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Nintendo GameCube Console - Jet Black with 3 Games
By: Toys "R" Us       Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 128
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Nintendo, I LOVE YOU     On: 2003-12-30

Well i got the gamecube in summer 2003. i got a free Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker+ a free The Legend of Zelda:The Ocarina of Time and bought Super Monkey Ball 2. The gamecube has been a very good friend. nothing went wrong. And this system is just for GAMES(i wish i could underline games). The controller is very comfortable. And you cant compare gamecube with ps2 or xbox.A gamecube is in a different category. It is a gaming device ONLY.PS2 and XBox are multimedia devices. THe gamecube is a lower price because, well, uuhhhh, just read the editorial review. And besides Gameboy Advance,N64,and Dreamcast where else can you play with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog* ,Mario,Link,Samus,
Luigi,Pokemon,Kirby,and DK. Besides the cube has the best games including the best multiplayer game known to mankind( Hey somewhere in the world supersmart apes could be making video games lol)Super Smash Bros. Melee.This has a whole buncha adventure games that involve puzzles-great for the mind(i think) parents.Overall the gamecube is great for sonic lovers,nintendo fans,and adventure fans.

*Not including Sonic Heroes

ARE U GUYS CRAZY ,THAT 2 HIGH     On: 2002-12-19

Great System     On: 2002-07-16

This is a great system and a good starter pack. Th only game thats not so hot is Luigis but the other 2 make up for it.
Just imagine...........     On: 2002-06-25

That no more tangle wires and no more holing them up when your mom vacuming in the room. That I thought when I just got it and it been awesome because u can be more than 25 feet and be standing behine seavrul bricks walls and still play! And thats why you have to get a Wavebird! And thankyou Nintendo for makeing that awesome controll!
Fabulous     On: 2002-05-26

This is the most fabulous system I have ever used. Much better than my old Atari!!! You youngsters are spoiled. In my day a light switch was a marvel. Now if something (everything) doesnt "beep" it cant actually exist. Even the dogs beep.
the best     On: 2002-03-16

GameCube is the best system out. i love it, if there was 20 stars i would give it all 20.there is no better system out.G.C rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a Kiddie System!     On: 2002-03-09

OK that is it I HAVE to say something. This, for your information is not going to be a kiddie system because I have been on the internet alot and I know for a fact that they have way more T rated games then E rated games. Ha ha ha! anyone else who is going to say that it is a kiddie system are wrong in every way. In fact this years goal for Nintendo is to make much more M rated games then E and also lots of T rated games. I have 3 T games and one E game. And M games are coming out for it like: Mortal Kombat 5, Metroid prime, all of the past resident evil games and future, Perfect Dark 2, Eternal Darkness, and tons of others so shut-up about all that kiddie crap. This is a great game system and I recommend it for ALL ages.
Who Cares     On: 2002-02-12

Ok. This has to stop. People have to stop bashing the other systems. Gamecube is my system choice but im not here to tell you to buy it or that Xbox and PS2 ..., im not about that. Ive been a loyal nintendo fan since NES and i have always loved their systems. I do admit that i have a PSX and a Dreamcast but i only got theose systems because of their graphics and gameplay. Im not saying that ill never get a Xbox or a PS2 but i dont think that you should depend on how fast a gme can load or how many polygons that it can display per second because in the end the gameplay is the only thing that matters.
Game Cube is Great but...     On: 2002-02-09

I dont think I can agree with the elements picked for this pack. The games are from three totally different genres that arent usually mixed. Then throw in a subscription to a magazine that if you want it, you probably already have it? Come on, there are just better packs offered here.
it is ok     On: 2002-02-04

I bought the gamecube the first day it came out. I really enjoy but i highly recommend that you rent any game before you buy. Because I find all the games really easy. Luigis Mansion took me no time at all to beat. The only game that has actully changed me so far that i have played on it is Star Wars Rogue leader 2. Though if you are looking for a really fun game buy Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. It will take you a little while to get the game at first but once you get through it once with one skater then the rest of the game will be easy with any skater.
nintendo scores...     On: 2002-02-03

For unbridled fun, gameplay and involvement, no one delivers it in your face like nintendo. Its tiny, has a handle, and doesnt need it. Xbox is huge, has no handles and needs 2. The discs are smaller: have you ever gone to a party, taken yur nintendo along and had to carry those huge awkward cartridges that go all over the place? they solve this problem, and the discs are tiny (snap! oops...). Well, with the exception of Legend of Zelda ...all the games that are popping up for this platform are very good, with exceptional gameplay and graphics. (admit it, smash bros melee is fun Fun FUN!) ...many games that are going to arrive are going to be some of the goriest youve all seen. well. thats my piece. GET THIS THING!!!!
Been there.. done that...     On: 2002-01-30

Well, now that all the tension between the consoles is slowing down a bit, I must tell you that all 3 consoles are great in many ways, but GC disappointed me.
First off, GameCube has a sleek 485mhz processor, nice gfx designed by the Nintendo team, and good puzzle games to play.
Nintendo disappointed me however with NO 5.1 surround sound. I have a Sony Hometheater system which I spent $2k on and I cant get the full effect of the GC, so Im sticking to my other console, which is an X-Box(supports all Dolby Digital Effects, sounds awesome).
Next, I have a good Sony 53" HDTV, and the GC has very good graphics. Its no match for an X-Box however, which goes up to 710, very, very, nice.
After that, the GC games, you must admit, are a little, childish. Sure, the fun factor is good, but Nintendo has entered the kiddie world of "clean fun". No pure violence I would see in PS2 and X-Box games, so I guess GC is targeted toward elementary school children, I understand that. Its good for a company to make a system guided toward smaller children, they shouldnt be exposed to GTA3(PS2) and Halo(X-Box) yet. And of course, we have all our dedicated Nintendo fans out there rooting for the GC no matter what, good for you, just dont flat out lie about GC.
GC is most definetly a good buy if you are short on cash, dont like blood and gore, and dont have a good speaker system. Otherwise, stick with a PS2 or X-Box.
Nintendo's bangin'     On: 2002-01-16

Both gameboy advance and gamecube is out cold. Besides at stores it cost 200$ while xbox and ps2 is 300$ and the cd is 2 inches smaller then the other 2 systems. Also the controller is more comfortable too. And in the future, there will be the wireless controller from wave bird so you wont dhassle with cords. I recomend that you shold get the gamecube.

I only gave this, -thing- , five stars to grab your attention. Now that I HAVE your attention, I can reveal my true feelings for this purple cube. (By the way its not even a perfect cube, its a rectangular prism with holes and wires sticking out of it.)
First, I have to tell you my story, I was so excited for my christmas, I couldnt wait. Of course, I recieved my Gamecube on Christmas morning, and the first thing I did was play pikmin. Im still stuck on it, I was so excited, there were going to actually make a pikmin for gamecube! I have the ones for gameboy and N64. I searched and searched, but I didnt no how to unlock Pikachu. I asked people but they laughed at me.
Second, the thing is PURPLE! purple. p u r p l e. thats enuff reason not to get it. the controller is purple and green and yellow and grey and red and a dark purple. (REALLY). The Play Station version Two controllers are sleek black. the X Box is like that too, big and huge, not tiny.
third, the little purple thing cant play cds! I put in my little bowow cd and it was too big! i tried to force the lid shut, but the purple thing broke little bowow. :(
The dreamkast is soo mucjh better. the games are disks, not cartriges .I want to sell my gmaecube away for some money to buy a x box. good night peeps, thankx 4 readign my review!
The Game Cube is Great     On: 2002-01-15

Game Cube has really great graphics. ... For those of you thinking about buying a Game Cube, Go for it! You wont be disappointed!
GameCube is great!     On: 2002-01-11

The gamecube rocks. I am tired of these non gamers bashing it. Do you have no right to put down something you dont belong to. Your are not gamers. You are driven by the hype machine, and as long as its a sports title or has "cool graphics" you will go for it. I own all three systems, and the GameCube is great! If you dont like Nintendo, your not a gamer. Furthermore, to make a statement like this..."Gamecube is for babies" You must realize babies cant play games!
horrible     On: 2002-01-06

the game cube is dumb because its for babies. the thing is purple.all the games are mario too.if i were u i would buy a ps2.
BEATS PS2 AND XBOX ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!     On: 2002-01-05

As far as graphics,games,memory,sound,and fun,gamecube is the system to get!Ive rented the PS2 with a couple games.PS2 may have more games,but it doesnt beat gamecube in those 6 things above.GameCube and PS2 are the same as Nintendo 64 and Playstation.64 has better graphics and funner games,but psx has more games.but who gives a care?Theres nobody who wants to buy 1000 games.

It has the capabilities of a dreamcast,because you can play games online.Its unique size allows you to take it anywhere!Also,Sega is making games for it like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Phantasy Star Online.I got the gamecube for christmas.Its a Indigo,but it doesnt have a bundle.And it has awsome games,alot of sequels of Nintendo 64 games.For example,Super Smash Bros.Melee.It also has alot of multi-player games!And its alot less than the PS2 or Xbox!200.00.So,overall,buy the GameCube.It doesnt waste your money,or your time.

GameCube-Its all there, But some games may not be     On: 2001-12-30

Ive had the game cube since christmas day now, and i think it is a great piece of hardware, and plenty able to handle a graphics intensive game. Madden 2002 takes great advantage of the gamecubes graphics power, and its beautifully rendered. One downfall is that if you want to make your own team (a little complicated, but has good potential), you will need 2 memory cards. One for madden, and one for the rest of your games. The two minute drill in madden 2002 is a good feature if you ever want a quick game, as a real game can take a while to play out. Luigis mansion in my opinion does not come even close to harnessing the computing power of the gamecube. I think the game as a whole is very good, but i also think it is very comparable to graphics of Super mario 64 for the nintendo 64. I would go as far as to say that, aside from the controller diffrences(which i find gamecube to have a far superior than any of its competitors), luigis mansion could have been a N64 game. I have starwars rouge squadron for the N64, and id say the game for the game cube is just a minor face-lift on graphics in most senarios, but also has improved user interface. If you have rouge squadron for the 64, your not missing a whole lot with the gamecube, and i think you could find something better to do with the 50 smackers that it costs for the game. If you dont have it for the 64, or are a starwars nut, then i think its worth it. I really like the controller for the gamecube. It fits your hands just about perfect, even if youhave real small or real big hands (i have reletivly large hands and my younger sisters have reletivly small, and we both like the controllers). I heard alot of critisism about the handle on the back of the gamecube, but i find it comes in handy. I hope this review helps in your search for a system
No Wonder It Is Always Out Of Stock     On: 2001-12-28

I just got this system for Christmas with Super Smash Bros. Melee (great game) and NHL Hitz 20-02 (also great) The load time is the quickest on any system with a disk. I like the size and shape of the console. The Memory cards are about 1 inch big and store about 10 saved games. So you should get this system!
Best System ever     On: 2001-12-25

This system is a very wonderful system. Best in the business!
Can't Decide Which Console to Buy, get a Gamecube     On: 2001-12-25

So, you cant decide if you want a gamecube, X-Box, or playstation 2. Well thats what Im here to tell you so how about we start with the playstation 2.
1. The Ps2 is a great system, it can play your Dvds and your cds and you dont have to buy any additional equipment to play them unlike the X-Box in which you have to buy a special remote just to play your dvds. The Ps2 also has a great number of games which will please most anyone. But its supposed to have a lot of games because its been around a full year longer then the X-Box or Gamecube so duh, its going to have more games. I personally wouldnt recommend buying it because it is a year and a half old which means that it doesnt have the most up to date technology. But if you cant wait a month or two then go ahead and buy one but I wouldnt.

2. The X-Box is a fair system, it to can play Dvds and Cds but it will cost you 30 bucks more to have the dvd player with requrired remote. It also has some games that many people will like such as Halo and is probably the most powerful system. Its also made by the King of Cash, Bill Gates but thats where the advantage ends. Microsoft has absolutely no experience making game consoles and you can see. It has a hard drive, pentium 3 processor, Navida graphics, for petes sake go buy a computer. The controllers are big and chunky and the buttons are way to close together so I dont know how anyone could do any combo moves and it will probably take you hours to get used to the controllers. Sure its the most powerful of the system but power doesnt mean anything when it comes to video games because the system still needs to be able to play games. As for the games well X-box wont be getting most of their games for another month or two. Gamecube already has 30. And its just their second month out onn the market. I dont reccomend you buying this system, it doesnt have a lot of games, the controllers are too big and it made buy a COMPUTER COMPANNY.

