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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for Nintendo GameCube
By: GameCube       Average Rating: 4.0     Total Reviews: 62
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cab     On: 2007-01-25

so grade a cabbage if u dont like poo graphics den dont do it bruh and deres no nitro
Speed it is...     On: 2007-01-06

This game is addicting to kids and adults. You have the choice of picking different tracks, cars and levels. Its pretty easy to use and is far from boring. It does have some sexy looking girls in it which I dont think is approriate for kids under 10 but theyre not revealing so I wouldnt consider that a show-stopper. Its one of my sons favorite games.
a great racing game!!!     On: 2006-09-29

especially the police chase parts!!!
if you lose them by driving down an alley at the last minute then
they say "this guys going to kill somebody!! im ending pursuit now..please acknowledge!!!" thats my favorite part the controls are good not too loose ive someother racing games and they were a little too loose but they were ok and this ones no exception!!!
A Very Nice Game     On: 2005-12-20

What can I say? EA pulled it off again!! This is an amazing game, perfect for racing fans of all ages. The scenery is gorgeous and the tracks nothing but ruthless. The thing I really like about this game is the originality. It combines normal, high-speed racing with all-out cop chases. The cars featured in this game are nothing but beautiful.... You can choose from all the favorites, like Corvette, Viper, and 911 Turbo, but also included are the exotics, like Ferraris and an Aston Martin. The music is kind of annoying, mainly head-banger rock and rap, but the sound of the engines really drowns it out. Ill wrap it up, now. This is a nice, pretty challenging racing game for all ages, and if youre looking for a heart-pounding police chase, give this game a try!!
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for Gamecube Review     On: 2005-12-01

Well, well, well. Overall, it is a very fun game, but if you would like to beat it, you better have some serious time on your hands. Each race takes about 5 minutes. I only play for about an hour every day. Each race takes about a few times, like three, to get the hang of. So, you multiply 5 times three is fifteen. I can only beat 4 races each day. There are a lot. So, you better have som time on your hands.
Beyond that, it is an excellent game. It has a very limited replay value, but it will provide you with a whole bunch of entertainment. The cops are great. You can avoid them, but sometimes they can be pretty tough to. The game doesnt throw you into the hardest level there is right off the bat.
I would buy this game if was under, say, $25.
Ryan :-p
best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2005-11-29

I absolutely love this game it is the most exciting game i have ever played the best part i liked is when i could be the cop ive seen no other say you can be the cop i would really give it 5 stars even more this game is AWSOME best out of all the need for speeds get this game !!!!!!
Great game for all!     On: 2005-05-30

The only problem is frame-rate. Like Gadgester said, it does drop low, especially when you are driving fast. Unlike what he said, it doesnt drop THAT low. Much fun involved, addicting, and I see why it is a Players Choice game. Police have strategies to take you down. Plus choppers and roadblocks. If they really feel like it, spike strips. If you want to see it at a police point-of-view, you can! Just press down on the D-pad to contact the office and start the pursuit. The other directions are for roadblocks, planes, and extra units. You can only use each one of those 3 times. Anyways, just buy!
Best NFS game EVER!     On: 2005-05-13

Need for speed Hot pursuit 2 is GRE8T! The cops are cool, the cars are hot and the AI is realistic!
Get ready for racing.     On: 2005-02-11

I have not yet played Need for Speed Underground 1 or 2 yet, but this game is entertaining within itself. You can be the cop and chase down and bust the bad guys or you can be the speeders and try not to get busted. This mode of play will keep you playing for hours. Not to mention you also have single player mode where you race against the computer in championships and try to earn money so that you can unlock other tracks and lots of great cars! Me and my whole family enjoy this game, and have not yet got bored with it.
Lots of technical problems     On: 2004-12-04

Need for Speed is the only game (or family of games) that Ive played for almost ten years. I still recall fondly the first version that came out on the original Playstation. It was such a technical and entertaining breakthrough back then.

The present version for Gamecube is, unfortunately, quite a significant letdown. Maybe its because I played it after playing Burnout 3 for the Xbox, an outstanding arcade racer that packs tons of action with impressive graphics. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, on the other hand, feels very lame. The framerate is the most serious problem: even on an empty open road, the graphics can become jerky. When you have cops on your tail and a couple other cars on the road, the framerate can drop so low that the game is almost unplayable for a second or two. This just gives a frustrating experience.

