SSX 3.

All the way around, it's a good game.
1080 Avalanche good but too dark
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-30

I really enjoy playing the game whit my daugther but there are some tracks that are really to dark and difficult to see...

THIS GAME IS LOADS OF FUN TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-13

This game is awesome. I've got it only recently and I'm having a blast with this game. When you first start out it's easy, but as you go it does get harder. I seem to still have problems of going to fast and bumping into other skiers, rocks ect... and causing a few avalanches, watch out though because if you run into any wildlife they get mad and trip you up. This game is a good game for almost anyone (if it's your type of game). The graphics on it are outstanding. It gives you chills just playing it. I would say buy it if you love snowboarding. The controls a pretty easy but some of the tricks can be tricky. Especially if your going to fast down a hill and don't get up in the air enough then you just loose your balance then you may crash and then just waste your racing time. It's an Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avoiding the Avalanche- Don't start One!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-08-21

I used to own 1080 for Nintendo 64. But then I got Gamecube and 1080 Avalanche. The graphics are AWESOME. And the idea for the double black diamond on the last stage of the game (where you have to beat the avalanche to the edge of the mountain and jump into your helicopter before it crushes you) is the coolest idea for a snowboarding game ever!! It's my favorite game I have ever played!!!
by: lacrossegf    On: 2005-02-20

i rented this game for a week a while back and could only stand a few hours. the game is terribly confusing and the graphics were not that great. if i were to recommend a snowboarding game, go with ssx3.
Better than ssx 3 if you ask me.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-01-05

You should get this game.It has 15 tracks.There are many dangers that await you.From a train derailment to a bridge breaking down.You can also open up shortcuts from hitting a barrel of explosives to knocking down a yellow sign.Overall,I think you should buy this game.
Exceedingly Enjoyable _ Grimly Limited
by: j0shua    On: 2004-12-22

Nintendo's 1080 is a load of fun packed into one small package. When you consider how limited the game is ultimately, you can't help but feel disappointed after only a few days of game play. Nintendo could have really done something special with this game, and with the amount of time it took for the pioneer of video games (Nintendo) to release it, you'd think there'd be much more.

The graphics of 1080 are superb, and the controls are smooth and fantastic, but the characters and levels/stages seem grimly limited. I loved playing this game. I found myself begging for more. The music element of 1080 was impressive, but that wasn't enough to make up for the lack of greatness it could have been. I'm dumbfounded by Nintendo's lack of effort towards 1080 and the overall product release. If Nintendo was frustrated with the lack of sales this game produced, they should have given this game what it really deserved. It deserved MORE.
Nothing but pure fun.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-16

This is a "cool" snowboarding racing game.There are 15 tracks.Ski school,a kind of tutorial track.Tenderfoot pass,a track with other people practicing,frosty shadows,a nice village like mountain.Powder threat,a plain track.Tree top trauma,a logging site.Grits n gravy,a countryside maze in the evening,trestle trouble,a track with a train in it.Revolution cliff,another plain track.Midnight city,a city track,rotted ridge,a dangerous broken down site.Diesel disaster,a track with diesel blowing up.And Sick with it,a huge track.Spinal damage,ballistic,and no way out are plain.
Good Game, but not enough in it...
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-08-10

I've had this game for a while and I admit it is FUN to play. The graphics are good, levels are interesting, and the characters a pretty cool too, but after playing the game a couple times it gets pretty boring. There aren't many levels to choose from or characters for that matter. There are only a couple different things you can do, and it does get pretty boring after a while, but I like it..It's a good game, but could use some sprucing up and a LOT more added to it would make it an AWESOME game.
The Good Die Young
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-07-03

1080 Avalanche is like half a bowl of Frosted Flakes, GRRRRRREAT but not enough! Great graphics, great controls, great sounds, but what happened to this game's longevity factor? After playing for an hour, you get the feeling there's two characters to select from, and half as many stages to explore. You do the math.

The characters are well designed, but a serious lack there of makes that fact almost meaningless. The stages are superb, but once again, what good is a stage or two if there's only a stage or two? Nintendo distributed samples of 1080 in department stores for many months before this GameCube exclusive title was released, and from what I played, I found it a remarkable experience. When I purchased the game for $50 (many months ago), it was to my surprise the game wasn't worth half that. Today, 1080 Avalanche remains upwards of that price. To add injury to insult, the tricks could have been more polished. Other than that, the controls are excellent.