3. Now the Nintendo Gamecube. Let me just tell you that the this system is awsome. It already has around 30 games and will please anyone who wants good games. Who says nintendo is just for kids. Well for all you sickos out there, there is Lords of the night, all six of the Resident evil series, Eternal Darkness and they are making a sequal to it for gamecube,it also has Goldeneye 007. Let me remind you, this is only the second month out on the market, imagine what it can do in a year. The controller of the gamecube is great, it looks like nintendo is bowing its head to Sony but I found that it is much better then the playsyation and XBox. It molds right into your hands and you get used to the buttons in minutes. The only problem I had, was the Z button which is located in front of the R button. Which is a lot like Playstations L1 and L2 buttons. But that is something that is easy to adjust to after awhile. The Gamecube also has added some things that the Ps2 and X-Box havent.

1) When a disc is ejected while in play the gamecube will ask you to put the disc back in and will resume from wherever you left off.
2) If you unplug the gamecube while in play the game will pause for 15 minutes untill you put the plug back in before you lose your data. Which means that if you accidently disconnect the gamecube while playing a game all you have to do is plug it back in and your right where you were before.

Many people complain that Gamecube cant play DvDs or Cds but unlike the X-box and Ps2 it wasnt designed to be your home entertainment hub. It was meant to play games. Wow, isnt that amazing, a Video game system that is meant to play games. What if your mom bought you your own DVD player. Are you going to complain to her that it doesnt play video games. I bet you never thought about that. Many also complain about the 3 inch mini discs that are used but those minidiscs are great. By using minidiscs the Gamecube doesnt have to take time to load unlike other consoles. The diameter of the Gamecube is about 6 (5.8 inches to be exact) inches in diameter which saves a lot of room unlike the X-Box which is larger then a VCR and the Playstation 2 which is quite long. You can fit the Gamecube anywhere you could put any other consoles and save more room. So what I am basically saying is save yourself a lot of time and money and buy a Nintendo Gamecube and a seperate Dvd player. For heavens sake its cheaper then an X-Box.

One small itsy bitsy problem     On: 2001-12-22

If it has to do with gamecube, Ill give it 5 stars. I got the same pack, dont ask me how, my grandpa got it. But theres only one problem: You wont get a chance to play the other games cuz your hooked on Luigis Mansion!

Disappointed with Nintendo     On: 2001-12-20

Ive had Nintendo consoles for a long time and just recently picked up a Gamecube. As soon as I got it, I had problems playing games. Returned it, turned out it was a problem with the laser. I got another one and everything was fine until suddenly the screen went blank after about 3 hours of game play. I took it back and it turned out that it was in internal problem with the video card. I finally got a working system on my 3rd try and I liked Rogue Squadron but was disappointed with other titles. I finally gave up and got myself an X-Box. It worked from the get go and I was much more satisfied with the games. Am I anti nintendo? No. Im just saying that Microsoft may be new but they did a heck of a job. Everyone (including me) says its all about the games, and X-Box got you covered.
The Best Of The Best!     On: 2001-12-19

This is the most exciting game i have ever played!

Ok, I have a few things to say about the gamecube. First of all this thing is extrememly overrated. I dont know why people are saying that it has incredible sound when the fact of the matter is that there is no dolby digital 5.1 capability here. For anyone with even mild interest in how sound effects the overall video game enjoyment they should consider this fact. What is the use of having "sophisticated games" like resident evil when the sound quality is not at a "sophisticated" level. Also I have heard a lot about how wonderful the discs are that hold the games (short load times, etc.) however this also limits the length of the games due to the lack of storage space. On the topics of games the only one that I have enjoyed for more than 5 minutes is the Star Wars title. I think that I am leading up to one inevitable conclusion; this console is not for a gamer with sophisticated tastes in sight and sound. It is obvious that people that are so intent on trashing other systems is only doing so to justify their purchase, that being said I do not own any of the new systems but have played them all extensively. If I were to buy one though it would be the XBOX and that is because to me it offers the most flexibility in the long run without needing add ons or encoded data in the games to account for shortcomings (5.1 surround). One final note, I live in a college house that enjoys several consoles, the gamecube is rarely touched while the lines are long for PS2 and XBOX.
Nintendo travelling same route as Sega?     On: 2001-12-18

All right people, lets face it: Microsoft is just better at everything. Get the Xbox. Much better.
So..... You want to buy a console...     On: 2001-12-18

Its that time of year again... Bring out the ornaments and holiday cheer, and oh, those presents. This review applies to either parents or children out looking for a new gaming console to play on for the next few years.
First, let me summarize Xbox and PS2 so I can get to Game Cube. Xbox: Controller, not that bad but not good; graphics are great, but with all that hype it falls short (it is always hype that kills). To play DVD on the Box, you have to pay 30 extra bucks. A little hidden fees, eh?
The PS2 is a tricky call. The downside: Somewhat old technology. The upside? Lots and lots of games, what Sony is famous for.
Ah, the Game Cube. This is the one I really like. When I got mine, I opened it and couldnt turn it off for at least 10 hours, literally. I loved the controller, because it really "molded" into my hands. Within minutes, I didnt realize the controller was there until I dropped it, gawking at the amazing graphics Star Wars Rogue Leader displayed. People say that the Cube doesnt play DVD, true, but that doesnt matter. Why get all-in-one, when you can get the best in gaming, and a stand-alone DVD system thats better than PS2 or Xboxs DVD? Its that simple.
The only problem is that the "Z" button (not really used) is badly placed. However, some do call me a hard grader, so give it a five if you dont care about that pesky problem.
Parents, children, Grandparents: Gamecube, Gamecube, Gamecube!
Best     On: 2001-12-16

No offense to any xbox fans or ps2 fans gamecube rocks. In xbox the graphics suck and the gameplay is very dissapointing. In PS2 Graphics are wicked the gameplay is ok but the games are poor. In cube the games rock graphics great and the gameplay is awesome. BUY A GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!
The Best Video Gaming System Ever     On: 2001-12-16

For something so small, what you see on your television is amazing. The technical feats of this system surpases the Playstation 2 and rivals the X-BOX. The GameCube was created as a video game machine only and that is what it does... The controller is perfect, unlike the bulky X-BOX & Dreamcast controllers and the uncomfortable PS2 controller. The graphics and sound of the GameCube are unbelieveable. The only problem I have with the GameCube is the omission of the optical audio output, lower polygon count than X-BOX, and lower resolution than HDTV (480p). Other than that, the GameCube is the choice video game system to buy this time around. Dont forget to check out Luigis Mansion, Metroid Prime, Dinosaur Planet, Pokemon, Perfect Dark 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Eternal Darkness, Turok Evolution, Mortal Kombat 5, Resident Evil (0-4), Robotech, and other (great) games that will soon be available. GAMECUBE ROCKS!!!!!
A good system, but what is all the fuss     On: 2001-12-15

First of all,I have a gamecube, and it is fun,but not like i expected. Im really gettin tired of people saying that it isnt a kid oriented system,because it is,and its supposed to be. Just because it has resident evil on it doesnt mean that its not still the kid game sytem on the market. When i got this system I rushed home and popped in Madden 2002. I was very dissapointed with this because I fugured it would be better than the n64 version.

Im also geting tired of people saying that this is better than the xbox because it has all the good games. The only good game that gamecube has and xbox doesnt,is tony hawk 3. Xbox will probably surpass all the systems by sometime next year, because it will have most games that ps2 and gamecube has. Ps2 is probably the best right now. So it all depends on what u want.
Ps2 would be a good buy right now if you want the games now. Gamecube is also a good price and i would recommend it if u are under the age of about 13. Ide say Xbox is the best buy now,if u want to invest into the future. If u cant decide on amazon, u should just go to your local store and compare the systems there and forget about technical statistics.

Overall : i suggest an xbox or ps2, fo the graphics and games.I think Im going to return my gamecube and get an Xbox.

This may look like a lunch box but....     On: 2001-12-15

Man is this a cool console. I hooked this baby up this morning using the s video connection I played star wars rogue leader (its a great game Im still learning the ins and outs of the game). The controller is very very comfortable to use and the machine itself is a space saver not as wide as either the PS2 or XBOX. Now I do own a PS2 that too is a great system (I see another year or so before it bubbles out) but I also like the gamecube ok so the mini discs dont hold the info the dvd discs do but that doesnt mean the games are going to be any less fun on the gamecube. I see a bright future for the gamecube as well. This is coming from an experienced gamer Ive owned most of the major gaming consoles over the yrs and this by far is my current favorite. all in all its all about the gameplay and what games you like NOT how fast the machine is or the fancy add ons that it comes with (CD/DVD). and NO I am not going to bash the Xbox I havent played enough of the console to make a good or bad judgement. Have Fun
Help.     On: 2001-12-15

I am very pleased with this product and happy with the delivery. I was under the impression that I was going to receive two controllers and it is hard to find out if this is correct since I cannot locate a way to get a hold of everyone. Please help.
Star Wars Rogue Leader     On: 2001-12-14

The game is awesome, the graphics blow you away but its not truely satisfactory unless you play it on a big screen tv. The game play is great the crafts are very realistic and easily manuverable. Sounds make the game its self they have the Best sounds and music of anygame. the one downfall, if your an entense gamer well... the game (if your good) takes about 3-5 hours, but getting all the medals and all the bonus levels can last weeks to get, so far i havent done it and i had it seince nov. 25.
wow!     On: 2001-12-13

Any body lookin for fun buy it!!!!I got one and when school is over im glued to it!its worth the money big time!So what are you whating for BUY IT
save 100 bucks and dont be intimidated by bits     On: 2001-12-11

The gamecube lets call it right now the "cube" is actualy 32/64 bits. wow! my n64 is more powerful than the cube.wait,no its bits have nothing to do with it because the allmighty xbox has 32 bits and lots of chips to help it out like the cube. but the ps2 has 128 bits which is great. so when you shop for a system keep in mind that bits dont matter and games do save 100 bucks on a cube and buy two more games
Very original! Kudos to Nintendo for switching to discs     On: 2001-12-09

Im glad that Nintendo has finally started using discs. For one thing, their cheaper to make than cartidges. Nintendos mind was always set on smooth gameplay, and the Gamecube sure looks promising in that respect.
What's the point comparing tech-specs?     On: 2001-12-08

Most reviews on these pages seem to drag on about stuff like gamecube is crap because the x-box got a faster cpu or gamecube is the best because the x-box looks like a shoebox.
In my humble opinion i think the most important thing is how much fun you will get from the matter what system they run on or how many polygons are shifted per second.
Of course nintendo has also released some crappy games in the past, but if you look back on all those classics they have produced i think its fair to assume there are some great things coming in the next few months (a souped up mario or zelda anyone?).
Maybe there will not be a great title coming out every week, but who can afford to buy any game that comes out anyway?
Games so far look as good as anything from the competition, they play well and are reasonably priced. As for the cube itself, i think it looks sweet and sturdy. Have you ever had a nintendo system that broke down??
So if you want a reliable system with FUN games at a decent price i think the gamecube is the only real option....well done nintendo!
The dawn of a new age     On: 2001-12-08

Weve seen Nintendo evolve from a company making "Game & Watch" portable systems to breaking the graphics barrier with the Nintendo 64. Throughout its 16 years of console production, it has failed to make a failure (that is, if you dont count the Virtual Boy). The Nintendo GameCube seems to follow that tradition, once again proving to be a system as good and greater than its competitors.

With games such as Wave Race: Blue Storm, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Luigis Mansion being GameCube exclusive, theres plenty a reason to purchase the system. Fitted with outstanding graphics and the solid gameplay Nintendo has never failed to deliver, the GameCube is another solid mark in the Nintendo console series.

Also, this system is the one that can break the "kiddie game" stereotype Nintendo has been graciously presented. Capcom has ensured the next six Resident Evil games to be GameCube exclusive, and the progammers at Silicon Knights are hard at work on Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem, a mind-twisting game bound to haunt somebody. For those of you who like Pokemon and company, though, dont worry: games like Pikmin have been released and should suit your needs.

If you want DVDs, theres PlayStation 2. If you want Halo, go buy Xbox. But if you want pure, unrivaled gaming, go with the Gamecube. Theres none other.

Sorry Don Myers...You made a few mistakes     On: 2001-12-04

In Dons review entitled "So youd like to ... Buy a GameCube, XBox, or Playstation 2" he says that the XBOX has an "Athalon" processor. I think that is how he spelled it. Anyway the "Athalon" is spelled ATHLON and the XBOX has a Pentium 3 Processor. Get your facts straight before you give some biased review and tout your cut-and-paste knowledge of the Gamecube.

