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Triple "X" Marks The Spot
by: gr8shag    On: 2004-03-17

Definitely for adults, this game is really fun and amusing. Lots of tricks and missions to finish, but there are loads of laughs as the player rides around different environments.

Create your own player takes on a risque approach as the gamer can have female bikers go topless (complete with breast size adjustment) with all sorts of crazy accessories (astronaut boots, anyone?).

The soundtrack is outstanding with artists such as Saliva, and Green Day rocking out as you pass out from taking a fifty digger off of warehouse roof while trying to complete a mission. At a cool price, this game won't dissapoint.

Goes beyond your average M RATED game.
by: righteousedude    On: 2003-01-14

I'm going to be straight up. I was attracted to this game by it's adult content (at first). Besides your average M RATED game which contains violence and gore ect., BMX XXX gets it's M RATING from strong dialogue, frontal nudity and sexual situations. I always rate a game by how long I play it. My friends and I have put hours into this game just for the gameplay alone. However, it always has another goody up it's sleeve. Alright, the BMXer's have taken over the city. Of course they have. How else would you explain all the bike ramps? You can spend hours just doing tricks. If you wanna do something else you can help out hookers, their pimp, a homeless crackhead, a fireman that just can't get his hose up, plus other low lifes in need. One of the coolest things about this game is the "RIDER EDITOR" which allows you to custom built your own rider. Some people might say that {Acclaim} made this game just to $cash$ in on profit. Well, I think they put alot of work into it. So I hope they do. Everyone knows that SEX sales. (BUT) Does it sale in the gaming industry?? Hey, I bought it.
An average BMX game covered in adult content.
by: charliekkkk    On: 2002-12-19

This is an otherwise okay BMX game hidden in layers of nudity, cursing, and other mature content. In terms of actual controls, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 plays better. But, this game is way cool. Graphics are good and the soundtrack is very rememberable. Goals are fun and exciting, and the best on the market. It plays like Dave Mirra 2, which is why the game is still worth buying. Behind the adult content, the trick modifier system and big air stand out. It is only for adult audiences, and is difficult at times, but is a worthwhile purchase.
by: gamequestdirect    On: 2002-11-23

by: Anonymous    On: 2002-11-23

by: cobrarr6500    On: 2002-11-12

BMX XXX by Acclaim is one of the saddest games in the market today. The moment you pick up the controller, you will realize how desperate Acclaim is! This game can be best described in two parts, A) BMX style game, and B) the XXX part.

This is probably one of the worst alternative games out there! The graphics are bad, the physics are bad, and the sound is just as bad. The tricks are nothing new, it's been done before, and they get old really fast! Controls are not that tough, it's exactly like the Dave Mira games (same developers). The graphics looks like something that could've been done two years ago; I think Tony Hawk 3 has better graphics. Physics system is bad, the bikes don't react realistically, and you can hit a wall dead on and still pull tricks off.

This is one of the first games that suppose to take the mature content to the extreme. Some of the developers even commented that this game makes GTA 3 look like a Childs toy. However, this game even fails on that. I don't have a problem with adult content in video games, GTA: Vice City is a perfect example. But when you have someone desperate to get some cash (the games publisher), sometimes people do wonder how low they can go.

If you are looking for an alternative game, stick with Tony Hawk 4, believe me, it will be worth your money. If you are interested in the "adult" contents, you will find Shannon Tweed movie scripts more enjoyable than this game (or just buy GTA: Vice City, it's awesome!). Do not buy this game, save your self 50 bucks!

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