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ATV: Quad Power Racing 2
By: ACCLAIM VIDEO GAMES       Average Rating: 3.5     Total Reviews: 3
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This is the best game in the world.     On: 2004-08-08


This is a very good game and I would recommend to buy it. It can be challenging when you race on it, but it is easy to use kick. You can do lots of fun tricks.

My brother doesnt like it when you are doing multiplayer. If you are doing multi-player, you only have 20 seconds to get to the finish line once the first person has crossed the finish line. If you dont finish, the game just ends on you.
A solid and fun game....and a bit addicting:)     On: 2003-05-24

I really enjoy this game....It is simple to learn how to play, challenging to finish, and loads of fun in between. Kids from 5 to 75 can have fun with this. I bought this as a racing game, not as a stunt game. The option to knock other riders off can be handy at times, but not absolutely neccessary. Being able to ride wheelies and getting it up on 2 wheels is neat though. The graphics are really nice with some shortcuts on the tracks (if you can find them:)If you like any type of dirt and woods racing, try this out!
The best ATV game available (but still mediocre)     On: 2002-12-28

Let me start with the good things about this game. It is relatively fast paced, the graphics are pretty good, the physics engine is nice, and the controls are, for the most part, intuitive.

Now the bad. This game is supposed to be about tricks and the ability to kick your opponents off their ATV, but the tricks are nothing special, and the kick option is very limited. You hit the B button (which means you have to take a finger off the throttle), and the game decides which direction to kick. If there is an ATV on each side, its a coin flip who gets kicked. And the supposed variety in tracks and riders is just a lot of the same-old same-old. (Who cares how many amateur or professional riders there are to choose from. Can YOU name a pro ATV rider?) Oh, and the music is insipid.

But, if this is your thing, you might find it enjoyable. The game isnt BAD, its just not that GOOD.

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