As for the Gamecube itself, here is my advice: Dont take the fun out of gaming by comparing specs. It ruins it. Buy the system that has the games you want. Leave the specs to the engineers.

GAMECUBE IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2001-12-03

Gamecube Smokes PS2 and Xbox     On: 2001-12-01

Right now the Gamecube has better Graphics then both those expensive consoles. Nintendo is making it to play GAMES!!!! If you want a DVD player go buy one. If you want a CD player go buy one. Plus this is the only system that Capcom is making Resident Evil exclusive to. So if you want to play the future Resident Evil games you gonna have to give up the Duckets for a Gamecube. Give it a year and Gamecube will be the console to own...Peace
A great system     On: 2001-11-29

First of all, lets get something straight. Nintendo intended their console to be a GAMING machine while microsoft intended X-box to be a multimedia center. Judging by the fact that gamecube doesnt have DVD or CD capability isnt fair in this respect.

Nintendo designed many systems over the years that have "kiddie" games. I can name many on the gamecube that are not. For example, Rogue Squadron II, Resident Evil, Smash Bros Melee, etc. The rumor that nintendo makes kiddie systems is false.

Now, on with the review......
Im not gonna bore you with technical terms. The gamecube supports great graphics and Surround Sound. The controllers are comfortable (the only problems I found with them is they are fairly small and the Z button can be hard to use with the same finger that you use for the R button). The memory card now uses an enhanced block system (remember the N64 Memory cards). Like the PS2, it has a menu screen that will come up if you have no disc inserted or have the tray open. It keeps track of time, sound options, and allows you to edit memory card files.

Rogue Squadron looked simply astounding and never experienced slowdown at all, even during heated battles with tons of laser blasts and explosions. Rouge Squadron also interfaces with the gamecubes calander to change minor elements in the game (Day and night in some levels for example).

Luigis Mansion had great graphics and sound as well. Although the premise of the game sounds childish, its actually quite an addictive game.

Madden 2K2 sports some great graphics as well as ease of gameplay. BE WARNED THOUGH. Saving a season of Madden will require almost an entire memory card. buy an extra if you want to save on this game.

Overall, this is a great system and I reccommend it to gamers of all ages.

GCN system of the future     On: 2001-11-29

I am 14 i just use the under 13 so it takes alot faster. First of all i am not an owner of the system yet but i spend enough time playing my friends and loosing touch with reality when playing at the local Electronic Boutiqe.+ ... The stats are around 60% of X boxs but around double that of PS2 but i dont have a problem with sony they made their Videogame enterprise with not the most advanced system but the system that was the easiest to make for. One thing that angered me the most about this kid was almost everything on the list that he wrote was not only fake but the heir archy of nintendo said No to IGN and in their own Nintendo Power magazine. the Nintendo corporation wants to base a console omnly on gaming the only internet this game will have is for multi player and nintendo also stated that the NET will not be for browsing it will be something like a Also the chip inside GCN is a PPC chip made by the IBM, APPLE,MOTEROLA, and CISCO combine the chip is called "GEKKO" not to mention it is 485 mhz it is a GAMING variation of the chip used in the MACINTOSH G3 and in actual Mac speed this chip is the equal to a 1.143 ghz Intel Pentium 3 chip which is faster than the one in the PC and if you have ever used a Macintosh a New one not the Compact Extentionless monstrosities that apple calls an IMAC you know that Macs are faster and more powerful and like Mac computers the PPC ship is he only one that can perform atleast one gigaflop (1 billion computations per second) which leaves the intell chip lagging in the sorrows behind in speed Pentium has a long way to go to catch up to apple so dont ever say Cube has an Intell chip. To finish up on this kid and to finaly get to my own stuff on the wondersystem I need to say that NO CD/DVD attachment shall be made for gamecube there is a Gamecube DVD hybrid made by Matsutashi(Panasonic)... and it may or may not see the US and if it does it comes in 1 color Chrome(Metalic Silver).
Now lets get to what i need to say First Luigis Mantion Myamoto out did himself with this ghostbusters spoof it is entertaining and fun while it lasts I found it short but a very good and addicting game the Graphics are spectacular and it can be hailed one of the best games of the Year. Second is John Madden NFL 2002 I have played countless hours of this game so far and all i must say is i think now whever i see real foot ball i may start yelling Pass to X not B, pass it X now. This game is so real and the the play controler is made for cubes controler which is pure genius unlike PS2s which it was probabley made after GCNs has the buttons not centered to the controler but centered around the thumb and fingers and all are in reach and fit like a glove. The last game on the List Rogue Squadron 2 is so impressive that I swear it is playing a movie no other game can compare Jaw Dropping Visuals and a play control that is so easy and so non strenous that you sometimes forget you have hands and you just move on reflexs and instingt whcih allows you to do more in depth in the game possibly causing insanity, mild Hallucinations, and night terrors. I find all of that so cool. While the half year of EG monthly speeks for itself no enlightenment needed there. I think the last thing to specialize on is the Memory card which has 59 blocks the smalest of the systems the memory card itself is small it is the size and weights as much as a poker chip and unlike the X box and PS2 almost all the games take up 1 or 2 blocks so you can easily store over 25+ games on 1 card and an addition to the futere will be the SD memory cards and ov course a GCN SD card adaptor for on if you dont know an SD card is a smaal memory card that can hold anywhere form 16 to 128 megs of space vthese are usually sed with mp3 players, Digi cams/ Digi Video Cams, and for the newer line of palm piolets that can use portable memory extentions insted of the firewire of USB cable that need to be hooked up to the computer whn transering. These Card are so small an adaptor has to be made the adaptorlooks like a regualr GCN memory card but it has a slot on the opostie end that gets inserted into the consol that is where the SD card goes in. Nintendo has not yet stated if we can see digital pictures or movies or play mp3s on the GCN with this device all they have stated is that It can be used instead of a memory card and with 128 megs you wont ever need another one. Nintendo plans to release more info on the product as it releases to Japan then after to the US. on lst thing WIRELESS WAVEBIRD controler it is wireless and has about a 30ft range and i doubt you need to sit 30ft back but whatever the Signel can not be messed up or interlaced with other Controlers Wireless or w/ a wire because each signel for each is a tiny bit different but different enough so only that controler hub reads it. Till the next amazing nintendo product comes out MOST LIKLEY "BIOHAZERD."...
WAY 2 GO     On: 2001-11-29

Nintendo has done again, Yeah sure the X-Box has some power
House in it, but the need the time and the experience to
compete, now do not get me wrong Im looking forward to their
third generation X-box I expect it to be if not the best,
the second best. But for now and until Microsoft shows that they
can do a game console good enough for me, I stick with my
Nintendo Game Cube. Nintendo has proved thought out game
history, that they are good, betting Sega, Sony, and any other
Home game console out there in more that one feature. So for now
and until proved other wise the winner and still champion is the
Game Cube, watch out Microsoft the champ is not that ease
beating. Im sure by this time two years from now (or maybe
three) we will have a hard time choosing the best game console,
but for now the choice is ease Nintendo
Well This is the GameCube? ILL TAKE IT!     On: 2001-11-28

How can you say this is worst than XBOX?
XBOX only has Halo... duh!... only good game for XBOX!
But Hey... I would go with the GC and PS2.
Who cares if it dont have a DVD... people should have DVD players anyway by this time.
You always expect good quality nintendo and sony.
Just Trust Me... Keepin it Gangsta-> not just for the kids
GameCube is a good value...but is this bundle?     On: 2001-11-28

The Gamecube is a nice gaming system, an ample sequel to N64. The system is small, and easy to hook-up. Game discs are also very small, about the size of a mini-disc. The biggest drawback is the small number of games available at launch, but this will definitely change quickly as Nintendo will be releasing its own titles for the GC, plus other companies will release cross-platform games (Crazy Taxi, Batman: Vengeance & All-Star Baseball 2002 are already out for PS2 & GC) and GC exclusives (the Resident Evil line). The controller takes a little getting used to, but feels very comfortable and natural, even less complicated than the PS2 controller after awhile. Graphics have been fantastic in the games thus far, and will only improve.

For those who wonder if this bundle is a good deal, I have done the math for you, based on what the items in the bundle sell for in most stores, and on the net: Gamecube system = $200, Controller = $35, Memory card = $15, 3 games = $150, Total = $400; plus a few bucks for the magazine subscription. So this is about what you would pay in stores...if you think you will like all three games included with this bundle: Rogue Leader is a MUST-have, and the reason I bought a Gamecube. The graphics are spectacular, and they gameplay in general is smooth and enthralling; Luigis Mansion is a nice Super Mario-type game, where you catch ghosts in an attempt to find Mario...this game is fun, but perhaps not for the hard-core gamer; Madden is the standard for football games, if you like the NFL, then Madden is always the one to get. The memory card is necessary to save games, and you will likely want to get at least one extra controller for multiplayer games, so it just comes down to whether or not you think you will like the 3 games it comes with.

Overall, this Gamecube bundle is a solid, though not overwhelming, value. The System itself is a great value, and I recommend picking one up!

The Facts - The Hype - The Real Deal     On: 2001-11-27

Here it is in a giant nut shell.

SPEED: Game Cube has more overall power with better processing.

Reason: The rating used is not telling the whole story. The "Processors" used are totally different.

Its like PENTIUM 2 800mhz -vs.- PENTIUM 4 500mhz. If you do basic math you see which is faster.

P4 X 500= 2000(GameCube)
P2 X 800= 1600(xbox)

Pretty accurate showing the strength of the GameCube. (This is not a true comparison, but its close enough)

Controllers: GameCube and Playstation 2 are evenly good, xbox is way to big.

THE HYPE: When watching TV is it the channel you like or the show? Is it the amusement park entrance or is it the roller coaster within?

Playstation is about quantity not quality. Some really great games, but the majority are not worth it. Playstation is actually the Nintendo CD that was scrapped because it was inferior? For Petes Sake GameBoy outsells Playstation 1 and 2(fact).

In a nut shell. Playstation fans have been playing Nintendo CD, X Box fans (in my opinion) are buying an empty promise from Microsoft and GameCube owners will enjoy what they have because there isnt a better system out there with better games or better game play. The GameCube is made for Gamers and Game Makers thats the #1 reason why it is the system to get.

Well as long as we dont include your PC. :)

I just wrote a joke that can sum it all up.

What did Playstation 2 say to Xbox?
"Loading, Loading, Loading"

What did Xbox say back?
"Loading, I need games, Loading, Bill needs money"

What did GameCube say to Xbox and Playstation 2?
Nothing, it was doing its job! (. . .)P>Enjoy!

Totally worth them money...     On: 2001-11-27

This system is awsome. They have some many awsome games that are avaliabe .. Super Smash Brothers, Pikmin, Luigis Mansion, Rouge Leader, Wave Race and Super Monkey Ball, Madden, and Tony Hawk. No other system has had such a good launch.. and the bast is only to come
Gamecube Rocks     On: 2001-11-27

After listening to some of my friends say that X-box is for hardcore gamers, and gamecube is for pokemon fans. I looked at my good old n64 and found that all of the games were hard to beat(for me at least). Titles like DK64, Super Mario 64, rocket:robot on wheels, and many others. Nintendo has made classic games that are still challenging gamers today, and will probably bring in a whole slew of revivals of the best of the best, with a new twist. New games wont be hard either with the aqquisition of sega. All I can say is that gamecube will bring challenging games for all!
If you have children...     On: 2001-11-26

This might be your choice console, because it was designed, courted by, and made for kids. With the excception of the Resident Evil series on the horizon, there is not much to look forward to if you are over fourteen years old.

The one thing Nintendo has going for it are its franchise game series such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. If it werent for those, then Nintendo would most likely cease to exist.