Nintendo can't expect massive sales from a game that's superior in all categories except endurance. The length of a game time and time again will prove to be its most vital element. That's all games, one player, two player, twelve players, sports games, role playing, and everything in between.

A low rating is given for a major reason. 1080 Avalanche is still half a hundred dollars since its release. A fair price would be $30, but even that's pushing it. Nintendo had a great game in the making, but mediocre stamina has left this title begging for sales. Chi-Ching!

Awesome Game just wish it was longer!!!
by: varandalangley    On: 2004-06-15

I rented this game before i bought it and beat it on extreme on the third day and won all on the prizes. But i am a very good at video games. Hought i got all there is to get i still play it.
pretty good
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-04

This game is too easy. I got it 2 weeks ago and I'm already on extreme. People say SSX3 is better but if you want a 8 player game for only 3 memory don't get it. Sometimes multi player can get confusing. There is also a lot of shortcuts. It not as good as the first and the tricks aren't as great
Great but not as great
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-04-04

This game is fun but it's too easy. I'm on extreme already and I got this 2 weeks ago. Can be confusing and multi player doesn't work as go. I should have given it an 3 out of 5 but my brother likes it alot.There is too many shortcuts but besides that it preety fun.
Best snowboarding game yet
by: roskev    On: 2004-02-22

This is by far the best snowboarding game I have yet played. Although the tracks are short and it would be nice if they were longer, it has awesome graphics and a great soundtrack. In response to the person with the review titled TERRIBLE GAME and states that there are no avalanches, I have to say, are you kidding me? Have you gotten to the final challenge?
Fast paced fun
by: southpaw32    On: 2004-02-02

This game is just a hoot. At first, I thought it was going to be a lot like "Wave Race" and in some of it's structure, it is. But, unlike Wave Race, the novice level really is a beginner's level where the downhill courses start off pretty easy and controlling your character on the snowboard is fairly easy - a very good thing for people like my husband and I who just want to sit down sometimes and play something for fun. Neither of us have hours to spend struggling through the beginner's level just to get proficient enough to finally start enjoying the game. Having said that, though, the harder levels are appropriately more difficult and take some practice.

Avalanches take place in the final challange courses of each level and really add to the sense of adventure. There are a variety of other hazards as well as you get further into the game. The graphics, by the way, are just awesome. As you snowboard over a variety of surfaces (groomed runs, ice, deep powder, etc.) the sound, feel and speed of it all remains true to the real thing. Very cool.

Just some quick points:
There are 5 characters to choose from, all with distinct personalities and varying skill levels.
Besides the downhill courses, there are also trick courses (half pipe, terrain park, etc.), multi-player mode, and gate challanges.
The music, to my great surprise, is actually pretty decent and can be changed for each course.

This is family friendly, no blood and guts, no profanity. Fantastic game.

A real good game!
by: tycoon88    On: 2004-01-31

I'm suprised that some people think this game is bad! This game is awsome, much better than the old one on 64. It has some new characters, new obsticles, much better graphics, and a lot of background music to choose from. A lot of my friends and I could play this game for hours doing tricks and 4 player racing. Also another unique part in the game is during the last levels of novest, hard, expert, and extreme mode, there are avalanches in the courses that you have to stay in front of to avoid getting buried(real thrilling!).

So if you like snow, snow boarding, racing, or doing tricks like in those Tony Hawk games, I definatly recommend this game!

this game is pretty cool
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-23

this game is awsome it has five hidden charactors and beats the original by far buy it.
The most realistic snowboarding game to date...
by: chino13def    On: 2004-01-20

I really like this game, I was a huge fan of the first one and played it until there was nothing left to accomplish...I am on my way there with this one. I'm new to the gamecube but the graphics are the best that I have seen yet. The controls are good, I like how different each character rides as well. A great improvement over the previous 1080 is that if you are quick, you can correct your balance before you fall. But this does not make up for the decline in the trick system. I don't even like doing the trick challanges in this game, riding through the levels is where you will really have fun with this game. The sound effects are good but the music is hit or miss, depending on your style. And for everybody that has not seen an avalanche they must not have given it a fair chance...there is avalanches if you get far enough into the game. I personally love snowboarding and spend as much time on the mountains as possible, and for a video game this is the most accurate to the sport that I have played (not too accurate of course, because then it wouldn't be fun). Overall I found this game to be just as addicting if not more than the N64 edition...and much better than SSX!
good but not great
by: missmollygp    On: 2004-01-17