The graphics is also lacking, compared to Gran Turismo and Burnout and other outstanding racing games. I dont think its a problem with Gamecubes processing power; other racing games have better graphics on the GC than Need for Speed. Its apparently because EA uses the Need for Speed series as a cash cow, to hook long-time fans such as yours truly, and they just dont invest much in improving the games look and feel. Three or four years ago this games graphics would have been acceptable, but not in todays crowded racing game marketplace.

Car physics is also annoying for an arcade game like this. Burnout 3 has the perfect arcade, non-realistic physics which makes controlling your cars and racing so much fun and enjoyable. Need for Speed, on the other hand, turns into a rather frustrating experience.

In short, this game sucks.
need for speed rox!     On: 2004-11-28

this is a pretty cool game, but if you get bored easily...dont buy it. i bought a steering wheel for it so it makes the game more interesting...the normal controller made it boring... rent it first thats what i did!!
Great NFS game     On: 2004-11-21

Definintly as good as Underground, amzing cars with exellent speed, if I had to make one change to underground it would be to have different cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, etc. I would have the cars in this game in underground, amazing tracks (variety, the only thing is it can sometimes be boring after you are great at this game, overall an awesome game!
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Rocks!     On: 2004-11-06

This game rocks. Most of my favorite cars are in this game.
Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. Lamborghini Diablo.FerrariF50.
MclarenF1/F1LM. Just a few cars of the bunch to name. This game is really fun, as it lets you blow away the cops away. You get to
really put the pedal to the medal, and if you have a racing wheel then this is like an awesome arcade game, except with infinite credits. The cars are REALLY fast, and theres many ways to play. if you are angry at the game, then put it on single race, put the opponent on a slow car such as a Lotus Elise , and be a Diablo and lap them many times as you want.
All in all I generally dont like racing games, this one changed my thoughts
forever,though paitince is a BIG virtue in this game. WARNING:

Oh my god what has nintendo done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2004-10-18

This game suuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssss!!!!!!I have played the one for ps2 and thought it was great but i rented it and saw nintendos hugest mistake yet.U start with no stinkin car and you have to do a lot of events to unlock it and the cops have a timelimit to catch u!!The graphics suck compared to any other(aside of gameboy for gamecube games)gamecube game.And guess what i was at walmart and this was a players choice!!!!If u want a good game check out the game Harvest Moon A wonderfull life
COOOOOOOOl!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2004-10-16

This game is REALLY cool!! The damage is cool,the cars are fast but realistic and its tracks are in amazing locations! I like the cool sun effect on the Tropical tracks!
sweetest game ever     On: 2004-08-17

this game is the best ever. the cars are sweet and the cops provide non stop action. the graphics are so good that you feel like you are in the game. to make things better the tracks are in some sweet locations. if you like sports cars this game is a must. buy it and you will not regret it.
Fast and Fun     On: 2004-07-26

This is a great game. Its got everything a great racing game needs. It has great cars like the BMW M5, Porsche GT, and the Lamborghini Diablo. It has fast and fun cars to drive. Theres angry cops and plenty of traffic. You have to earn money by winning races. Then you can buy new cars and new courses. Some parts of the game are easy and some are harder. If you like racing games and good music then this is a game for you. So get this game and youll have hours of fun.

P.S. The Porsche GT is the best.
need for speed, hot pursuit 2     On: 2004-07-17

i dont know what its like on game cube, but its awsome on ps2. i spent months in tech school playing this game every saturday. the soundtrack is perfect for the game and the game racing is extreme. buy it, you wont be let down...
Played out the bad way     On: 2004-06-30

This game was probably hot when it first came out but now it is all played out. NFS2 is okay the tracks are all just like boring it seems like after youve raced 4 youve raced them all. The game just switches them upside down in all kinds of directions. Besides that the games coolnes comes from the action being the cop and chasing the speeders and the two player mode is hot too. But this game does NOT compare to all the other great racing games that Ive played the only reason I bought ut was because it was going to work with my racing wheel. Rent the game but dont this one. It surely is not worth it not worth it all.
Need For speed Hot Pursuit 2..... NO NO NO     On: 2004-06-22