I wouldnt recommend getting any console right now except for the Microsoft X-Box. While I am no MS hound, I will say that if you are looking for longevity in a game console, that would be it, because with a Giant like Microsoft backing a console (finally, American competition again!) with a huge array of ported PC games, a hard drive, DVD player, and the best looking graphics on any system (Gamecube could not handle half of Halos world because it has no hard drive), I would go with X-Box... But if you want fun for the kids, get a Gamecube

X-Box or Gamecube     On: 2001-11-25

Ok, now lets talk about the Nintendo Gamecube. The Nintendo company has been around for nearly 100 years, yes thats right 100 years. So it definetly has the experience to make a great system. Sure they made some mistakes with Nintendo 64 but they found their mistakes and theyve corrected them. Sure the Gamecube wont play your CDs or your DVDS but it will give you exceptional sound and an amazing picture. It also has many more games then X-box. Most games for X-Box will not be coming out untill. January of 2002. Gamecube already has twice as many games as X-Box, and it will load and process your games noticably faster then X-Box.One of the best parts about Gamecube is how small it is. It is only about 6 inches in diameter and has a handle so you can pritty much take it wherever you want without all the hassle X-Box will give you. The X-Box is very haevy and is very big so it is not easy to carry. Gamecube however, is only 6 pounds and is very small. (...) you could throw the gamecube against the wall and it probably wont break and it costs a lot less to repair it. (...) By Kevin
NINTENDO IS BACK , 10 YEARS LATER     On: 2001-11-25

I was doubtful at first, content with what I had, then luckily I had a family member who purchased two Gamecubes (...), after playing the package deal available here I was in awe and bought his second Cube with a copy of Madden 2002.
Yes, I know it does not play DVDs and or music CDs, WHO CARES, IT IS A TRUE GAMING MACHINE, the design of the Cube is ingenious, small, compact, portable, the ultimate party machine, the size of the machine will not ruin the decor of your room (unless you get purple), and your girlfriend/wife will think its adorable, if you do not have a girl/wife, get an XBox....just kidding. Anyhow, the controller is the best since the SNES controllers and it makes Madden 2002 so much more enjoyable. Yes it is not the most powerful machine, BUT I ALREADY HAVE A PC, thanks anyways Microsoft.
Luigis Mansion: Yes it seems REAL kiddy, and I must admit after playing DevilMayCry for PS2 I was turned off. 15 minutes later I was loving it, theres enough violent so called "mature games" available, and these Nintendo games are like a breath of fresh air in these rough times. Highly enjoyable gameplay, I love the whole Ghostbusters thing, graphics awesome, sound top notch. I was charmed.
StarWars: What can I say, GET THE GAME, if you have any doubts about the Gamecubes power, play this, it knocked my socks off, both graphically and gameplay itself. Incredible, period.
Madden 2002:Best incarnation of 2002 yet, graphics: way ABOVE the PS2 version, probably not as good as the XBOX version (I have not played it) ---HOWEVER; this game and the Cube controller layout make this game the definitive version of Madden, I never once pressed the wrong button and the game plays like butter. Awesome multiplayer, get it!!!!Sell your PS2 version, NOW!
All in all; the Nintendo Gamecube screams quality, you will not be dissapointed. Parents will not be dissapointed, 23 year olds like me will not be dissapointed. Highly recommeded for Christmas.
Not just for kids anymore     On: 2001-11-25

Nintendo, by censoring much of the blood and gore out of its games, has earned itself the reputation of being just for kids. Not until the end of the N64s life did it begin to give in to public demand and start jacking up the violence. In fact, many of its final games (Perfect Dark, Conkers Bad Fur Day) were so incredibly violent that you were carded if you wanted to buy them. Although these games did not completely wipe away Nintendos bad rap, they did give developers the OK to do whatever they wanted on the Game Cube. The days of Nintendo censorship appear to be over. With its new PS2-like commercials, Nintendo is attempting to appeal to an older audience, and I hope its doing a good job. Nintendo is world-known for its development of memorable characters and fun games. Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, these are games lacking violence but far from lacking fun. Nintendos main focus has always been fun, and certain age groups shouldnt be excluded by splattering blood all over a game. Judging a game by its "E" rating is like judging a movie with a "G" rating and automatically saying its just for kids. Take Beauty and the Beast... animated, Disney Flick, nominated for Best Picture Academy Award. Legend of Zelda... rated "E," developed exclusively by Nintendo, one of the best games ever made. I encourage everyone to get a Game Cube. Whereas X-Box and PS2 will try (Crash Bandicoot, anyone?), they can never come close to Nintendos memorable cast of characters and consistant quality.
XBox vs. PS2 vs. GC     On: 2001-11-24

Hi, how you all doing? Let me first say that Ive seen these systems and my opinions are non bias and factual. Let me begin with the PS2 which was launched last year. It created so much hype yet lived up to so much. To my the PS2 is a replica of the PS1 with a DVD player, better graphics, and titles very close to or about the same as PS1, for crying out loud it plays PS1 games, the controller is literally the same without the exception of pressure-sensitive buttons. But PS2 has some really good games no doubt about that, but its also been out for a year so its expected to have great games. Now onto the Gamecube why would you spend a hundred dollars less than the Xbox and get less than half of the specs of the Xbox. Why do you say the Xbox is a PC? It is not, the OS in Xbox is designed specifically WITH GAMING IN MIND for easy developement. XBox has a hard drive to give gamers the usability, and easibility of ripping of music from their own CDs, and the hard drive prevents horrendous (money) and time on memory cards. The hard drive also speeds things up a lot. The XBox comes with a built in ethernet port for direct access to the net. The XBox has a DVD player allowing games to run off of 4.5 GB discs. The GC is also a great system it has some really cool games coming out but they dont fit my description of hardcore gaming. Pikmin, and Luigis Mansion arent really my type; whereas, Resident Evil, and Perfect Dark are. But why would I want to settle for a graphics card that can boast 6-12 million polygons per second; whereas, the Xbox has a graphics card 2 generations ahead of the best PC, its also made by one of the most respectable GPU companies; nVidia. You know Microsoft is losing (money on) each system to match and paralell with other systems. If you dont find my review very helpful, then simply go to a store do a side by side comparision of all three and if you pay attention, and go with an unbiased opinion youll see which system boasts the best, sound, graphics, and gameplay. Another factor; sound... Xbox comes with AC3 sound, I have a really high end system and I would love to push an XBox to the limit and potential of DD 5.1. I still dont have an XBox but I recently ordered one. The launch titles were the most appealing to me than the GCs were. Microsoft is new to this field, so was Sony back in 95 and look at where its at right now. I hope the GC and XBox both are great systems. If you invested in the GC you didnt do the wrong thing, Im not saying that, Im saying that you picked a system which appealed to you, and you picked a company which has a generally good rep. in this field, and there are also great games for the GC. But; I find the XBox more appealing to me, and thats why I chose it. If I were you Id just go to a local store and do a comparision, your opinion might change, or it might stay the same... Have a good day.
The Cube ROX!!!     On: 2001-11-24

Nintendo Gamecube is most definitly the most best Game Counsol My dAD works at the NIntendo company and I have every game and all the stuff!!
I will give you some stuff they are adding on the Gamecube
2.e-mail system Mp3 player
4.a Cd player system
5.A ethernet cord that lets you play off the internet
Gamecube has the best graphucs Ever and the speed.
it has Intel pentium 950 mhz and all the other good stuf.
X-box is equal but has a slower mother load.
X-box is also not even shaped as a "box" such as the Cube it is shaped as a Cube.
X-BOX IS MORE expensive and pricy.
The box is the most slow system it is almost like Dreamcast the GaMECUBE IS THE FUTURE TILL SOMETHING NEW COMES OUT
The Best Gaming System     On: 2001-11-23

Now alot of people have been saying alot of stuff about this system. Most of it is the fact that it is only for kiddies. Well let me ask you this. When does blood and gore make something fun? Zelda, Mario, Super Smash Bro. and Star Wars are all interesting games, and yet they have no blood and gore. Plus for those sickoes that do love blood and gore, they made 6 resident evils. Another point of intrest is that it lacks in power. Well okay mabey it could be a bit better. But would you want to pay another extra 100 for it? Its small, about six by six, and has a screen you can by that makes it portable. Its got speed. No time to load at all. Madden 2002 is like controling the real guyes. The graphics are realistic, crisp and clear. Star Wars will make your eyes pop out. And your garenteed the nintendo touch. The Game Cube is the stepping stone for the new gameing systems. And the X-box is the example of how not to do it.
Nintendo's finest moment     On: 2001-11-22

Ok. So Nintendo has got it wrong in the past. The golden days of the 80s (NES) and early 90s (SNES) evaporated in a cloud of grey smoke as Sonys Playstation trounced the Nintendo 64 in sales and must-have status. Nintendo got it wrong, and if it wasnt for the unstoppable selling power of the GameBoy, Nintendo would have gone the same way as Sega some time ago.

But then there came the GameCube. Even though I have always believed that Nintendo makes the best games (Miyamoto and Rare more specifically), I have owned a Dreamcast and a Playstation2 whilst patiently waiting for Nintendos (innevitably late) next-gen system. The Dreamcast was always underrated and it will be sorely missed, whilst the Playstation2 was... lets just say it was disapointing...

So, I picked up my GameCube just after the Japanese launch. When the guy handed the box over, I was sure he was trying to fobb me off with a controller instead of the unit: its tiny. Actually, everythings tiny. For anyone who has never seen a 3" disc, the games are about the size of a circular minidisc - very small. But oh how beautiful! The GameCube looks just right; none of the overdesigned fussiness of the PS2, or the nauseating black/snot-green betamax VCR of the X-box. And that handle is a stroke of genius. Perfect for making sure the Gamecube is always available for the pissed post-pub/club carnage my friends and I regularly partake of, wherever we are.

The controller may look like Nintendo bowing its head to Sony, but I cannot stress how much better the Nintendo pads are than their Sony counterparts. Even my Sonyphile friends admitted (under their breath, of course) that they prefered Nintendos efforts. The buttons are far better laid out, all centering around a single large action button. All secondary and tertiary buttons are for the first time of different shapes, something which works particularly well when trying to perform a complicated action without taking eyes off the action. One gripe, though: the Z trigger is now placed above the R button and is nowhere near as easy to access as the one on the 64s controller. But then I guess thats the price we pay for proggress...

But what about the games? I bought the only three games available at launch: Luigis Mansion, WaveRace and Super Monkey Ball. Luigis mansion may be too short (stop-gap to the new Mario?), but the play that there is is intuitive and above all, fun. Fun... thats a word I havent used to describe a game since Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 64. All the rooms within the mansion are beautifully mapped with rich textures and smooth movement. And Ive never played a game where the main weapon is a vaccuum cleaner before.
Wave Race looks great, and after getting used to the new control configuration, plays as addictively and smoothly as the 64 version, with breathtaking water and scenery effects, devoid of the pop-up so prevailant on the PS2 and Dreamcast. But the biggest surprise (for me) was Super Monkey Ball. The only good result of Segas withdrawal from the console hardware market was the announcement that they would be developing for other systems - most noticably, the GameCube. As is to be expected from Sega (in my own opinion the greatest game programmers in the world bar Nintendo itself), Super Monkey Ball is an amazingly addictive game, and yet only uses the directional pad and (in some mini-games) the single action button. How much fun can you have with a monkey in a ball? With four controllers and three mates, this game (especially the MonkeyFight mini-game) is worth every penny.

I have to admit, however, that the launch lineup is lacking the big name blockbusters Nintendo should have during the pre-Xmas rush. This, however, will soon change. The Zelda, StarFox and many Mario franchises are on their way (cant wait), but even more interesting appear to be Miyamotos Pikmin and, after years of waiting, Samus will rise again in the Metroid sequel. I personally do not understand why most people equate Nintendos lack of gore-for-gores sake with its systems appealing solely to younger gamers. Since when have decapitations and guttings been a prerequisite for amusing gameplay? Anyway, for those grubling about Nintendos cutesy games and characters, I would like to remind them that Rare is readying a GameCube sequel to Perfect Dark (and the amazing Goleneye) and Conkers Bad Fur Day (probably one of the most adult - and amusing - games I have seen). Add to that the news that the Resident Evil and Soul Calbiur series are now GameCube exclusives (ha ha Microsoft and Sony), and those whiney 20-somethings may suddenly find they are eating their words.

I have tried to avoid talking about it, but the itch just needs to be scratched. What of Microsoft? Well, I havent tried the X-box, but I have tried all the forms of Windows that exist. When Microsoft has so conclusively ruined our commercial days, are we really going to let them ruin our recreational nights? I just have this horrible fear that, just because it is Microsoft, the best managed brand in the universe, the X-box will sell far better than it deserves to. PLEASE, dont let it!

