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Beyond Good & Evil
By: UBISOFT       Average Rating: 4.5     Total Reviews: 39
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Beyond Good and Evil is beyond good... its great     On: 2006-10-01

Ubisoft has done really good in building my consumer trust this game console generation and it is due to titles like this one. It is a brand new franchise yet it has the kind of production values in terms of graphics, voice acting, soundtrack, etc that you would expect from a well established game franchise.

This game is often compared to Zelda. The comparision is viable but not totally accurate. While Zelda is about free-roaming exploration this one has a more linear discovery. BG&E game world is much smaller than what you get in a Zelda game and it is a sci-fi alien invasion setting rather than the sword & soccery fantasy setting the Zelda games have.

In this game you a reporter that goes on different jobs to take pictures and submit the evidence of the alien activities. Expose goverment involvement and the works. The game will provide around 15-20 hrs of gametime. It is worth playing through for anybody that enjoys the Zelda games... some things are even done better (like the photography) than Zelda games but just dont expect the same size of world to explore, or the same type of combat/gameplay, or the same variety of diverse enemies and boss battles as a Zelda game.
Finished over a year ago, but I still remember it...     On: 2006-05-18

Its not often that you come across a game that is so good it still ranks among your favorites over a year after you played it. But Beyond Good and Evil was such a game for me. This game had it and varying gameplay, good music, great story, and likeable characters.
You play as Jade (and as a girl gamer, I have to say it was nice to have a heroine to play as for once), who starts the game as a lowly photographer but ends up having to uncover a vast government conspiracy with the help of some comrades. There is a little bit of every type of gameplay in here -- puzzle solving, stealth, racing, hand-to-hand combat, and even a taste of Pokemon Snap!
What really blew me away was the story, which was full of surpises (and stay tuned after the final credits for one more shocker). And you really feel for the characters, I remember there was one tragic cutscene where I almost cried.
The music is catchy too. To this day I can still hum the theme to Mamagos Garage (sad, but Im trying to make a point here)
The bottom line is, buy this game!!! You wont be sorry
Comparison of versions     On: 2005-12-19

Im a big fan of this game, but most of the reviews have already done justice to its quality (lets say that if Roger Ebert played it, he would understand that games CAN be an entirely valid and socially relevant art form). What they havent covered, at least that Ive seen, is a comparison between the PS2, Xbox, GCN, and PC versions of the game. If you only have one of those platforms, then obviously, buy it for that one - but if you have a choice, which one is better?

First I tried the Xbox version in a store, but initially passed on it. When I went back again to buy it, it was gone. So I bought the PS2 version and played it through, then sold it. Today I found a brand-new copy of the GC game (yes, they ARE out there), and now Im playing through it again. I havent played the PC version - it is by far the most popular, which leads me to believe they know something I dont, but I dont have a system thats suitable for trying it out.

- They pretty much all look and play the same - that is, above average, with a lot of fine and unique detail, but occasionally muddy textures (still better than, say, Morrowind). There is an unevenness when turning the environment that sometimes feels like slowdown, sometimes like a framerate drop. Of the three, the Xbox version looks the cleanest, followed closely by the GCN. The PS2 has noticeably inferior texture work and more slowdown. Where the GCN version shines, in my opinion, is in the water effects, which are smooth and lovely, especially out in the open.

- Load times are roughly equal for the Xbox (which has the advantage of a hard drive) and the GCN (which has the advantage of a smaller disk). The PS2 version lags behind, but it isnt game-breaking.

- Controls are equally fluid on all three consoles, and your preference is probably going to lie with which controller you like best. For this game, I like the GCN controller layout, with its intuitive Z-control for the camera, the best of the three.

- The quality of the sound is similar for all three in the standard modes, but only the GCN version supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, a feature which does its part in enhancing the cinematic experience.

Of course, the biggest difference, at least currently, is the price. The PS2 and PC versions were over-produced, so theyre easily obtained and dirt cheap. The Xbox and GCN versions are considerably harder to find, and the GCN version in particular is almost a collectors item. (I certainly prize my copy.) But as I said, this game is definitely out there. And if you really cant find it anywhere.. then buy it here and save yourself the hassle. BG&E is one of the standout games of the entire generation.
Cool     On: 2004-10-12

This is a fun game! It gets a bit hard and complicated in places, but I still like it!
One of those hard to find games     On: 2004-10-01

I dont mean by my title that this game is hard to find. More that a game as well done as this only comes around once and a while. I spent about 20 hours exploring the world of Hylis. 20 hours which seemed to be only 10-15 hours. Time passes much faster outside the little bubble of blissful ignorance that will form around you while playing this game because, frankly, the outside world will seem to fade as you almost become Jade, becoming increasingly immersed in the beautiful yet dark world of Beyond Good and Evil.