NFS2 was horrible, no weather options,extremly fake looking cars, this is not a game to die for! plez save that 19.99 and buy another game. Like porche games! EA games normally are good i love this company but they screwed up on this game!!maijor time. sorry if im mispelling any words, its 4 o clock in the morning here so bare with me. but i hate being told that NFS2 is a 4 star GET REAL PEOPLE IT IS A 1 STAR!!!! so spend your money on James Bond 007 agent under fire, or Shrek 2, or Spiderman 2. BUY THOSE GAMES NOT THIS ONE! i have an review on spiderman 2 so read it. (i am under the name boyboygirl)
Rev Up The Cops     On: 2004-04-17

It really surprises me when it really comes to video games. They always simply stay easily the same. The games have improved slightly, but not heavily on approval during the years of racing. However, one brand name really has taken into view during the past several years, Need For Speed. Surely, electronic Arts has done a magnificent job making it one of the top racing series games of all time. Yet, they just sometimes surprise me about what kind of a racing game they have lined up for the consoles next time around. Arguably, it also proved to have a good start with the Playstation, and the sequel, the PS2. Arguably, when it hit the skidmarks on the Nintendo Gamecube, you really ddint know what to rev up.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, is the sequel to the widely acclaimed Need For Speed 3. Arguably, this is a much more deserved sequel than the previous sequel, Need For Speed: High Stakes. That game really wasnt a real beaten path. This game goes well beyond the other ones, as you rev up with a vast amount of courses and cars to choose from. The game features about a dozen different kinds of courses and cars to choose from, once you earn enough points, you can access these tools widely well. The game also includes a really exciting amount of different ways to play. You can play Hot Pursuit mode, which really is a test to see if you really are one step ahead from the cops, regular tournament mode, where whoever scores the highest amount of points with a number of races wins, lap knockout mode, where if youre last within any lap of the race, youre out, and regular single race mode. The graphics on this game are also amazing, and the vast amount of cars to unlock also goes beyond extreme, as you can unlock cars from all over the world, including the Mercedes XTR, Porsche Carerra GT, and many more exoticas to choose from.

There is a downside to this version for the Nintendo Gamecube. Unlike its other counterpart version, Playstation 2 and Xbox, you cant access new cars that easily through codes. Here, you really have to do it the old fashion way in the process by gaining points to welcome the new fleet of races. Still it is well worth the gamble here, where cheats have to be the earned here, not coded up. Arguably, that is a downside to its part, but the courses and the challenges to unlock are well worth that failure Electronic Arts conjured.

This arguably is one of the best racing games ever to come out. Although many people may want to buy the recent, Need For Speed: Underground, they could do so, but this one os truly a must have for all racers alike. This truly is a must have for the Nintendo Gamecube, only if you have the Gamecube, and not the other video game systems.

Need For Speed Speed Hot Pursuit 2     On: 2004-03-28

This game is the best for those people who loves ation and raceing games. You can eather be an racer who gets chased by the cops or on the other side of the law the cops. You can chose from lots of cars and tracks like a elise and a dogde viper.any ways its a great game for all you kids out there.
It could have been a little better     On: 2004-03-24

The main reason why I say this is because the cars didnt handle very well, youd be flying down the road just blowning by the dude in second (sound familar) and then comes this blindside curve and you go careening into the side and lose your lead. The only way to prevent that is if you brake beforehand (like 50 meters) and still have trouble around the turn. Another negative thing is the speed. Youd be going 200 km/h and itd be looking like youre going 100 km/h. On the good side the hot pursuit mode is very fun and full of action. Championship mode is hard at times but other than that its fun:)
doesnt worth it     On: 2004-02-14

this game is a complete flaw. it is not fun at all. you just press a botton for gass and you go forward, thats it. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2     On: 2004-02-12

This game is not worth any of your money so do not buy it. The sweet cars are 2 dimensional and the game freezes alot. You should just buy NFSU or the best racing game around. If you have a Playstation 2 you need Barbie goes to Paris. Its really cool you get to soak up the sun on the beach with Ken and go Wakeboarding. Your goal is to have fun and enjoy your Trip.This is agreat review and takes a person with an IQ of 30 to read it. Those people who mess up typing their reviews are really dumb.
most awesome game ever     On: 2004-01-31

