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Battalion Wars
Manufacturer: Nintendo Of America      
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Kid Friendly Combat
by: lisashea_dot_com    On: 2006-08-05

In Battalion Wars, you're cartoon army characters in an imaginary world, taking on suspiciously Soviet sounding enemeies. It's a fighting game for kids.

You are egged on through your missions by a "drill sergeant" type as well as a bubbly "cheerleader" girl. Both voices are very stereotypical and get a bit grating after a while. Luckily you seem to be able to listen in on all of your enemy communications, while they taunt you in broken Russian-accented diatribes.

You are known as "commander", and you can direct individual troops or mechanized units on the field. You can tell other troops to follow you, forming platoons to move en masse on a target. There are a variety of troop types to work with - basic infantry, bazooka men, bombers, tanks, copters, and so on. You have to use some basic strategy to achieve each victory. Simply charging straight at the objective rarely works.

The game embraces and plays up its cute atmosphere. There isn't blood when you kill enemies - instead, a little ghostly skull floats up from their body. There's the traditional 'health' items laying around the field to heal you.

In general the graphics are quite good, although having cartoony characters blowing away enemies without a second thought does give me pause. The sound is reasonably good - there's the generally military sounding backgrond which is rather innocuous. I found the voice acting to be silly and cliche, but that's what they were aiming for.

What really was missing here was a multiplayer mode. If we go with the idea that this was meant for non-adults, then you would think either that friends would want to play together in co-op mode, or maybe that parents would want to play with their kids as a way to have fun together (or to help out a younger kid who was stuck somewhere). It seems a real shame that there was no option to do this.

I also felt a bit uncomfortable with the whole premise. The storyline is that the "Russians" were looking for peace - but that the warmongering "Westerners" were bored and decided to go fight to have some fun. Then they blow away anybody foreign they see. And it's all cute. I realize that this shouldn't be any "worse" than say Mario jumping on Koopas, but for some reason it seems more questionable to me.
A Fun War Game
by:    On: 2006-03-30

Battalion Wars combines strategy, command decisions and shooting with a format that takes the gore out of war. If you are not a fan of bloody life-like shooter games, but enjoy the strategy of winning a battle you will like this game. The missions are challenging, but very doable. You can complete a mission, but since you are graded on speed, tactics and power, the game stays interesting by going back to try and improve your score.

I bought it for my son and we both have enjoyed learning it and trying to outdo each other in getting the best score for each mission. The only thing lacking is a multiplayer mode that would allow us to battle together at the same time. Still, this is one of the best war games on any platform.
The Best Shooter for Gamecube
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-14

This game has got to be the best shooter game for gamecube I have every seen. The graphics are good, and it is not James Bond style blitz a machine gun nest with a pistol sort of thing. Your units and you are only as strong as your enemy, so tactics help. Also, be aware that there is no multiplayer, which is a major ommision and the only reason this game is a 4 not a 5. The idea is that you complete different levels, trying ot earn the highest score. The controls are complex and confusing, but very good once you know them. The unit variety is good, with a unit for every purpose. Overall, If you love shooters but are restricted by Gamecube, this is the game to have.
Incoming Fighters, take 'em out!
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-02-06

I love advance wars and when I heard this was coming out my mind was focuse on getting this completely. Once I did it was amazing, the strategy, combat, fun, and most of all waching your enemy kneel before you. All though it may take some tough tries to win missions near the end it's worth it. Piloting the bombers, manuevering the battlstations, sending your troops to victory you can never get enough of it! When you want an educational fun, yet violent game based on strtegy buy this. the coolest thing about this is thant it's not turn-based and that you can pilot your soldiers at any time and not just give them orders. Nintendo has but the Ten out of five stars in the NinTENdo. Just remeber if you fail the first time try again a great thing to do is to first overview what your about to do then acctually play it or do both at the same time.
great game don`t give in to the enemy
by: Anonymous    On: 2006-01-11

This game is great the levels are some times hard but don`t give up a good stratigy will get you far.
the best shooting game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-12-11

this game is amazing !the graphics are not that good but who cares . this is not only the best shooter game of all time but a new way to command an army in a video game . having a menu of the squads and telling the when to attack or to stay back . its a strategy shooter . if you like halo get this game . one more thing it does not have multi player though.
An ok game to buy.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-11-01