So, anyway, thats my view on the situation. Whichever one of these systems you choose, I hope you enjoy it. If I were spending my money again, Id choose the GameCube. But you already new that ;-)

I'm not 12     On: 2001-11-22

Hehe...why do you all tend to bash something so quickly. When you do this, you are narrow minded. Sorry to say it but you are. I have been playing games since the Atari 2600. Im 25 now and I have all the game systems except for the XBox. Yes I have a GameCube and its not just for what..."kiddies" as you say. Personally I didnt like the XBox when I played it. Too jerky of movements on characters. I played Munchs Odysee, DOA 3, and whatever that attempt at a football game was. So far I dont see how they are even comparing the GameCube to the XBox. Oh Im sure that the graphics may be better on some games for any system, but you are going to get that with anything. Why do people refer to Mario as a "kidee" thing. I think people that are bashing a system are just mad that they bought the wrong one. Im not bashing the was a good attempt, yet I just think that Microsoft should keep their nose out of the gaming industry and let the powerhouses run it. They need to worry about making a stable Windows environment before they even think of trying to make a gaming system. I know this scewed from writing a post about the GameCube..sorry. Here it is.
AWSOME! Must buy! If you cant buy it now, save your pennies. Its worth it. You wont be sorry. =D Happy Gaming!!
GameCube is your best bet, better than the XBox and the PS2!     On: 2001-11-21

Nintendo GameCube: Nintendo has been around for (believe it or not) over 100 years. (Yes, thats 10x10.) They know what theyre doing. They know what mistakes they made with the Nintendo 64 and they have corrected them. They are working very hard to form close relationships with 3rd party developers (a tactic which they have not previously attempted) and thus have come up with a number of exclusive titles (Soul Caliber 2, Resident Evil 0 for the mature audiences) and of course the infamous huge Nintendo franchise (Mario, Pokémon, Zelda); something which Microsoft lacks. Nintendo is NOT JUST FOR KIDS ANYMORE, but kids, teens, and adults will be satisified alike.

Nintendos products have always been of unsuprassed quality; drop the GameCube and you will have no problems. Throw it, and youll get the same result as you would with any console...

Nintendos has added some extra features into the GameCube which its competitors lack including:
a) When a disc is ejected while the GameCube is running, the game will not mess up like in other consoles; instead it will ask you to close the lid and will resume from where ever it left off.
b) If the GameCube is unplugged while it is on, the GameCube will pause for 15 mins before you lose your game information.

Many complain about the 3-inch minidiscs that come with the GameCube and the lack of the ability of the GameCube to play DVDs or CDs but unlike the other consoles, the GameCube wasnt designed to be your home entertainment hub; it was designed to do one thing only: play games, and it does an awesome job at it.

The 3-inch minidiscs have some definte advantages over their full-size counterparts.
a) Very fast load times (compared to the PS2 AND the XBox)
b) Can be dual-layered to hold up to 3.2 GB of game data.

The GameCube comes with high-quality custom made PowerPC processors from IBM (not the same kind they use in their computers; its the type Apple uses) and custom-made ATI graphics chipsets, as well with very high speed 1T-SRAM and 256k of L2 [Level 2] cache which is extremely useful when processing code quickly and efficiently, and thats not all folks! Onboard geometry and lighting engine, hardwired S3 texture compression for on-the-fly decompression with no hit on hardware, up to Dolby Digital or even DTS 5.1 channel (software-encoded) sound and tons more... the GameCube has been streamlined for maximum performance and for ease of use.

The GameCube has an exellent controller unlike the XBoxs large clunky one; most who plan on getting one also plan on purchasing a smaller 3rd party controller. The GameCube controller (and this is comming from someone who HAS used one) is superb. It molds into your hands and after a short time, you forget that it is there; very comfortable and high-quality; exactly what you would expect from Nintendo.

The GameCubes handle has been the butt of many jokes; it really is quite useful believe it or not and due to the size of the cube, it is quite "handy" (no pun inteneded). Its very convenient to be able to just trot to a friends house without hassiling to carry it.

The GameCube is avaliable (or already sold out) in Indigo Purple/Blue and Jet Black. So if you dont want a "purple box with a handle" get one thats black.

The GameCube costs $100 less than the competition; thats $130 less than the XBox with REQUIRED DVD remote. Trust me, for $130, you can get a fine standalone DVD player from with a better remote, DTS sound, and higher picture quality. Take a look at this one for only $99: Daewoo DVG-3000N DVD-Video Player with MP3 (Silver)

Bottom Line: Save yourself time and money. Get the GameCube and a standalone DVD player. For heavens sake ITS CHEAPER THAN AN XBOX! (by $130 w/ required remote.) Trust me, Nintendo knows what its doing and you wont regret your decision.

Gamecube OWNZ!     On: 2001-11-21

Gamecube is most definatly the best. (...) Gamecube and xbox are equally powerfull...but Gamecube has the speed and graphics, They are re doing the whole resident evil series for gamecube and the lighting effects are amazing!, i cant see who would diss gamecube, It not only has the best games(ssx tricky, madden,all star baseball, resident evil, SUPER SMASH BRO.s MELEE!, ect.) and the best lighting effects(shadows come to life, lights flicker vibrantly, shadows change size depending on where the light is!)and flawless gameplay(loads in less than 5 seconds, never skips, excellent speed as i said!)and graphics(water effects look lifelike, shadows, the wrestlers in wrestling games look well as people in other games such as resident evil for example)and alot of other cool stuff!...Hey you may think...well xbox has the games and the graphics...ITS THE BEST!, it honestly doesnt, it has a hard drive, MEANING IT CAN CRASH!!it has not as good of graphics as gamecube, gamecube is better in graphics, and xbox is slow (...) it takes 3 minutes just to load a game!, will gAMecube takes a maximum of 5 SECONDS!!!!!!! The choice is obvious, gamecube is the best gift for the holidays, and the best Gameing system out there...and for ps2, it has good games but the graphics and speed is nothing compared to Gamecube.
This system is better than Xbox will ever be, and the reason     On: 2001-11-21

For anyone that says Gamecube is a "kiddie" system you must be on some kind of medical pills or something. You have to admit, most of the games are rated "E" but they are not only for kids. There are sp,e select "T" games and a "M" here and there. At first I thought Luigis Mansion will be a cheesy game, but I played it, and the originality and the fun-ness really sucks you into the game. Another "E" rated game that looks kind of cheesy but will really suck you in is Super Monkey Ball. You will think monkeys rolling around in plastic balls is really stupid, but the game is totally addictive and fun. Who would have ever thought of a game like that? Another big difference:

The processor-
As you may have seen in time, the Gamecube has a 485MHz Gekko processor and the Xbox has a 733MHz Intel Pentium 3 processor. Right there, everyone thinks the Xbox is a lot more powerful. Thats where youre wrong. The Gamecube uses a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) which allows the processor to work faster (thats why Gamecube loads so quickly). The Xbox uses CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) which is a lot older which was used in the mid 90s on the older computers. The 485mhz Gekko works like a 800mhz processor, which is faster than Microsofts 733mhz processor. The only thing that is better on Xbox is the sound chip, but not by much.

Software (The biggie!)

Face the facts, Microsoft is a US company, and US consoles have never done as well as Japanese consoles (EX: 3DOs console, Atari Jaguar, etc.) And admit this: Nintendo is a Japanese company with a lot of Japanese devolopers. About 90% of the games you play everyday are by Japanese devolopers (Mario, Zelda, Gran Turismo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shenmue, etc.) Microsoft has only US support, and there isnt that many games that we play that arent Japanese (Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman) and which games do you like more? The Japanese games, or the US games? Chances are you picked the Japanese games.

So would you rather have a console that is $100 less that has cutting edge games rather than a console that costs (more money) that has mediocre games and plays DVDs (with the help of a (expensive) remote control)? A game console is meant to play games, not be the multimedia machine. If you want a thing with a hard drive and a Intel Pentium 3, you are better off buying a computer. If you want a system that plays the latest and greatest games, you are better of going with the Gamecube. If you want something to play DVDs, you should buy a DVD player or a DVD-ROM for your computer. Dont waste (more money) on Bill Gates so he can live an extra week. (...) hes already loaded with hundreds of billions, but Nintendo deserves something like that which was worked on for years, instead of Microsoft who probably threw that together in a month. Trust me, you will not regret your desicion with Nintendo. Have you ever gone wrong with a Nintendo console? NES was great, SNES was one of my personal favorites, Nintendo 64 had excellent games (Super Smash Bros, the best fighter ever), Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance, the latest and greatest handheld console ever.

gamecube is the greatest system you will ever buy     On: 2001-11-21

gamecube is simply spectacular. You cannot compare xbox to gamecube, all xbox is is advanced graphics and a bunch of nothing. Xbox will have no enjoyable games. On the other hand you can be positive with gamecube, after all, its nintendo which gamers have been in love with since regular nintendo came about. Not only is gamecube top of the line in every gaming asset, but it is inexpensive. If you are a die-hard playstation fan then get playstation 2, because the gameplay of psx2 is almost as good as gamecube but the graphics cant compare. Gamecube is the best investment in gaming you could make, dont regret this decision, do the smart thing and get gamecube.
have any of u played this system     On: 2001-11-20

well i own it and it is one of the best system to buy. I am not a 12 year old i am a 14 year old. Tony Hawk 3 isnt for little kids and Madden 2002 isnt for little kids like one of u said that all the games r for little kids. It has the best graphics and is at a very good price i bought it 2 days ago so i did buy it and it is the best. Trust me buy it now i waited for 3 hours in the cold for it on a Sunday morning and it was worth it so do wut i say and go out and buy the system!
brings shame to sony and microsoft     On: 2001-11-20

I bought gamecube yesterday and bought rouge leader I have never seen a better system by next year nintendo is coming out with a hookup to play dvds(but who would want to watch dvds when you have something like gamecube) and a modem for online play the graphics both visually and statistically beat playstation 2. as for Xbox i have played it and ............ I would rather hook a piece of construction paper shaped like a big bulky box and play it nonstop for year then contaminate my tv with a piece of crap such as Xbox for 1 second, I have never seen a bigger dissappointment in the gaming world and will ridicule everyone I know who has one, which is not suprisingly noone. but back to gamecube not only is it cheaper but it is better then playstation 2 and lunch box or Xbox whatever there calling that downgraded computer now.
The Killer Game System Launch     On: 2001-11-19

With home video game systems, its not so much product specs that matter-- its all in the games. Didnt buy a PS2 last year because there werent any titles I just had to play. There arent any games Im dying to play on the X-box either. But Im typing this with one hand because my thumb is so sore from playing Luigi and Monkey Ball on my new Game Cube. Luigi isnt as ground breaking as Mario 64 was, but its still a very good game. And Super Monkey Ball is simply terrific! There are some killer games coming soon in the pipeline too, Star Fox, Metroid, Zelda and more... Highly recommended...
Why?     On: 2001-11-19

I actually would really like a gamecube right now, but WHY cant they just have a simple gamecube for sale? Why do they have to bundle it with a ton of stuff that not everyone may want right away? This kind of sneaky marketing makes it a lot more difficult for those who have smaller budgets to work with, to get a game system, and not just Nintendo is doing this, Microsoft and Sony are just as guilty. Come on you guys let the little gamers have a chance to play too!
Youngins     On: 2001-11-19

Anybody who rates gamecube a five must be under 12 years old becuase it only plays kiddie game with the exception of Resident Evil. Look at the Gamecube itself it has a handle so a child can carry it around and I quote "the disks fit in a CHILDS hand" If that doesnt give it away nothing will. Stick with a Ps2 or Xbox they both have awesome games. Gamecube has Luigies Masion. A game you can beat in one night. So if you are smart dont buy a gamecube.
GameCube 5 stars? YES!     On: 2001-11-18

I am only 14, but I know games. I had the original NES (Nintendo),the Super NES, the 64, and hopefully I will next get the Gamecube. Nintendo is going to try to make this a "family" console. Meaning that there will be no pronographic or very violent pictures. You may have heard reviews saying that there is, but those are just weak blows from other companies or critics. Anyway what I am trying to tell you today is this, GameCube has graphics just as good as a X-Box, but at a cheaper price and it has a long history of great games, including: Mario, Donkey Kong, Jonna Dark(Perfect Dark), etc. Now on the the controller. The GameCube controller is made for maximum playing ability. One critic said in a magizine, "When ever I am playing Madden on the X-Box or Dreamcast, I wish I could hook up a GameCube controller. Its just so much easier to play with!" The games that are going to be coming up for the GameCube are: Rouge Squadron 2:Rouge Leader(a sequal to one of the best games ever created), Luigis Mansion(Luigi must save Mario traped inside an old spooky Mansion), Madden(football), Wave Race(jet skiing) and so on. So here is the scoop, Gamecube: (...) great history of games, lot of thought put into the little things. X-Box: (...) same graphics as GameCube, no history of games. Enough said.
I own alot of systems, GameCube is one of the best.     On: 2001-11-18

I just got my GameCube in the mail, it rocks. The games included in this pack are all very high quality for a launch(Better than most PS2 Launch Software. The only game this pack is missing is Super Monkey Ball, it has, in my opinion, better multiplayer than Mario Party(Monkey Fight is my favorite). But Luigis Mansion has great atmoshpere that pulls you in the game. Rogue Leader has excellent control and missions. Also, Madden 2002 is the best Football game available on Game cube for the next year. I Recommend getting this bundle to start you out, it has the best variety of games also, and is a good value.
gamecube     On: 2001-11-18

If u look at the stats X-Box should be a lot better than gamecube. They have better graphics and is made by a company that revolutionized the computer industry. then you have game cube, which still pushes out great graphics and revolutionized the gaming industy. But game play is what matters. nintendo has proved it can make games and still will, i know im willing 2 sacrifice a little bit of graphics which u could only tell about on paper for better games. idk bout u guys but i still enjoy all the old games for super nintendo n nes (mario legendo of the 7 stars, earthbound, zelda for nes, shadowgate, zelda:link to that past) ill be gettin game cube, i already have a dvd player so im goin for game quality
My GameCube Reviews     On: 2001-11-18

1. GameCube Jet Black Luigi Pack

Why? Its got Madden 2002(for the older people), Star Wars(for the middle aged action people, and Luigis Mansion(for the kids).
I myself got this pack.