I liked 1080 avelanche it is not the best though. you can get a little air. but the one bad thing is that the races are short and sometimes not fun. also i have never seen an avelanche on it. it could use a little work.
by: Anonymous    On: 2004-01-11

1080 is a bad game. The title is nothing like the game,I mean there is NO AVALANCH. They have short races. Plus after like five tries the game gets real boring,I spent 50 dollars on the game and I get nothing out of it. I could have saved for a nice game ,and I spent on this darn thing. I wish I never spent my money on this.
disappointing, but not bad
by: kentnielsen    On: 2004-01-10

1080 Avalanche has received a lot of flak, and for what? I'm not sure. Overall, I really like this game, though it has its problems as well. Notably, it IS better than the original. Improved graphics/framerate. More courses. Easier control. More stuff to unlock. Avalanche also boasts very satisfying speed, as well, and the courses themselves are well done. But the game suffers from a less-than-perfect trick system, sometimes questionable camera and collision work, and a REALLY disappointing multiplayer mode. By disappointing, I mean it doesn't offer a whole lot. In fact, the entire game can be breezed through (literally), leaving little lasting appeal. That's a shame, too, because this is a very stylish and fun snowboarder while it lasts.
Not That Great
by: rcorto    On: 2004-01-08

I wasn't too impressed with this game. The Graphics were good but my friend lost interest after the thrill of high speed racing ran out. Not enough development into the moves and helping you learn the moves. Returned the rental early. Rent before you buy.
by: imbehindyou    On: 2003-12-30

1080 Avalanche is definately a fun game in the sense of speed, but it comes to an overall game, such as tricks and custimization, buy SSX3!

Control: 3/5
Im sorry, but I have to have big air and tricks. The way I see it, if I can't pull of awesome combos, things are bad. But, the system where you can get back on balance if you mess up a jump is cool.

Sound: 5/5
The reason Sound gets 5? I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK. The song "Choke" is amazing, and is really something that you could snowboard to. The sound of the snow under the board is crisp as well.

Modes and Extras: 2/5
The Match Race is pretty much the only thing worth it, and even that isn't very good. The characters are limited, the boards are limited, and there isn't really any customization or unlockables.

Overall: 3/5
The game is cool if you like speed, but the tricks suck and you can only hold a jump for 2 seconds. I reccomend you buy SSX3 instead of this, or you can buy this too. Whatever floats your boat!

better than the first one
by: zorkdoodle    On: 2003-12-30

the original 1080 snowboarding game is probly my favorite game on my 64. I got this game a few weeks ago and ive probly put 20 hours into this game a week. (im 13 and on vacation, not much to do) Well anyway the music kicks ass and the graphics are even better. When ur going real fast,(like 125kmh) the mix of the controler chaking, the partial blurring in the outline of the screen (dont get me wrong thats a GOOD thing), and the snow splatering on the screen, adds up to make one of the most thrilling game on gc. The trick made took a while to get used to. Im used to the 64 where its b+(control stick). In this game its (b, x, or y)+(control stick), and "r" to spin. But still, the trick system is great. This game has beginnner, advanced, expert, and extreme modes, each with an avalnache mode at the end. In the avalnche mode you have to race down the mountain, always with an Avalanche behind you, chasing you down the hill. The loading times are about 5-9 seconds. But it flies by becasue as its loading you select the song you want played during your ride down the mountain. Also there is about 15 courses.