I got this game not too long ago and when i first played it i loved it. To start off with tho i dont like how short the game is.... it only takes about 6 hours to beat.
The controls work ok but they coulda made em better i'd give controls 3/5 stars.
The graphics are pretty good and i'd give em 4/5 stars.
Now for the fun factor i'd give it 5/5 star, it's really a fun game to play.
For replay value i give it 4/5 stars cause i just like to go back and beat some of my more favorite missions again also just to beat them again to get a better score.
Overall the game is really fun and at times can be hard to beat some of the missions cause maybe you weren't paying attention when the gunships game and blew ur battalion up.
Some of the cons are like i said the game is a short game, the controls could be a bit better, and ur own guys AI when ur not in control of them suck bad!! I mean the guys follow u really good but they have no clue when to attack sometimes and they don't dodge very well like the enemy does when ur fighting.
If i had a choice wether to buy it or not i wouldn't buy it for 50 dollars, i'd wait till it got down to $30 dollars or so.
great game!!!!!! should have multiplayer
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-10-31

this game is great. the contrlos are a little confusing at first, but you figure it out soon. its pretty cool that you get to drive around in tanks and jeeps. the only game i ever played where you get to drive around in tanks and jeeps was halo. the only flaw in the game is THERES NO MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if theres ever a sequal it needs multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!! other then that this is a must buy game for anyone who owns a game cube. my overall rating of this game is 10
He who seeks peace should be prepared for war!
by: iwantnoemails    On: 2005-10-14

Battalion Wars which is a game that combines strategy and action to the point where it's one of my favorite games. You take the role of a commander and command your battalion from the direct control of a unit. You can order your units to follow you, attack an enemy unit, move to a certain position, defend a designated spot, and much more. You don't have to worry about aiming since you can lock on to enemy units and you can also roll to avoid incoming fire. Each mission puts you in command of a battalion of units and you have to complete certain objectives and secondary objectives such as capturing a capture point or rescuing a group of soldiers. You can change the unit you're controlling whenever you want and you can order individual units at a time. You don't have to worry about ammo except for reloading and your weapon overheating from firing too long. I hate how the game is so short because you can beat it in about 6 hours or so and the missions aren't very long either. But the good part about it is that time really flies by when you're playing through them. One time I started playing at 6:40 and when I was done playing I thought it was 8:00, but I looked up at the clock to find that it was 11:00. The bad part about the game is the imbalance of difficult and easy missions. In campaign the number 2, the first mission is kind of hard if you don't know what to do while the last mission of it is almost impossible to lose. Most of the missions can be beaten by taking a single unit(I mean like a bazooka or mortar veteran) and blowing everything up and this includes the last mission. I would like to see a multi-player in it though. It's short, but a good game and I hope to see a sequel.
by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-23

this game is ok but it doesnt have all the aspects of a good rts. the controlls arent very good and the AI sux.I like the graphics though overall you should rent it first

by: Anonymous    On: 2005-09-22

to give this game a more comprehensive review, i will score it out of ten instead of i give Battalion Wars for GC a 9/10. I'll break it down into several categories to give you a better idea of how good the game is.
Graphics- The environments are a bit bland at times, although the character and vehicle models are gorgeous!!!Seriously these are some of the best looking cars on the GC. Now for the cutscenes..aside from the opening cutscene in Baiten Katos, these are the best looking cutscenes on the system that i'm aware of.
Sound: The sound for the voiceovers is absolutely spot on. The voices are serious when needed and funny when they should be. You'll swear you're actually in the middle of the battle, the bullet sounds are so realistic.
Controls: The controls, while hard to learn, do work well. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be blowing Xylvanians left and right. Fun fun fun!!!
Other: The game is a bit short, and worst of all theres NO MULTIPLAYER!!! :'( Plus, i noticed some lousy camera angles, but only some of the time. Definatly not enough to detract from the overall value of this title.

Really fun!
by: hiphoploverusheroutkast    On: 2005-09-22

Nintendo made a good game! I am dissappointed they left out multi-player, but its still a fun game. The war exterior is really cool and I love how this game controls. I want a sequel so bad! But, I still like this game. I think this game shows what Nintendo used to be. GO NINTENDO!

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