I give this game 5 stars because it is a very good game with awesome cars and great graphics. My favorite cars are the mclaren f1 LM, porsche carrera gt, Ferrari F50, and the mercedes clk-gtr.It is very fun to get cops on you and they send helicopters with bombs and spike strips. If you want to play the game it is a lot more fun with two players because you can help each other get cops off each others tails and warn each other about spike strips and have a lot of fun.
This game is awesome.     On: 2004-01-17

This is one of the best racing games I have ever played. You get run from the police using lots of cars that all handle differently. Police try to stop you with speed strips, helicopters, and ramming you off the road. You also get a chance to be the police and try to stop other drivers. This game offers a chance to drive high end sports cars from Mustangs to Ferrais. There is also this really cool feature where the game automatically does a slow motion close up when your car catches air. This game provides hours of fun.
The NEED for SPEED!!!     On: 2003-12-16

This game rocks!!!! Its one of the best racing games Ive ever played. There are many reasons for this, and let me start with the AMAZING cars!!! From Ferraris to Lamborghinis to Mercedes...theyre all there! And you actually feel the difference very strongly in their handling. Its really nice.
Then there are the tracks. There are some really easy ones for the beginner, then there are the tough, winding ones for more advanced drivers. The scenery is pretty nice and the graphics are awesome.
Then there are the Championship races and multiplayer races. I havent tried the multiplayer ones or the internet ones, but Im sure theyre good, too.
Then theres the music, which is totally awesome; artists like Matt Regan, Hot Action Cop, Bush, Pulse Ultra and many more are featured.
Oh, and I almost forgot, the cops! They chase you and say really strange things, sometimes. "ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME???" "THIS IS THE POLICE", like we didnt know!! Anyway, so I strongly recommend this game for all you gamers and car-lovers. Play it!
This game is awesome!     On: 2003-11-24

Hello, I am David Lang, I am ten years old and I think this game is great! I have never played a game with cops, helis, and roadblocks! This is the best racing game I have ever played, and I thought it was a great idea because it is so realistic! I have never played a racing game so REAL!
Ths is game is the best out of the NFS line     On: 2003-10-10

This game is pretty good. the graphics are awesome. there are only a few drawbacks, first of all, its not very long. You dont really "beat" racing games, but i did pretty much everything there was to do in about a week. it didn take me long at all. and another drawback is that there arnt very many cars. they advertise that there are a whole 20 cars. woopty-doo. anyways. other than the fact that the game is petty short and that there arent very many cars this game is pretty good
pretty good     On: 2003-08-08

Well i really like this game and i you will too. It wont matter if you like racing games or not. There are some things i should tell before u buy it though. First: the graphics are 9/10,not bad but their better on the ps2. Second:The selection of cars is great,if you know a lot about cars youll be pleased to know that the knew gto is in it. It is not called to gto, it is the car gm used for the body and things like that. In the game its called to hsv look for that. Third:The controls are also 9/10 because at high speeds the cars swerve off the road, if u like realism that might not bother you. Fourtly:I love the music it really gets you into the mood of driving fast. Fifthly:There are plenty of things to do on this game.Example if you are bored of being chased by cops you can go in single mode and be a cop yourself with a variety of cool cop cars like lamborghinis, viper, porsche, and a couple of ford cars. Also you can verse a friend, it is too bad that u cant have 4 people race at once, but all the same its still good. The championship mode is really cool to because theres no cops and u have lots of different races to keep you occupied. I personally have troubles with the time trials. So all in all this game is good some of the graphics can be a little messed up at times, but since u can pick this game up for $... its a good buy. Rent it first if you can and see for yourself. Like I said even if you like games like bond, or madden youll have a good time playing this game. I hope this review will help you in your descision to buy this game. Thanks for taking your time and reading this!
best racer for the cube     On: 2003-07-05

This is a coo racing game that any gamecube owner should check out. The racing is so addicting youll find yourself stuck to the screen for hours at a time. The many different types of things to do keeps things new and fresh so you never get bored. being able to do lap knockouts where the person in last at the end of a lap is knocked out, and tournaments with points over the course of many different races, standard races, free driving for as long as you want on any area, and two types of championships style story modes. These linked events will earn you money to buy new cars and areas for multiplayer. The cars are fantastic and astounding. But what puts this out from other racing games is the ability to be a cop and chase down and destroy criminals with spike strips, choppers that explosive gas cannisters, and other cars that race ahead to ram the speeding villain. the game only lacks in one area. Plot, there is such a lack of plot that you wonder why youre doing it all but i really doesnt need one because its so fun without it.
Awesome     On: 2003-06-04