In the end i would reccomend this game to anyone. If i lost it i would buy it again right away if my parents were more supportive of my video game hobby.

great game, but not as good as the original
by: dfaith4361    On: 2003-12-22

1080 snowboarding was the first game that i recieved for my nintendo 64 that i recieved for my 8th birthday. and still to this day, i play it every once in a while. that is how good the original was to me. and ever since i heard about 2 years ago that they were making a sequel to it, i have literally been marking off the days on my calender. now that i have 1080 avalanche, i am very pleased with what nintendo has created for me and my fellow gamers, but am a little dissapointed at the same time. i mean, its a great game, but there are some very annoying problems that bring the overall value of the game down. well heres how i break it down:

graphics: 10/10 some of the best graphics i've seen on the gamecube so far

sound: 9/10 very nice sounds for both the voices and environments

controls: 8/10 ugh. this is where my problem is. the regular boarding controls are fine, but the trick system is kinda iffy.

difficulty(too easy,easy,normal,challenging,impossible):


overall:8.75/10 not the awesome super-duper sequel i was looking for, but still a very good game that will keep me playing for a long while

Feels like Wave Race 64
by: Anonymous    On: 2003-12-13

While I did not enjoy Blue Storm (and I really tried - bought and sold it twice), I need to say that I'm really enjoying 1080. My expectations were lowered by the lukewarm reviews, but this game, for whatever reason, has the feel of the original Wave Race to me (although with snowboards, of course). It just feels right. The first race/course seemed lame, but as I'm progressing through the game and seeing all of the fantastic tracks, I'm hooked. The graphics (on some of the tracks more than others) are some of the best I've seen. For reference, I played and love the original SSX for PS2, didn't like Tricky as much, and haven't played SSX3 yet. But 1080 is really, really good. Just my two cents.
by: oregonbay2    On: 2003-12-07

Nintendo has done it again, quite possibly the best snowboarding game of the year. The music is riveting, the graphics are fantastic, and the game play is smooth and extremely FAST! You'll be hard pressed to be able to sit down while playing the game, I can`t. This game is fun even to just watch. Master the extreme tricks and you'll be flying down mountains at speeds in excess of 125 mph! SSX, good-bye. Nintendo makes the most fun and best quality games of any game machine on the market.
Great game.
by: sellis164    On: 2003-12-06

I am an X-Box owner, so i usually ignore the Gamecube exclsives. But i was at my friend's house and he was going nuts about this game. He said it was like SSX 4, but for GC only. I didn't believe him of course, but i decided to try it since the first 1080 completely pioneered snowboarding games...It isnt quite SSX, but the game flat-out rocked. The graphics are definitely better than SSX (smoothness, models, enviroments...the whole 9), but the trick system is not as good. Also there is not as much depth. It just depends on what you prefer: freestyle with insane tricks, or racing with hardcore speed. And the one thing that really got my attention here was how well this title delivers the element of speed. When you get going down a good slalom course, you really fly.....and i mean very fast. Split-second decisions must be made, just like they would need to be flying down a slope at 60 MPH in real life...but with no risks. Its cool seeing some other humanity on the slopes other than just yourself (as it was in the first game). Now there are plenty of......skiers! Actually it doesnt get in the way of the gameplay, and adds to the realism. There are only 5 characters, at first, But there are also unlockables.
The multiplayer, i am glad to say, is worthy of being called a multiplayer this time around. It is FOUR PLAYER. Repeat, FOUR PLAYER. Believe me...having four snowboarders racing for one goal at insane speeds while staying within about 2 feet from eachother is some really intense stuff. Once again, the illusion of speed is pulled off perfectly, and you will be on the edge of your seat until you hit that power button...if you can bring yourself to do such a thing. Overall i would say this game is about as good as SSX 3 minus the trick system. So, once again, its basicly a matter of personal preference: freestyle with some awesome tricks and plenty of depth, or a racing simulation with some INTENSE speed, as well as hardcore graphics and multiplayer action. Those of you who have had your doubts about this title. Stop worrying.....forever.
Good but not SSX3
by: rusreb    On: 2003-12-06

I rented this title but would not purchase until it is much cheaper. This is because SSX3 is likely to be a much better title for the money. The reasons in my opinion are first that the courses are far too short on 1080 as well as being too few of them. The control is not as smooth as SSX3 but really this is just a preference and gives a different feel to the game. 1080 is quite beautiful in appearance and fun to play although I can't say how long it will hold my interest simply because the courses are too short. Finally, there are some "bugs" in this title that I have already noticed in a single day of playing. The camera view on certain courses inexplicably changes without user intervention. At first I thought it was me but after paying close attention a few times through the same run I noticed it always happened at the same place in the run. Its possible this is by design but I doubt it as it hinders you and I always immediately reset the view to where I had it.

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