The game opens with an alien attack by creatures known as the Domz. After a simple battle, you recieve your camera and can begin exploring your small island home, which also happens to be a lighthouse. When you first get the camera, youll recieve one of the games main side quests: photographing all the worlds animals. This quest continues throught the game and takes a bit of work to complete, although you wont regret it. It is one of the most entertaining mini-games I have ever seen, keeping you entertained durring and between misions. After youve finished photographing the animals and exploring the environment, you begin youre adventure by recieving a speedboat from your best friend and companion, Payj.

Before I go on to mention anything else, I should probably go into detail about the environment. Although the games graphics are often very cartoony, the cartoon world of Hylis comes alive in the form of the teeming life you see everywhere around you. There are the small things, such as the detailed rock walls of caverns, to the way the water moves, to all the people walking out on the streets. Everything just seems so alive that it will seem almost magical. The game also has a wonderful distance engine, which allows the player to see things from a very large distance, such as a whale leaping from the water, or other boats, or even the larger details of the games several islands.

While running around taking pictures and fighting evil is fun, it is just as much fun to cruise around on the speed boat and the rocket ship, once you get it. While there is some fighting and picture taking to be had aboard the ship, it was not quite frequent enough for me, and I had to just make due with the 3 boat race courses and the four smugglers caverns, with the occasional Domz attack.

The main collectible in this game is the pearl, and pearls are required to progress through the game, with some additional pearls added in to give you more choice as to what quests to perform to progress in the game. The games quests vary. While you will get pearls automatically for progression in the games rich plot, you will also have to take pictures of animals, fight some hidden Domz, win boat races, defeat smugglers, infiltrate government buildings in which pearls are held, and other little quests, many involving the perchase of pearls. Also, to avoid all the annoying serching that most games have to get the last collectibles, you can buy an item that will label pearl and animal locations on your map so that you have an idea of where to look, although it wont tell you how to get them.

The puzzles in the game are very well done, and, for the most part, simple. There is one puzzle later on that is quite well done because it is hard without being contrived or ridiculously pointless or anything else that can be complained about. Other puzzles involve finding clever ways of sneaking past guards or getting over a wall. Its one of those games where solving puzzles isnt extremely difficult as long as you look for the games hints, yet still give a very rewarding feeling after their completion.

Almost done... This game isnt exactly an action game. Like in most RPGs, you cant fall of edges into bottomless pits, although enemies can kill you. Jade will do most jumping and action oriented moves by herself, leaving you to fight monsters and solve puzzles. The controls are very responsive and should never frustrate the player, especially with the fantastic camera, which places itself in basically the best position almost automatically, although there are sometimes when it would be nice to be able to move it. This makes doing battle simple, although its not to hard to begin with. Most enemies are slow to attack and give you plenty of time to prepare a good strategy to dealing with them.

To wrap up, I need to mention the two most surprising things about this game. First off, it had almost no bugs that I could find. I found one spot where I fell through a floor, but I can only blame myself for that one, and it was easy to avoid the spot once I knew what I did to get into it. Did I mention that there are save points EVERYWHERE, so you never have to worry about getting really far and then getting stuck having to turn it off and losing 30 minutes of playing. Also, being killed only places you back at the entrance of a room, making some of the more frustrating sneaking bits much less so. The other bug was simply a quest desription bug on Salene which described the Payj quest as the "escaping the Slaughterhouse" quest. Other than that, I had no problems with the games mechanics. Another surprise in this game was the increadible music, which had a great Latin feel and really got your feet moving and sometimes your head moving from side to side.

This games story line never lets up and keeps you on the edge of your seat right up till the fantastic final battle. There were even several spots (especially the lighthouse bit near the end), when I almost cried because of the games extremely emotional presentation. The only irritating thing is that the game seems to have one of those prepare for a sequal endings, with some little loose ends to tie up, yet I have heard no plans for one as of yet. Ill have to keep my eyes peeled, I guess.

Anyway, if youre still reading this (I didnt realize I had this much to say about BG&E, sorry), this game goes beyond good and bad and reaches a level which few games attain of utter perfection. Every little thing in this game is thrown at you in just the right amount to entertain you, yet keep you begging for more. If you can find this game used, it makes a great addition to anyones collection, but even new its still a great deal for a great game.
Short but sweet     On: 2004-08-19

Like most reviews, Im going to have to say this game was short but good. The style and originality of this game makes up for its short storyline.

The Characters - excellent detail on the characters and a wide range of different species, Jade, the woman you control is a human but most of the other characters are animals such as PeyJ the Pig.

The Storyline - though short, this is a very original and creative game. Basically, Jade and PeyJ are in the middle of a war against the so-called heros The Alpha Sections and the Domz. But the twist is the Alpha Sections are actually with the Domz and the Iris is the good team, who get Jade on their side. Jade must save the victims before its too late.