IT HAS GREAT GRAPHICS AND THE MACLAREN F1 LM Inst the fastest car in the world. The mercedes clk gtr is faster. The fastest car in the world is the Bugatti EB 16/4 veyron!!! Anyway, you got to get the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what to buy     On: 2003-05-28

this game rocks! but before you go buying every car you see heres a few tips for shouldnt keep using all the starting cars until you get a mclarenF1(fastest car in the world).the most essential cars are the 10,00 dollar FERRARI 360 SPYDER,DODGE VIPER GTS,and CORVETTE Z06.THE GOOD WAY TO MAKE MONEY IS SINGLE RACE THE HIGHER THE ABILITY LEVEL THE MORE MONEY YOU GET.ALSO HALF OF THE SPECIFACATIONS ARE WRONG!OVERALL THIS GAME IS ....GOOD
not bad!     On: 2003-05-27

the gameplay and the cars are great. However, there are a couple things that bug me: the spikes strips are annoying. I cant tell you how many times Ive been in first place and in my glory, ran over a spikes strip that basicially covers the entire road. you should be able to continue going on the race, but at a reduced speed. also, the graphics are a little cheesey. The cars are pretty good looking, and so is the beginning movie. Thats about all. This game still has those corny looking backgrounds that almost look like a flat sheet, or a picture. But when youre going dowm a straightaway with a jump right ahead of you in your McLaren F1 LM, the last thing you will bw thinking about is the flat background.I like the opal speedster. cool lookin car. not the fastest, but best handling. Too bad Opals cant be in the U.S.(some stipid bumper regulation)Well, anyway, Im hooked on NFS HP2. I also must say that for a racing game, it has an excellent replay value. The two player adds to the replay value. I reccomend picking this game up used for a must cheaper price, there seem to be a lot on amazon for a good price. Overall, four out of five stars
Really Good Arcade style game     On: 2003-05-21

In Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 you race agaist other cars to get away from the cops. Also in this game you can be the cop and chase the bad guys. Multiplayer in this game is really fun.If you like realistic racing this game is not for you.
Great game     On: 2003-05-06

This is a great racing game. I just got the gamecube and this is the game Ive spent the most time on. There are three main modes of play: Hot Pursit, Championship, and Single Challenge. The hot pursit is you racing against other cars (in most cases) with traffic and cops trying to run you off the road. This mode is challenging, but great fun. The Championship mode is just you and other racers. No traffic, no cops. This is more a skill of racing. The Single Challenge is where you can set the parameters for practicing or racing against a friend. This is also where you can unlock cars and tracks after gaining points from the other two modes.

The only reason I didnt not give this five stars: I would like to see my best lap times for each track.

Besides that, if you like racing games. Get this!!

Best Sports Car Racing Game Ever!!!     On: 2003-03-07

At first i was a lil skeptical i mean my bro is the one who likes racing games and he is a hard core nfs fan he got his licsence plate NEED4SPD any way this game at first i thought didnt compare to my newly bought game ghost recon but after i beat that need 4 speed was just layin there and one thing led to another and i called in sik for work the next day then stayed up til 2 am beatin the hot pursuit events which by the way werent that hard at all jus time consuming all in all this is a must by for all peeps who know how to appreciate a well desighned game such as need 4 speed hot pursuit 2
FOR GREAT CAR LOVERS ONLY!     On: 2003-03-04

I bought my 8 year old son a Game Cube but I never thought I would enjoy it as much as he does. In fact, I will admit, I hated the idea of my kid getting stuck in front of video game, but NEED FOR SPEED may be greatest game for boys to men (and the other sex, too)! Tremendously satisfying for only two kinds of individuals: 1) those who own a sports car, or 2) those who want to own a sports car! NFS should advertise in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, TIME, NEWSWEEK, GQ, and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED!. My son and I have a wonderful time racing together. This is the greatest driving game ever!
Best Racer Ever!     On: 2003-02-12