2. Madden 2002

Because its got to be the best simulation style football game ever!!!!!!!!!!

3. Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

This has got to be a phenomenal arcade type shooting game.

4. Tony Hawk 3

Cant go against the best!!!!

5. Luigis Mansion

Great strategy game.


I tried gamecube today and its so fun!!!!!!!!!!!If you dont like gamecube,you are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!If you havent played gamecube, get it any way.Everyone likes game cube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fun, fun ,fun     On: 2001-11-15

Looking for a next gen game system ? Gamecube is the answer.
It wont play DVDs or let you surf the net, but if pure gaming is your passion Id go with this system ... I have PS2 and love it the games are sooo much better than this time last year. And XBOX has to prove it to me.... Just from looking @ it I dont like it. Its too big, It looks like an 8 track player compared to the other systems. I dont mean technically, just visually.
And if the Japanese gamers and developers dont support XBOX, its going to be hard for this system to hang around.... So I say if your looking for a system to do everything buy a PS2, if you want a good system to just play games on get a CUBE.... Have fun
GameCube VS the xbox     On: 2001-11-14

First of all, we have to look at this objectively. Nintendo and Microsoft have both created extremely advanced gaming consoles, but the main difference is that Nintendo uses a RISC processor while Microsoft uses a CISC processor. The differences are BIG and follows as such:

RISC processor
[Reduced Instruction Set Computer], computer, arithmetic-logic unit that uses a minimal instruction set, emphasizing the instructions used most often and optimizing them for the fastest possible execution. Software for RISC processors must handle more operations than traditional CISC [Complex Instruction Set Computer] processors, but RISC processors have advantages in applications that benefit from faster instruction execution, such as engineering and graphics workstations and parallel-processing systems. They are also less costly to design, test, and manufacture. In the mid-1990s RISC processors began to be used in personal computers instead of the CISC processors that had been used since the introduction of the microprocessor.

Basically, this means, that while the NGC is RISC 400mhz (approx) and the XBOX is CISC 800mhz (approx), they both basically are the same in processing power due to their processors. The only advantage that XBOX really has in specs is its audio performance...which is damned good. Now to the nitty-gritty.

Software. Ask yourself this question, "Out of all the games I own, are the majority of the gamemakers Japanese or American?". Most likely, the answer will be Japanese. Hands down, the Japanese have been providing customers with cutting edge games that keep the average gamer glued to his/her seat.

American software vs Japanese software. Well, when comparing the playability, graphics and more of American software vs Japanese software, we are far behind, not only in sales, but in user ratings. Think about it, what games make the front covers of gaming mags 95% of the time? When you read gaming reviews, which games recieve top scores?? Im sure I dont have to answer this and Im positive, as a gamer, you know the answer. Why do I bring up this point? The reason is because almost all of the games currently being sold for the XBOX are developed by American companies. The NGC will have almost all of the Japanese gaming support, plus American support, as well (we are suckers for nickels&dimes). This isnt necessarily a bad thing, but if the XBOX doesnt think of a smart gameplan fast, we will be left in the dust. How can I say this? Well, the past couple of US attempts at gaming consoles didnt last a season (the Atari Jaguar and 3DO). Of course, the Atari 6700 and Intellevision, to name a couple, were extremely successful, they were also the founders of home gaming.

So, what will your choice be? A console with cutting edge performance and cutting edge games? Or, a console with cutting edge performance but no cutting edge games to show the consoles true colors? You decide, but in the meantime, Im looking at the Nintendo GameCube...I already have a DVD player.

David Z.

Awesome Gaming System!!     On: 2001-11-14

I Cant Wait for the November 18th launch of Gamecube!!!The games Are Absolutely Awesome and so is the system its self. At First I wanted an Xbox but when I compared them the Xbox sounded like a pile of garbage! Gamecube may not be as powerful but for such a small little system it sure packs alot!! Some of the games like Pikmin I wont But But Others Like The Resident Evil Series and SSX Tricky I will definately buy. The Gamecube has a Great Launch setup and I think That It will win over Xbox Before you decide to buy an Xbox look at the Gamecube and Give it a chance! I think That people are overlooking the Gamecube because Xbox is just a tad better but not by much!! So Look Out Xbox The Cube Is Coming In!!!


This could get a little wild!     On: 2001-11-14

First off, GameCubes discs are 1.5 GB, THAT use S3 6 to 1 compression ratio to shrink the game data without any faults. So the GameCubes discs come out to be about 5 or 6 GB, rather than 1.5. How did I find that out? Its all over the websites and magazines. Try gamespot for example. Second, GameCube will aslo be able to put out 8 simultaneous textures per object, compared to the Xboxs ability to display just for. Im not saying the Xbox (...). Im just saying that the GameCube is right up there with it. Plus, THPS3, SSX Tricky, Madden, Resident Evil(the WHOLE series, baby,exclusive for GameCube,including Resident Evil:Zero for GameCube only), Eternal Darkness, Perfect Dark:Zero(online baby!), 1080 Snowboarding 2, and more comin to the Cube. I think this thing blow away PS2(obviously), and compete with Xbox
Buy an XBOX     On: 2001-11-14

Anyone in their right minds would be crazy to buy a Gamecube. No game on the gamecube got me as excited as HALO, which is a thousand times better than any Gamecube game. Regardless of what you think about Microsoft, they are successful and have got the money to make a great system. Buy an XBOX or you will regret it and feel like you have wasted the (money) you spent on a Gamecube.
Gamecube looks like the best !     On: 2001-11-13

Well i think Gamecube is gonna knock Xbox right off the block .
Everybody that likes Xbox just wont admit it ! I mean we are
Talking classic game Sequals like Mario Sunshine and a NEW
Resident Evil series. We may even see stuff like conkers bad fur day , banjo-kazooie , donkey kong and maybe even kirby ! I know the graphics arent as good as xbox but the games are better. For 2002 gamecube has a awsome line-up . Star Fox , Resident Evil , Mario Sunshine , Wrestlemania 2002 ,Sonic Adventure 2 and even Zelda. Move over Xbox Nintendos back !
Want to play games? Get a GameCube! - Not a DVD player!     On: 2001-11-12

As an avid fan of all gaming systems, I say this. The new war is about gaming -vs- entertainment. Do you want a gaming system or a DVD player? I say "let the games begin".

I own all the major systems that have come out over the years and the Nintendo GameCube pulls a lap ahead of the competition with an all gaming system. From smoother graphics to better system resource management, the Nintendo GameCube is superior. Statistically there are difference between Nintendo GameCube and other systems. Think of it like a car. In the quarter mile, the car built for racing wins. With all the extras like A/C and a convertible top you become slower and less repsonsive to the goal at hand. In other words, in a race would you want a car built for the quarter mile or a car built only to look like it can win the quarter mile? (GameCube is the race winner here)

I played PS2 (choppy as usual), XBOX (good but not the best), and GameCube (honestly almost flawless gameplay).

The GameCube is designed for game developers and players. The only one of its kind. Where do you think the cool games will be? Its your choice, but remember what your looking to do. Play games. And there is only one system out there that focuses on only games. That is my friends Nintendo GameCube.

THIS IS THE BEST OF ALL     On: 2001-11-11

Well first of all it is not a kiddie system im tired of hearing that first u do not need blood, gore, violence to have fun. Some of those games are not that fun. THey are not kiddie games they are made for fun. If it was kiddie it wouldnt be challenging. Plus the X-box will not have cartoonish games wich will suck. The x-box does have good graphics but it is for advanced gamers.About all the games are rated "T" or higher I believe the game cube is the best for you and your friends
GC is overrated. . .     On: 2001-11-10

I have test driven the console competition and Gamecube is by far the most ovarrated console of all time.

I recently playe dthe Gamecube at their CubeClub in LA and I played the XBOX at the XBOX Unleashed at the Universal City Walk in LA. And I have played the Dremcast and PS2 for a long time.

GC lags behind the XBOX and PS2 in graphics. I wasnt impressed by anything Nintendo previewed. The Star Wars title, Rogue leader, although good didnt take my breath away like some of the XBOX games. I was always disappointed at the diversiy of games I previewed (the launch titles). Gamecubes games were bland and insipid. The graphics were also choppy and lacked detail of the XBOX.

i was vascillating between the GC and XBOX, but the GC was such a big letdown. After playing the XBOX for 12 hours straight at the XBOX Unleashed event and playing the Gamecube both in its imported Japanese form and at their own event, all I can say is that the GC is overrated and that Im getting an XBOX. . .

Not too appealing...     On: 2001-11-09

This system just doesnt have what it takes to impress me. It hs plenty of exclusive games, but so does the PS2. And I dont know when the PS2 was the "worst launch ever", but I have seen it called the "best video game launch ever" because it pushed out all 500,000 units in 1 day, something that gamecube did not do yet in Japan (it launched 09/14 - check out (...) - in the hardware/software sales, and probably elsewhere around there).

The PS2 was many more exclusive titles than the gamecube. Games such as the resident evil series, as creator Shinji Mikami said, are not exclusive to the gamecube, but will be most likely ported after a while. While we wait we can play the exclusive Devil may Cry, which was built off the earlier version of RE4 (and recieved perfect marks in the 3 different mags I suscribe to). People try to boost the line-up of games by saying that the EA Sports lineup, or the Sega 2K series is on the system - but its going to all 3 systems. When games are being ported to the gamecube from the PS2, everyone uses the fact that they look more polished on the GCN than the PS2 - thats what happens when you have an extra 6 months to work on a game. And the cries of the PS2 being impossible to develop for can be put away after companies finally began to come forward and said that it was just different, and not even too hard unless you dont try to learn. So you can play the Cartoon Zelda, another Waverace 64 or Mario 64 (although with better graphics), Metroid Prime, Starfox, or Resident Evil and wait a year or more for those games, or you can get a PS2 with Metal Gear Solid 2, Gran Tourismo 3, Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry, Jak and Dakster, Ico, Silent Hill 2, Soul Reaver 2, or Blood Omen 2 and own them all (if youre rich, that is) by January 2nd.

All Nintendo loyalists rush to buy a GC at launch, even though it is a weak launch, yet they criticize the launch of the PS2 with 26 (or 27, I dont remember) games, including at least 1 of every common genre. IGN said that Luigis mansion was difficult to control, mindless and repetitive after the first few rooms, and not a great game. Wave Race has aggrivating controls, when you hit a wave you wipe-out, and it takes a while to get back on track. And besides that, getting only a racing game for launch is plain - you most likely would want a platformer, adventure, or something that would give you a lot of (non-repetitive) play time. While racing games are fun, I would not want to have a system and 1 racing game - it would get real boring, real fast.

The existing PS2 lineup is incredible, as well as the future lineup. Without a doubt I reccomend the PS2 over the Gamecube (and especially over the X-box...Id rather see people buy a GCN over an XBox...)