The Graphics - amazing design and beautiful landscape. It may seem quite simple but its actually quite brilliant. The water seems lifelike and the crystals and such as "pretty".

The Gameplay - Smooth moving. Jade jumps, runs and walks with ease. Very easy to get used to but you can get frustrated at times when you want PeyJ to do something and hes not coming, etc.

The Enemies - Pretty simple, until the final battle. The final battle shows you, Jade, fighting against some strange being. At first its not too hard but after the controls get reversed, its actually quite hard. Make sure you have lots of food to refill your health!

Overall - this game is great, I only rented it and I beat it within days but its still good. I would consider buying it if I found it at a cheap price just so I could play over and over again. The downside is if you save while on the moon, you will never get to go back. I would suggest saving though because most likely you will die somewhere on the moon and then youll have to redo the whole thing. Make sure youve done everything youve wanted to do before going to the moon. Have fun!
What a fantastic sleeper!     On: 2004-07-24

Wow, so little fanfare for such an excellent game. Gorgeous from start to finish, excellent movement and large worlds fully explorable. Characters are charming, funny, too bad we only get limited voice interactions. Beautiful and believable environments, visually on a par with Halo, if not better. Races are addictively fun, if not a little too easy, interesting plotting and pacing. This is a ten out of ten, should absolutely have been game of the year!
This is a beautiful game.     On: 2004-06-13

You are Jade, a young female photographer-for-hire who, along with her humanoid pig uncle, Peyj, run a lighthouse on the planet Hillys. Hillys, protected by a squadron called the Alpha Sections, is at war with an alien race known as the DomZ. However, an underground rebel organization known as the IRIS Network claims that the Alphas are secretly in cahoots with the Domz. IRIS is an underground news network, informing the people via a newsletter that attempts to expose the link between Hillys protectors and the alien menace. This is where Jade comes in. Youll hook up with IRIS and spend the bulk of the game infiltrating Alpha strongholds and taking pictures of incriminating evidence. Youll also be working for a science agency, taking pictures of various animal life, for which you will be paid hansomely.

Money in the game is distributed as credit or in pearls. You will need these things in order to purchase the necessary tools to accomplish your missions.

The attack system is pretty simple. Jade has a staff that she can use to deliver a set of swift blows. Its a three-hit combo system, much like Starfoxs. She also has some sort of telekenetic power that allows her to dish out a colorful explosion of particles at her enemies.

The music is excellent and unique. You will laugh at the hillarity of Mammagos, the auto shop where Jade will need to buy several parts to her vehicles. Even the music in Akudas Bar will have you feeling as though you really are in a bar on some fantasy world.

There are several mini-games in this game. For one, if you go down the wrong path, youll find yourself being held up by looters. Youll have to chase them down and catch them, if you want your money back as well as a way out of the trap. The second game is a race. There are 4 of them. Most of these are basically just another way to earn a pearl, if youre good enough to place Number 1. Another game involves playing some sort of ball game on a table. Then theres the shady man with the three walnuts. He hides something in one and then shuffles them around until he asks you to choose.

The fourth game is some sort of Star Wars type assault on the DomZ base. At first it will be you and your two buddies in a ship against an army of fighter pilots, but soon the sky will fill with fighter pilots from the IRIS Network.

The graphics are superb. I cant remember ever having to complain about any animation in this game. It all looks wonderful.

The story itself is magnificent. You will be totally into the happenings of Hillys as you strive to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. All of the supporting characters make you feel as though you truly are part of their world. This is how a game should make you feel.

Beyond Good & Evil deserves an award for the oustanding storytelling, musical score, graphics, and sheer intelligent gameplay.

Spoiler Note: There is a chase sequence in the game that is absolutely fantastic. It happens right after you sneak past the guards on the rooftops in the pedestrian area. The dipping and dodging, while explosions are going off all around you, coupled with a suprising slow-mo scene will have you at the edge of your seat!

My personal pick for Game of the Year     On: 2004-05-02

Its difficult to describe exactly what this game is about in a short review, and the marketing taglines dont really do it justice, either. All I can say is that this game came out of nowhere and captured my heart and imagination like no other game ever has. I have been playing video games since the days of the original NES, and this game has had more of an impact on me emotionally than any other.

The major strength of Beyond Good and Evil is in its story. The setting has a homely feel, the characters are fun and interesting, and the struggle has a genuine anxiety about it. Its worth it to purchase this game just for the story.

The story, however, is not the only good aspect of it. It features a nice blend of differing gameplay styles, from sneaking past guards to hovercraft races to tabletop games in a tavern and everything in between. And it isnt just hacked together, it flows seemlessly, and it all has a place in the aforementioned top-notch story. My impression is that the developers created the story first and then built a game around it rather than the other way around, which is the way most games are done.