I picked up Hot Persuit 2 about a month ago and finally just beat all the courses with gold medals today. This game is extremely fun and very very addicting. I am making this review short and sweet. The graphics are a strong 5 stars control is a great 5 stars (varying with different cars) and overall fun simply can not be rated on a 5 star scale! I have to admit that I have not found many games that can keep my interest and actually make me want to play all day and night long, however Hot Persuit 2 has accomplished that very task and has done it very well. I recommend that absolutely anyone who likes racing games to pick this one up. Even if you arent that big of a fan of racing games (and I admit that I am not the biggest fan of racers mysels)to buy this game! There is an excellent selection of exotic vehicles as well as plenty of things to unlock, and even the cop missions are a blast! Thats all I have to say other than this. BUY THIS GAME< YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT !
CAUTION: CURVES AHEAD!! :)     On: 2003-02-06

ok - lets get the reasons i gave it only 4 stars out of the way:
- you cant play two player with one as the cop and the other as the racer (this drawback is why the 4 stars really)
- after unlocking cars the game sometimes dosent leave them unlocked
- crashes and bangups do not damage your car very much

now for why its a great game:
- the action is pretty real
- the handling of the cars is pretty real as well and small things like going over a wooden bridge and driving on brick roads gives rumble feedback (in variable according to how rough the road is of course)
- its an actual challenge
- tons of maps and tons of really awesome cars
- being the cop is really fun!
- getting away from the cops is REALLY satisfying :D
- no two cars are alike

all in all this was definitly a great buy and worth every penny for the avid car racing game enthusiast.

A light video gamer     On: 2003-02-02

this game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the cars are AWSOME and the graphics are awsome, the tracks are even better, I think the only flaw is you cant buy parts for your cars,,, you can even be the cops and set up spike strips and stuff,,, unless you have something against racing games GET THIS
eehhh, what ever     On: 2003-01-29

I like this game. i think its a lot of fun and the cars all look great, but the game just goes down from there. i was racing the ferrari 550 (spell check please) i think and i was on the calipso coast track and while i drove 170mph the game really started to slow down. it got choppy like and there i went bouncing off walls. also, the detail to the game isnt what it should be. the track, sky, cars and effects all look good, but you look at the hills and trees and you dont get the realism of speeding away from cops in one of your dream cars. if you played this game on a ps2 then you would see what its supposed to look/performe like. some other things the ps2 version has is an extra track. its a desert track with tumble weeds and everything. the ps2 version has a really cool looking fall track. the gc one is alright, but the ps2 game has so much detail like leaves on the ground. you know, simple things. the cops are tougher, but you get three tickets instead of one and i liked that more. the ps2 game definitally runs smoother and is really fun. both are fun, but the ps2 version is just that much better. it ..., but its true.
whoa...what was that?!?     On: 2002-12-31

This is by far the most coolest racing game you can buy!! I cant believe how many cars you can choose from! Let me list some of my favorits: Mclaren F1 LM , Lambroghini Diablo, Ferarri 360 Spider, Corvette ZO6, Ford Mustang Cobra R, Porche 911 Turbo and last but not least, the Dodge Viper. And thats just a taste of the action! While racing, the cops might call for back up, call for a helicopter and even set up a spike strip! You can be the cop yourself and be on the lookout for racing vehicles! Go to "Championship Mode" and race against the toughest vehicles and try to win fame and fortune! So be on the lookout for the high-speed racing game "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2"!


adrenilyn baby!     On: 2002-12-20

hi i am Andrew I am 13 and I got a game cube for my 13th birthday so far i have 2 game on of them is this. first of all all of the cars in this game are real cars not like the one that are in like hotwheel games that are made up. the cars are...lotus...ople speedster(there are about 3more of the same looking cars in the game of the speedster)a ford mustang (remember there are afew more cars becasue I cant remember all of them) a viper..corvet..porshe...aston martin v12(in the james bond movie)
3 farraries..two mclarens (my faveroite and they are the fastest cars on the came 2 mercedees...2 lamborghnies( one of them is on the cover theyellow one.) and that is all I remember but I know there is more. ok now lets get on with eating pankakes.....wait sorry lets get on with all the tecnical stuff 100/10

sorry that was not to iformitive.

1. 10/10 grafics there is glares of of cars smoke when your car is dameged and every thing looks butiful. but the bushes are 2d blah blah balh.....blah

2. 10/10sound. great sound, roar of the car, crashing, cops, sreeching when take a tight turn blah.