Gamecube sucks!!!!!!!!!!unless your about.........8     On: 2001-11-06

gamecube is the worst system ever do not ge t it. The xbox is the better system. gamecube is a kid system with games like pikim,luigi mansion(looks really stupid how good can a game be with a guy with a vacum)wave race(getting old). all the game cube has is kid games and they only have 3 lanch games sad but true. Xbox has better graphics better games and more grownup games. I am sorry if you are 12,13,14,or higher and is excited about the gamecube you are sad and dont know good systems if they hit you. You are not a hardcore game player. Get the xbox you will be happy you did.
Bill gates     On: 2001-11-05

Well well well i was wondering when bill gates would enter the gaming industry and i have to say that he looks impresive indeed but until i see a bunch of icon produced by mirco soft survive for 10 years plus well lets jus say power isent everything the cube may not be the most powerful but i can bet my mp3 player it will live the longest LONG LIVE THE CUBE I GIVE IT **********!
I bet that GameCube could win over Xbox.     On: 2001-11-05

I have the GameCube and I thought it was pretty fun. And it looks pretty cool, its small and portable. It has a good line of games announced for it, but most of them are not coming out at launch. But GameCube has a better advantage than Xbox because Nintendo has entertained gamers since the NES. And yes, some of the GameCube games could be childish. But thats okay, as long as its good.
Get This Pack!     On: 2001-11-04

Get this pack because it has the best games, a memory card, and
6 months worth of nintendo magazines. It is perfect.
THE console to buy!!!     On: 2001-11-04

X-box or Gamecube? which one to buy? the answer is easy, just think Microsoft or Nintendo? when you think of nintendo you think video games, fun, quality etc.. but when you think of microsoft mmmmm.... windows??? It doesnt matter that the x box is gonna have more power, you dont need that much to have a great gameing experience game cube has more than enough to get you there plus you wont have to look for ctrl + alt + del. keys.
X-box comes with a dvd but the price is also higher about 100 bucks i think, with that money i rather buy a separate dvd player with more features. In my opinion this whole x-box hype will not last for too long, nintendo has proved it self to be the giant on the video game industry by staying alive this long, so you know they are doing something right. With so many games coming out for gamecube is gonna be a great year for video gamers, personaly im waiting to get my hands on Metroid prime and a couple of mario games (im 20 years old and i still enjoy those games). So go ahead and get a gamecube, sit back and enjoy it along millions and millions of nintendo fans. However if you decide to get an x box well then there is no helping you. Look for "Bills adventures: Supreme Court Quest":)
Nintedo SUCKS!!!     On: 2001-11-02

THis IS The Worst System made buy NINTENDO!!!!


Yea, yeah, yeah...     On: 2001-10-27

The Gamecube is a great system. The problem is, its a NINTENDO system. If you havent figured it out all ready, Nintendo directs most of their console towards a younger audience. If this thing was in the hands of Sony, huh, watch out. I mean, just look at the game line up. Ask yourself if you could play some of the games that look appealing for more than haf an hour nonstop. Im 15, and I passed up Nintendo about 4 years ago. Some of the best games, such as Twisted Metal Black, Nintendo wouldnt touch with a 20 foot pole. I love the PS2, because of the games and power. The Gamecube will have a little bit more power than PS@, but not much, and with no games backing it up. The PS2 is already the console of the holiday season, and three of the hilodays must buy games are on the PS2. My advice, wait for Xbox to be sold for just the console, unless you have to have 3 games and an extra controller at launch, or get a PS2. Trust me. Buy it now. Rejoice later.
game cube looks great     On: 2001-10-26

ok first of all the gamecube is not made just for little kids. Im over the age of 15 and nintendo makes the best games in my opinion, there games are original and creative unlike some games these days. For example Pikmin and Luigis Mansion are two creative new and original games that have never been done before. And i think that until the system comes out, people should wait before you say that what a system is going to be. Oh ya and i didnt give this specific item a 5 but the gamecube in general on what ive seen so far.
The Console to Buy     On: 2001-10-25

Nintendos GameCube is the console to get this fall. There are about 15 games coming out at launch on November 18th. Two of the top launch games are Star Wars Rogue Leader, which puts you in the middle of some the most epic battles in the Star Wars universe, and Luigis Mansion, a game in which you must explore a haunted mansion to find Mario. Both are included in this bundle. Other top games coming out near launch are Wave Race Blue Storm, Super Smash Bros. Melee, the sequal to one of the best console multiplayer games ever, and Pikmin, an inovative strategy game. Nintendo also has sports games covered with Madden 2002, the most popular football series ever(its included in this bundle), and others not in this bundle, but coming out near launch including, Fifa 2002, NHL Hitz, NFL Blitz, SSX Tricky (snowboarding), and All Star Baseball 2002. GameCube is also getting the long awaited Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, as well as Dave Mirras Freestyle BMX around launch.

Next year shows even more promise for sports fans with games like NBA Courtside 2002, and EAs NHL 2002, NBA Live 2002, and NBA Street in January. Segas NBA 2k2 and Segas entire 2k3 series (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and College) is also coming to GameCube in 2002.
Whoever said that Nintendo only targets kids is wrong. Non sports games on GameCube next year for older gamers include Soul Calibur 2, Dead to Rights, Bloody Roar Extreme, Dark Summit, Peak Battle, Ridge Racer, Turok Evolution, Sonic, Phantasy Star Online, and Skies of Arcadia. In addition, Nintendo has exclusive games such as Metroid Prime, Perfect Dark Zero, the acclaimed Resident Evil series, Eternal Darkness and Too Human set for release in 2002.

With a lower price than the competition, and a stellar lineup of games that appeal to all ages, Nintendo has created a games-only console that does its job better than anything else available.

excellent system for ALL ages     On: 2001-10-22

dont let the x-box fanboys misguide you . the gamecube is a wonderful machine for kids of all ages . you got football , basketball , tony hawk 3 (which from what i been hearing looks and plays the best on this system ) and the gamecube has exclusive rights to the resident evil games now . all the x-box has is regurgitated ps2 games . steer clear of the x-box , and save yourself a hundred bucks by getting this machine .
the best!!!     On: 2001-10-21

ha im so lucky i got to pre-order one of these things not in here but somewhere else i got a nice bundle just like this one.I was with my cousin trying to get the gamecube promotional disk and got it wich is soooo nice with videos and pics and believe gamecube is worth the buying cuz when i got to that game retailers the had x-box to play and im going to tell u that thing is huge it is like if u have an old vcr beside u then i took the controller and the controller is huge too and i was thinking where would ppl put that thing?in the floor?man i dont know but wut bout u if u pre-order that thing.then i took a look at the graphs and theyre the same nothing changes only that gamecube gives more colors to them games.gameplay hhmmmmm wut can i say i only played munch oddysey and i didnt liked it a bit i could say its almost like the first ones only with diferent story and character.but wut im trying to say that if ur going to buy a next gen console gamecube is the one for u with many gameplays, fun u can have with ur friends and a lot more tell me who else can u give u that variety??? yeah gamecube
NINTENDO RULEZ THE EARTH!!!     On: 2001-10-21

Theres only one word to describe this package:Perfect.No gaming system could compare to these awesome graphics!Luigis mansion:A combination of Mario Bros. and Resident Evil with awesome visuals and lots of hidden surprises. The outrageous Luigi Pack(and in an awesome Jet Black colour) is not to be missed by any gamer!Gamecube all the way!!!
Why doubt the best name in the gaming business.     On: 2001-10-20

Like many of you I did not know what the best system to purchase would be. Should I get playstation 2, Gamecube, or the Xbox. But in the end I decided to get a gamecube (and was lucky enough to get it preordered)The gamecube is the best simply because nintendo is a powerhouse in the video game industry and Microsoft is not, in fact they are company dedicated to producing business software not entertainment products. Thus I see its future as unsure at best. Remenber other systems before came out boosting incredible ability to produce the best graphics but they failed(Neo Geo, Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO all failed)Until the Xbox proves itself the decision lies between gamecube and ps2. So why gamecube over ps2? Because ps2 has been on the market for about a year now and it still has not produced anything that has blown everyone away. So what is left the gamecube. The fact is no matter what Gamecube is here to stay as a gaming machine. If you complain about its inability to play DVDs or CDs why not complain about a DVD player that does not play playstation or nintendo games. The gamecube was designed to play games if you want to play movies or music buy a DVD player or stereo. The only thing I can complain about is where is Mario. If the gamecube launch also included a new Mario game it would blow the Xbox completely off the market.
Great system     On: 2001-10-20

With great graphics and awesome games. Game cube will most likey emerge the winner in the console wars
It is the Ultimate GAMING machine     On: 2001-10-19

Although youngins think its cool to have a DVD player...the real older crowd already have DVD players and are looking for a great gaming machine, which is what this is. Just look at the launch titles like Rogue Squadron II. Youll also notice how PS2 games are ported over but have additional levels and upgraded graphics. This just proves this is a better machine.
Great system!!!     On: 2001-10-18

X-box who? The Gamecube is just perfect for me. I already have a DVD player, so who needs another one? Who wants to pay an extra $200 for a DVD player and hard drive add on? And as for the Gamecube being a kids system, I have a whole list of adult/teen games that will be coming out that suggest otherwise. Keep it up Nintendo!!!
It's all about the games     On: 2001-10-17

Nintendo is famous for its top quality games. Gamecube is guaranteed to have the best exclusive games from Nintendos Mario and Zelda to Capcoms Resident Evil series. It has games from its famed second party, Rare as well as various third-parties like EA and Sega.

This pack includes 2 great Nintendo games. Luigis Mansion, a game starring Marios brother Luigi and Waverace:Bluestorm, a great jet ski game. It also includes the critically acclaimed Madden 2002 which is now considered the best football game ever made. This version features updated graphics from the PS2 version.

Young and old, this is the system to have this winter.

nice system     On: 2001-10-17

ok everyone should get one of these when they get the chance I have the import system and yes the graphics do look better than PS2 and this is even first generation Games think of next year its just a great system I hope to get one in November that may be easier said then done though but I reccomened the Gamecube to anyone REGARDLESS of age because last time I checked Perfect dark,Golden Eye,Conker and all those werent kiddy games so stop complaining just PLAY THE GAMES nintendo Rocks its going to be a Great year for videgames
GAMECUBE ROCKS! GET ONE!     On: 2001-10-17

For all the people out there that dont know much about the next generation console battle, let me tell you this: the Nintendo Gamecube is awesome!

The Gamecube isnt the most powerful next-gen console coming out this year. That award goes to the Microsoft X-Box. But you know what? Second place isnt bad. Then you have to remember that the reason Nintendo has always been so popular is because of the sky-high fun factor. When it comes to making games that are fun and addictive, Shigeru Miyamoto just cant be beat (that would be Nintendos top game designer).

Each new game that Nintendo makes is just a little bit better than everything else that came before it (With the exception of their new ideas for the Zelda Franchise). Its one of the only video game companies that constantly continues to come up with fresh new ideas time after time after time.

Eternal Darkness, Luigis Mansion, Madden NFL 2002, Metroid Prime, NBA Courtside 2002, NHL Hitz 2002, Phantasy Star Online, Resident Evil, Simpsons Road Rage, Soul Calibur II, Star Fox: Dinosaur Planet, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Wave Race: Blue Storm are some of the new titles being developed by Nintendo and various other third party companies. Most of these will be released before the year is over. Many of them will be released on Nov. 18, the same day as the Gamecube Console. So to all the people out there who tell me that the Gamecube wont have any good games, let me say that you dont have a clue what youre talking about. ANd for all the people that say that all of Nintendos games are made for little kids, take a look at Mtroid Prime, or Eternal Darkness. If you take a look at Resident Evil, youll never say anything about Nintendo games being too immature again.

I personally think that no one else can compete with Nintendo. While thats just my own personal opinion, there just happen to be tens of thousands of people out there who would be willing to back me up on that.

So if theres any doubt in your mind that the Nintendo Gamecube is in fact the best next-gen console in existence, or maybe you just want some info on something, email me at


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!!!!     On: 2001-10-17

This is the best of the bests, best in Video Gameing.... This has the best Next- Generation Games on the System with the BEST graphics this side of the Universe...... Go Nintendo...... This is the BEST.... The Sleek and Small system is powerful. This system is more powerful than a 10-ton reacking Ball with a path set for distruction all in the little... 6x5x4 system!!!!
GameCube v. Xbox     On: 2001-10-16

First off, I find it a little odd that people are reviewing the game without having played it. That said, however, I feel compelled to offer my opinion on those who say Xbox (also not yet released) is better. In my humble opinion I have found Nintendos games to be outstanding. Both the Mario and the Zelda series have been the best I have seem on any platform or by any software maker. Yes, they are less violent and "adult" than many titles, but that in no way diminishes their playability. The mutli-player racing games and NFL Blitz have also been huge favorites.

I play games on my PC, Nintendo 64, PS2 and have even tried Dreamcast. The PC is my favorite choice for real-time strategy and first-person shooter games. When it comes to adventure, sports or racing games, however, Nintendo wins hands down. They spend a great deal of time optimizing the game for play on the handheld controller, rather than porting keyboard-based games to the console, as I have heard Microsoft will do with the Xbox. And again, some of the Nintendo titles are top notch.