It is a bit on the easy side, but to me this is a good thing. This means that this game can be approached by all sorts of different people, even people that dont consider themselves gamers at all, not just long-time gamers such as myself. This is a great game to get if you have never played a game from start to finish, and at the same time the story makes it worth it for those that have no trouble with even the most challenging of video games. It really is an interactive movie of top-quality storytelling. From the opening sequence when Jades home falls under attack to the ending when the full extent and nature of the conspiracy is finally revealed, the plot will have you glued to your console or PC until you finish, and youll still be wanting more.

Im still hoping for a sequel, though poor sales may prevent one from ever being released. But trust me, once you play this game, youll care about Jade and what happens to her as much as I do.

Fun Adventure     On: 2004-04-19

This game is a must-have, especially now with such a low price. The whole experience feels like a movie because the whole game is presented in a letterbox widescreen view. The plot of the game is believable and the whole presentation of the game is well executed. And the graphics arent anything to laugh at. Especially when out in the hovercraft on the water, the water looks great.Everything is done with the in-game engine, so all the transitions between movies is smooth. Overall this game is highly recommended, so please buy it so Ubisoft makes a sequel.
Beautifully charming- mostly.     On: 2004-04-08

The game starts off pretty ordinarily - people are getting kidnapped, sidekicks introduce themselves. You may start yawning at the start, thinking its just Starfox Adventures Part 2. But there is much more of a purpose to everything you do in this and you actually start to care about the characters. The world is thankfully compact yet full of things to do. You will need to solve puzzles (some quite clever) but the solution is never too hard to work out. This game includes ideas that have been seen elsewhere but does it with humour, style at a great sense of atmosphere. In some ways, it reminded me of the Monkey Island series, with the old town on an island full of characters. You could imagine pirates rather than robots roaming around. Ubisoft are a French company and the town has a distinct Gallic look to it. Its very well drawn and a welcoming place to go if you want a bit of time out from the adventure. You can play games in the bar, for instance.

The voice acting is great - I particularly like the announcer on the races (that are a bit like Star Wars Episode 1.) A sizeable section of the game is taken up with stealth sections. Now, Im not a stealth fan generally but Beyond Good and Evil manages to make it very fun without losing the tense atmosphere necessary. The guards are both very threatening, wearing spotlights, heavy armour and with the power to command a hovering guncraft to shoot you or to send lasers in your general area. And, yet, when you manage to overpower them, they stumble around bewildered in a comical way. I dont want to spoil things but there are some very funny ways of finishing off the guards.
The sound is great, ranging from dark and moody to Jamaican and a bit of French pop/hip hop.
The graphics were specially designed (the JADE engine) and the same engine was used on Prince of Persia. Its difficult to tell it was because both games are distinctly different.
Jade appropriately wears a lot of green, has green lipstick and green features as a recurring colour throughout. The main characters have been really well drawn. You almost forget that Jade isnt real- shes like a young French film star and her expression can change from wryly amused to fearful within a second.
One part of the game is particularly cinematic- a chase across the rooftops. Its like a throwback to a Hitchcock film like North by North West and, though short, its really well done. The designers obviously had aspirations to make this game film-like and they have succeeded. The scenes at the lighthouse towards the end are beautiful.

One of the few disppointing parts was the last level. Not only is it small but it performs the unforgivable error of having un-necessarily long corridors and a virtual absence of puzzles- an otherwise entertaining game pretty much fizzles out amid a cliched alien enivronment.

Also- and Zelda is the worst offender though it is also seen in this game and Starfox Adventures- why does a game that is based upon the traditional fairytales of good versus evil and swordfights and magic resort to something as stupid as making the character levitate upwards on certain warp points? This idea is pure Star Trek awfulness that is at odds with the simple core of adventure that these stories should be trying to convey. Even Prince of Persia does it.

well worth the new price     On: 2004-03-16

After reading several enthusiastic reviews and lured by the low price point (I came late to the console wars and picked GC with the notion of getting the most bang for the buck out of both console and games), I picked out BG and E. If you are an adventure-game fan, I would rate this one high but not perfect, as the gameplay is VERY linear and almost childishly easy, and I am not the worlds best gamer. Graphics are very well animated, great use of color, but this is not something that showcases the cubes power like Prince of persia. Well worth 20 bucks, good for about fifteen hours of enjoyable gaming. Strong plot, and the possibility of a sequel is implied, although weak sales might prevent that. If you buy it and win, be sure to watch after the credits roll!
I Think People are Giving This Zero Stars by Accident     On: 2004-03-10

I echo the positive sentiments of the others reviewing this game, but I think others are giving it zero stars by accident (judging by the zero star rating next to a glowing review.)
Short and sweet     On: 2004-03-06

What do you get when you cross Zelda, Splinter Cell, a kung-fu movie, and The Matrix? Aparently an awesome game. Beyond Good and Evil takes the best of every genre, even racing and gambling, and crams them into one neat little package.

