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Tony Hawk Underground 2
By: Activision       Average Rating: 4.0     Total Reviews: 22
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Tony Hawk Underground 2     On: 2007-05-17

I bought this game for my son and he absolutely LOVES playing daughter likes it too. The one thing that I dont like is some of the language the characters use.
Here's the Scoop     On: 2006-12-22

I own 4 of the Tony Hawk games. Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4, and Tony Hawks Underground 2. I would have to say, this is surely the ugliest of the bunch, with many more rough goals and strange humor. The kid in the wheelchair is disturbing, the goals are sometimes a little off the wall, and the skaters will go to any means for a good practical joke. On the other hand, the gameplay is simply addictive, as I seem to get stuck playing it for up to 4 hours at a time.

So I guess if you are 15 or over, and enjoy the Tony Hawk games, this is a no brainer. Its just plain, excellent gameplay, and thats all there is to it.

All in all, this game is a positive playing experience, every bit as good as the Pro Skater series!
This game is DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     On: 2006-11-23

This game is awesome. SERIOUSLY! Its got a bit of blood in it when you crash. Some of the songs have a few bad words in it. But oh well. :P
I got hooked on this game for 4 months. Then I beat the game. It has awesome graphics. You can even get off your board and spray your own tag xD

Its got killer songs. If your a Rock fan you should seriously buy this game. It has songs by Jimmy Eat World, The Explosions, and a few others.
Ive blocked out the rap songs just because I dont like rap. :P Then theyve got a few oldies. Like Frank Sanatra and Johnny Cash.

You can even make your own tricks! The more flips and ollies you put in there, the higher the points! But theyre really hard to land. Youd have to get some major air to pull it off.

The story line is the best. You get "abducted" by 2 "masked" men while your showing off in your neighborhood. You wake up and sitting next to you are the biggest skater stars in the world! Then one of the masked men pulls out a chainsaw and almost stabs you. ROFL. But it turns out to be Bam Margera (aka The Idiot lol) Then Tony Hawk pops up and explains this whole "World Destruction Tour" You have to complete all these goals to get major points. You pass through like 6 major cities: (in Order of game)
Boston, Barcelona, Berlin, Australia, New Orleans, and Skatetopia (I dont know if Skatetopia is real or not :P)
But while your pulling off some major air in the Story Mode, you gotta destroy stuff. DUH!

Overall this is a seriously awesome game. GO BUY IT!
Capitalizing on Bam was a bad idea.     On: 2006-07-02

I have owned every single Tony Hawk game, and played each one a ton. I thought the THPSs were great, but after beating THUG on easy and normal, my opinion was that it was the best so far. I loved the level of customization. So when THUG2 rolled around I was excited. After playing through easy modes on classic and story, I was dissapointed. "World Destruction Tour"? Destruction of the series, that is.

In story mode, Bam is the main focal point. Goals consist of exploding/vandalizing/breaking buildings/cars/people, a la Viva la Bam. Tony seems like a supporting character in a role he doesnt belong in. Also, advancing yourself up to a pro level and your friend stealing your glory in THUG made a true enemy in Eric. But theres no drive to complete your goals besides destruction in 2.

Also, theres no vehicle option, as in THUG. Instead, there are 3 extra characters for each level, and one has some sort of mobile device besides a skateboard. These characters are difficult to control, and the goals are annoying. The option of a car was way better.

One of the few good points in THUG2 was the level of customation. It had all THUG had and more. I actually had fun creating a graphic, and the create a trick is just as good as THUGs.

This game was the worst in the series HANDS-DOWN. I would take THPS1 over this any day. I have not yet played THAW, but Ive heard it was bad. I can only hope Project 8 will redeem the series.
Tips for this game     On: 2006-04-05

In story mode and you like to play your skater person and you have to do the pro stuff for goals just swich to the pro and then swich back to your skater and try complet there goal i have been doing that alot in this game... and one thing about this game is you dont have to complet the goals in the same order on there list just find one you think you can complet.... thats what i have been doing. and so far i have been moving up... since i am a teen i have been sick of those games that you have to do stuff a current thing to get to the next level which is so lame and tiring .. so this always is a AWESOME game and a have fun the way you want to.
A nicely done game     On: 2006-01-30

This game is fun, and it held my intrest for quite a while, which is surprising because Im not very fond of video games.
I really enjoyed the humor of this game.
For Kids or Not?     On: 2005-11-10

Ok, Ok, we get it. Tony hawk is fun and good. The problem is, its the same game it was 10 years ago. Sure this time there are some destruction elements and some new players and new places, but blah blah blah. Same old, same old. This is a near perfect port of the ps2. It looks great, it plays great, and if you like completing tasks, you keep this game forever. Or, youll figure out that you wasting insane amounts of time to complete stupid mundane tasks in order to unlock another fascinating new level and many more stupid tasks. We should call it Tony Hawks puzzle skateboarding, since after the initial coolness of the new world wares off, you spend all of your time solving the puzzle of completing the task.

Bottom Line: Is it fun? As fun as every other Tony game they release yearly. Will I keep it? Not for long. Nothing new here. Buy the game now if you love all Tony Hawk games. Is it for kids? Not to bad if your kids want to just skate around.