3. 9/10 controls. it is a little hard when you first try it but you will get the hang of it and somtimes when you are going really fast if you try to make a turnyou will spin out of control like a regular car would do

and last but not first (I am a nut in real life but I should have
added this note when i said pancake)

4.9/10load time you just have to wait like ten seconds

the cashing is very fun. the cops will try to push you over (hint pushe them over and they will lose ya) they will send out hellicopters that dorp bombs that flip you over so you will get cought, road blaks witch is not that big of a deal, backupmuch more danger that one cop because they will ram you over and one will get infront of you and one will get behinde you so you cant get away, and then the there are spikes you run over them you are busted (tip stay on the dirt untill you pass what looks like a road block withe a red line(they are the spikes) on the road.

well I hope you like my review click more about me I have rated other vidio games and I will be writing more for game cube.

pancake....i mean bye

THE WORST GAME EVER     On: 2002-12-15

If there ever was a game that makes you want to die, this is this game. The game is horribly unrealistic and unfair. The police always go after you and never the opponents. You would have a much better time playing with a remote control car that has a dead battery. The moment I got rid of this game everything in my life started going better. I won the lottery, Jennifer Lopez fell in love with me, and I was elected to president. So, if you want this game, there is no hope for you.
A Nice game     On: 2002-12-13

This is one of the best NFS games so far ever since Porsche Unleashed when it comes to graphics. Nothing to say the cars are cool, but you find it difficult to reach speeds of over 200+ mph. There is plenty of staright but to me the cars takes their time to reach higher speeds execpt the last 6 cars but dont get mad because the games states that the Mclaren F1 goes over 240 Mph but the maxinm I push it was 196Mph both versions of this car.But if you are good try manual transmission with NFS Edition of the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. The tracks are okay but what I miss is the weather options that would the racing better instead of clear skies. Not enough courses to really test speed like Porsche Unleashed had. Just like Porsche Unleashed the traffic cars look cheap and small and when you hit them you get damage and they dont. No upgrades option like the previous games to make the cars go faster. The pursuit mode are intense sometimes the cops will try anything to take you down so pay close attention to what they say because sometimes they will switch their actions and your busted! I would give this game 5 stars but when EA games decides to put back the weather and upgraded options then the next game would get 5 stars
Pursue This!     On: 2002-11-30

This game is great fun for the whole family. My son and daughter just love the game. Graphics are great. Plenty of great courses and cars to chose from. Love the head to head competition. Also, the game also a player to be the cop and pursue the cars.
Nice!     On: 2002-11-27

I think the games awesome! It has really nice cars, and tracks. Theres cops that will chase you and its not like once a cop starts to chase you, your done for. You can lose the cop, and the chase will get more intense as it goes along. Plus in some races you can be the cop chasing the racers. Youve got to try this game if you love high speed races.
Great game     On: 2002-11-27

What more could you ask then to be a speeder or a high speed cop.This is one you cant miss out on.They have the high speed cars youve been wanting.
A Gift for the Guys (and Girls)     On: 2002-11-24

My husband bought this game two weeks ago. Since then, every time he comes home, he turns it on and plays it for hours. Now my sons are addicted to it. Last night, my husbands friend came over with his kids. They liked the game. The bottom line: this game is fun for all ages. It will keep you entertained for hours.
There are several different cars besides Lambourginis to play with--Corvettes, Mustangs, Ferraris, Porsches, and Mercedes. You choose the style. If you get tired of those, you can opt to play as a cop, chasing down those rogue speeders. Race your opponents while trying to outrun the po-lice. Or, leave them out. There are many different options to choose from. You can customize the game however you want.
If you find that you are crashing and burning (or getting busted by the cops) more than youd like, you can restart the game. The difficulty runs from easy to hard. Like the cars, there are several different scenes to choose from. You can race through the mountains or through the streets of a villa.
As for the graphics, Id give that category an average rating. The mountain scene is beautiful, but it is not top-of-the-line. The sound is good, with rock and rap as the theme music. The only thing that annoyed me was the noise of the engines, which sound more like chain saws than hot rods. Other than that, I would recommend this game for any hot rod enthusiast or anyone who likes a challenge.
Excellent Game--Questionable Graphics     On: 2002-11-22

This game is great. Lots of great cars, and I especially love being in pursuit. However, the games major flaw is graphics. The FPS (frames per second) is just way to slow and entirely unacceptable for such a poweful machine as the Cube. The actual cars and scenery are beautiful, but if youre driving over a hill, or too many cars are around, the frame rate drops. Despite this major flaw (in my eyes) it is a terrific game with lots of replay value. Definitely a must to rent, a maybe to buy.
The Best Need For Speed Ever!!     On: 2002-11-15