1) Fluid combat system: pull off combos and quickly fight off enemies that surrond you, rather than slowly engaging them one by one by "targeting them" (as in Zelda).

2) Enough facets to the game that any gamer can find an aspect they like. For instance, players can take the offensive against gaurds, or stealthily sneak by them.

3) Work in unison with an accomplice: NPCs (non-player charecter) not only help you through dungeons, allowing for original puzzles that add the aspect of team work to the mix, but also fight alongside you.

4) As far as games go, the plot to this one is up there with my favorites. Atleast three great twists in this one.

1) It took me three days to beat this game (probably because I was so addicted to it). For $20, thats fine by me.

4 stars: Great adventure/photography/stealth/futuristic/vehicle ... you get the point. Solid plot, solid fight engine, solid game. Short and sweet.

Bunch O' Fools     On: 2004-03-02

Why isnt anyone buying this great game? Theres no reason not to like this game. The graphics are superb. The story is great. The frekingamplay is great too. But nooo everyone is buying some cruddy lincensed game that deserves to be in a trash bin. This game however is withering in the bargin bin for only 20 dollars and will probably be takin off the markit because it isnt selling anything. For only 20 dollars buy already. Heck, you shouldve bought already for 50.
Everyone should buy this game     On: 2004-02-24

This is seriously one of the best games Ive ever played. UbiSoft and Michel Ancel (who also created the first two Rayman games) should be commended for this startlingly fun and imaginative game.

Graphically, the game is superb. The artistic design of the world is fabulous, and the water (of which there is a great deal) is beautifully rendered. The creatures that inhabit the world (and that you regularly photograph) are excellent designs: familiar enough to be believable creatures, but strange enough to be believably alien. The environments are also a feast for the eyes, and range from lichen-encrusted caverns to wide beaches to hideous industrial mazes. Character designs are also excellent, and feature an array of anthropomorphic animals -- including your sidekick Peyj, who looks like a blend between a trucker and a giant pig.

Character control is almost effortless, though some of Jades special moves are difficult to induce. Ive particularly had trouble getting her to backflip at times. However, except for the charging maneuver, none of the special moves are absolutely necessary for the game, and I never had any trouble with that one. You may get frustrated in some areas, but in my experience the fault has always been with myself or my approach, not with the game or controller.

The real strength of this game, however, is the variety of play. Classic adventure-game problem solving is supplemented by stealth/infiltration, martial-arts combat, vehicle-based fights, and even kart-style racing. And thats just what you HAVE to do to finish the game -- if you desire, you can follow the game into a number of other directions. You can even choose to take none at all... theres a lot to be said for just sitting back and enjoying the scenery.

Much is made of the plot, and its certainly more substantial than some Ive seen. Still, dont expect _War_and_Peace_. This is still in the realm of plots that are "very good for a video game", which is a bit of a disappointment, because a few more (or more believable) twists to the plot would have made this into a really interesting story. Nonetheless, the progression will be more than enough to keep you engrossed. The character interactions are also quite believable (some scenes between Jade and Peyj are truly touching).

Voice acting is solid, and the music is really lovely. I found myself wishing I could buy the soundtrack, just so I could hear the music which plays on the water in early sections of the game (and also in the final credits).

The games only real weakness is its length (I was able to play through in ~15h my first time, while seriously trying to go EVERYWHERE). However, the gaming experience itself is quite varied, and most puzzles admit of multiple solutions (there will only be a few occasions when youre absolutely locked into a single course of action). Add to this the gorgeous visuals and music, and this becomes a game youll be able to replay without regret.

To summarize--
Gameplay: Superb
Story: Excellent (for a video game... >sigh<)
Visuals: Superb
Audio: Superb
Replayability: Moderate

Overall: Superb (91%)

At [this price], youd be foolish not to buy it.
If you don't own this game... WHY THE HECK NOT?     On: 2004-02-23

When I first heard of this game I was slightly intrigued, but not enough to shell out that hard earned cash of mine. Then they lowered the price to $20 and I was like okay why not? So i forked over the 20 clams and I do not regret that one bit. The game is just gorgeous. The characters are appealing the landscapes are original the game play is great. Definately one of the best that GameCube has put out so far.
Good     On: 2004-02-20

Beyond Good & Evil is no Rayman, even though its made by the same guy. But the truth is: its just as good as Rayman. The game has a sweet fluidity to it, an engrossing story and characters, and is easy to play as well as to watch. The addition of vehicle-based missions and picture-taking work wonderfully, as well as the balance between stealth and action. However, my problems with the game are this: 1) too short. 2) too linear. 3) too prohibiting (as in, the controls). Other than this, Beyond Good & Evil is a treat. A fun, involving, unique game which, sadly, isnt getting the credit it deserves.
Best game since Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker     On: 2004-02-19