If you want a hard drive, floppy, RAM, etc., buy a PC. If you want DVD, buy a DVD player. But if you want a true GAME console, buy a Nintendo GameCube.

Good For Kids     On: 2001-10-16

I have a japanese version and its just not that fun for anyone over 15. Sports fans should go with PS2/Xbox because they are getting SEGA SPORTS games, EA SPORTS GAMES, And 1st PARTY GAMES (NFL Fever to Xbox and 901 studios to PS2). GC ISNT GETTING SEGA SPORTS games and has no 1st party games in development.

If you like pokemon, youll like the NGC.

One star not true     On: 2001-10-15

. It can knock the pants off of PS2 or XBOX. And there is no way that Gamecube is a kid system. with great games for Teens or Adults(such as Soul Caliber, or Super Smash Bros. Melee) as well as all age games(Luigis Mansion, Pikmin.)is what makes Gamecube(or any other Nintendo Systems or Games)rated #1 on the market. The fact that it dosnt have a DVD or CD is because of price, and other reasons. For example say your little brother wanted to watch Barnie on DVD, or your Sister wants to tryout her new Spicegirls CD,Would you be able to play? No, you would not. Nintendo Has teamed up with Panisonic to make another Gamecube that can used DVDs and CDs. It wont be avalible at relece of the system, but a short time later they will relece it(the combo has a MSRP of $299.95, but you can buy the system with out the combo for $199.95). So save your cash. For the price of a Gamecube and 2 games, you could get JUST an XBOX or PS2. I suggest you get a Gamecube, Pikmin and Super Smash Bros. Melee, A couple wireless Wavebird controllers, and a couple buddies if you want a good time.
The Sleeper System Package     On: 2001-10-15

It is amazing to me how many people are asleep on the Nintendo Gamecube. Everyone is talkin about X-box and PS2, but I think the system to look out for is the Gamecube. And this Luigi system package is great! It is a must have for all diehard video game fans. Nintendo is a proven winner and it looks like theyve struck again with the Gamecube! Pre-order now, I know I will!
The best game Console     On: 2001-10-15

GameCube is in my opinion and many others the best system. It has games for everyone (mature games- resident evil 0 bio hazard Resedent evil 1 ,Eternal Darkness and many more). The system has killer games such as Wave Race Bluestorm. Star wars rogue leader, The highly anticapated Super Smash Bros Melee, Zelda, Metroid Prime, Mario sunshine,Perfect Dark 2 and many others. The Nintendo gamecubes controlller is way ahead of the others. Try picking up xboxs controller. Its proportions are way off. The joy stick seems like it was designed for little kids and the handles are huge. Its big and samll in the wrong places. Xbox also has one of the worst line up of games. Besides Halo, BloodWake, and DOA3 all the games are also on other systems. Nintendo has many games only for Nintendo. I would recommend GameCube to anyone. And if you think GameCube is ment for kids then you havent played Perfect Dark which is going to have a huge sequel.

One of the Best Gaming Systems Ever Made     On: 2001-10-14

I am a twelve year old gamer that has been playing video games for many years. The Gamecube is possibly the best gaming system for such a little price. Its extremely fast speeds and slick graphics seem to bring the screen to life. It may not be DVD compatible or backward compatible with the Nintendo 64, but its slick graphics, high speeds and affordable price more than make up the disadvantage. This video gaming console is probably one of the best ever made, that it may surpass Sonys Playtation 2 and Microsofts Xbox.
Gamecube has what it takes     On: 2001-10-14

OH MY GOODNESS... Those are the words that can sum up Gamecube. Gamecube has NO age limit (except for some of the games having Mature ratings) and IT IS TOTALLY STUPENDOUS! Believe it or not, I have tested and played the Gamecube to its MAX at the nationwide Nintendo Cube Club touring America, visiting major U.S. cities. I am quite impressed at the ability and replay value of such a small machine. The games, the controller, the awesome POWER this minute machine possessed; IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Dont get me wrong; I have the same likings for Playstation2 and XBox... but if I were to choose a system that I would play for years and years instead of just a few measily months, I would definitely side with Gamecube in this battle of systems.
Gamecube not designed for Younger Ages only     On: 2001-10-14

Someone hasnt been studying up lately, hmm? Lots of MA titles are planned for the Gamecube, including all Resident Evil titles ( With Zero being sole to the GC ), Eternal Darkness, and lots more. cant complain about it not having a DVD. XBox is $100 ($300) more..the basic equivlent of a Gamecube & DVD Player. Id rather choose one with Miyamoto any day. Besides..considering the laungh titles, only 2 I want from XBox. Shrek & Dead or Alive 3. Anyway, if you have lots of $$$, just preorder both at a local Electronics Boutique, or surf for hours online.
GameCube     On: 2001-10-14

...This machine, first of all, is easily more powerful than the PS2. Second, many games coming out for the Xbox are coming to the GameCube as well. SSX Tricky, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, and many others. GameCube is even getting SSX Tricky this year(like near its launch) and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 will be released sometime in ... This is more than I can say for the Xbox, which wont be getting SSX Tricky till ... and THPS3 until early next year. Why am I making such a big deal out of these two games? First, they are both the most antcipated games of the season and will easily sell the console that they are on. Plus, GameCube is getting the WHOLE Residents Evil series on the GameCube by ... next year, while Xbox wont have any.

Designing games for the GameCube is easy, as it is for Xbox, and unlike the PS2. Plus, Xbox will NOT BE SUPPORTING DIAL UP FOR ONLINE GAMES. GameCube will by next year.

The controller for the GameCube is almost a clone of the PS2 controller, which is small, but not too small for bigger hands, and fits comfortably in your hands. The Xbox controller is HUGE and bulky. When I used it at Electronics Boutique, it was thick and the buttons were stiff, although the analog stick was nice. The buttons on its face were WAY to close togther, and I dont know how anyone will be able to pull off any combo moves in fighting games, because its almost impossible to push one without pushing another, even by accident. The GameCube controller was designed with simplicity in mind, although it features only one less button than the PS2 controller.

Ther GameCube does not have DVD playback, because it uses a minidisc, that holds twice the amount of DVD discs. The GameCube will feature a pop up disc tray, similair to those found on the Dreamcast and Playstaion(1).

Overall, I think the GameCube will be the system for me, because it will have alot of Third Party support, and will be cheaper. The reason the N64 had NO 3rd part support was because nobody wanted to develop for a system that was cartridge based, so they all went over to the only other console at the time that was using a CD format, which is why the PS1 has SO MANY games(like over 800).

Finally, the GameCube will feature a 485mhz processor by IBM. They chose IBM because of their advances in copper chip technology. Now, listen close. A copper chip by IBM runs much smoother and cooler than Intels Pentium(which Xbox uses). PLUS, copper chips that clock in at 400mhz can achieve processing power atleast equal to a Intel chip clocked in at 700mhz. See where Im getting? GameCube uses an copper chip clocked at 485mhz, and Xbox uses a pentium clocked at 733mhz. GameCubess not looking so shabby anymore, is it? GameCube can also produce 8 simultaneous textures per object, compared with the Xboxes ability to only perform 4.

While the Xbox may still have an advantage over the GameCube, I think it will be a closely fought battle. I plan on getting a GameCube when it comes out...

The system to get this fall/winter     On: 2001-10-11

This is a great system, correcting the major error of the N64 system (Nintendo has eliminated the cartridge format for an optical disk). This pack comes with Madden 2002, a great football game; Luigis Mansion, the first to star the lesser-known plumber Luigi in his quest to rescue his more famous brother Mario; and Rogue Leader, a new Star Wars game from Lucas Arts that, by all current reviews, is nothing less than astounding and a huge improvement on previous Star Wars games. And for [price] with the system 3 games, memory card, and extra controller, this is a great deal. Im eagerly waiting for November 18, 2001...and you should be, too.
The Best Value?     On: 2001-10-11

If youre a football fan, then this GameCube combination is probably the best one for you. Not only do you get the black console (which looks 10x better than the Indigo one IMO), but you also get the latest in EAs long-running Madden franchise. The Madden franchise has been the top football franchise for years, and this version will surely appeal to football fans more than Wave Race: Blue Storm.

The rest of the package is pretty nice as well, with two additional excellent games, an extra controller, and a memory card. Cant beat that!

The Greatest Videogames Console Ever ! ! !     On: 2001-10-10

Looking for a powerful and cool design gaming console? ... You found the right one!
With the GameCube, Nintendo has beaten any kind of competition such as Playstation 2 (Sony), DreamCast (Sega), or even better, the "famous" Xbox (Microsoft).
From the moment you turn on your Cube for the first time, you enter a new world of imaginations, dreams, and surprises. Every single part or component from this great console was thought for you to enjoy it as much as you can. You also have to see the unbelivable prize which it is sold at.
I definitely recommend the Nintendo GameCube for any boy or guy from 10 to 25 years old.
Also at this moment there are just a couple of games in the market, Nintendo is planning to realease quite a lot more during the next months, so dont worry about it! And remember, the Nintendo family of games is huge! So many great titles will be reaching the stores shelves soon.
The Best Thing Ever!!!!!     On: 2001-10-10

This package is not only a great deal it must be the funnest consol ever!!!! If your a parent and want to get your son or daughter a great presant whell this is it!!! Also you can rely on NINTEDO beacause they have years of experience! And the characters are a hit like Luigi, Link, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, Banjo, And many many more.
This is GONNA BE TIGHT     On: 2001-10-10

OK IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS GAMER LIKE ME. YOU HAVE GOT TO BUY GAMECUBE.Now lets do the math lets say games are 50 bucks each. So 3 games thats 150 dollars. The Gamecube is 200 $s. So thats already 350. The memory cardss are supposed to be like 25$s and controllers are supposd to be 25 $s. So thats already 400 $s. With the subscription it be like 325 retail value. And youll be the first on your block to get it. So be a good gamer.
GET A GAMECUBE!     On: 2001-10-10

For all the people out there that dont know much about the next generation console battle, let me tell you this: the Nintendo Gamecube is awesome!

The Gamecube isnt the most powerful next-gen console coming out this year. That award goes to the Microsoft X-Box. But you know what? Second place isnt bad. Then you have to remember that the reason Nintendo has always been so popular is because of the sky-high fun factor. When it comes to making games that are fun and addictive, Shigeru Miyamoto just cant be beat (that would be Nintendos top game designer).

Each new game that Nintendo makes is just a little bit better than everything else that came before it (With the exception of their new ideas for the Zelda Franchise). Its one of the only video game companies that constantly continues to come up with fresh new ideas time after time after time.

Eternal Darkness, Luigis Mansion, Madden NFL 2002, Metroid Prime, NBA Courtside 2002, NHL Hitz 2002, Phantasy Star Online, Resident Evil, Simpsons Road Rage, Soul Calibur II, Star Fox: Dinosaur Planet, Star Wars Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Wave Race: Blue Storm are some of the new titles being developed by Nintendo and various other third party companies. Most of these will be released before the year is over. Many of them will be released on Nov. 18, the same day as the Gamecube Console. So to all the people out there who tell me that the Gamecube wont have any good games, let me say that you dont have a clue what youre talking about.

I personally think that no one else can compete with Nintendo. While thats just my own personal opinion, there just happen to be tens of thousands of people out there who would be willing to back me up on that....

GameCube is a Sweet Deal     On: 2001-10-10

You shouldnt pass up a deal like this! The Nintendo GameCube is more programmer-friendly than Playstation 2 and has an unbelievable lineup of games (and thats what its all about). Its made of factory-direct parts, resulting in a low core price! Grab one of these or youll have to stand in line somewhere!
Nintendo Gamecube     On: 2001-10-06

This is a great package with great games. It has a wide variety of generes of games and is a great buy!
Awesome package!     On: 2001-10-05

This is definatelly an awesome package that you are getting. Have you seen the screen shots for Star Wars Game? That game rules! And How about Madden 2002? The graphics in that game are far superior than anything else! Luigis Mansion sure looks to be fun too!
Is the best EVER!     On: 2001-10-05

I own a Japanese Gamecube, And I can really tell you that Nintendo had made such a good console with extremely eccelent games!!. I really recomend this to everyone, the control is soooo comfortable! Everything is just perfect, and the games that will arrieve are making me blow of the happiness!. NINTENDO will be the one with the power from now on(again)!!. Ohh, I almost forgot to tell you that Wave Race and Luiguis mansion are great!

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