This is absolutely the best Need For Speed ever. I love this game not only for its graphics but for the gameplay modes and how every other car has a brain. You have a choice of different gameplay modes which include Hot Pursuit, Championship Mode, and just racing for fun, dont forget you can be the cop and chase after computerized racers. The cops are smart in the game, they attempt to stop you in many ways; they call for helicopters that drop barrels that blow up, put down tirespikes, plant explosives on the ground, and the classic chasing and ramming into you. Best of all, you have a choice of more than 20 cars to race including Dodge Vipers, Lamborghini, Ferraris, Porsches, and even cop cars. This is how you live it with your dream car. You unlock cars on your as you progress through the game. This is a great game, and I highly reccomend it!
NFS2 - Good, not great     On: 2002-11-12

I dont play games 24x7 so I try to pick good ones when I do. I rented this one and it was worth it. Not sure Id buy it but Ill certainly consider it once more racing games come out. The graphics are good, the crashes are poor, but the controls are very good. 2-player races are a lot of fun! The championship modes are fun and the cars are great but the race courses get a little old after a while. They could use more courses instead of just the 12 they have. They mix it up by doing them backwards and mirrored but thats about it. Also, they couldve put some weather elements into the game.

Over all, though its a pretty fun game and it is definately near the top for racing fun. One more comment... when youre playing one-player and the "cop feature" is ON, it would be nice if the cops went after the computer racers a little more often to mix it up a bit more.

Speed!     On: 2002-11-11

this is an awesome game for any body that likes cars. It has a big selection of cars. the police are cool. you can even be the police. It has mega graphics. Really I cant see anything that is wrong about this game. I really reccomend it
An exiting game that puts you at the edge of your seat!!     On: 2002-11-07

the best racing game perfect for all ages. Be the cop mode great for having two ways of fun! Better than Need For Speed 1. I give it 5 stars!!
A good racing game but not up to NEED FOR SPEED quality     On: 2002-11-05

This is probably the best racing game out for gamecube right now, but its nothing like the other need for speed games. First of all, its missing three essential items that made NEED FOR SPEED games famous; damage, in car view, and the whole race-get-money-buy-car-repair-car-sell-car setup. This is a great game but dont expect anything as good as the first.
Hot Pursuit 2 is the King of racing games     On: 2002-11-03

Hot Pursuit 2 is one of the best racing games ive ever played. I think the only one better than it is Grand Turismo 3: A-Spec for Playstation 2. HP2 is very fun because of its hot pursuit mode, where you are chased by cops if you speed by them while you race against computer controlled opponents. The game allows 1-2 players to play at once, and race with cops, or without. I think it is a really great game.
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2002-10-27

This is the best Need 4 Speed ever.The Graphics rule and the gameplay is awesome. The cars look unbelieveably realistic. If you liked the Need 4 Speeds bfore you need buy this one!!!!
What a great game     On: 2002-10-09

I bought this game the very second it hit the stands and believe me its worth it. The cars are to the exact real spefecation and detail. However there arent as many different tracks as I would have liked, there are just Mirror and reversed images of a few different tracks. I hope this review was helpful in your decision on buying this great game.
What's so freakin' bad about the game     On: 2002-10-08

I bought this game like 3-4 days after it came out...since I had a gamecube I decided that i would check it out, it wasnt a sure thing for me because i heard that the gamecube version was the (dare i say it) worst out of all the systems Need For Speed games. So anyways, when i got home i decided to pop the disc in and see how it was. I was extremely impressed about the opening act and how good the graphics were... I didnt see any framerate problems at all. Who said the cars were slow, if they were any faster, youd probably need a couple of fats guys to weigh the car down so it wouldnt get airborne, YES IT IS THAT FAST.

NOTE: I havent played the X Box or PS2 versions of the game yet! But if u have a gamecube, at least rent it, u wont regret it! -later

Police Chases!!!!     On: 2002-09-04

I think this game is going to rock, but I think Its going to be better than Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. There are more police chases, cool flying intense crashes. Once the police chases you better get rolling before they get you. Its more intense, and the races ar even better than#1. Youll be amazed whenyou see this hot game!

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