This has got to be one of the best games that I have ever played. Theres hours on in of action/adventure/stealth.
Theres aliens, mutated homo sapiens, pigs and other futuristic cross bread creatures.
Take a picture of some of these creatures and get some units(Cash).
This is probably the best game ever besides The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
The best I've played (GC)...     On: 2004-02-19

I find that is a great place to read gamers reviews. To my point, I cued in on the rave reviews and purchased BG&E for $20. After being myself blown away at the quality of play, I checked out the website. They have the whole marketing angle wrong. This is not your standard shoot and blow things up game, yet it is advertised as such. To sum up the game, it is a casual adventure game with a challenge and a laugh around every turn. This is the way games should be! (reminds me a little of the old lucas arts games...great)
Absolutely fantastic     On: 2004-02-18

I have a PS2. Ive been a big fan of the legend of zelda series with nintendo but I went with this console because of the better game selection. I got this game at 19.99 and was absolutely blown away. The graphics, the music, the plotline, and that gameplay were fantastic. Im crossing my fingers that Ubisoft will get the sequel out. This game is well worth the more than econonimical price tag. You can get the whole story of this game from the other reviews, I just want to express my enthusiasm and enjoyment Ive gotten from this game. One of the best Ive had a chance to play on this platform.
Beyond good!     On: 2004-02-17

This has been the best gaming experience Ive had since Ocarina of time! The graphics are smooth, the characters witty, and the story compelling. Possibly the best game of 2003.
Awesome     On: 2004-02-16

This game is great. Amazing graphics, sound, story, etc. Its amazing that its not raved about because its definitely the best adventure game since Ocarina of Time.
Believe me it is beyond good..     On: 2004-02-15

This is a great game.. I bought it at the $20 value and well worth the money.. I highly recommend it.. Cant say enough about this game.. I do hope they make a sequel to this game since it would be a shame not too..
beyond the best     On: 2004-02-05

beyond good and evil is the best game sence super smash bros.
awesome controls and a great storie. it could use a sequil, but i heard they were making one. BUY IT, IT`S GREAT.
Awesome     On: 2004-02-02

I got this game for my birthday, and I love it. Its great gameplay and a riviting story line. Definately a great addition to your GameCube collection.
Man was I surprised...     On: 2004-01-29

yeah for once I was suprised about how much a game exceeded my expectations. I passed this game up at the $50 price point, but when they bumped it down to $20 I just had to get it. Everything about the game just grips you...the charachters, the story line, the exploration and dicovery of new animals and pearls, the stealth aspect in the "dungeons". But you see folks thats the problem...the game is gripping. I was wicked into the game game and it was over. Only about 12 hours for me to complete it and get almost everything with the exception of a few pearls. Its definitely worth the money... youll just feel like its a little short-changed. Pun intended!
Beyond Good and Evil is beyond words     On: 2004-01-27

Where do I begin? Everything from the OUTSTANDING graphics including Jade herself (she is the most realistic looking human in a video game that I have ever seen. She also shows emotion perfectly), to the humorous dialog between her and Peyj, and the wonderful soundtrack that goes along with this game, everything about it is perfect. The ONLY flaw (and its a minor one) is that the characters give everything away. Its impossible to figure out anything on your own. Then again - who cares? Do what they say and enjoy the ride! The only other flaw is - if I hear Double HH say "Carlson and Peter" one more time, I am going to scream.

I am someone that likes to play alien/space games and I am so glad to FINALLY see one for the Gamecube. There was Perfect Dark for the N64, but I couldnt beat the last boss. It was frustrating. I have played this one 4 times and I am ready to play it again.

Bravo to the creator of Rayman! You have another hit on your hands! I cant wait for the sequel!

Helping the Stars     On: 2004-01-22

This game sounds awsome, but some people forgot to give the game any stars, so Im giving the stars that they forgot to give.
A beautiful tapestry of a world     On: 2004-01-20

I highly recommend this game to play. It has a wonderful, rich world, with backgrounds and sub plots that make it much more then just a simple collection game. The fact that your main character is a photographer and that your objectives involves taking photos, gives this game a delightful twist.

If you enjoy puzzle solving and rich worlds rather then hack and slash this game is for you.

quality over quanity     On: 2004-01-17

Dont listen to any one that says this game is short. it is if you bought it for 50$ which would just be stupid. anyway it only cost 20$ so it is more than long enough for its price. now that thats cleared up lets get to the game. if you like splinter cell or starfox adventures then youll like this game. It has to deal with stealth, adventure, and suspense. in this game you may get caught but you can still fight or run. it has amazingly detailed enviroments and chalenging without that feel that your doing work while your playing the game.
Buy it so Ubisoft will make a sequel.     On: 2004-01-12

