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Baten Kaitos Origins
Manufacturer: Nintendo      
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If its not broke....     On: 2006-10-22

Ive had this game for a couple of weeks now and I agree that this is everybit superior to the original. With only 3 characters in the game it makes leveling a breeze and the interaction between Guillo and Milliarde is comical, leaving poor Sagi in the middle of an argument. The graphics are absolutly beutiful, the voice overs are 100 times better (no talking through tin cans into the mic) but my only complaint is the battle system. One plus they got rid of the round wasting "Shuffling the deck" the only down sides is the one deck per party some times you have a hand full of cards and cant use them because a character is either afflicted with a status ailment or dead. so you have to discard alot or take a beating till something good pops up. The elemental weapons have also been turned into equip magnus, and the SP combos can only be done in acending order now. and the timer for grabbing magnus is quick you have to be fast to get the cards you need or that character is passed. Indeed buy this game once you get the hang of it, its great.
finally, its out     On: 2006-10-09

i have been a fan since the original Baten Kaitos and could't wait to get the second game. this new title vastly improves on the first game. those gratting voice dialogue is actually a lot better in this game, the graphics are extremly gorgeuos and even the new battle system is fun once you get used to it. the game is a prequel to the first, were in this game the main character is Sagi, who works for the empire. when he is assigned to assasinate someone, he unexpectanly finds there already dead and he is framed for the crime. now he must clear his name with the help of the android Guillo and the gental Milliard. whats diffrent from the first game is unlike the first, you only have three playable characters and there is only one deck for all players. the battle system is also a little diffrent but still keeps true to the original but what i love is that they got rid of that pointless shuffling the deck thing, thumbs up. the story line is also a bit darker then the first one, through out the game i felt really hopeless and that i could not stop it. the plot also fills in gaps left unanswered in the first game. though i love the game i still hate that they havent come out with a strategy guide. i want to be able to find all the magnus and am stuck on this one place that i cant get out! so please, come out with a strategy guide soon. also, i really, really, REALLY hope they come out with a third Baten Kaitos, this time a sequel to the first game. plus, a whole bunch of new lands and some new characters (maybe even have Milly or Sagi drop in) i really want them to continue this awesome game series. so please Monolith Soft, make a BK3!
One of the best-kept secrets in RPGs     On: 2006-10-07

Baten Kaitos Origins is the prequel to 2004's Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. (Playing the first Baten Kaitos is recommended but is not required to enjoy this game.) Origins was published by Nintendo in 2006 and was released with very little fanfare, which is too bad, because Origins is easily one of the best RPGs on the GameCube. This game improves upon its predecessor in almost every way, from a refined combat system to a more open-ended gaming experience.

Origins is a Japanese RPG, employing a lot of the conventions typical to the genre, including experience points, leveling-up and a 17 year-old male protagonist. The game is lengthy, offering a good 60-70 hours of solid storyline - including a few notable plot twists - spiced with countless sidequests.

What sets Origins apart is its combat system, which eliminates many of the flaws of standard RPGs. First off, there are no random battles in Origins, allowing you character to often avoid combat if needed. Secondly, Origins employs a fast-paced combat system that merges active time combat (i.e. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy X-2) with a dynamic card-style system that involves stringing attacks together in real-time. The term "card-based" may turn off some gamers, but this is not Yu-Gi-Oh... Origins uses a fast-moving system that forces the gamer to think on one's feet and make quick decisions. It proves a fantastic change of pace from plodding menu-driven RPGs of old, requiring a lot of strategy and planning. The system has been completely overhauled from the first game, and the new combat system boasts an entirely new layer of depth that proves easy to learn but difficult to master.

In terms of visuals, Origins proves outstanding. The original Baten Kaitos boasted gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds and colorful scenery, and Origins adds to that a layer of graphical polish that vaults this game among the elite of GameCube games. The various towns and dungeons look simply amazing, with fantastic pre-rendered backgrounds, and the combat graphics rival those of the PS2 Final Fantasy games.

Aurally, the original Baten Kaitos featured IGN's "Best Score of 2004" on the Cube, and Origins lives up to its predecessor with a similiarly-inspired soundtrack that is truly beautfiul to listen to. Some of the tunes in the second game incorporate elements of the game's tracks, while others are entirely original to this game. From haunting to guitar-driven, it's all here. The voice acting, meanwhile, is considerably better as a whole than the inconsistent work done in the first game.

Baten Kaitos Origins is the sort of game that tends to fly under the radar because of its low publicity, its unique combat system, and its place on the slower-selling GameCube. Be that as it may, Origins is a worthy addition to the RPG genre and evidence that Monolift Soft knows how to make great games. Highly recommended.
Baten Kaitos Origins     On: 2006-10-01

This game is prequel to one of the best role playing game on the gamecube called Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Both games have the unique real-time card based combat system. Both games have epic story with amazing twists and great characters. Both games can be considered amoung the most beautiful games on the gamecube and they both have excellent soundtracks.

Baten Kaitos Origins is a prequel to the first game and you really don't need to have played the first one. If you play this fresh you will benefit from the fresh perspective and if you have already played Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean then you will get a different perspective. I recommend both games for anybody looking for a great RPG on the gamecube. Both games provide well over 60 hrs of gametime.

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