Decent game, but no cheats?     On: 2005-10-07

The game is fun, but without a cheat available to unlock levels, this game is worthless. My son likes exploring the levels, but he is too young to "complete the goals". A level code would be great, but none exist. I have scoured the internet and all the codes are bogus. I tried to complete several "goals" and a few are extremely hard (and annoying). I cannot get out of the Boston level on Story Mode (skating that moving RV half pipe is frustrating!)and may just quit trying soon. Games like Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks makes me want to play for HOURS until I finish, but this game is fine in small 30 minute doses. The graphics are good as is most of the music. Character faces are a bit creepy (does no one blink?) but you can tell who is who for the most part. Worth 20 bucks, but not a cent more.

All the toney hawk games had the same boring seting. Until undergroud landed and totaly rocked htis world. This game is even better than THUG1 Way more action.
Wow This is the best game ever!     On: 2005-08-02

My dad got this game for me and it was superb!! i was playin it for hours and hours and hours. Its pretty short but it has alot of goals to complete so even if you finished it you can go back and complete them all! Ive completed story mode but not classic mode yet.
You must go buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me youll love it!!
Great Game     On: 2005-08-02

This overall is a very good game. I would recommend it to those who like skate boarding and some humor. The only bad part is the game is to short. I can beat Story Mode in 2 hours which makes it sort of dissapointing. I hope my review helped you
Short but sweet     On: 2005-05-08

I borrowed this game from a friend because i knew if this game was anything like the first, it wouldnt take me more then three days to beat it. I was right about that, but just because this game is short doesnt mean it is bad. It still is fun to play even after you beat it.
the goal system is very different from the first because, 1. You dont talk to people to do goals you just do them and 2. The point isnt to complete all the goals you just have to get points. Another thing that is different is the characters. You only play as yourself 1/2 of the time. The other time you play as a pro skater, some werid dude on a skateboard (a different onne every level) and a guy on in a vechile.


1. Game is very addictive.
2. You can make your own apperances, parks, goals, tricks and graffti tags.
3. Great destrution scenes and hilaroius moves (you can throw tomatoes at people and you can fart during a trick but you have to beat the australia level to do that.)
4. Levels are all across the globe.
5. Vecile charcters are very fun to play as.


1. Short
2. Classic mode ( a tonk hawk pro skater typr of thing) was very boring.
3. creating your own graftii tag can be hard.
4. since you dont talk to people for the goals, some of them are really hard because no one explains them ( there is only the bare explanation but dont worry most of the time that is enough)

Ther is just one more thing that i want to tell you because it is neither a pro or con. The sound track is very strange. There are some great songs like high anxiety and thats why they call it a union, but the types of music vary from rap to frank sinatra.

aint that much distruction     On: 2005-01-22

thug 2 is sweet. its called the world distruction tour but there isnt that much distruction. all the create modes are back including create a graphic. you make a graphic and then use it to tag walls. for what is of the distrution you get to skate in more places. what sucks in the story mode is that you cant choose what team youre gonna be on. first you go to Tony, then Bam, and back to Tony. remember in the first thug game when eric was there well hes on Bams team. instead of cars they have scooters and go karts. in this game youre not just you. you can be up to 4 people. the pro, guest, secret man, and you. comparing to the last game this game is short unless youre on sick. it dont matter what system you have just buy it.
soundtrack     On: 2005-01-11

this game has the best soundtrack of all the tony hawk games. the best song is thats why they call it a union by less than jake. the second best is break on through by the doors. the third best is the rest of them. tony hawk 3 has the second best soundtrack. c yall latah.
thug 2     On: 2005-01-04

i loved this game!!!! I thought the secret charactors were cool!!!! i thought everything was cool but 1 thing. I beat it in 1 week and 1 day but i still play it because i unlocked all those characters. overall id say 4.5 but i put 4 because there is no 4.5. Id recomend this game and 1 other thing it should be 40 dollars instead of 30 becuase its pretty cool
Friggin' Sweet     On: 2004-12-31

This game improves on the problems of the first THUG. Heres why.
1. New things to do
2. Classic mode.
3. Over 50 unlockable characters
4. Great soundtrack.
5. Hilarious story mode.
6. Eric Sparrow pees in his pants.
7. Awesome graphics.
8. 16 levels.
9. Voices done by real skaters.
10. Better ways to customize your created skater.
11. You can basically create your own game if you own enough memory cards.
1. No more driving.
2. Levels are boring.
This game is awesome and I highly recomend buying it.
Cool Game     On: 2004-11-26

This is a cool game. You can play as weird characters. Also you get to do weird goals. A few of the characters you can play as are a bull fighter and an austrailian in a go-kart. The goals usually end up with something destructive happening. There is also classic mode. The graphics are good too.

i have every thps and thug and i may never get another thug again. this is a HUGE DISSAPOINMENT to any tonyhawk fans.
i must admit the new features are prety cool but i excpected more from the levels, i mean the levels suck! and the game mode is confusing.
THE SKINNY: dont waste your money on this, get the sims2 or somethin else, TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!

btw, the gurls are fine in it, oh should not hav said that now ever1z gonna buy thug...
thu2     On: 2004-11-14

this game is awesome, seriously. if youre not sure which sports game to get then tonyhawks is the one. the story mode is a bit different and gets confusing sometimes but besides that, best sports game ever.
pretty koool     On: 2004-10-30

this game is really awesome becuz it has millions of new features that the other game doesnt have. its sweet cuz there is like a classic mode where u play like older games. the thing that sux about this game is that the story mode is really confusing. its wayyyyyyyyyyyy different than the other games.
tony's back     On: 2004-10-28

Tony hawk has a new game and it rocks! But the story is a little phony because bam is tonys friend and they just have a round the world contest. You also cant ride in a car even for missions.
I also reccomend this game to kids who did not like tony hawk pro skater because the new story mode is worth playing.

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