If a game has the Ubisoft logo on it its usually going to be good. But this game wasnt, It was beyond fantastic. An incredible story with many plot-twists, and amazingly fun gameplay. And a world that is really brought to life. Now, I have one or two bones to pick here though. First off, the world that you play the whole game through isnt quite as large as the ads make is sound. And the game isnt quite as open-ended as the ads make is sound. Also, you dont get the spaceship till the end of the game. Now normaly those would be bad complantes, but Beyond Good & Evil is an incredible game anyway. If youre wonder if its worth the money? Lets just say I would pay $80 dollars for this game. It is unbelevibly fantastic.
Anyway, now for a rundown of what the game consists of. Mostly the exploration is simple puzzles in incredible environments, and in battle you have first off, your normal Dai-jo stick attacks, and then theres the charge-up energyattack special. And finaly the complicated Gyrodisk launcher, which isnt really a weapon...
In exploring Hyllis(sp?) bay, you drive you jet powered hovercraft around the water. And later on, the spaceship allthe way up and to the moon. Also, large bosses usually dont attack you right away, because its one of the major side-quests to take pictures of all the species on the planet. So, its more realistic that way, infact it is a very very very realistcly rendered game.
And the many stealth segments are unsusually fun, or more interesting than fun really. It is still fun.
The story: The planet of hyllis is being attacked by the aliens known as the DomZ(thats not pernounced dom-Zee incase you were wondering). It starts out with Jade meditating at the base of the lighthouse where she lives, when a DomZ meteor attack starts.
After a lot happens including a few DomZ spectors trying to kidnap some of the other residents. Jade is sent on a mission, unaware that it is a situation test for joining the Iris Network, the group of "terroists" that battle the Alpha Sections, a group of elite soldiers that supposedly "protect" the population. After that a long and engaging story unfolds, culminating in a huge battle with the DomZ lord, on the moon, and a huge space battle with the Alpha Sections leader. I dont want to give anything away. But I will give one thing away, so if you dont want to read it skip the next line.
[Jade is actually half DomZ by the name of Shauni, but dosnt know it, and unlocks a great hidden power in fighting them.]
Anyway, this is an incredible game that everyone should get.

Graphics - 5/5
Sound - 5/5
Control - 4.5/5
FunFactor - 5/5
Overall - 5/5

Creative but Short     On: 2004-01-12

I think Beyond Good and Evil deserves to be the adventure game of 2003. It is an engrossing, and creative masterpiece, even though it is too short.

Graphics: 5/5 Beatiful water effects, life like animals, and a mix of colors give the graphics of BG&E a breathtaking value.

Game World: 5/5 The world (make that two) which this game takes place on are huge, and you have the power to explore every corner.

Controls: 5/5 Intuitive and easy to learn controls.

Story: 5/5 The story itself deserves a 7/5 because it is vast, creative, and amazing. Also, it keeps you guessing to the very end, and then has a grand ending. However, that ending comes way too soon. I finished the game in under 17 hours of gameplay, and by that I mean finished: having completed every sidequest in the game.

Sound: 4/5 Nice music with appropriate mood counteracts my dissapointment that the characters only speak during cutscenes, and they use textboxes everywhere else.

In the end: Id say buy this game at $50 dollars and you wont regret it much. But, for the best experience, rent it or wait for the price to drop.

Practically Perfect!     On: 2004-01-12

I mainly bought this game because it was rediculously cheap but then I played it and COULD NOT STOP. Every mechanism which moves you through the story occurs naturally. It is wonderfully challenging without being rediculous. The puzzles are intuitive, the goals are clear, the camera is almost never a problem, it has honest to goodness great voice acting, and its frickin GORGEOUS! When I accidentally missed a few items, to go back and locate them was not an obnoxious challenge. Most impressive of all is that this game includes nearly every genre of game you can think of. The racing, the space flight, puzzles, side games, side quests, role-playing....theyre all there! And they work! Its even a little Silent Hill-ish in the end!

I immediately played the game, again...and it was STILL fun! I highly encourage any game player to try this game. My 5 year old can even play it...with help with the reading!

A very good, if short action-adventure in the vein of Zelda     On: 2004-01-04

I start with this: Can a less than 20 hour game be worth $50? I didnt expect it but I have actually found one that is: Beyond Good & Evil. Feel free to say "I told you so." And now, my review.

Time to finish: 12 hours, 15 minutes

Beyond Good & Evil is an outstanding game. It may be a little short, and many of you may be wondering "Is this game worth $50?" I am going to say, that depends. If you are one to rush through a game, find everything there is to find, do everything there is to do, and then shelve it then the answer is no. If you like to take your time and explore, and re-experience a fine story once youve already beaten the game, then the answer is yes. However, you can already find this game for $20 or in many places (sad really, but good for you).

This game has an absolutely top notch-story. Its got suitable twists and turns and should keep you hooked until the end. Even though the game is less than 15 hours long, it doesnt feel rushed and it most certainly doesnt overstay its welcome. It is just about the right length to tell the story that the game tells.

The graphics are excellent, but the framerate is a little consistent. The music is dramatic and appropriate. I absolutely loved the various combat battle music tracks. The game is pure fun from the moment you start.

My only real complaint is that the ending leaves much open for a sequel which likely wont appear because I have doubts about this game selling well since it isnt a pre-established franchise, nor the baby of a company with the money and/or desire to heavily market it (Sony, Microsoft) (but you can change that! Go buy it, its worth it!).

Presentation -- 9.0
The game has a lot of polish and stylistic cohesion. There are great cutscenes.

Graphics -- 9.0
This game has some of the most vibrant, colorful, and detailed graphics of this generation. The only thing that gives it some marks off is the insonsistent framerate, but it didnt bother me much.

Sound -- 9.0
Voice-work is above average. The music in the game is outstanding. Sound effects are well done.

Gameplay -- 9.5
This is how Starfox Adventures wanted to play. Combat is always a blast and your companions actually do something to help in combat (although in that regard they are pretty much one trick ponys). The vehicles handle exactly like youd want them to.

Lasting Appeal -- 7.0
The game is fairly short, but its so fun that youll likely want to play it again!

Overall (Not an Average) -- 9.0

Go buy it please! At $20 or less you have no reason not to.

Outstanding Addicting Game     On: 2003-12-30

Im hooked. Just about 50% through and the game just keeps getting better and better. The world just pulls you in - almost as much as Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You feel as if you can go anywhere and do anything. The storyline is mature and well-realized, giving weight to all of your actions and the world around you. On top of that, the photography aspect gives you a whole new perspective, as you are truly looking at the world around you in a different way.

No spoilers here - but I will tell you that this is one of the first games Ive played in a long time where I actually cared about what happens to the characters. They have heart and personality, a terrific blend of amazing voice acting, writing, and character design. I particularly loved the Jamaican Mammago Garage Rhinos ("yea mon!").

The music in the game is terrific as well, completely fitting to each locale. In the bar you hear heavy metal, during the races you hear high speed latin hip hop, at the aforementioned garage you get treated to some island riddims. And of course, in the "dungeon" levels the music turns very tense and atmospheric.

Gameplay-wise, the controls are top notch and levels are well-designed. You always have a good idea of where to go next, but its not spelled out for you. You have to think your way through the various puzzles and traps.

Get this game. And join the rebellion.

Beyond good!     On: 2003-12-20

This is a superb game! Lets start with the camera system. Haters of Metroid prime might think "Oh no! That stupid camers feature is back!" The camera in the game is actually rarely used. I found myself enjoying searching for animals to photograph whereas I hated Metroid. The battle system is simple yet effective and fits the mood of the game. The plot is one of the major selling points of the game. It has a very in depth interesting plot, that you will probably find yourself strangely drawn to. The graphics are great! brilliant colors and a vast area to explore keep things interesting. The sound has to be my favorite part of the game. The voices of the characters were very well done, and the music never got old or annoying. (Check out the fast paced latin music in the races!) Overall I would say this is one of the best games for gamecube period. One minor note though. It takes up 55 memory blocks so a new memory card would be a good idea. My final score is a 5 out of 5, simply because I cant put this down!!!
A vast and amazing game!     On: 2003-12-18

ok, "pokemon snap" for the N64 used snapping pictures as a new idea for a video game. This game pushes that envelope even farther.

You are Jade, a journalist on a planet that is being bombarded by alien atacks. The ALPHA group protect and serve the public, or so they are assumed to. Your mission is to infiltrate the ALPHA group, uncover the goverment secrets and bring back photographic proof to the public that a major conspiracy is underway.

Day and Night pass quickly though they dont have much effect on your playing. One of the side missions is to photograph every speicies of alien life on the planet. Since there are over 500, youre gonna be doing alot of snapping between missions.

the play controle is excelent, and the graphics are amazing. This world that UBiSoft has create is massive and ever changing. Many of the things you can interact with easily. There are lots of people to talk to, and you are given more than just 1 thing to ask for each one, giving you much more control over how you want to gather information. The picture taking aspect is really nifty and setup so that its easy to switch back and fourth between the camera and stealth.

There is a very nicely cast group of actors doing the voices and you never get bored with them (they very rarely repeat themselves, instead they are more action oriented: giving you advice and talking to you as you go through the levels).

I give this game a 4 because of the picture ratings. unlike Pkemon Snap which graded you on the ability you had in taking pictures, this game just requires you to have the character centered. They dont even have to be pointing at the camera (something ive noticed when ive taken pictures of the back of peoples heads and yet the pictures are accepted!)

all in all, this game is very detailed. Their use of cinematic scenes are exceptionally well done and the modeling of the characters is top-notch. If youre looking for something different, id stronly recommend this game.

Rated T for comic mischief and violence

COOL GAME     On: 2003-12-16


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